Amazon TCG Listing Accidentally Leaks New Pokémon

Mere hours away from the Sun & Moon demo going live, a new Pokémon has leaked on Amazon! Spotted on the side of box art for the upcoming Sun & Moon TCG, the image was uploaded for its listing on Amazon JP. No new Pokémon are featured on the Moon boxart showcasing Lunala. As of now, … Read more

RUMOR: Images Show Final Froakie, Chespin Evolutions & New Pokémon

These are not necessarily real images, their authenticity has not been established. Please do NOT treat this as a news post, instead enjoy commenting & speculating. We will update you if any details come out to (dis)prove any of this. We’ve marked the main image warning of Pokémon X & Y spoilers so we won’t be … Read more

New Pokémon Revealed on Facebook: Doublade!

Moments ago, the official Pokémon Facebook page revealed the newest Pokémon X & Y species! With the ability No Guard, this Steel and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle. What’s your opinion of this brand new Pokemon? Let us know in … Read more

New Pokémon X & Y Rumors: Fairy-type Dunsparce?!

PokéBeach has posted some new rumors that they claim to have received from a reliable source. As always, I post these rumors for discussion purposes only, please do not post them elsewhere as confirmed information or interpret these as me posting information as real. New Pokémon Trusk & its pre-evolution: Grass/Rock Pokémon with long green tusks … Read more

Meet Amaura’s and Tyrunt’s Evolutions Aurorus & Tyrantrum! [UPD1]

[UPD1] A few new pictures added The evolution for the recently revealed Pokémon Amaura has been leaked by the website Jeux Video. Its name is Aurorus and has a new attack called Freeze-Dry which is super effective against Water-type Pokémon and may freeze opponents! Update: IGN has now released some pictures of Tyrantrum, Tyrunt’s evolution. It can learn Head Smash. Game … Read more

JungleTalk: Preparing for the Pokémon Game Show

Right now it’s 10:50PM, Japan Standard Time. I’m typing this up before I take a bath and go to sleep so I can get some rest before teaching a bunch of kids tomorrow at summer school. And after Friday ends… we’ll have new information from Saturday and Sunday’s “Pokémon Game Show”.  The first day the … Read more