Official Site Update (UPD2) + Ask Ozy! 2.0

Hey Pokejunglers! click “Show” for the pictures!



[UPD2: Added a TON of new pics!] Sorry this is a bit late, I just got back from school, and I literally ran to my house so i wouldn’t be extremly late on this. So please don’t hate me? 😀 Anyways, the Official Pokemon Black and White website just updated with clearer and crisper pictures. So, if you want to check ’em out, click here. It basically just updated with what was in CoroCoro so, there wasn’t really any new information at all. Except, there was a detail revealed about the Transfer Machine, one of it’s boundaries in fact. When transferring Pokemon they can not be holding any items, and they can’t know any HM moves, not to mention they can’t be sent back to the original game they came from. Although this isn’t really much of a surprise; they had the same deal with the Pal Park. Oh well, at least I can stare at the monkey trio in HD for a while. *_* Since this post is a bit short and there’s nothing really to discuss about this on the comments, I’m officially making this the “Ask Ozy!” 2.0 post as well. I made one prior to this but it ended up gettin’ deleted. 🙁 So, ask anything you want, and I mean ANYTHING. That’s it for now, be sure to check the previous Pokexperto Tweet post for updates! peace and love–ozymandis