AZ’s Floette Details Leaked Through Hacking

Details about AZ’s Floette have been revealed through hacking of Pokémon X & Y. It will learn a new Fairy-type equivalent of Flare Blitz and will not be able to evolve. It does, however, feature higher base stats than its normal evolution Florges. The video below shows its normal and shiny colorations: httpv:// <3 PJ … Read more

Shiny Yveltal, Xerneas & Zygarde revealed from hack

The information from hacking continues, this time with images of the Pokémon X & Y Legendaries. I believe Xerneas may have been shown before, but I hadn’t personally seen Yveltal and Zygarde’s shiny version. What do you think?? <3 PJ

Mega Latios & Mega Latias shown in unofficial YouTube video

A user who used a hacking device to generate Latiosite & Latiasite has posted a video showing the Mega Evolutions in battle, as well as what their shiny forms look like. Unlike other Pokémon with Mega Evolutions, Latios & Latias share a single Mega evolution look, although their name allows you to see what Mega … Read more

Further Diancie Details Revealed, New Trailer

Pokémon has posted a new trailer for Diancie: They’ve also seemingly posted its shiny form, seen above. On the official site the Pokédex entry confirms it’s relation to Carbink as well. <3 PJ PS- We’re still looking for great gamers over at Retry Level!

Diancie Officially Revealed in CoroCoro Leak! [UPD]

Although fans have known about it for awhile, #719 Diancie has finally been revealed! This Fairy/Rock-type Pokémon will star in this summer’s movie. Its title has been updated to Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie.   UPD: Clearer scans confirm that Diancie has the ability Clear Body. Corocoro will also give out one time use serial codes to … Read more