Unova Gyms UNTAMED: Opelucid City


Hello, Pokejunglers! Mr.Bojingles is back for another installment of Unova Gyms: Untamed! I’m sure you’ve all had a rather busy week wasting away the hours on Diablo 3 (I sure have). I’ve found myself quite addicted. I would recommend dropping the dough if you have a decent computer available. Message me if you would like to exchange gamer IDs! I think my Witch Doctor will make a worthy party member :3

Aside from the Diablo fiasco, we’re closing in on a three day weekend! Finally some time off to sit back, relax and play some games. Pokemon will be on the top of my list. I’m thinking of playing through either Silver or Emerald. I’ve yet to decide!

[spoiler]Enough small talk, let’s get started with the article. Last week we covered Brycen of Icirrus City who wields Pokemon of the underwhelming Ice type. Your next stop after Brycen is the 8th and final gym leader(s) of Opelucid City! Depending on what version you’ll have, you’ll either fight Iris (Pokemon White) or her father Drayden (Pokemon Black), whom each use Dragon type Pokemon. Each version comes with its own respective city design, which I find rather interesting. The only differences in these cities are, as far as I know, simply aesthetic. The buildings all contain the same contents, including the items you receive from them. I’m glad GameFreak is taking more of an initiative with making the different game versions increasingly different from each other. Before it was simply a matter of catching different Pokemon and some minor story differences. I’m glad to see that it’s finally affecting the overall game play (it’s not noticed so much in Opelucid City, but it’s quite different in the post-game areas). I do wish the differences went a bit deeper, since I’ve always felt that they were somewhat gimmicky. It seems like Gamefreak has been tweaking up the series for a time now, so hopefully more changes will come in the future. The gym is set up is a eye catching black dragon temple, but not flashy like the gyms of Mistralton and Nimbasa city.

As mentioned before, you’ll be contending against Dragon types for this gym battle. Dragon Pokes are notorious for their strength, speed, and diverse move pools. I would say the only thing that you can really do to prepare for this fight is level your party up like mad. Most of your attacks will more than likely be resisted against the opposing team, so boosts in stats is the best you can do. That is, unless you’re patient enough to raise a high level ice or dragon type teammate. The ice types, as previously brought up in the last article, are quite frail and underwhelming. Sure, you’ll be able to get off one or two super effective attacks, but if hit by a powerful Dragon STAB attack you’re done for. Dragon types by this point in the game are few and far between. If you do catch one, they have some of the highest leveling curves, so raising one is a huge chore. Steel types would also work quite well (Cobalion comes to mind as a great choice) as they’ll resist attacks and deal neutral damage. If you’re searching for an ice type, I would suggest getting a Beartic or Vanilluxe. Not only are they high in the offensive, but they can also take a hit (or at least better than Cryogonal can with its pitiful defense stat). You can also catch a Druddigon in the Dragon Spiral Tower if you’re patient enough. Axew is also available in Mistralton Cave. Just make sure to level up your Dragon types so they can out-speed the opposing gym. There isn’t much in the town itself to hold your interest aside from a few interesting items, but nothing quite useful enough to make the fight with the Dragon gym leader any easier.

The fight between Drayden and Iris is essentially the same. They both use a level 41 Fraxure, level 41 Druddigon and a level 43 Haxorus. Drayden uses an all male team while Iris uses females. At the start of the battle, you’ll contend with the level 41 Fraxure. While not nearly as powerful as its third evolved form, you should still be wary. This particular opponent comes with the move Dragon Dance, a dragon type stat booster that boosts its user’s speed and attack. Dragon types tend to excel in these two expertise, so it’s important not to let Fraxure abuse this move. After a few uses of Dragon Dance, s/he could decimate your team. Attack with anything that s/he doesn’t resist, and move onto the next opponent; Druddigon. While not as powerful as its dragon brethren, Druddigon is still a force to be reckoned with. This particular species carries the ability “Rough Skin”, which will deal damage to the opponent whenever the user is hit with a physical attack. Iris’ comes with “Sheer Force”, which increases the power of moves by 33%, but the moves lose their secondary effect i.e. paralysis, poison, etc. S/he also comes with the move Revenge; a fighting type move that will inflict double damage if the user has been hurt on the same turn. This can be threatening to any steel or rock types that you happen to be using, so make sure to have a teammate ready for this situation. I should also note that Druddigon (as well as the rest of the gym leaders’ teammates) come with Dragon Tail; a semi-powerful dragon-type move that will force you to switch with another teammate. This can get frustrating if you’re trying to set up with stat boosting moves. Make sure to have plenty of counters ready in case you’re forced to switch. Lastly, you’ll face the level 43 Haxorus. This is where the fight can get tricky. Not only does Haxorus know Dragon Tail, but s/he also knows Dragon Dance. Take it out as quickly as you can with whatever you have. When I fought this beast, my teammate was not only under leveled but at a disadvantage because I didn’t have anything available that was strong against dragon types. Haxorus took out half of my team between the two hyper potions the gym leader uses. My strategy was all out offense, which I think wasn’t the brightest idea. Having a move like Thunder Wave or Will-o-Wisp available would make this fight much, much easier.[/spoiler]

Well folks, this is the last of the Unova Gyms: UNTAMED series! We’ll be conjuring some new material for you all soon. As usual, feel free to leave any feedback!

P.S Something else about myself; I’m also gay! Yes, a vegan/vegetarian gay soldier. I’ve received many strange looks in my time after using this description. But hey, at least it makes for decent conversation.

  1. I like this gym because of how the dragons move their necks to form stairs. The fight is OK if you have the *right* Pokemon. Btw, are you a copy of myself? ( except for the soldier part haha).

    P.S: Guys, I need some help. My folks are going to Miami in some days and I want them to bring me some things. They’ll be staying at a hotel for 4 days, so is it better to buy the 3DS in a store or order it from Amazon in the first day? ( Amazon has an a 3DS/Mario 3D bundle pack for $200). I also want them to buy Pkm Black and SS. What is the best store to buy it at? Thanks!!
    (Everything is so expensive here in Brazil that I better get them from the States)

    1. The prices on amazon are about the same as they would be in a store. So I personally would just buy it (with SS and Black version) at one such as GameStop, Target, Walmart, etc.

      Walmart will probably have the best deal, tbh. But, if you’re fine with used games and consoles, then GameStop is your best shot. 🙂

      1. Thanks!! I just check Walmart’s website and yeah, the prices are really good! It’s kind of sad if you compare our Walmart and yours. Ours doesn’t have anything hahaha. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Correction… Drayden is the mayor of Opelucid, not the father of Iris however it is speculated.

    I found this gym’s design pretty straightforward even though I had not idea where to go or what to do, pretty linear if you ask me

    As for the battle, My over-leveled Emboar, (who was like 50 because of him holding the lucky and heling my other team members by using the EXP Share and fighting Audino) made light work of Fraxure and Druddigon with Brick Break. The only bit of trouble was Hax, I used my fraxure lvl 45 I think + 2 Dragon Claws and he was dead as a dodo

  3. So many gay guys into pokémon, huh? 😀

    Iris wasn’t much of a problem for me because my Zweilous was lv 43ish and had Dragon Rush. The only problem was the accuracy of the move dropping to 60% because of Hustle.
    I also kept Sigilyph with ice beam just in case something went wrong. Gotta love re-usable TMs.

      1. I don’t like the word ‘normal’, for it makes different sound bad, but yes, we are just as ‘normal’ as any other Pokémon-fan.

        And I guess you misunderstood me. I’m gay as well and my boyfriend and I are into pokémon, so I was only stating there are lots of gay guys into pokémon.

        E é bom ver um brazuca que sabe escrever em inglês e ser educado pra variar… xD

        (translation: It’s nice to see a fellow Brazilian who knows how to be polite and write in English properly. )

        1. So let me rephrase that: We are just guys 🙂 ( I’m as far from *normal*/ the standard as anyone can get though. I didn’t want my phrase to have that connotation when I wrote it, so I’m sorry.).
          What I was trying to say is that sexuality doesn’t influence your tastes, but you obviously know that 🙂
          E eu não posso nem ser considerado brasileiro, meu português está horrível e nem passo tanto tempo mais aqui :b. hahaha ( And I can’t even be considered Brazilian. My Portuguese is horrible and I don’t even spend that much time here anymore.)

    1. Just pokejungle and mr.bojingles, if you count him as being part of the staff. 🙂

      Dae, Kriff, NL and myself are all straight. :p

  4. First time i comment here, after following the site for quite a while.

    For sharing my story, i fought Iris on March 6th, 2011. Used Serperior and Simipour against Fraxure and Druddigon for the purpose of training. Then switched to my own Haxorus (which i got via GTS in exchange for a Zorua.), which ended the battle with a single Dragon Claw.

    Also, nice article. But it is only confirmed that Iris and Drayden are related. They only appear to be father/grandfather and daughter/grandchild, this is not confirmed. There is also another difference between their parties. Their Druddigon carry different abilities, Draydens has Rough Skin while Iris’ has Sheer Force. Further, none of Iris’ Druddigons moves are boosted by sheer force.

      1. It still implies that both Druddigon carry this ability. Draydens is the only one who has it.

  5. when i first visited this site which was like may 2010 i thought pokejungle was a girl until i saw his picture which confused the hell out of me but i soon realized and calmed down

  6. haha wow a bunch of people in this website are gay 😀 no problem! ^_^ but i feel like the only bi guy here :/ (i think i just came out on this website o.O)

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