October CoroCoro Leaking [UPD]

it’s that time of the month – Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro’s October issue has begun to leak online! The Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon box art mascots are actually forms of Necrozma When Necrozma absorbs Solgaleo it becomes ‘Necrozma Mane of Twilight’ and is able to use Sunsteel Strike, Solgaleo’s signature move When Necrozma absorbs Lunala … Read more

September CoroCoro Leaking [UPD]

Following the soft reveal of a blurry Lycanroc Dusk Form on the front cover, pages from Japanese comic magazine, CoroCoro, have begun to leak and contain information about the new form! UPDATE: We finally have clearer images of the CoroCoro leaks and can confirm the following info: There will be a “Special Rockruff” distribution for Pokémon Ultra Sun … Read more

Slurpuff and Aromatisse Revealed!

A picture from Ciao, a popular girl’s magazine in Japan that is owned by the same company that owns CoroCoro, has shown two brand new Pokemon from Pokemon X & Y! Pokémon “Peroriimu” is the evolution of Swirlix and is a pure Fairy-type. “Furefuwan” is the evolution of Spritzee and is a pure Fairy-type. UPD: … Read more

RUMOR: Images Show Final Froakie, Chespin Evolutions & New Pokémon

These are not necessarily real images, their authenticity has not been established. Please do NOT treat this as a news post, instead enjoy commenting & speculating. We will update you if any details come out to (dis)prove any of this. We’ve marked the main image warning of Pokémon X & Y spoilers so we won’t be … Read more

Meet Amaura’s and Tyrunt’s Evolutions Aurorus & Tyrantrum! [UPD1]

[UPD1] A few new pictures added The evolution for the recently revealed Pokémon Amaura has been leaked by the website Jeux Video. Its name is Aurorus and has a new attack called Freeze-Dry which is super effective against Water-type Pokémon and may freeze opponents! Update: IGN has now released some pictures of Tyrantrum, Tyrunt’s evolution. It can learn Head Smash. Game … Read more

August Corocoro Leaking — New Pokémon, Characters and More!

The latest issue of Corocoro has begun appearing online, and with it comes a stash of new information, including new Pokémon, characters and even more! The scans and our translations can be found below. Remember! These are the Japanese names and it’s almost certain that we’ll get the official English reveal of these Pokémon in … Read more