RUMOR: Images Show Final Froakie, Chespin Evolutions & New Pokémon

These are not necessarily real images, their authenticity has not been established. Please do NOT treat this as a news post, instead enjoy commenting & speculating. We will update you if any details come out to (dis)prove any of this.

We’ve marked the main image warning of Pokémon X & Y spoilers so we won’t be hiding images in these posts.

The pictures above purport to be from a review copy of Pokémon X. As you can see, they claim that this is the final evolution of Froakie, Greninja, and a new Flying/Fighting-type Pokémon called Hawlucha. The latter Pokémon also has a new Fighting-type attack called Flying Press.

UPD2: A new image has surfaced claiming to show the final evolution of Chespin from behind. This is from a different person than the person who posted Greninja & Hawlucha. UPD: Confirmed fake

The poster also mentioned that XP is also much easier to earn and that entire parties will get some from battles with the use of EXP Share, a key item found early in the game. He also mentioned that XY only introduce around 70 new Pokémon. He also said that there barely is any endgame, with you only being able to catch Mewtwo and the Z legendary.

UPD1: A new Pokémon has supposedly been photographed. No other details are currently known. Remember, we do not know if these Pokémon are real or fake, so please don’t consider them as either until they are proven one or the other.

UPD3: We broke the site record for most visits in one day! Also, be wary of all the ‘leaks’ out there, there are so much (blatant) fakes going around that the legit leaks may get lost in it!

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