Pokémon GO : What We Need to Ask!

Gathering the evidence. Identifying the certainties, probabilities and possibilities. Introduction You would be quite hard pressed to not have come across Pokémon GO at this point. It carries twenty years worth of hope and dreams, from current fans to old, even piquing the interest of those who have not touched their Gameboys for almost two decades. … Read more

Unova Gyms UNTAMED: Opelucid City

  Hello, Pokejunglers! Mr.Bojingles is back for another installment of Unova Gyms: Untamed! I’m sure you’ve all had a rather busy week wasting away the hours on Diablo 3 (I sure have). I’ve found myself quite addicted. I would recommend dropping the dough if you have a decent computer available. Message me if you would … Read more

Unova Gyms UNTAMED: Castelia City

Hey there, everyone! I apologies for the lack of updates from yours truly as of late. I recently sold my computer and only just got my laptop. It’s been pretty hectic between that and packing up for my move to South Korea. I leave in two weeks! Craziness, I say!

So, for this next article of Gym Leaders: Untamed, we’re going to be discussing Black and White’s third gym, Burgh. This particular leader uses Bug -type Pokemon. To be quite honest, I’ve always found this particular gym to be quite easy. Bug types were never known to be that strong. Black and White, however, has introduced a slew of new and strong bug types. Regardless, Burgh is not too tough.

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Isshu Gym Leaders

[spoiler][/spoiler] Dento ‘n Co [Sanyou City, grass/fire/water gym] Aloe [Shippou City, normal gym] Green = Beetle Badge [Located in Huin City, bug gym] Yellow = Bolt Badge / Gym Leader Kamitsure [Electric gym] Brown = Quake Badge / Gym Leader Yaakon [Located in Hodomoe City, ground gym] Purple = Jet Badge / Gym Leader Fuuro … Read more