GAME Stores Offering Pokémon Codes in the UK this Friday

20140331-175331.jpgVideo game retailer GAME will be offering codes to download Magmar and Electabuzz to Pokémon X and Y for players who go to participating stores from Friday, April 4. The event will also be held across Europe and Australia at various game retailers, so be sure to check with your local gaming store if they’ll be providing the codes! Pokémon X owners will get Magmar and Pokémon Y owners will receive Electabuzz.

UPDATE: Details about the Pokémon have been revealed:

  • Electabuzz – Ability: Vital Spirit / Item: Electirizer / Attacks: Low Kick, Shock Wave, Light Screen, Thunder Punch
  • Magmar – Ability: Vital Spirit / Item: Magmarizer / Attacks: Smokescreen, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Fire Punch

There will also be limited supplies of Pokémon TCG promotional packs which feature a holographic Pikachu card along with some cards from the Pokémon X & Y set. This coincides with a new marketing effort for the TCG which begins next month in the UK.

Don’t miss the event if you live in the United Kingdom! No purchase necessary 🙂

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