Jungle Asks: Pokémon × NX

It’s no secret that Nintendo are working on their “next big thing”, what is a secret however is exactly what that thing is. All we know for certain is that it will bring a slew of new games and perhaps most importantly: new Pokémon games.

The Wii U has yet to receive any big hitting Pokémon games, though Pokkén Tournament looks to change that and with the NX (or whatever it will be officially called) on the horizon we’re all hoping we will be treated with more frequent and substantial Pokémon games.

So, in what way would you like to see Pokémon make its appearance on the next gaming device from Nintendo? Do you think the NX will arrive as a handheld/home console hybrid and you’re hoping for a visually stunning adventure? Are you wanting some sort of new Pokémon spin-off that hasn’t been possible before? Maybe you’re even hoping for a reimagining of Pokémon Ranger?

Let us know and comment away!