Isshu Gym Leaders


  • Dento ‘n Co [Sanyou City, grass/fire/water gym]
  • Aloe [Shippou City, normal gym]
  • Green = Beetle Badge [Located in Huin City, bug gym]
  • Yellow = Bolt Badge / Gym Leader Kamitsure [Electric gym]
  • Brown = Quake Badge / Gym Leader Yaakon [Located in Hodomoe City, ground gym]
  • Purple = Jet Badge / Gym Leader Fuuro [Located in Fukiyose City, flying gym]
  • Blue = Icicle Badge / Gym Leader Hachike [Located in Sekka City, ice gym]
  • Black = Legend Badge / Gym Leader Iris [Located in Souryuu City (Souryuu means blue dragon in Japanese), dragon gym]

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