New Pokémon Revealed on Facebook: Doublade!

Moments ago, the official Pokémon Facebook page revealed the newest Pokémon X & Y species! With the ability No Guard, this Steel and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle.

What’s your opinion of this brand new Pokemon? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to stick with us up to, and after, the release of Pokémon X & Y! We always strive to report news the fastest and give you some great articles to read when news is slow!


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  1. Well this took me completely by surprise, wasn’t expecting Honedge to evolve. A little disappointed though, I was hoping it’d be Helioptile or a second Eeveelution.

  2. Well, it’s not what we expected but I like it. I honestly thought that Honedge woul be a standalone Pokémon but I’m liking the evo

  3. I’m really not a fan of this and it’s pre-evolution. Strange designs to say the least, and I’ve been totally cool with the previous weird designs… but this one, I can’t get past. Still, its got a cool typing that I’m sure I’ll find use for.

  4. I stayed up past 1am for THIS!?…..Though its not horrible or anything…just hoped for a different pokemon. Night Everybody 😛

    1. I thought Honedge was going to be one of those Pokémon that seems really good, but is actually weak, and would evolve in a future generation.

      1. Yeah I felt like it would have a decent attack stat but it wouldn’t be that great. I’m sure it will now though!

  5. before people bash it, i think it’s safe to say there’ll be third evo. also Doublade looks like a torso with 2 arms, so the 3rd evo might get legs or a head and be a steel ghost knight (wasn’t a knight rumoured?)

      1. That looks like one of those decoration things that would be hung up on a wall, with two criscrossing swords. An example is in Pirates of the Caribbean 1, when the pirates attack Port Royal, and Elizabeth tries to pull a sword out of them.

    1. For all we know, it could be a 3 stage pseudo ghost knight. A steel/ghost knight would be epic. Brings back memories from Final Fantasy.

    2. Let’s hope so. I like Honedge’s design, but i don’t want to see the line stop here, or end in 3 swords

    3. If tit becomes three blades, it’ll learn Tri-Attack! Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be a physical attacker. *sigh*

    4. If it doesn’t get another evolution, then I hope its possible for it to receive Mega Kangaskhan’s ability where it can attack twice haha. But I can imagine there becoming an evo with 3 blades.

      I’m looking at
      Diglett, Magnemite, Klink, Doduo, all who had the same type of evolutions where their evolve forms just added on the same poke lol.

      1. But then Magnezone happened and all three magnemite morphed into a giant UFO with eyes as shoulders and became one of the most loved Pokémon ever.

    5. I would love it to be like a headless knight, if it evolved. The eyes on the ‘shoulders’ could just stay there. Either way, I’m hoping for a third evo too. Although this is pretty cool!

  6. I thought Honedge won’t have evolution, so it’s fine. Eitherway, I was hoping it to evolve into some kind of empty armor. I would have prefered Honedge this way, but, ey, at least Doublade isn’t the worst pkmn.

  7. wish it had an ability like Mega-Khangaskan is Parental Bond, maybe called twin strike or maybe get skill link.

  8. Pokemon Plans: Reveal Honedge, Ignore Honedge for months on end, Reveal Honedge evo Doublade and throw everyone for a loop…….

  9. I actually like Doublade more than Honedge, it looks more complete, so I’m happy:) Now I want to see Helioptile’s Evo:) Hope we get a new pokemon every week (cuz how many days left for the game exactly?)

  10. And Trollfreak lives up to it’s name! Seriously, I laughed when I saw this. Meh, I hope this means armour third evo like everyone has been clamouring for. Otherwise it’s just a waste of pokedex space, though it doesn’t actually look bad per se, and I guess I’ll get used to it…

  11. For all we know, it could be a 3 stage pseudo ghost knight. A steel/ghost knight would be epic. Brings back memories from Final Fantasy

    1. I’m pretty sure it will have a good attack, and maybe special attack. But defenses probably won’t be very good. After all, it’s a sword, not a shield.

  12. If it doesn’t evolve into a ghost knight is going to be a bit disapointing… still waiting for another eeveelution or some new ice/water/grass pkmn. They haven’t shown enough…

  13. At least that’s one less filler design out of the way before the release… That means the best for last!

    1. I like it, don’t get me wrong, I was just expecting something else. Haha. It’ll be like Klink/Klang/Klinklang & Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone, evolution set, I’d imagine.

  14. It’s definitely not what I expected, but I like it. I personally thought Honedge wouldn’t evolve. I can’t complain about it, it certainly looks cool, and I would consider using it. I mean, think about it, it’s a Fairy slayer.

  15. Wow I thought Honedge was a standalone Doublade seems to be promising. Reminds me of the Diglett and Koffing evolution lines.

  16. If it doesn’t evolve, it´s a waste of both pokedex space and a potential mega-honedge( it’s that kind if design depth, isn’t it?)

  17. I knew it was gonna be a double sworded pokemon. Not were hoping it has a final evolution. Hopefully that “Celtic knight” I was talking about

  18. When I teach this thing Cut, I want to see an animation where my trainer dual wields the swords and cuts down that little tree.

    1. Well maybe they got rid of cut all together! Hopefully seeing as how it was such a useless HM. You really only needed it once or twice to get through the game. It would be cool though if they made certain pokemon able to cut, like honedge, without it being a move at all and you could cut down the little trees with them but it was only for side stuff like hidden areas

        1. “It is now known that Honedge comes into being when a departed spirit possesses a sword that once belonged to humans. It can use the blue cloth attached to its hilt as nimbly as an arm. Pokémon Trainers who carelessly take this blade in hand may find the blue cloth wrapping itself around them and draining their energy!” It does. XD

  19. I’m glad I’m taking a look at what everyone’s saying on here, so far it’s mostly positive. Seeing the comments on the Facebook post itself, all the hatred almost turned me against this pokemon.

  20. I like it, and like stated by other people, i’m also hoping it to become a puesquo legedar now..i mean i can see a symilarty to the beldum line honestly, so why not? It could become a bad ass ghost knight with the holsters forming its back :D.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see ^^

  21. Guess we’ll be waiting a while to see if those rumors were true. I don’t really know what to make of this guy, he looks too much like two Honedge that were just stapled together, like he doesn’t really have that much that’s unique about him.

  22. This is the only pokemon revealed this gen whose design I really don’t like and that’s unfortunate ’cause I really like the typing 🙁 I hope there is another evolution that does something a bit more drastic.

  23. knew we were gonna get an evo at some time.
    All of the names for H’one’dge, had the word one embedded in each language.

    Can’t say I am too fond of it unfortunately. I would have liked to see some armor and a distinguishable body shape. Though, this just looks like two swords with eyes – it could literally be a zelda monster. :/

  24. Interesting! I was hoping for Helioptile. I never expected Honedge to get a evolution! Looks cool! I want to see it become the Master Sword! ;D

  25. It has a complex design especially when it takes out its scabbard. One is holding the scabbard, other part is kind of levitating. I don’t like it to be honest. Onedge was good and unique design but this one seems like trying hard.

    I’ve just made a research if there is combined scabbard exist in real life and it does. They are usually placed at the back and some kind of cross unsheating going on.

    1. I was under the assumption that it was like a wall mount instead of a scabbard.

      i suppose it doesn’t make much difference either way. :L

  26. And then two random spirits pop out and talk about the percentage that they might be sword pokemon, my guess is it will be 99%

  27. Not hating on it but i was hoping for something…better? So far the “honedge” line is by far my least favorite of this gen. However i guess there is still a chance of a badass 3rd evo, if they take it in the right direction.

  28. Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe of this gen? (Except I actually liked that Pokemon and Doublade is.. Meh. So-so. Haha) xD

        1. People really need to let Doublade sheath itself into their hearts. It’s definitely not a dull Pokémon and I’m sure it’ll wield a lot of power. 😀

    1. I agree! I could see the animators having ash go to a sword academy where trainers become one with their pokemon and spar. Ash would use honedge and his rival would hold Doublade! Down the road a third evolution would be the a headless armor with a powerful sword/spear. What do you think?

  29. I know a bunch of people are going to bash it for being a lazy design, but unlike me I don’t judge a Pokemon by its skin but its abilities on the battlefield,

    Just like some said, some Pokemon duplicate during evolution and besides who wouldn’t want a pair of spectral blades under their command?

    1. This officially makes me want to capture a Honedge and evolve it. I even thought it was a genderless Pokémon based on the appearance. However, when I saw an episode of Pokémon Smash in which someone was playing an unfinished version of the game, it was marked as a male.

  30. I like it … I was just hoping for a Dragon eeveelution :*( …. everyday that passes brings me closer to the truth of If i will ever wield “DRACEON”

  31. While I wasn’t expecting this, it kind of makes sense that Doublade was revealed this way since Honedge was first revealed by itself at the Japan Expo in France.

    The blades look awesome, that’s for sure, and I had a feeling that, if Honedge would evolve, it would more than likely be something similar to Magnemite and Klink, but I just didn’t expect this for some reason . . .

  32. I just noticed that the Honedge line have their own individual reveals.. What’s up with the special treatment? I’m guessing it’s probably a pseudo legendary or it introduces a new mechanic that hasn’t been revealed.. But maybe I’m thinking way too far into this haha xD

  33. I really hope that because we’ve got sword pokemon that if they have a cutting move that you could choose which way it goes with the touch screen, like chatot’s move chatter.

  34. Now let’s wait and let a “leaker” finish the pokedex for this. Every time a new pokemon is revealed, about a day later we get a supposed “Dex leak” that’s been revamped to fit the new pokemon in.

      1. But now they will say. Oh, I only played a demo/beta-version, they may have added a new pokemon for the final product. LMAO

      2. Yeah, I think this is one of the things we expected almost NOT to evolve. Certainly not the evolution we would have expected.

  35. I was REALLY hoping for a cross-gen evolution that wasn’t Eevee related to prove that Sylveon won’t be the only one in Gen VI. Duoblade revealed. *Sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I like Duoblade. I’m just dissapointed. 🙁

      1. Now GF has pretty much confirmed that Mega Evolution is the new Cross-gen Evolution. I did not want this to happen because there are a few old gen Pokémon my brother and I were hoping to use if they evolved. For example, Lunatone, Tropius, and Seviper in the same party. All three suck stat wise, yet they have great designs! If they do get a Mega Evolution, then I can only use one of them in battle! GF why!!!!!????

  36. Not quite what I expected, or what I hoped for, but I think I can get used to it. The seemingly random change from a blue hilt cloth/tassels to purple and pink is a little annoying though. Even if the color is to represent its psychic-ish telepathic ability (“This Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle.”), it’s still feels off. Staying blue would’ve been just fine in my opinion. If they wanted to change something about the hilt cloth/tassels, maybe they could’ve further advanced the swirl pattern on it instead of leaving it exactly the same with just a color change.

    On a related note, does anyone else find it weird that they’ve revealed over 30 new Pokemon, and yet not one of them has been even part Ground type? Every other type except for Ground has been represented in some way. The closest thing there is to a new Ground type is Garchomp’s Mega Evolution, but that’s not really the same thing, at least in my opinion.

    1. Yeah it’s alittle strange but I think we can all assume bunnelby will be some sort of ground type, due to it’s ear diggers/coloration. Of course you know what they say about assuming! And assuming with pokemon is even more dangerous

  37. Well, this was not what I was expecting, I was hoping for a Sableye evolution, this let me down a little. I think if the evo line ends here this would be one of those Pokemon that Gamefreak went lazy with (i.e.Voltorb evo line)
    Not hating on it but I wouldn’t put it on my team.

    1. If Sableye gets upgraded, it’ll be because of a Mega evolution. It happened to Mawile, Sableye’s counterpart, I’m sure it’ll happen to it too.

    2. A sableye evo would’ve been nice..and I can see what you mean about the designing. It’s kinda like the klink line. It’s design just wasn’t very good. It was an interesting concept, but they only gave it one steel type move that attacks when it has a decent attack stat and that move doesn’t even do sufficient damage. Hopefully they don’t make that mistake with doublade

        1. Oh…I miss took Ozy’s name (Ozymandis) and Ozymandias, and the way you said it reminded me of Breaking Bad, sorry :/

  38. I don’t understand why people call GF lazy when they use inanimate objects for Pokemon. Honestly, I think it’s pretty creative, and usually there’s a story behind why an inanimate became animate. Like Honedge, for example, is a spirit that possessed a sword. Is that kid friendly? Not really since it will drain the life out of you. Apparently there’s more to the Pokemon’s background than most people see. The fossils are depicted as rocks, but they can extract DNA and make bring back a pokemon. Probably the only lazy design is Voltorb and Electrode. Don’t bash something (or someone) based on their appearance or whatever until you learn why it (or they) are that way. You might actually learn to like it a lot more.

    1. Finally a trainer that’s thinking with their heart!
      It warms my rocky-enlarged heart to find some trainers defending a Pokemon with an “unusual” looks without getting to know it

      My Brother is so shallow when it comes to Pokemon
      and he always sucker punches gen V with vanilite

      1. To be fair, Vanillite looks incredibly derpy. I don’t dislike it because it’s ice cream, I dislike it because of its FACE.

        1. Actually, Vanillite is just a body that covers it’s bald head with snow to take the appearance of ice cream to avoid embarrasment

      2. Well… I actually feel bad for things that are made fun of for looking stupid or something. Like Zubat or Bidoof. Zubat is annoying but is also kinda cute and enigmatic. Bidoof is one of the most useful because you don’t have to sacrifice move slots for HMs on your favorite pokes.

    2. I agree too. It’s a wonderful idea to make inanimate object Pokémon, so long as it is done right! About fossil Pokémon, my pet peeve is why do they all have to be rock types? I get that they’re fossil Pokémon, but seriously! I believe the rock type hinders most fossil Pokémon from unleashing their full potential. For example, Kabutops could have been Bug/Dragon, Bastiodon pure Steel, and Amuros be pure Ice. I know it’s nitpicking, but it just upsets me. I mean were they all REALLY rock types in their day? Team Plasma got it right by modifying Genesect so it was Bug/Steel and not Bug/Rock!

      1. Well, that’s the thing though. As you said yourself, they are FOSSIL Pokemon. A fossil is, by definition “the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock.” Maybe they weren’t rock back then, and I don’t think they were *though, why would Kabutops be Bug/Dragon? It’s a Rock/WATER type, it would be Bug/Water before Dragon* But by that definition, they need to be part Rock to even be defined as a Fossil Pokemon. It can probably be chalked down to the process that revives the Pokemon, the stone aspect is probably just fused into what they are.

        1. I edited that part about Kabutops and wrote an EDIT explanation and why I made that mistake. Thanks for catching that! And if that’s the case with Fossil Pokémon being Rock type because they are fossils, then why has Team Plasma been the only ones to resurrect a fossil Pokémon without having it be part Rock? I know, it’s because of their modifications with Genesect, but has no other scientist really thought of doing this? And it makes me wonder what Genesect was during its time? Bug? Bug/Rock? Heck, maybe it really was Bug/Steel before!

          1. Well, they kind of mention that it’s not really ‘natural’ to do that. They weren’t just reviving the Pokemon, they were altering it into a WEAPON. That’s not entirely ethical.

          2. I never understood why they thought they were making the ‘ultimately powerful Pokemon’…with a 4x weakness to fire.

    3. Actually, even Voltorb and Electrode can be quite interesting, when you dig deep enough:
      a mimic, a fake pokeball, a bomb, a battery, ball lightning, electrode, quantum physics… so many different ideas and concepts all crammed into one evolutionary line

        1. Gamefreak
          Bill: hey man we need two more pokemon for 151
          Bob: I have idea a pokeball then it evolves it upside down pokeball
          Bill: GENIUS

        2. I prefer simplistic designs, actually. When the design gets crowded the Pokemon looks stupid.

          Granted, though, Voltorb has the best eye design.

    4. For me, Its not the fact that its a inaminate object, its just…man I got so hyped that they were revealing an evolution today…and then this….hopefully it has an evolution or even if its stats are good I’ll change my opinion on it

      1. Don’t blame the Pokemon just because the reveal wasn’t a Pokemon you wanted to see revealed.

      2. I just became available to read this. Personally, I think it’s the Magnemite or Klink of this gen. I was shocked when I read about it.

    5. I love these kind of Pokemon too, I love the origins behind these Pokemon like Yamask being the soul of a dead human carrying it’s face. I just struggle when they can breed, as then I think ‘Where does the sword come from? Where does the spirit of a person and their mask come from?’

    1. You’re over-exaggerating. Only a select number of things are pink, and most is because fairy’s type color is pink, and usually Pokemon adopt its ‘type color’.

      1. With Team Flare, Character Customization, and Amphabulous, I think this generation should be known as the Fabulous Generation.

  39. What the hell is this? It’s literally just two Deinos stuck together. There are ZERO differences besides the fact that it JUST HAS ANOTHER DEINO HEAD.

    Way to go Gamefreak you lazy twats.

  40. Well I’ll be! Honedge was the last Pokémon I was expecting to have an evolved form! I stand corrected…

    1. For your information, I was expecting Honedge to be a non-evolving Pokémon and then I was really surprised when they revealed this one!

      1. Oh I wasn’t expecting it…..nor did I want to expect it. Honedge lost many of my respects after not having levitate, and gaining a dark and ghost weakness after the revised type chart

  41. I just remembered something. Honedge isn’t the sword, it’s a spirit possessing a sword once used by humans. Technically speaking, there should be form differences since different swords exist, unless the swords were used by an army which would explain why all Honedge look the same.

    I’m thinking way too much about this. It’s Pokémon! I shouldn’t even be thinikng about its Pokédex entry!

    1. With all the different possible combinations for swords, it could be the new Spinda.

      Okay, moving on. xD

    1. I don’t mind the design, I’m just unhappy that it gained a dark and ghost weakness after the revised type chart. In addition to fire and ground

  42. To be honest, I’m in love with this.

    It’s based on a double sword scabbard/wall mount which is pretty cool to me. Glad it kept the same ability as it’s gonna be a powerhouse if it has Haxorus like attack.

  43. Not what I was hoping for but this makes me like honedge more. Looks pretty good, the purple/pink really suits it. I like the eyes! Will be interesting to see if there is a third evo. I might try it out sometime nontheless 🙂

  44. I no it’s old news but:

    Scumbag GF: Creates new region where Mega Evolution is obtainable…no new Pokémon can Mega Evolve.

    1. Off topic but I think it is a great idea, makes us appreciate the gen 6 pokemon first, then we can get excited for gen 6 megas when they aren’t new anymore. Wonder what a megalution of doublade would be?

      1. Agreed. If they released Megas for gen 6, most of them would rarely be seen in their regular forms.

    2. Have you ever thought that it’s a project that’s been in the works for some years? (In game and anime)

      All experiments take time to produce results, so it’s only natural that already existing Pokemon would get Mega Evolution’s and not the new ones. Besides, makes us warm up to them before they end up getting Mega Evolution’s in the sequel. (if there is one which is likely.)

  45. It’s definitely not what I was expecting! I was totally disappointed (because I was hoping for a Helioptile evo….forreal, gimme) but Doublade looks cool. I’ve always considered Honedge as meh, and it’s evo is a little better, although I prefer the blue cloth to the purple and pink. But that’s just me. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.

  46. How much crack was GameFreak smoking when they thought of this? Its kind of like the vannilice pokemon. Excuse my spelling. Bear..

    1. I expected something new….but the only thing that’s new here is the color pink. They could have at least shown us a new attack that it could learn…
      There’s really not much to talk about.

      1. Actually it has different mouth, one-side longer edge and different pattern on its body but it doesn’t help him anyway, it still looks simlar to onedge.

        1. Ok I guess. But compare the discussion here to that of Tyrantrum and Aurorus….there’s really not much to talk about….

  47. Pokémon gain experience even when the opposing wild Pokémon is caught – subsequently a caught Pokémon gives the same experience points as a defeated one.
    Sky Battles are limited to Flying-type Pokémon and those with the Levitate ability – some moves can’t be used.
    There is an adjustment to the inheritance system of breeding.
    Ghost-type Pokémon can freely escape from battle without being influenced by Shadow Tag.
    The item Exp. Share will revert to Exp. All as in Generation I, where when one Pokémon holding this item participates in battle, all other Pokémon in the team receive experience as well. Unlike in Generation I, the experience is not split but rather received by all Pokémon. This means that the participating Pokémon receives 100% experience, while non-participating Pokémon gain 50% experience.
    When distributing new moves and abilities, priority was given to new Pokémon.
    The CGI style is different from Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Battle Revolution, as those games were supposed to emulate “realism within fantasy”. Since the handheld Pokémon series is supposed to be accessible to everyone, battles were made “cuter”.
    The standard selection process for Pokémon Mega Evolution is based on three points: visual looks, popularity and game balance.
    The power-up of Mega-Evolved Pokémon is meant to elevate them to the class of legendary Pokémon, hence the restriction of only one Pokémon being allowed to hold a Mega Stone during battles.
    The timing to Mega-Evolve is selectable.
    Some moves, with focus on special ones, have had their power and accuracy revamped.

        1. Agreed, I didn’t know anything about them changing the EXP Share back into an EXP All. Or there will be adjustments in Breeding Inheritance, whatever that means. At least it gives some clarification on what power level the Megas should be boosting too, which seems about right. Now whether that means 680 or not, I don’t know, but the fact that Garchomp LOST speed when going to Mega Garchomp seemed like a fairly good tipoff it shouldn’t be that much over 600.

    1. “The standard selection process for Pokémon Mega Evolution is based on three points: visual looks, popularity and game balance.”

      Really? That’s too biased.

          1. *Read in Dwan’s voice*Buneary! Spot..light!*Stop reading in Dawn’s voice* Sorry I had to :p I guess they want to bring older/former fans back into the mix! I have only seen these commercials on more adult channels like [adult swim] or Comedy Central. Never have I seen a commercial for X & Y on Disney, Cartoon Network, etc.

  48. For those thinking that there won’t be any cross gen evolutions this gen because GameFreak isn’t revealing any need to think about that, just because GameFreak doesn’t officially reveal any evolutions from past gens (other than Sylveon and Megas) doesn’t mean they won’t be there. For all we know they want us to discover these evolutions in the game itself so don’t give up hope just yet. We only have about 35 Pokemon revealed so far so don’t give up like that, who knows what surprises we might find in the Kalos Dex.

    1. There will definitely be evolutions and/or pre-evolutions to old Pokemon. Probably not gonna be another Eeveelution, but anything else is possible! 😛

    2. I’m still hoping as well. I really don’t want mega evolution to be the new cross gen evolution. I love mega evolution with all my heart. It’s the greatest thing GF has ever done in history! But I don’t want it to be overdone to death or it won’t be fun.

      1. I actually have to disagree there about the megas, I like a few of them but the concept is a bit dumb. Especially Mega Garchomp, Mega Blaziken, and Mega Mewtwo X/Y. This is just my opinion though. But yes we should stay hopeful. Also correct me if I’m wrong but did GameFreak ever reveal the gen 4 cross evolutions? Or were they just revealed in game?

        1. I wish I knew about the reveals of Gen IV cross evolutions. I got into the games in Gen III (FR/LG), took a break from the franchise during Gen IV, and came back to the franchise during Gen V (B/W). This is my first time waiting for a new generation to begin.

        2. As for Mega Evolutions, I think GF is over doing it. Legendaries and Psudo Legendaries really should not get them. When I think of Mega Evolution, I think of the FINAL form Ichigo went through in Bleach and how glorious it was. But it’s not so cool when GF is being an Oprah Winfrey about it!

  49. I quite like the design haha and it reminds me of that eyes on hand monster from ‘ahhh real monster’ show :B

  50. I’m not gonna use it on my team but I think it’s fab cause of it’s simplicity (and also cause it’s symmetric….which is good for people with OCD)

  51. O.k Trainers who wants to bet that when (or if) Doublade evolves it gets a shield
    Cause don’t get me wrong a living suit of armor sounds totally cool

    1. I’m praying that it goes Magnezone….and not Vanilluxe. I wanna see something new besides the color pink.

  52. i can can see the point why people are complaining about it dosent look dull at all, in fact he looks pretty sharpe, infact i’ll bet he will have a cutting edge over the compition.

  53. No Non Eevee Cross Gen Evolutions in Gen VI? Some weak Pokémon might not Mega Evolve? Well, at least there’s still the Baton Pass Method.

  54. All the hate that I see it getting from various sites makes me like it even more. I’ve always been attracted to the unappreciated/underdog.

    1. when two lonly honedges meet and fall in love they, decide to get married, and grow old and evovle together and then they have a baby to make a three blade pokemon

  55. Am I the only one who thinks it’d be pretty awesome if their was a Steel type gym leader who’s main Pokemon was Duoblade and the Duoblade is frequently seen riding on the gym leaders back?

  56. Looks like something Quilladin’s final evo could use as a weapon when it finally evolves into a Grass Paladin…

  57. I’m not sure why everyone is suddenly saying”no cross-gen evolutions confirmed.” This doesn’t mean that at all. What led everyone to that conclusion? Just because they announced it would be an evolved Pokemon didn’t mean it was the deciding moment to see if all cross-gen evolutions would or would not exist.

    1. That started from me. Sorry, I don’t mean to be pessimistic. It’s still possible there will be cross-gen evolutions (not eevee related), but with the rave of mega evolutions and many unknown new pokémon, it seems less and less likely to happen.

      1. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Remember Gen IV, where they had a huge slew of new evolutions that were completely unhinted-at before the release of Diamond and Pearl.

          1. well back then, all those evolutions after Weavile were completely unmentioned before the games were released, and it took a lot of people by surprise, so the same thing might happen here.

          2. Ok. Then what was GF talking about at the time? More than half of the Sinnoh Pokémon (I think) are Cross-gen evolutions. Were they just talking about 20 new ones and new game mechanics?

          3. Not many Pokemon games before this one got this much constant attention and releases. This is probably because of the international release…

            I don’t get why people want pre-gen evolutions so badly. This takes away from the new Pokemon. That’s why I accept Megas, even if I don’t want to use the mechanic. Megas are basically new evolutions without being permanent so they don’t take away from the Pokedex.

          4. I mentioned this on someone else’s reply, but the reason why people want cross-gen evolutions so badly, at least in my opinion is this: There are many weak Pokémon that are never used. Let’s say you’ve wanted to use them for such a long time but didn’t because of their stats, Tropius, Lunatone, and Seviper for example. With a cross-gen evolution, you can use all three in the same party and be content. However, if these three get a Mega Evolution, that means you can only Mega evolve one of them and not use the others at all (unless you want to, but they’re too weak to fight)!

          5. I suppose you mean for competitive battling? You can beat the main game with a Pidgey if you really felt like it (and if you’re a cheapass/got patience of steel).

            The point there, though, is that not every Pokemon CAN be of equal strength. Some Pokemon will always be better than others. Tiers are the curse of all competitive play. People will always abuse whatever is top tier, but to make competition exist, not everything can be of equal strength.

            I’ve seen videos of people using an assortment of teams, so it CAN be done. It depends on how you use them. It would work just as well for a Pokemon to be ‘fixed’ via stats/IVs, attacks, and abilities in order to keep up with the competition. But not every Pokemon can be made competitively capable.

            That’s why we have Olimar in SSBB.

          6. That was so touching. To answer your question, I did mean competitively, but I don’t battle competitively anyway so it doesn’t matter. You are absolutely right! There will always be limitations, and not every Pokémon can be made competitively capable, but in Story Mode (IDK what to call playing non-competitively) you can any Pokémon well enough to beat the game. I too have seen a few gameplays where Neverused Pokémon were used well. I just keep thinking that there is some hidden potential that can only be unlocked through evolution. But I have now realized that it’s not through evolution, it’s through the heart!

          7. Pretty much, yes. They really showcased Weavile and Munchlax. A lot of time was spent talking about all the new features and how being on the DS was going to significantly change the gameplay. For a while, Diamond and Pearl were also going to have fully 3D interiors to their buildings, like we have in Black and White, but that was scrapped because it made the games lag too much.

  58. I really like Doublade, much better then I expected it to look + I think ppl r just mad because it wasn’t an evolution to an older Pokémon or a 2nd Eeveelution. I’m glad they didn’t show an evolution to an older Pokémon I want to see evolutions to new 6th gen Pokemon!

        1. It all really depends on whether you use either today or the day it comes out on this countdown to make it 16 or 17 days.

          1. wtf? you are really a kid1!!! Please think about it ok? if you have 15 days 10 hours and 5 minutes you are still in 16 because you need to wait OMG Be more smarter ok?

          2. I never said we are in 15 days. I said we need to WAIT 9 hours to say that there is 15 days left. We are still at 16 obviously.

          3. Also the countdown is official so the time it says there is the real time left. Right now it’s at 16 days. Either way the games are coming so I’m going to stop now.

          4. Not trying to be rude, sorry, but Samurott is kinda right.
            And you are too.
            It’s 17 days away.
            But we’re in 17 day so it’s 16 plus whatever’s left of the 17th day.
            Both of you are right.

          5. I don’t think that’s what Samurott was trying to say. It sounded like he was arguing that it won’t be 16 days left until today is completely over. Basically…he’s rounding up. Which you kind of can’t do because it’s ignoring the fact that time has already passed.

      1. No matter what i do, my teams always have a strong weakness to Ground…I disappoint myself…

  59. Guys, i just want to confirm that one bit of the rumor with Wailmer being one of the balloons is at the moment true. It seems the GameStop my girlfriend works put out the boxes for display and preorders, and had the official sleeves (meaning carts are somewhere -o-) and on the back she and I both saw Wailmer in Super Training. So, yeah also Doublade looks cool, but its not something I’ll put on my team sadly.

  60. Okay…wasn’t expecting this…but God, swords are cool. I love its Celtic designs. And its smiles…I see this thing giggling eerily a lot. I need to draw a character wielding these swords. I was kind of hoping for a shield and sword but twin swords are DOUBLE THE POWER. If you’re Lloyd Irving anyway.

  61. I’m not really dissapointed on its design(I actually kinda like it) as much as I’m dissapointed at the evolution they chose to show. Like I don’t really think there was anything special about Doublade to really show off but thats just me

    1. Actually it was surprising, I wasn’t expecting it to evolve. It’s kind of exciting to be surprised.

  62. I don’t know if IGN and those sites are going to “accidentally” leak new Pokemon tomorrow but if they follow the trend then that will most likely happen. This time it could really be the Helioptile evolution! Unless Doublade was supposed to hold us off until next week then I see it happening.

      1. The past two Thursdays have had “accidental” leaks of pokemon pyroar and tyrantrum….so tomorrow may hold a new pokemon

        1. That might be coincidence. They will probably tease a lot in the coming weeks but I can’t imagine they’ll reveal a lot more. I feel like they’ve revealed a ton of Pokemon so far. ._.

          1. You don’t think almost -half- of the new Pokedex being revealed before the game is even out is a lot? I’m not saying it’s wrong…just…feels like a lot.

  63. And dont you know just yesterday I was thinking for like a split second that the pokemon being revealed would be honedge`s evo since the hint they gave said it is an evolution. But that thought quickly went away! 😛

      1. I guess he’s talking about the ones from the guy who apparently had copies of the games and leaked some stuff. But it was confirmed fake.

    1. There were two people involved. A real source and a copycat. The copycat was this guy- He copied what the real source said and added fake things.

      The real source is the one with the rumors on Pokebeach. One rumor was already confirmed by the box art!

  64. All these people hating doublade need to chill out and think. Doublade is more creative than magneton and dugtrio and equally as creative as metang, dodrio, and vanilluxe. This had been several times before and doublade is far from the worst.

      1. Really depends. Some people like Pokemon like Vanniluxe and Garbodor and Bidoof and etc.

        I personally still resent GameFreak for how they designed Litleo’s face…

    1. If you look close, its design for its scabbards are very cool. It’s also creative with the Celtic designs.

      No idea why they made it purple though.

        1. Isn’t it MOST lines? Most Pokemon evolutions are just advancements of their previous forms.

          …it IS evolution.

  65. If anyone thought that the Frogadier evolution is real, (s)he was so wrong. The finals are made by zerudez. He is a pretty cool guy, not the first time he is doing this.

    1. I think it was generally accepted that they were fake after the evolution of Braixen by the same artist surfaced.

    2. He’s done it before. The Braxion evolution we saw was from him too! It looked cool! Also, very legit (Not Braxion evolution). I liked the Froakie “Fan” Evolution! The best by far!

    3. As disappointed I am that it isn’t real, I have to give him props for making probably the best final evolutions I’ve seen.

      1. yeah and the evos dont have a smugde background like the others, but this is really convincing tho

        1. Is it confirmed already as fake? Because as I saw the official art of the other gen 6 pokemon. I saw the same kind of shading present in the Froakie’s Final evo. Like with Pangoro and Pancham….

    4. i went on a link ealier that showed the same froakie evo but fennekin had purple ears and chespin wasent even there so dose that mean it was two different people? or is it two different versions?

  66. As, Smurphy said people need to stop hating on Doublade.

    It takes a lot of thought to make a Pokemon. Everyone complains when Pokemon uses a nonliving object. Doublade is not just a sword (this includes Honedge). A soul embodies the sword and controls it! That’s quite interesting! I guess people aren’t satisfied. As, I commented below I was hoping for them to show Helioptile’s evolution! Still, Doublade is just enough! It’s really cool Pokemon! I like it!

    1. I was so hyped for today though! Not saying its bad but they could have done better. If it evolves a second time then I won’t have a problem with it.

    2. People have this problem where they jump immediately to conclusions based on speculation and appearances without actually doing any research.

    3. No, Chandelure is when people complain about inanimate objects, Vanilluxe is when people complain about inanimate objects. Doublade is honestly a horridly lazy design rivaling that of Magneton. They just doubled Honedge, changed a few colors, and added some kind of shield. Just because it’s an inanimate object doesn’t make it good, but it doesn’t make it bad either. It’s all in the design, which like most inanimate Kanto pokemon, Doublade is sorely lacking.

      (Oh great, let’s see how much hate I get for this)

      1. It’s not the design, it’s the story behind it. It’s a possessed sword. The pokemon itself is the spirit. Just wait. If it’s given an evolution, all specially defensive ghost types are going to be given a can of woop-ass.

        1. Even that, what so special about the story is an item being possesed. I don’t see any material here. I was hoping for more interesting and ORIGINAL Inanimate Pokemon, like Chandelure, or Vanilluxe. I feel that there could have been better execution with Honedge and Doublade, And GF failed to follow through.

          1. There’s only so much you can do with it. How is a sword bein used any different than a candle, lamp, or a chandelier? Your argumentdoesnt make sense. It’s pretty original considering they didn’t copy it from anybody else.

          2. My point is, they didn’t do much to make it either differentiated from the source material (Vanilluxe doesn’t look very much like ice cream) or some designing to make it more original (Chandelure has the fire as his chain and very whimsical “arms”). If you google Chandeliers, It is amazing how much differentiation there is between different ones. The same goes with swords, HOWEVER with swords their is a standard Idea for shape that chandeliers lack. GF used the basic shape. Honedge aside, as it can be debated how original it is. Doublade is a lazy design with an unoriginal story. It is a modern day Magneton, which I was hoping GF had steped away from.

    1. Well, even then, Psychic/Steel is pretty much the same as Ghost/Psychic, defensively. Except for the fact that the latter has two extra immunities.

  67. Personally I am neutral to Doublade. But other people can have opinions. Some love it, some hate it, some are neutral to it. Everyone can’t like a pokemon, or hate a pokemon. You shouldn’t bash people for hating or loving a pokemon.

  68. I like were this is going: 2 hands, an “almost body”. I can see a Dullahan-type next-evolution

  69. I don’t like it. I’m not a genwunner or fifthgenfanboy (or how you call
    these people), I just don’t like it. I get what is this thing based on
    but I still don’t like it. Personally I don’t like humanoid and object
    based Pokemon. I think if there is a final-evo maybe explain more about Honedge.

    1. I kinda hope that’s it for Honedge. Two swords is cool, I don’t want it to turn into a giant metal knight or something.

    2. I personally don’t care if pokemon are object-based or not. But I agree with you, I was kinda dissapointed at this evo. I was so excited for today too. But who knows I’ll probably like it by time the game comes out lol

  70. Alright, this is my attempt to veer the topic while still trying to be on topic:

    Do you think that the pokedex of X and Y will be like pokedex pro, where you can rotate camera angles, have different backgrounds, and animation effects? I wanna see Doublade in different camera angles in the pokedex. I wonder how detailed it will be?

    1. Might be! I could image you could rotate the camera angle. It would be near Pokedex Pro. Yet, I don’t know about the backdrops. Still, nice idea! 🙂

          1. It was, but it did make sense. It did have over 700 models, quizzes out of the wazoo and even more I think…. But it was still slightly overpriced.

  71. I don’t like it design. But maybe he is better in game (had the same feeling about Honedge, but when I saw it in the trailer in game, i aqually like honedge) so I can’t say it now because i want to see it in game first. (Ps: sorry for my bad english)

  72. Could you all just stop hating Magneton while praising Doubledge. Magneton has a great creative concept as well. It’s not just triple Magnemite, it’s based on magnet attractivity so we have 3 Magnemite sticking together due to magnetism.

  73. OMG. Remember that image we saw at the Pokemon Game Show with Blazkien and Lucario? Well, Masuda said this about it: “That was actually a video which was shown at the Pokémon Games Show, an event in Tokyo last month and it was showing the history of Pokémon games as well as the future. It was kind of a concept about what the future of Pokemon may look like…”. Well, so that means Pokemon games could look like that in the future! Pokemon is getting better by days. It looks like something on the Wii U more than the 3DS! If it is going to be a game! I image it to take more of a stance on PBR or Pokemon Stadium! Still, it looks amazing! ;D

    1. Except he also said he wasn’t planning any games on the Wii U, at least, any ‘main arc’ games.

  74. I did not see this coming. I was expecting Helioptile’s evolution, not a Honedge’s. I though he would be a stand alone! Also, I’m back from school 😀

      1. I imaging the hands would become the arms of a spirit with the eyes on the sword going to the spirit holding the two swords…something like Spiritool or Hexcalibur or Negatple(Negative and Triple)

  75. What I dont like about this is that its Gamefreak tradition of creating a Pokemon and then Copying it and then gluing them together and then calling it an evolution. Examples: Magneton, Vanilluxe, KlingKlang, and Weezing, Dugtrio, Dudrio.

    1. Which version? Classic Swordman or Battle Network Swordman? Because the latter seems the more likely based on what we have here.

        1. Well, the Battle Network Anime. And if you’ve never played the games, then… That makes it somewhat complicated XD Suffice to say, Megaman can be rather cleanly divided into two ‘Universes’ the Classic Universe, which is based around Robots, and which most of the games inhabit *Classic, X, Zero, ZX, and Legends* and then the one based around Internet Technology, with the Net Navis, *BN, Starforce*. It is the latter the BN Swordman, who is basically composed of Swords, his head being his primary sword too. The Classic Version is far more humanoid, with a giant sword on his right arm, and his upper half of his body is separate from his legs.

          1. The Megaman Multiverse confuses me. I got into it during the Battle Network Series and like it better than the Classic version. I’ve seen almost everyone’s Classic forms and it just boggles my mind. I pretend the Classic universe doesn’t exist at all.

      1. It’s sick, isn’t it! Soooo awesome. Drops down from a portal, purple flames, attacks from behind, and disappears…wow!

        Yveltal is becoming one of my favorite legendaries. I’m probably gonna use it on my team after the Elite 4, something I never usually do.

        1. It’s one of my favorite legendaries too. Heck, it might be my favorite legendary of all time! I want to use it so badly, but its too powerful being a mascot legendary. I suppose I could use it post game too, but I don’t want to replace one of my party members.

          1. I think it was more of the title screen with the foresty backround….I just loved it and considering the fact the I will see the title screen of a pokemon game more than anything else….I chose X…yeah pretty stupid reason….

          2. You didn’t chose it because of Xerneas. Does anyone even like Xerneas? I feel so sorry for it! I want to like it a lot, but I just like Yveltal a heck lot more!

          3. Xerneas is cool, but I like Yveltal more….yeah I’m an odd one ordering a pokemon game for the better title screen 😛

          4. I love Xerneas and intend to play X first. I love Yveltal, too, but the fairy deer of the forest takes the cake for me. Then again, I’ve almost always preferred the game that most people didn’t. I played blue first (NINETALES!) rather than red, silver (Lugia ftw! also Ninetales) rather than gold, sapphire rather than ruby (I simply liked Kyogre better; where the fuck is my Ninetales?), leafgreen rather than firered, I never played the 4th gen games, and I’ve played white 2 rather than black 2.

          5. i’m pretty sure Silver was waaaay more popular than Gold especially with the release of pokemon 2000 and Lugia being the main legendary in the movie. Plus even though I chose Gold, Lugia kinda looks more badass than a rainbow turkey.

          6. Yep it was. I was 11 or 12 when GS came out and I chose Gold cause I knew my brother was only getting Silver cause everyone loved Lugia. I used to always root for the underdog and still do. I’m going with X this time, Yvetal and its animations are already popular.

          7. I personally like xerneas more than yveltal. Xerneas is the only reason I prefer X. (Yet I’m getting both). The only thing is that I like the Y exclusives better..I prefer skrelp to clauncher and spritzee to swirlix. This always happens to me. I prefer the legendary on one game but the exclusives on the other. It sucks

          8. Yup, that’s the dilemma. It’s really powerful, and I’m not one to use legendaries on my team. This is why most likely after the Elite 4, so it’s not too easy. Just wonder what my final team will be and who I’ll have to choose to replace with Yveltal.

          1. Same here that “Shadow Force” sold me. The more I see it, the more I want to Destroy Everyo— I mean use it against my opponents.

          2. At first I thought it was Shadow Force, but then I thought, “That’s Giratina’s signature move, it wouldn’t be special anymore”.

            I bet my shiny Quagsire that Xerneas and Yveltal have more than one signature move, just like Reshiram and Zekrom.

          3. Giratina’s weak to Fairy now. At this point, I don’t think it even cares that another Pokémon is using its Signature move.

        1. Yveltal has come from the ninth dimension to reap your Pokemon’s souls. >:D Just in time for Halloween too.


    1. Look at Yveltal’s level! 61 means we should be getting it fairly early in the game! 😀 I’m so glad I’m getting Y! Everyone is going for X because of Xerneas believe it or not!

      1. I’m really glad I’m getting Y too! Yveltal is so cool!! Will be on my team post-Elite 4.

        Edit: I’m getting both, but playing Y first.

        1. I don’t use legendaries in my playthroughs of the game because that would be too easy. At first I would use legendaries because I was new to the games. Then I saw people hated other people who use legendaries so I don’t use them. I’m glad I don’t because it takes the fun out of the games :

          1. I never use legendaries on my team. I agree it makes the game too easy. That’s why I’ll use Yveltal in the Post game. This Pokemon is too amazing for me not to use.

          2. I can’t wait to see older Pokemon in battle! Yveltal’s model looks amazing so I’m most definitely going to use it! I think there could be two evil teams though. One uses Yveltal and one uses Xerneas. Team Flare captures the power of Xerneas’ beauty and uses it and the other team uses Yveltal to stop it…I don’t know it’s just a theory.

          3. At this point I doubt there’s another team, but you never know….however if there is…you know what that means?

          4. I’m sorry. I’ve broken that rule many a time. Articuno and Mew just happen to be favourites of mine. On the other hand, ice/flying isn’t the best type combination, and I never evolve my Dragonair, and Ninetales is apparently not considered one of the best fire types, and Serperior is a grass type and grass types have a lot of weaknesses. So I guess it balances out.

          5. Hello there!!! i guess were two milotics roaming this site now lol! Yes, i am a mitotic lover and i always have one in my team no matter what region I’m on, ( although i didn’t like the milotics that have appear in the anime because they make them look weak except for wallace’s mitotic, that one could actually levitate!! i think its better if mitotic has levitate instead of having marvel scale…. Omg, do you think mitotic might get a mega evo???? ( I’ve been praying for one lol!)

          6. true but that means that it will have more weaknesses plus with out fairy type mitotic could still defeat dragon types with ice/ dragon moves. which makes it awesome!!!

      2. Lv 61 is pretty high actually, well probs get it the same time we got other mascots which isn’t really early. Hopefully 45-50 like usual 🙂

      3. The people you are around certainly aren’t representative of the majority; check any major site and you’ll see that Y is the more popular version.

        1. I have been looking at threads on Neoseeker, etc. and everyone is saying “X! Xerneas is awesome!” “So majestic!” “I’m using it because of Princess Mononoke!” while a few say, “Y! I like Yveltal!” Now that I do look again it looks like Y is more popular now.

    2. I like Xerneas better, but Yveltal is absolutely amazing! Last time I’ve liked both legionaries almost the same was second gen. with Lugia and Ho-oh

    3. Oh yeah I just realized Yveltal can be in sky battles…..but Xerneas can’t!

      That’s unfair! Yveltal more special 🙁

        1. He isn’t Flying type and doesn’t have Levitate, he won’t be able to participate in Sky Battles 😛

      1. I always thought Xerneas was more special due to it being a brand new type, even though I like Yveltal better.

    4. You know, the specific movement and stuff makes me wonder how would pokegen and action replay work with this game … would a pikachu be able to use that movement if someone gave him that move? XD My guess is that the game would bug up and the pokemon will look deformed and freeze the game lol

    5. I just thought of something, what if this is just Faint attack (which I doubt)? I mean, it IS called Sneak Attack in Japan.

      1. I doubt it. That’s Giratina’s signature move. I think this is another Dark type signature move for Yveltal. But we’ll find out soon enough 😀

  76. I wonder how Honedge will evolve. Two Honedge’s in a party? Or maybe just a level up method. You guys think it will have a new method of evolving? I mean they are awfully promoting this guy a lot.

    1. Well.. Ghost/Metal WAS pretty cool, maybe they think it is still broken in our eyes (with the semi-nerf on metal).

      And I would actually like if they did the 2 Honedge thing.. as well as having a slowpoke and a shellder. Something like the DNA Splicer.

  77. So, with 40 ( well 41 with that grey thing, but that´s too blurry to count) pokemon and 11 megas revealed so far, that leaves us reasonably 60-80 unknown pokemon and a number of megas I dont think I can predict left to discover for ourselves. That means 1.5 to 2 times as many pokemon as have been already revealed… I think they should stop revealing pokemon, and just show us screenshots from now on ( battle screenshots, let us discover Kalos ourselves). Unless they decide to pull off an even-numbered gen with as many-pokemon as an odd-numbered, I want my first non-dex spoil generation to leave enough to be found

  78. I know it’s a bit off topic, but the series finale of Best Wishes is Tomorrow!!! I thought the series would never end!

      1. At least there were so many good things about the D/P series. What does Best Wishes have? Neo Team Rocket before Season 2. Meloetta Arc. Episode N. Alexa and her Kalos Pokémon’s appearance. Is that it?

        1. Mhm. B/W had 143 episodes though, and D/P had 190, but D/P Started April 20 2007 and ended February 5 2011, that’s almost four years (which is why it seemed to take so long). B/W started September 23 2010 (in japan), and ends September 26 2013, which is why I thought D/P seemed to last longer, and thus wasn’t that great (also b/c of the amount of *filler* episodes, D/P had one I think and B/W had like 4)

          1. I enjoyed DP a lot, but maybe that’s because Dawn is one of my favorite characters and I loved her development.

          2. I actually skipped the Battle Frontier Season, D/P Series, and first season of BW Series during my break from the franchise. It wasn’t until Season 2 of BW that I got back into the anime. Eventually, I did watch Battle Frontier and D/P on the internet, so I watched them pretty quickly. That’s why BW deems like it’s dragging on too long for me. From what you told me, I can’t believe D/P was longer!

  79. I barley got here from school.
    Yay guessed that Honedge has in evolution. Sucks that it’s not that creative

  80. My new team (my fourth reconsideration)

    Frogadier Evo (Water/Fighting)
    Venusaur (Grass/Poison)
    Noivern (Flying/Dragon)
    Aurorus (Rock/Ice)
    Doublade (Steel/Ghost)
    Ground/Bug/Electric/Dark/Fairy type here

    1. Dedenne c: Killing 2 birds with one stone c:
      But that would leave you *vulnerable* to electric (b/c no grass type, imo I wouldn’t use doublade b/c competitively, steel is useless for your team [Poison super effects fairy and Fighting super effects rock and ice], and ghost could easily be replaced by a dark type, leaving you with a spare type [*cough* ground *cough*], if krookodile is available you could use him c:, all of this is just a suggestion though)

      1. I’m basically trying to get as full of a type coverage as possible. I could go with Dedenne’s Electric/Fairy, Malamar’s Dark/Psychic, or Bunnelby’s possible Ground.

        1. If you don’t get Dedenne…well you know. Malamar is awesome and has good type coverage. I’d say ditch Bunnelby even if it is Ground. Especially if it’s Normal/Ground.

          1. I think Malamar will be my most probable choice: it’s design is one of my favorites, and Dark/Psychic is a great type. I MAY not use it and open the slot for another not-yet-revealed Kalos favorite.

    2. My Team:

      Ultimate Froakie* (Water/Fighting)
      Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
      Chandelure (Ghost/Fire)
      Bug/Dragon if it comes true
      Psychic/Electric/Flying type here

      *Ultimate is the term I use for the final form of a Pokémon, but before Mega. It’s a reference to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

      1. Good choice with Mawile, I hadn’t considered Pokemon getting Mega Evolutions. I’ll have to think about that one…

        1. Mawile is my favorite, and I’m so happy that he (I plan on hving him being male) gets a Mega Evolution so I can FINALLY use him without worrying about his fainting so much.

    3. My Team:

      Braixen Evo (Fire/Psychic) [Nicknamed: Hermione, female]
      Aurorus (Rock/Ice) [Nicknamed: Aura, female]
      Noivern (Flying/Dragon) [Nicknamed: Nightwing, male]
      Pangoro (Fighting/Dark( [Nicknamed: Panchamp, male]
      Dedenne (Electric/Fairy) [No Nick, male]
      and the 6th poke will be rotating between Xernias and an old poke that is retconned Fairy

  81. Okay, bear with me, but I did a quick sketch of what Doublade’s evolution could maybe look like. Inspiration from the fact that Doublade’s inside is shaped like a diamond, outside like a heart. So I made “Tripwield’s” inside shaped like a spade, outside shaped like a club. Again, I am in no way, shape, or form an artist so I apologize, just thought this would be a cool idea xD

    1. That might turn into the coolest “Triple” Pokemon (Dugtrio, Magneton, etc) ever created! Love your idea!

    2. Are you serious!? >_> That is the most a…

      AMAZING drawing for a non-artist! I like the idea and the depiction! 😀

  82. What do you guys think? If this are or were the real final evolutions of the starters I’m really liking them, they look awesome 🙂

      1. That Braixen evolution is different from the one in the picture though. I think it’s even better than Zerudez’ depiction of Braixen’s evolution!

  83. How are you guys going to pronounce this guy’s name? Is it Duh-blade (Double + Blade), Doo-Blade (Dual + Blade), or Doo-oh-blade (Duo + Blade)?

    I feel like it’s going to be the last one, simply because of Doduo and Duosion.

    1. But Doduo evolved into a three-headed evolution and what does the Reuniclus line have to do with this?

    2. I really don’t care how the anime pronounces it, I’m going to pronounce it like Duh-blade.

      The anime has weird pronunciations anyways.

  84. Who wants to say that Pokemon is going to reveal a new Pokemon or something each week before Pokemon X & Y because last week they revealed Tyrantrum and Aurorus and now they revealed this and there is two more weeks before Pokemon X & Y’s release.

    1. They should include a hidden Pokemon on a page inside of the special 3DS XL. That would make my day.

    1. Don’t know what you are talking about, but I love Wind Waker so it’s another reason for me to use a Doublade!

    1. I find the Exp. Share changing to Exp. All the most interesting. That’ll certainly make leveling your whole team easier.

      1. I don’t wanna read the caption showing experience received for every pokemon in my party….it would take too long

        1. I agree there. What if it just said “Chespin gained 4 experience, everyone else gained 2 experience”?

      2. Me too! For a person that likes to maintain my party Pokemon’s levels almost equal (like me) to each other this is very helpful!

  85. Taken from Siliconera.

    “In a recent interview with Japan’s Nintendo Dream magazine, Game Freak discussed improvements being to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y over previous games in the series. Chief among these is how experience points are gained during battle.

    In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, your Pokémon gain experience even when the opposing wild Pokémon is caught, according to a summary of the interview on Bulbagarden. Caught Pokémon will give the same amount of EXP as defeated Pokémon.

    Additionally, the item Exp. Share will provide experience to all Pokémon in the party, not just the one that participated in battle. The participating Pokémon will receive 100% of the total EXP, while non-participating Pokémon will receive 50% each.”

      1. Yes in gen 1, we had exp all, but it divided exp by the number of party members instead of giving every other one a fixed exp.

    1. I actually hated Exp. All in Red and Blue as a veteran, because you have to
      repeatedly press “A” to get through all of the text showing which
      pokemon got how much experience. I hope they fix this in X and Y.

          1. I guess it could get annoying, but if you have high-leveled Pokemon you won’t need to worry about pressing A over and over as levels rapidly increase.

  86. I love it! I know that it’s basically two Honedge(s), but it still looks cool, and I bet it will look sweet in battle. I plan on using one.

    1. Aand now I’m a bit frazzled, the Kotaku writer mentions he “like to play the game with the slider all the way up” after talking about the flowers. Wasn’t the over world confirmed to have no 3D effects?

    2. That’s an interesting interview. I do agree with her about BW and BW2. But this is getting me even more hyped for X and Y 🙂

      1. Indeed, but her interview did hold a few new details we didn’t know before, and some that puzzled me, which was the 3D part? Was she referring to the over-world or something else?

        1. “This might be the first game I’ve played on the 3DS that actually looks best with the slider turned all the way up, too.”

          Brought my hopes….back up way high

          No 3D over world was a huge disappointment for me. Even a little detail like this, is brightening my day 🙂

    3. Chespin originally was going to have more spikes!!? WHHAAT!?

      It was an awesome article. Very interesting read!

          1. Maybe we can make it battle Klingklang, they get tangled up, become useless and we can throw it in the trash.

    1. I think doublade is the next spiritomb, I mean look at spiritomb, it’s like a genie but instead of a lamp it caries a heavy rock with a sad face on it (he’s cool anyways) plus my first impression when I saw i was like “a space, plant, microbial pokemon), because of the green part in its face.

  87. I may sound really stupid right now, but do we know for a fact that Fletchling is the new Route 1 bird? Because it evolves into a Fire/Flying type, learns Flame Charge, and looks so powerful. Staraptor is powerful too and can learn Close Combat, but is still Normal/Flying, not Fighting/Flying. I keep waiting for the new regional bird to be revealed because Fletchling seems too good to be true.

          1. Ok. But do we know for a fact that it immediately evolves into Talonflame, or is there a middle stage we’re missing because it looks like Fletching went through the “Gyrados Effect” were it went from super small and weak to super big an powerful. I don;t buy it.

          2. That is not known yet. My guess is that talonflame is the final evolution with a middle evolution still missing. Although I wish talonflame was the middle evolution, you are right that it would be unlikely because of the “Gyrados Effect”

          3. I think Talonflame is the final evolution. Fletchling has 1 stripe on it’s tail. Talonflame has 3. Isn’t there something missing in between? It also has a very drastic change. It would be cool though if it were the middle stage, because that means the final evolution would look even better! But sadly, I doubt it.

          4. There’s very likely a middle evolution, the official site specifies Talonflame as ‘AN evolution of Fletchling’ while all other evolved forms are stated as ‘THE evolved form of …’. So it implies that Talonflame is not the first form of Fletchling. 🙂

  88. What if Bianca gave you the starter in BW2 as a foreshadowing of your friend giving you the starter in X and Y?

  89. what I find sad about doublade is the number of haters its going to get. the design is great ( I like how it looks like a pair of decorative swords 🙂 and honestly it fits an evolution for honedge. but now people are going to think of it as like the vanilite of 6 gen (I personally loved vanilite though)
    overall I really like the design and how it follows the same chain diglett and magnemite did

    1. What if Honedge final evo had the same stats as Gengar but with special attack swapped with attack….think about that

      1. that’s probably going to happen. it is a sword after all. all you can really do is max out its attack

        1. Even though I’m neutral about it’s design….I have hopes for it’s stats and new attacks it could learn.

          1. yeah me two. I just don’t want people to start hating on x and y just because of one pokemon (you know like what happened to black and white)

  90. I just noticed, GF hasn’t revealed a new Poison and Ground Pokémon yet. Do you think we’ll get to see them before X and Y are released?

      1. Dang it I forgot about it! Scratch that, Ground I mean. Well, there’s the rumored Bunnelby evolution.

    1. Did somebody say my favorite type! ^O^
      Every generation has Badass ground types

      Rhydon, Nidoking, Sandslash
      Donphan, Steelix, Gligar
      Swampert, Flygon, Groudon
      Rhyperior, Torterra, Mamoswine, Hippowdon, Garchomp (IV had amazing ground)
      Excadrill, Krookodile, Sesmitoad, Stunfisk, Golurk

      Soon i’ll tame the Ground Pokemon of Kalos!

      1. 17 types down, one more to go and 16 more days left! Perhaps GF was saving your favorite type for last on purpose! What new Ground type Pokémon will we see before X and Y are released? It’s probably going to be Bunnelby’s evolution.

        1. Hmm if i could make a Pokemon idea I would make the combo I’ve been waiting my Trainer-adolescent life.

          Combining my two favorite types Ground and Fighting
          would equal one thing “MUD WRESTLING PIG”

          A while back Mr. X and Y literally broke my heart with his fake
          ground fighting pig E.I Sueyplex (awesome name) and Warhog

          Sueyplex would’ve been a cubby rotund boar with nub tusks a reddish Mohawk and a mud caked body and thick hooves to grapple with

          and Warhog would be basically a Minotaur but with warthog features but a luchador mud mask

          The day i learned he was a fake killed me hopes and dreams

          1. Who knows, GF might make it happen! With a different name of course, but there’s still hope. Besides, GF seems to be in the mood for unique type combinations.

            Although Steel is my favorite type, I’m really hoping for a Bug/Dragon. Just think about it. How odd does that sound? Bug…Dragon. That’s more odd than Ground/Electric! How does one even create such a Pokémon? That is what I want to see GF do! It’s an odd type combination that has so much potential of being so great. Also, GF has been so close to making it happen with Flygon and Yanmega. Another reason why I want it to happen is because Bug and Dragon are based on creatures. To have two creature types merged into one would be INCREDIBLE!

  91. Remember everyone! If the rival can be named, don’t give him/her a mean name! We don’t wan a “Hugh Moment” again do we?

      1. You know how in some Pokémon games you can name your rival? Well, in Black and White 2, you can too. In the past, the rival you named was a jerk, always forcing you to battle when you are almost at the end of a mission, constantly declaring how he’s better than you, and just acting like he’s on top of the world. The rivals were so despicable. Because of this, trainers named their rivals something mean like “Douche”, “D*** Head”, “Stupid”, etc. So naturally, trainers, including myself, thought that Hugh would be that same annoying jerk. He wasn’t, he’s a sweet kid whose goal is to stop Team Plasma, and retrieve his sister’s Purloin that Team Plasma had stolen from her. Not only that, but he battles alongside with you sometimes. We all felt guilty. I swore, I would never make that mistake again and keep the rival’s name by default. And that’s what I call a “Hugh Moment”.

        1. Well, he did keep making Team Plasma feel his rage. For that, I call him Totodile, because he uses Rage.
          Either that or call him Quilfish.

    1. I also made you this a long time ago (refresh if you don’t see it)

      Also the official art of it looks exactly like Masuda’s. There is no trace of it being photo shopped in…it might just be real.

    2. Looks like a furret rip-off. Not saying it’s a bad design because it’s not. It’s quite good. It’s just that it’s a furret rip-off.

      1. Well it isn’t like multiple species of ferrets don’t exist in the world, plus it could be a weasel too.

          1. I always thought that Linoone was a Furret rip-off, so I was just asking to confirm. No offense to Linoone.

          1. I’m near certain it is; I mean, it has the trademark Sugimori style, a 3D model which matches that of other Pokemon-Amie participants, and it’s a design no artist would have randomly created. But hey, people can be crafty these days.

          2. Well, remember when EVERYBODY thought the leaks of Last Generation’s starters were fake too? Just saying, anything could happen.

    3. It’s not bad and it can be looked at as very convincing. However I think that there is just something a little off putting about it that makes the amount of doubt increase that much more…….hmmmm

    4. Very cute little mink pokemon! I love it!

      Even if it is fake, I certainly appreciate the detail and thought they put into it.

  92. Hey everyone, I think Doublade is gonna evolve again into a possessed suit of armor! I really hope this is the case! Doublade looks awesome!

  93. I’ve seen a lot of fans complaining about how Honedge WAS in there team but Doublade made them change their minds because they say it looks stupid…..really?? I’ve seen it on Reddit, Neoseeker, Facebook, and Twitter. Have those fans forgotten that Everstones exist? If you don’t like the evolution but you like Honedge just give it an Everstone.

    1. Right I’m asserting it more than in the morning because I always had this medieval suit of armor in my head cutting xernas head of. I just got really mad but I’m still using him doubleblade.

  94. Anyone else (other than me) hoping that the insides of each Pokemon Center to be unique? Like the design of the Pokemon Center corresponds to the design of the town/city you’re in.. Like for example, you’re in Pacifidlog town and the Pokemon center there has wooden planks used for their flooring and has the design of a cabin.. Just a little change I hope they add but it would be a cool thing haha xD

      1. They haven’t revealed how the interior of Pokemon centers look like, right? There might be a small chance that they’ll add it xD

    1. They did say that they want to showcase beauty in Kalos and are removing the 3D stereoscopic so they can make Kalos more detailed, so I would definitely like the feature you mentioned.

  95. And this isn’t even his final form! Jk, it better be, but I won’t mind another, but then Honedge would be weaker than I thought if it evolves twice.

  96. What other random surprises will you pull on us, Gamefreak? It all started with the “accidental” Skiddo reveal, and it’s led us on for months!

    1. Remember the big Sylveon debate on it’s type? Yeah, GF don’t do that again, you were killing us. DX

      1. Oh god, that was AWFUL. How many months was it, like five? I could not stand the debate between EVERY PERSON. Ugh. XD

          1. I guess their intention was to keep every fan up to date by leaving at least one mystery at all times. Genius!

          2. It’s just around the corner! We can do this! I’m so going to pwn with Doublade! Honedge has a spot on the team already, and to all our surprises it evolves! I’ll have Fennekin, Honedge, Malamar, Helioptile, Amaura, and either Noivern or a Fairy/Flying type here for X team, and Froakie, Litleo, Meowstic, Tyrunt, Gogoat, and Furfrou in Y team.

          3. Froakie, Venusaur, Noivern, Aurorus, Doublade, Malamar and maybe Helioptile for me. Wow, we almost have the same taste in Pokemon.

          4. See? Well, that one is a bit ridiculous, because it’s been shown in multiple trailers without a single mention by Gamefreak.

          5. Can you spot the fake one? I love that little detail. A fake tree among real trees! Sudowoodo in an Oorotto hoard.

        1. It was so obvious it was a new type. IDK why most people had difficulty figuring it out. The bigger question was what the new type it would be. Like most of us, I speculated it would have been Light.

    1. Well, we may not this week, given they gave us Doublade here, which still follows the pattern mostly, just a day early.

      1. haha i was gonna maybe ask him if it doesnt bother him too much but i just need help deciding Mr. Shiny!!

  97. They haven’t shown a trailer for Aurorus, Tyrantrum, or Doublade. My guess is that they are waiting for new Pokemon to be revealed to release the trailer.

    1. We’ll probably see another official reveal within the next few days, so we might get a trailer at the middle of next week or something.

          1. The stars are all aligned for their ultimate reveal OF…an alternate Surskit evolution, probably. Just to troll us.

          2. If that’s true, I really hope it STAYS bug/water. Such a shame to lose a unique typing for such a standard one.

  98. Quilladin is already awesome, and the official art captured it with an awkward angle which didn’t help its first impression. If you remove its roundness, give it a more fierce look to replace that hyped face, and give it elbow joint, you will see that Quilladin is epic. Artwork belongs to Clockwork-Andy on Tumblr.

    1. Exactly, I didn’t like it AT ALL after the corocoro scans were revealed; and then, I LOVED it after seeing the gameplay screenshots and video.

    1. If this were true, I would take back all of my less than kind words I have had said against the honedge line.

  99. Hmm, can you think of some names for another evolution?

    This is what I have:
    Scimitrin/scimitri/scimitrine/Scimiteri (Scimitar + Three)
    Trininite (Trinity + knight)
    Trininives (Trinity + Knives)

  100. I forgot to say this when Fairy Type was revealed: “Congratulations Game Freak! You are the first video game corporation to create a franchise that DOESN’T have light as a type!”

  101. Just Saw a new rumour guys

    These are not NOT my theories. This is leaked information from a primary source. The names and information are all pulled from the English Language setting.

    Lets get started shall we?

    New Pokemon:

    Koasma Koala like pokemon found laying about in fields and are brought to berry ranches to test flavor of berries. It has the ability Gluttony and is a Normal type pokemon.

    Eructit Evolution of Koasma. Much larger and rounder then Koasma. It is tan and has orange stripes on its back. It also holds onto a tree branch and is seen eating the leaves. This pokemon sits down and is much like Snorlax. Knows the new moves Belch and Herbivation. It also has the ability Truant and is a Normal type pokemon.

    Crucxole A pokemon that looks like cluster of roots (A dug up plant?) it has one yellow eye and a twig sprouting from its head. (Perhaps Oorotto pre-ev)

    New Moves:

    Herbivation A new bite/consumption move. Involves the eating plants. You can use this in place of the HM Cut to remove trees. Herbivation is said to be a Normal move that is super effective against Grass. Both Eructit andAurorus will learn this move.

    Wish I had more to give you guys! I Might have more info before the release.


      1. Not saying I believe these, but it wouldn’t be the first time they made up a word for a move. ex. Octozooka, Venoshock, etc.

  102. Honedge- 1 Sword
    Doublade- 2 Swords
    Evolution- 3 Swords ???
    Welcome to the Pokémon world new Magnamite family!

  103. Hi everyone!

    Clara is the 7th Gym Leader of Kalos. She specializes in the Ghost-type. She uses Tricalibur (Ghost/Steel, evo of Doublade), Sableye (Dark/Ghost), Froslass (Ice/Ghost) and Plingoo (Fairy/Ghost, evolution of Spritzee). She is an old woman, a bit similar to Agatha in appearance, though more witchlike. I assume Clara comes from Clairvoyant.

    Plingoo, the evolution of Spritzee looks, like many predicted, like those Plague Doctors from the Middle Ages. It is tall and its cloak goes from pink to gray, and it is tattered at the bottom. It is a Fairy/Ghost type.


        1. Tricalibur = tri + excalibur 🙂
          Much like Doublade = double + blade, and Honedge = hone + one + edge

          1. Do you enjoy wasting our time with ridiculous fake rumors that none of us believe? You must, surely.

        1. I would imagine not. Plus, all the “like many predicted” style rumors are… well, a LOT of people tried that with that with Litleo and it was totally going to evolve into a Fire/poison type manticore. Which didn’t happen. But, we’ll see.

    1. No. No actual writer would ruin their own reputation by leaking info to a fan site using their actual name. We’re not that stupid. Try again next time.

  104. On the unexpected side of things.. Toon Link is now confirmed to return in the Smash Bros. roster.. Which makes it the 2nd reveal this month. I think it’s because of the recent release of Wind Waker HD which lead to his reveal.. I also think that after Pokemon X and Y’s release, a Pokemon will be announced as a playable character.. Who do you guys think it might be? I have my bet on Jigglypuff haha the same might go with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, I think (Diddy Kong)

  105. I hate to be the one who is really stupid and behind, but is this Pokemon real or fake? I know you guys have probably discussed this already but I’ve seen it all over /vp/ and was curious.

    EDIT: PJ told me on Twitter that this is fake. Nevermind I asked. Lol.

  106. Hey, seems like everyone is posting some rumours. I, too, have some rumours for you guys:

    First, XY are confirmed to have graphics. Yes, graphics.
    Second of all, the trainer battles will use artificial intelligence or AI.
    XY will not feature any connectivity with Pokémon Gold, be it wireless or via link cable.
    The Pokémon center heals your Pokémon for free!
    And the last bit is that playing XY on 3DS will activate cognitive functions inside the brain.

      1. I have to say 50% of all money earned has to go the taxes. If you don’t earn enough by battling, you will lose your right to use the Pokécenter

  107. Serebii just posted that Doublade learns Sacred Sword.

    The thing with No Guard learns a perfect accuracy move, because why not.

    1. Uh, that’s not what Sacred Sword does.

      Sacred Sword inflicts damage, ignoring the target’s Defense and evasion boosts. However, Sacred Sword does not bypass Reflect.

      THAT is what it does. And that’s pretty awesome. Wonder if anything else might get the move.

      1. I know. It’s not the same as Aerial Ace and the like, but it’s still kind of silly.

        At least it’s got a good fighting move under its non-existent belt.

        1. Well, you could argue it’s silly for it to learn ANY moves that don’t have usually lower accuracy then. It’s not aa always hit move, it just has 100% accuracy. And it’s going to know a bunch of those moves. It’s just those moves can not miss under any circumstance. The more important thing is the fact that it’s other effect. That ignores DEFENSE boosts, besides reflects. Meaning those Bulk Ups, or whatever physical defense boost you do, it will ignore it. Really, the bigger thing here is the fact Sacred Sword was a Legendary Unique move, and now it isn’t. So that opens the board for what ELSE could get it.

          1. Heh. Only thing with that is, that’s like a Fighting version of Psystrike. Meaning it’s a special move, but deals physical damage. I don’t know if Doublade will have the special attack to even use the move very well.

          2. Probably not.

            Other ‘Blade’ moves are a bit more likely now, like Leaf Blade. And X-Scissor, but that was probably obvious when it got two blades.

            What I really want is a Steel-type ‘Sword’ move. It’s kind of odd that that hasn’t happened yet. Seeing as that would fill one of its two STABs, and make it potentially more useful when Fairies come to town.

            Plus Bisharp needs some love, too.

  108. So updated the site with Doublade. It can learn Sacred Sword which is a pretty nice surprise.

        1. I think you are confusing Sacred Sword with Secret Sword

          Sacred Sword ignores the defense stat boosts that the opponent has.

          Secret Sword is a special move that uses the opponents defense stat for damage calculations as opposed to special defense stat

  109. Sylveon TCG Collection announced on Pokebeach. I think it’s safe to assume that there won’t be another new eeveelution in X and Y

    1. You people say that every time something sylveon-related appears. In my opinion, there will be another eeveelution until officially denied or until the games come out. Thinking there will be none is a perfectly reasonable position, but I must say I’m getting sick of that “obvious fact” being thrust down my throat so frequently. Please don’t take this personally, this is just a general rant, your opinion is already valid enough, just no need to naysay on every occasion you can;).

      1. I understand. You are right though, I really shouldn’t jump to conclusions. It hasn’t been confirmed nor denied, and there are 15 days left. Who knows. I just keep thinking there won’t be though because if there was going to be a second eeveelution, wouldn’t we have known already? Don’t forget about the Eevee Short. The Eevee family was there. Seems strange to have isolated one from the family if there was going to be another one. But like I said, who knows?

        1. As I said, it’s perfectly reasonable to think there will be no new eveelution besides sylveon. I wouldn’t even call it jumping to conclusions :). It’s just I think the existence of an established pattern trumps lack of promotional logic. But then the keeping secret of mega mewtwo X rather than it’s combined revelation with the Y forme helps my case … Whatever, we will know soon enough!

  110. So guys, Doublade has a weakness to fire, ground, dark, ghost. Hydreigon
    resists fire, dark, ghost and is immune to ground. Hydreigon is weak to
    fairy, dragon, fighting, bug, ice. Guess who resists all of those?
    That’s right Doublade resists fairy, dragon, bug, ice and is immune to

    I wanna use him now with hydreigon!

  111. Doublade can use Sacred Sword. It’s over now, it’s freakin’ uber, it’s goin’ to reap souls of its haters.

    Translation: I love Doublade even more.

        1. It can’t, my Chandelure in my Y team got dibs on my soul already. I’m surprised by soul wasn’t taken when I used Froslass in Platinum (my first ghost pokémon). She’s a gentle and understanding Kimono wearing ice spirit that just loves to dance in the hail.

          1. She’s my favorite Ice Type too. Not sure what my favorite Ghost type is yet though. I’m leaning more towards Giratina, but only because of its Signature move (which is so far my favorite Signature move)

          2. I don’t count legendaries because they are already special. Honedge is either going to be my third favorite Ghost-type or my second favorite Steel-type (after Mawile, been my fave since Emerald).

          3. Sweet Mawile is my favorite Steel type! Not only that, but my favorite Pokémon of all time! And with Mega Evolution, I can finally use Mawile’s skills to the ultimate test!

  112. For all of y’all (yes I’m Southern) who say Doublade is crap, at least he doesn’t have a DOUBLE weakness (Disclaimer: This is only based on the current type chart, excluding new abilities, dual-typed moves, and etc).

  113. I’m guessing that Doublade is going to be yet another Pokemon whose Pokedex entry says it forms from two or more of its previous forms fusing together, joining the ranks of Magneton, Weezing, Metang, and Metagross

  114. Yo, Tootles is BACK! Yeah, I CANCELED MY PRE-ORDER of X&Y cause these
    games are going to suck so much. The Pokemon still have SHADOWS IN SKY
    BATTLES?! LOL Lame! The attack animations barely look like they’re
    hitting the target, EVEN LAMER! All of the Pokemon revealed so far look
    terrible except Yveltal and Xerneas. It all went downhill after the
    reveal of this gen. Btw, Deadreaus you’re such a bitch. DO A BETTER JOB
    AS A MOD! You said you’d get rid of me, but look, I’M STILL HERE! lmao
    you’re a terrible mod. I’m friends with the phantom downvoter. Call me
    when gen 7 comes around cause this gen is Horrible. PRE ORDER CANCELED!

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