Jungle Asks: Pokémon × NX

It’s no secret that Nintendo are working on their “next big thing”, what is a secret however is exactly what that thing is. All we know for certain is that it will bring a slew of new games and perhaps most importantly: new Pokémon games.

The Wii U has yet to receive any big hitting Pokémon games, though Pokkén Tournament looks to change that and with the NX (or whatever it will be officially called) on the horizon we’re all hoping we will be treated with more frequent and substantial Pokémon games.

So, in what way would you like to see Pokémon make its appearance on the next gaming device from Nintendo? Do you think the NX will arrive as a handheld/home console hybrid and you’re hoping for a visually stunning adventure? Are you wanting some sort of new Pokémon spin-off that hasn’t been possible before? Maybe you’re even hoping for a reimagining of Pokémon Ranger?

Let us know and comment away!

  1. I mean, it’s really hard to really say specifically what I’d want considering we barely even know what the NX is yet. Ask again after E3 😉

    In general though, NX or not, I think it would be fun to see them take on a new genre. For example, there hasn’t been an official Pokémon platformer yet, has there? That might be fun. Or maybe a Pokémon ranch sim, something among the lines of Harvest Moon or Rune Factory. Some kind of crossover might be neat as well, like maybe with Fire Emblem. Just spitballing really, but yeah, I’d like to see something new.

  2. So I had a thought, to we know that Pokemon can have gender differences or slight variations of markings or even scars
    What if Pokemon could be found with scars or even slight mutations or signs of evolution

  3. I want pokemon stadium 3 or Pokemon XD 3 with also an option to transfer pokemon over to the game and play online like Battle Revolution

  4. To start off, I’m in the boat that thinks the NX will be a separated handheld and console. Obviously, I’d like to see regular Pokemon games on new hardware of the handheld. Yet, I’d love Nintendo, GameFreak, or Creatures to go back and revive older series such as the Shadow Pokemon series, Pokemon Ranger, and Pokemon Conquest. I would like to see an infusion of the ideas from Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Battle Revolution into one game for the console. Based on Masuda’s words, he wants the core/mainline Pokemon games to stay on handhelds, so I believe we could only hope for games like Stadium or spin-offs for the main console.

    Also, this is unrelated to the topic, but a new Paper Mario game is said to be in the works based on a rumor from Emily Rogers. She said that Nintendo of America is currently localizing and testing the game. I would love to see the whole Paper Mario universe in HD on the Wii U. If they have a story similar to TTYD and graphics like Sticker Star… I’d die. 😉

    1. I’m just curious, how long does it take NoA to localize and test a game? I really have no idea.


    1. No, a trailer isn’t involved. Nothing is happening on Monday, either. Emily Rogers initially said that she’d reveal the rumored game on Monday, that’s all. Regardless, PAPER MARIO WII U!

  6. I fully believe that NX will be a console. And GameFreak/Pokemon Co. say they don’t do console games, so I am not expecting much.

  7. It’s hard to say really. The rumors we’ve heard point to the NX being Nintendo’s first platform that doubles as their console as well as their handheld. If this is the case then I definitely c the main series games being on it. If the NX turns out to b no more than a regular console with a revamped gamepad then I’d say prolly not then. GameFreak isn’t interested in making games for the main consoles so if that’s the case then we’d have to wait to hear anything about a separate handheld system to get anything. I for one would love the NX to b a cross platform system in which you could play games on the TV and then take them on the go. Sony started doing this with the PS Vita, but sadly people didn’t the Vita it’s due and it didn’t do as well. While on that subject I want everyone to kno that the PS Vita is a treasure and DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!!! lol Anyway I just hope we can’t get the next Pokemon game that’s coming for the 3ds soon so we can really start thinking about the games that will come for the NX.

  8. Im coming back now guys, expect more posts from me. I’d like to share my ideas for the next game. What about a Dragon/Ghost thats immune to all spc.a moves but its ok because enough pokemon have moldbreaker and aftermath to make it ok.

    1. I’ve always wanted a Dragon/Ghost type.

      Also, Did you forget your old password or something? I remember you used to have an account before.

          1. No emails were made, you can put in whatever you want and disqus doesn’t care. I posted it because star wanted me to.

          2. You still made the addresses when you typed them in. Shhhhh. I do it too so I’ll forget websites and not have to look at retarded replies.

  9. I desperately want the NX (and all of the next-gen consoles) to be full on Oculus VR systems, what that would entail for pokemon would is suppose be a 1st person version of the main series.

    1. pokemon is a shortened version of pocket monsters. it was created to be a handheld game hence the “pocket” i dont see a main game being on anything but handheld. sometimes i feel people forget this and suggest a wiiu game or other main game on a console

    2. I literally see no practicality in VR other than simulations. A first-person Pokemon game would be annoying to control, you wouldn’t see some trainers in certain areas and all. I think the series should entirely just stay third-person.

    3. I can’t wait for Apple to make VR mainstream. If any company is going to do it, it’ll be them. I expect this “Apple iWear” will be released sometime next decade.

      1. I don’t see it happening. Samsung’s VR still hasn’t taken off and HTC and Oculus are the same way. Seems cool but really isn’t that exciting. I think VR is going to die again before it’s finally made popular tbh.

  10. I feel like making Fakemons
    One idea I really wanted to try was a Mimic
    For those unfamiliar it is a shapeshifter commonly taking the form of a treasure chest and ambushes adventurers
    Treasherous (Treasure + Treacherous)
    Basically resembles a misshapen treasure chest with gremlin like features

      1. I know but that plays more on the haunted sarcophagus/mummy kinda vibe

        I’m talking about a dangerous monster that looks draw you in

  11. Where’s new Pokemon?
    Where’s Moving?
    I want to seee Moving’s picture. Have he changed it lately?

  12. Something in the vein of Stadium and Battle Revolution please for the love of Arceus

    it’s been ten years, two generations, and a few hundred Pokemon since I could see my team on the TV screen

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