New Pokémon the Series: XY Trailer Features Clemont & Serena


As you can see, the above trailer heavily features Clemont, the Lumiose City Gym Leader, and his sister Bonnie (sidenote: her Japanese name is Eureka to go with the inventor theme). The female character from the Pokémon X & Y games, Serena, also makes an appearance! Looks like the series will start with a bang!

Pokémon the Series: XY Episode List (Translated)

  1. We’ve Arrived in the Kalos Region! The Beginning of Dreams and Adventure!!
  2. Mega Evolution and the Prism Tower!
  3. Froakie VS Fletchling! Aerial Battle Manuevers!!
  4. Pikachu and Dedenne! Cheek Rub!!

<3 PJ

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    1. The funny thing is that even though Vivillon seems cool in that trailer, the fact that the first gym leader has it probably makes it an awful Pokemon to battle with.

      Also, the trailer cleverly cut away from Ash and Pikachu battling Vivillon to Vivillon battling Fletchling, so we never actually see Ash and Fletchling in the same shot. It seems likely that it is, but I hope that it’s Serena’s instead for a little change (but the two Fire types may dissuade her from Fennekin, which I like).

      1. Just because the first gym leader has it doesn’t mean it will be an awful Pokemon. You should use it yourself before u judge a Pokemon! =_=

        I still think the Fletchling is Ash’s, the fletchling could just like Serena like Caterpie liked Misty. Also Serena was sitting on the side of the battle field with Clemont, Bonnie, & Alexa!

        1. Nothing against the regional bugs, but they’re usually awful stat-wise. Beautifly is one of my all-time favorite Pokemon, but I’d never use it on a Wi-Fi team.

          You do see Serena watching Ash’s battle, but who is to say that the Fletchling scene isn’t cut and pasted from Serena’s battle against Viola from earlier in the episode since we don’t see Ash behind Fletchling? It’s most likely Ash’s but I do like the idea of it being Serena’s.

        1. It was about time! He seems to lose experience everytime he gets to a new region instead of gaining it.

  1. I do like the bit with Pikachu using an electric type move, and how it zooms in and out, kinda like battles for X&Y
    Ash is gonna get Froakie and Fletchling huh
    Also, are you gonna either cover the ep in pics or put a video for the next ep?

    1. I’ll see what I can do 😮

      Bought a TV tuner with the hopes of doing that like one or two years ago but Windows Media Center sucks.

      1. Yeah I do remember you talking about that for the BW series, if you can’t, don’t go to extra trouble if you don’t need to, would like next ep vids tho

  2. The anime looks so much more epic in Japan! I’m going to watch this. Hopefully this one won’t be as childish.

  3. TBH, I would be surprised if Ash DIDN’T get a Fletchling. He’s had like every regional bird so far, why would they bother to change that?

    My only hope is that Fletchling gets more personality than the other birds in Ash’s previous rosters. His other Pokemon were all much more interesting.

    Oh and yeah, Ash is getting a Froakie. There’s no way he’d go to the lengths he goes to to save the Froakie in the video and it not want to join him afterwards.

  4. Finally, the gym battles don’t look one sided anymore. The battle with Clemont looks cool and Viola has a Vivilon which is sweet.

    It’s like Ash vs Burgh all over again. That was the best gym match for me in B/W

    1. Chespin used Rollout. Rock type evolution has been confirmed.
      Quiladin used Mud Shot. Ground type evolution has been confirmed.

      It doesn’t exactly work like that, but it would be nice and I do see it coming.

      1. Really man? Okay, Bunnelby is the Digging Pokemon, it has a dirty skin, can learn Mud-Slap, Dig and Drill Run. I don’t remember that I said Quilladin will be Grass/Rock. I know that Rollout has been learned most of the Pokemon. Braixen can use Psychic, Psychock, Psybeam and Lucky Chant (I know its not Psychic, don’t worry) so it’s MAYBE a Psychic type. Seriously don’t think that I’m that dumb.

        1. Evidence points at it, but it’s not confirmed. I’m just saying that you can’t confirm a typing based on a single move, or we’d think that Piplup was a Flying type and that Chespin’s evos were the types I mentioned. You shouldn’t throw around words like “confirmed” unless it has been verified by GF. Next time, say, “Oh, Bunnelby used Drill Run, so he probably will evolve into a Ground type” instead of trying to sound like a newscaster and announce a suspicion. I never said you were dumb, just that your statement wasn’t quite correct.

          1. @Jack
            I get that penguins don’t fly, but the discussion was about moves that a Pokemon knows predicting its type. What does that list of Pokebeach rumors have to do with Bunnelby’s typing? And Clefairy being a Fairy is likely, but by no means confirmed, and Troll Freak could make it not get Fairy. I’m kinda lost with what you’re trying to say, so I’m done.

          2. That is correct. Penguins can’t fly because they can swim. Other birds can’t swim because they can fly. Look it up.
            But doduo is still flying type, and it can fly weirdly enough.

          3. Umm, well it’s not really a trade off, more specifically penguins don’t possess the correct mass or wings to be able to fly, while other birds can’t get their feathers wet. Water birds can swim and fly. I think Doduo does possess wings but how it can fly doesn’t make sense indeed.

          4. No other bird can swim like a penguin does. That is, underwater at full speed. Most other birds can indeed swim at the surface and dive for a minute, but that’s it. Birds can get their feathers wet, that’s why they excrete a waxy substance they spread on the feathers, it is essentialy a watershield. Crude oil mixes with this and removes the waxy substance, so that’s why birds drown whenever a huge oil tanker leaks.
            But there was some recent cool research that showed penguins’ wings are adapted to the hydrodynamic flow of water, while other birds wings are more adapted to air. The research concluded that they could only be good in one thing, so that’s why penguins can’t really fly, and other birds can’t really swim.

          5. Left Head and Right Head are listening to either metal or rock, while Middle Head needs a clear mind to stay focused.

  5. hmmmm i thought it said somwhere that clemont refused to battle ash. maybe he loses realy badly in that battle

    1. In a special trailer, he was seen having a 1V1 battle against Ash. It was his Bunelby against Pikachu and from the looks of things Ash won, so maybe that’s why he chose to battle him?

          1. I don’t know why do you think he took the Bunnelby with one Quick Attack and also there are two different battles.

          2. You heard right. Clemont refuses the Gym battle but not an ordinary battle, they still can battle but Ash won’t get the badge.

          3. Wow just wow.
            If only we could make cool combos in the games

            Like the one i Invented for my Excadrill
            The Aerial Iron Drill! (TM)
            Areal ace plus an Iron headed Drill run
            Major damage!

        1. I know. I just feel sad when a Pokémon takes another Pokémon’s signature move, therefore not becoming a signature move anymore.

          1. I know what you mean, but really it will always be a signature move, just not an exclusive move anymore.

          2. But the fact that it was shared by three Pokemon before Doublade can learn it means that it wasn’t signature-ish in a way.

            maybe in that group :I

  6. Wait… if Clemont has a Bunnelby, I really doubt he’s going to be an Electric type gym leader. Then, which type is he going to be? Normal? Ground? Steel?… I don’t understand anything… he seemed so obviously Electric.

    1. Clemont is an Electric type Gym Leader in Lumiose City and his Gym is located in the Prism Tower. In the games he won’t have a Bunnelby.

      1. It hasn’t been confirmed anywhere that Clemont is an Electric gym leader. It’s the popular fan theory but no where near confirmed.

        Don’t try and pass things off as fact

    2. Maybe he’s not an Electric gym leader and he’s a normal one instead. Denenne seems to be his, but the fourth episode title seems to indicate that he doesn’t start with it.

      1. Brock is Rock but he has a Crobat, a Chansey and a Croagunk. Cilan is Grass and he has a Crustle and a Stunfisk (in SS27 he might catch a Gyarados). So the anime is a bit different. I’m sure in the games Clemont will use only Electric types.

          1. Or Brock could… then he’d really be a better Water trainer than Misty (Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Gyarados).

    3. he uses a device called the aipom arm, so i’m guessing, despite colourings, could be normal gym leader/fairy gym leader/ dual type leader.

        1. Because if they did then they’d have to keep him aging for the rest of the series. Eventually those years will pile up and he’ll end up a 21 year old weirdo (I’m not saying a 21 year old playing Pokemon is weird. It’s just that if they keep Ash with the same attitude when he’s 21 that’s a little awkward.) You never know how long this franchise will last for. Probably till the end of gaming.

    1. Indeed, I love the new animations for the moves. but i’m still not getting my hopes up just yet. I was extremely excited for BW and look what happened there, but here’s hoping.

  7. I don’t know if it’s already been on here, but Origins will be out in America November 15 but will not air on tv. It will be on Pokemon tv online.

  8. Oh my gosh this is just keeps getting better and better!!!! I’m way more excited about this then I was with Best Wishes. And that animation hnng <3

    1. I don’t think so, since Viola is her sister ans she knows Ash, she may just watch that one battle. 4 people traveling with Ash is a lot! XD

  9. Ok Ash is getting
    Froakie (and used to catch Fletchling)
    Fletchling (bound to happen)

    Bonnie holds on to Clemont’s pokemon including Dedenne

    Bunnelby’s dig / Double Team combo has won my respect

  10. Wow, the anime made Bunnelby a lot cuter sounding and cool looking now XD I really hope they’re planning to keep the anime this nice looking. The other seasons were always so rushed looking and reusing action scenes all the time. Like when dragonite would use thunderpunch, they’d use the same clip over and over :l

  11. so what sort of pokemon do you think ash, clemont and serena will get in hte anime.
    i think ash will get
    froakie, flectching, charazard, pancham
    serena will get
    fenekin, spritze,meowstic and maybe have a blastoise since she knows ash from pallet town
    and clemont will get
    dedenne, hepotile, and bunnleby

    1. I don’t think Ash will be bringing Charizard to Kalos. It’d be too powerful and was just in Best Wishes. I don’t mean to hate on it because I like his Charizard, but it needs a break. He’ll probably return it to Charisific Valley and train.

          1. Fletchling, Froakie are confirmed. I hope he gets a Spritzee or a Sylveon. Honestly, I don’t really care Ash’s team because he will end up using new Pokemon that we haven’t seen yet. I would be perfectly fne with that.

      1. if you look on bulbapedia it confirms that charizard is no longer going to be at charicific valley and now it will stay with oak

        1. I read it there. Thanks for telling me. Also, it’s Charizard’s first time staying at Oak’s. I’m surprised it hasn’t stayed there before.

  12. Since Best Wishes is over, I just have one question…did Ash’s Primape ever show up in Best Wishes? It was in the second season Best Wishes opening.

    1. The very last scene in the BW series has Ash’s mom looking at a picture with Ash and all of his Pokemon at the lab with him. It has almost all the Pokemon he’s ever had, but noticeably missing are Squirtle (with Officer Jenny), Butterfree and Pidgeot (released), Aimbipom (Traded away to Dawn), and Larvitar (technically not his). I actually searched the picture specifically looking for Primape, but I didn’t see him. I guess he’s still with the fighting guy.

      1. I see. Then why the heck was it in the opening then? I guess TV Tokyo was pulling an Oorotto on us. Also, I saw the picture and his Gliscor was there. This confirms that it was at Oak’s the whole time and not at its Sensei doesn’t it? On bulbapedia, it’s location has been marked “Status Unknown” or “Unknown”

        1. Yeah, it left to perfect Giga Impact, but it was never established until now whether he went back to train or joined Ash’s others with Oak. I guess he’s back with Ash then.

          I guess it’s like Pidgeot, Butterfree, and Tyrannitar and Larvitar in Battle Frontier’s opening. They never appeared again, but it was just showing off all his past captures. Also, maybe Primape appeared in the opening to let young fans know that Ash caught a the Primape in that flashback with Charmander in the episode that Charizard returns.

  13. With a new series coming soon, this gives Ash a chance to catch types of Pokémon he’s never used: Steel, Psychic, Ghost, and Fairy. Which of these new types do you think he’ll catch? Or none of them (it happened in Advanced Generation Series)?

          1. I barley watched it, but didn’t know Lapras was an Ice type. I always thought she was a Pure Water type. I would have known if I had played the games during the time.

    1. I don’t see Ash getting any of the Fairy types revealed so far. Usually he doesn’t tend to get the cutesy ones, and I can’t think of any Fairy types that would fit him well. I feel like they’ll slip him a Steel type that doesn’t look like one (like Lucario or Empoleon), just because I can’t see Ash using the type that is known for intelligence (Psychic) and the spooky one (Ghost).

      1. If Team Rocket used a Psychic and Ghost Pokémon, then Ash might too, but I doubt it as well. I agree that if he does use a Steel type, it probably wouldn’t look like one. Maybe he’ll use Mawile, which is also a fairy and isn’t a dainty, cute, or pink fluffball.

        1. Well, from the poster it looks like TR might be getting a Malamar, but don’t forget Jessie has her Wobbufet back now.

          1. I’m so happy she got Wobbufet back! If I had to live any longer without it in the anime, I would’ve punched somebody!

          2. The problem is, I don’t see it being much use again. Unless of course it learnt psychic. 😉

          3. I’ll be happy if it just came back as a comic relief character. That’s what it was known as anyway. Very rarley was it used in battles, and when it was, it just used Mirror Coat/Counter, which just backfired anyway.

          4. I really don’t want to see Inkay/Malamar with TR. It’s one of my favourite lines this generation with an amazing typing and I really want it to be done justice. If not on the main cast please give it to a rival or even a Gym leaders main Pokemon, but please not to TR.

          5. I wonder what pokemon will be chowing down on James this gen. Victreebel was the best, especially that scream lol.

          6. I’m down between either Malimar or Honedge.

            Malimar would constantly wrap him up with its tentacles and try to possess him.

            Honedge would try to hug him, but because he’s a sword, he’d hurt James. Maybe that’s too morbid, but I like it.

          7. If James got Honedge, chances are it wouldn’t be the average Honedge! It would be comical relief in some way.

          8. I personally felt Jesse would be using an Inkay for her Kalos travels and for James will have to see

        1. At first I was thinking it was Hidden Power too. It looked like it from the Original Series, just green colored. But with Vivillion being a Bug type, I’m leaning towards Struggle Bug. Also, it used that move in the E3 trailer.

  14. I wonder what pokemon will be chowing down on James this gen. Victreebel was the best, especially that scream lol

  15. Does anyone know what the best website to use for watching the newest episodes subbed? I really don’t want to watch them RAW.

    1. I’ve been trying to look for the Best Wishes Da! episode that came out today but I can’t find it yet.

  16. Ummm, can I just say this new series will be EFFING amazing! The quality of the battles are top-notch and the animation as well as the movements are very fluid not stiff like BW.

  17. I love the way Bunnelby uses dig and pops out using double team. That fletchling (which i assume is ash’s) looks like a freaking boss.

  18. Wow with every commercial that is shown of this new season it makes me even more excited!!!! I can’t wait for this to be dubbed and I’m definitely gonna try and find the subbed version.

  19. Hopefully Froakie (or whatever water type Ash gets this region) will evolve. He’s only had one water type evolve and that was Krabby way back in the Indigo league. >.>

    1. I really wish they would state a logical explanation as to why he doesn’t fully evolve his Pokemon. They must all be using Eviolite or something, but once, JUST FREAKIN ONCE, I want to see him with a fully evolved starter other than Charizard.

  20. I’m thinking Ash will get Froakie (obviously) and Serena will chose Fennekin or Chespin, kinda like in Hoenn or Sinnoh.

  21. Ok so I just had a thought. Although they haven’t shown a ton of footage from XY, from seeing the battle scenes, do you think they have gotten rid of the colored backgrounds? I mean when a Pokemon attacks in the anime, there’s usually a colored background. In the footage shown it looks like they’ve done away with that and are just showing the attack with a few extra little things around to show the action. I for one hope they have gotten rid of the background. It just seemed lazy to me and unnecessary.

  22. The top image is from today’s episode and the bottom image is from the X/Y anime.

    He looks so different.

    1. Ya the animation definitely changes a quite bit. To be perfectly honest I think it even changes a little in the last couple of shots in that last scene too.

      1. The To Be continued bit at the end made Ash look slightly older as he looks in X/Y, I haven’t seen the episode yet though, where can I watch it?

        1. I actually haven’t seen it myself. srry. I was actually referring to the screen caps that serebii took. In the last couple of frame they took the animation looks slightly different from the usual BW.

      2. It looks more refined, to be honest. There also seems to be a compelling story line and character interaction/development. Something tells me though this is a facade and there will be lots of pointless fillers again. Hell older episodes (especially from Best Wishes) tried to make it seem like there will be an exciting episode and the entire thing was pointless.

        1. I’m worried about that 2, but I’m only coming back 4 epic battles so if they have that, I’ll let the storyline slide

    2. Where were these scenes? I didn’t see them in the newest trailer. You said the newest episode, but that’s the Best Wishes finale.

  23. I’m curious about why Clemont is using a Bunnelby. I know Iris had Emolga and Cilan had Stunfisk and whatnot, but it seems like Clemont is actually using Bunnelby in a Gym battle, which strikes me as odd…

      1. That’s like the only thing I know for a fact about the Black and White anime: Team Rocket is serious this time.

        Well that and apparently everybody says Cilan and Iris is annoying as Sawsbuck.

        1. they are, the good thing, well that i like is that whenever theres a tournament there is always a whole bunch of ash’s friends competing which makes it more interesting, like when bianca defeated ash’s rival with her emboar

      2. Jesse and James left their non-Unova Pokemon behind because it would cause too much of a stir with non-native Pokemon, seeing as how Unova was so far away from the first four regions.

        1. ohhhhH!!! i see, well they were awesome in nova except for the pokemon that they use, hopefully in x and y they don’t become dumb like in sinho

  24. Ash will have Froakie.. It’ll evolve since it sorta gives off that Tepig vibe (No? Only me? Haha).. Probably a Chespin and it won’t evolve since it’s like the Oshawott of this gen.. And Serena will have Fennekin (Which will probably evolve fully) Can’t wait for the anime! xD

        1. I believe that if he does catch Froakie, it’ll evolve because unlike his Squirtle, Totadile, and Oshawott, Froakie doesn’t look cute. It looks like a hardcore, serious fighter.

          1. right!! i wonder why doesn’t he evolve al of his starters like squirtle, he’s old and needs to be evolve asap so he can go mega but I’m guessing probably his charizard will go mega

    1. Same! He got all of the reigonal birds. Pidgey, Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly, and Pidove. So, it was obvious he was going to get a Fletchling!

      1. I think Jessie will get a Malamar, cause it looks so evil… I really hope James will have another grass-type. I was shocked he didn’t catch a Maractus last season!

        1. I kinda felt like Jessie would catch an Inkay and James…would get…I really don’t know, cause in the Unova I never saw Yamask coming

          Maybe as more get revealed something would fit James

        2. I was shocked to, if he wasn’t so serious I bet he would have caught one but he ended up with amoonguss

  25. I’ve became a Clemont fangirl! The quality is way too good!! Even fingernails!!! I think Clemont’s glasses capture the sunlight (The possible reason why his glasses occasionally fog up in the anime). I hope he doesn’t loose his eyesight (notice how his lenses light up too?). I thought his gym was like a freezer (his jumpsuit and his foggy glasses in the games). In the anime he’s perfectly fine he’s not overheating (overwise he would have removed it). I wish his glasses didn’t have the ability to light up it scares me, I love his beautiful face. I think Clemont is hot! I wonder what’s underneath that jumpsuit (I hope he takes it off at some point). And I want a shirtless scene out of him!! I think something happened to the parents, otherwise Clemont would be alone. I think Clemont is taking care of Bonnie, so we might get a few fatherly behaviours out of him (like Brock). He’s a good big brother to take over the responsibility to take care of his sister with no parents around. I think Clemont is 14 or 15. I think he’ll cook with his gadgets.

  26. I feel like this will be Team Rocket’s team
    -Swirlex(everytime he calls it out of its ball it will jump on him and snuggle his face)

  27. Well . If they want to continue the sereies after thisgen is over they could just make ash get. Together with serena and have like a ttimeskip and have like ash jr continue his dream

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