X & Y Trainer Battle Music Remixed for Super Smash Bros

For fans of game soundtracks, here’s a treat! Nintendo has released the Super Smash Bros. remix of the Pokémon X & Y trainer battle music that will be included in the game. What do you think? Did they do it justice? Want to see more Super Smash Bros. news? We have a gaming site! It … Read more

Pinsir & Heracross Distribution Live

Just a reminder to grab your Pinsir for Pokémon Y and Heracross for Pokémon X if you live in the Americas (thanks Café Com Oshawott). For those of you in the United States, you’ll be able to pick up the corresponding Mega Stone from participating GameStop stores and those of you in Canada will receive codes … Read more

Pokéball Vivillon Flutters Onto WiFi for Pokémon X & Y

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO BATTLE PEOPLE WITHIN YOUR GROUP FOR THE POKÉJUNGLE TOURNAMENT. BATTLES COMPLETED AFTER 11:59PM CST WILL NOT COUNT. North American players can download Pokéball Vivillon until August 12th! Go get it! More regions may be added soon. UPDATE: As I guessed, further events have been announced! Europe and Australia will also get the WiFi event, … Read more

Fancy Vivillon Download Announced

As promised, a new Vivillon will be available to download following the milestone of 100 million trades performed. The WiFi event will run from July 8 – 31 globally and is available NOW. It also has an exclusive move, Hold Hands. What do you think of this pattern? I’m still waiting for the Pokéball one! <3 PJ ps- … Read more

Special ‘Fancy Pattern’ Vivillon Download Coming + PGL Events

It has been revealed that once the Global Trade Station, or GTS, reaches 100 million trades a Vivillon with a special wing pattern will be distributed! There are also a variety of new events coming to the PGL, via the official site: June 6-8: Think Fast Competition: Single Battle This newly announced Single Battle competition … Read more

GAME Stores Offering Pokémon Codes in the UK this Friday

Video game retailer GAME will be offering codes to download Magmar and Electabuzz to Pokémon X and Y for players who go to participating stores from Friday, April 4. The event will also be held across Europe and Australia at various game retailers, so be sure to check with your local gaming store if they’ll … Read more