9/15 Pokexperto Tweets (UPD4)

Melkor has updated his twitter yet again with more details and pictures of new Pokemon! (He really is a twitter whore isn’t he? :P)



  • Dex # 615: Hexagonal Mirror Pokémon. Front part of mirror features an angry face full of hate. Pure Ice Type.
  • Dex # 616: A clam with red body and a helmet shell.
  • Dex # 617: Ninja clam with no shell. Pure Bug Type. (Melkore says he doesn’t know how to describe these very well..)
  • Dex # 618: Marbled Electric Ray Pokémon. It’s yellow/brown and a Electric/Ground Type
  • Dex # 619: Monk Warrior Pokémon. Martial arts pose, brown body, pink arms and legs.
  • Dex # 620: Similar to 619, white color and mustache. Fighting Type.
  • (UPD) Dex # 621: Red Headed Dragon. It’s blue with a red head and scales. It has a very aggressive and cool design. Pure Dragon Type.
  • (UPD2) Fan art of Dex # 616, the clam pokemon, added (Click “show”), bug type
  • UPD3: #617 Ninja clam with no shell, bug type
  • #618 Electric ray pokemon, ground/electric type (pictured)
  • #619 Monk Warrior Pokémon. Martial arts pose, brown body, pink arms and legs.  Fighting type
  • #620 Monk evo, added mustache and is bigger.  Fighting type
  • #621 Dragon pokemon, red head with blue body.
  • UPD4: #622 Robot Pokémon. Ground / Ghost Pokémon made of earth with white energy in eyes and belly.
  • #623: Robot-evo. Ground/Ghost (bigger than prevo)
  • #624 Warrior pokemon. Dark/Steel
  • #625 Warrior-evo, still Dark/Steel (Line based on Japanese character)
  • #626 Buffuron
  • #627 Wargle prevo, looks like a baby bird covered in down and has one feather. Normal/Flying
  • #628 Wargle

I’ll upate this post if anything else pops up from his twitter! So, check back on this post periodically!

peace and love–ozymandis

P.S. Downloads of fake ROMS have been popping up everywhere, some are HGSS ROMS and others are…well.. lets just say Daigo can’t unsee a certain image. Not that we support ROMS, but we love you guys and don’t want you guys to get viruses or be scared for life. So be careful guys 🙂