Diancie Officially Revealed in CoroCoro Leak! [UPD]

Although fans have known about it for awhile, #719 Diancie has finally been revealed! This Fairy/Rock-type Pokémon will star in this summer’s movie. Its title has been updated to Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie.



UPD: Clearer scans confirm that Diancie has the ability Clear Body. Corocoro will also give out one time use serial codes to receive a Charizard with the opposite Megastone for your game. This only pertains to Japan for now, but we might see an international distribution for this in the future (we hope). It does mean that you don’t have to fear for missing out on cool megastones!

What do you think about this new legendary Pokémon?!

<3 PJ

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