Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial

The Pokémon Company has released the commercial that will broadcast during the Super Bowl this weekend. Train On and remember: you can do that!

Stay tuned for the possibility of more news over the coming days!

  1. I can honestly say if I wasn’t sitting down that trailer would have brought me to my knees :O Amazing here’s to the next 20. 😀

  2. I find it unusual how the sound cuts out at the end, right as the notes are picking up speed. Maybe I’m looking into it too much, but I’ll be hopeful until the end.

    1. I think it’s just poor editing. I’m sure there’s some audio cut off somewhere and a supervisor giving the video editor a look of disappointment lol

  3. That trailer was amazing, it gave me chills and it’s exactly what I pictured it would look like if the Pokemon world was real. Amazing.

    Secondly if you actually thought it’d be a game announcement then I honestly don’t know what to say. There’s no way a JAPANESE owned franchise is going to have a world reveal of a game during an AMERICAN sporting event. This commercial is basically what I expected.

    1. I don’t think any one was expecting a game announcement.

      At this point I’ve lost all interest in pokemon other than the VC RBY and the TCG. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get an announcement at all this year either.

    2. Actually not as stupid as it sounds.

      There was an American game announced at a German convention last year.

      That said, i agree on the sporting event part. If Nintendo was going to announce a game in the US, I’d say it’d be at E3 or something similar.

  4. YES! Not a cringe-worthy commercial of a family playing a game. I love this style of commercials. I got chills for the upcoming product. I’m extremely hype for Pokemon Go. I seriously cannot wait to see the game in action!

  5. It gives me chills alright. But it’s like a Pokémon GO advertisement that forgot the advertising the product part lol.

    Can’t help but wonder if the final one will have a GO logo slapped on at the end, not to mention have runtime cut.
    If it does turn out to be GO then we got our first indication that it won’t be restricted to just gen 1 Pokémon.

    1. Was there anytbing before the made us think only gen 1? Just curious, it had never been my thouggt

  6. Can I just say that it was inappropriate to only use Gen 1 pokemon excluding one non-gen1 pokemon that GameFreak forces down people’s throats — Lucario. It is with great disappointment that I say this ad was MEH. In closing I would like to say it was a weird and shallow commercial.
    -NL and MenacingCascoon
    (I loved it btw) 😀

  7. I didnt like it. Way too shallow. What exactly can we do? Train pokemon? Win? Catch pokemon? Whats the theme??

    1. You fcking idiot. It’s about Pokemon in general. The idea that hooray it’s 20! So ofc they would use the gen 1 pokemon because THEYRE 20 and they used lucario because we loooove lucario!! :DDDDDDDDD

      1. Yeah… Umm… You were kinda mean to him, don’t you think? Lay off the swares unless they’re completely necessary like when Chandelure is in Pokkén instead of Tyranitar OR Aggron OR Rampardos. Better yet, don’t sware.

    2. Catch, Train, and Battle with Pokemon. I just really want to see the game in action. It’s about to be an extremely huge iOS/Android game if it’s done right!

  8. Meh I’m not surprised it’s just a brand advertisement instead of something specific. I will say that it was a very weirdly directed and scripted commercial. It’s certainly not what I expected as far as presentation goes. Either way it’s cool that there’ll b a 30 sec version of this on during the Super Bowl. I really hope we get a game announcement soon……..lol

  9. So its probably a Pokemon Go commercial, and a really interesting one at that. The dad of course was dilf material xD I’m really excited to seewhere they go with this.

      1. Haha, yeah i read your comments. xP i had to appreciate that face that is a work of art. And the way he says “you can do that”, freud would have a field day with his son xD

  10. the best thing this Nedoking on the checker …….i always want to play chess with pkmn stone.

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