JungleTalk: Not-yet-April Fools’ Edition

April Fools’ is near upon us! The day the internet gets bombarded with weird Google inventions, when it’s dangerous to go pee and when there’s a non stop flood of fake Pokémon news.

And this is what we can talk about now. What’s your best (Pokémon related) April Fools’ joke? Where you ever fooled by a well drawn fake? And what are some of the lamest jokes you’ve seen, barely enough to put a faint smile on your face? Tell us about it!

Currently, news is still slow, but I heard from an insider we will see an announcement of some sort very soon so keep your eyes open! I’m extremely busy with school at the moment, seeing as this is the last week before spring break, but after that I will have some time to talk about PJM and do a feature article about all the fan games in the making!

Happy commenting and don’t get fooled this week!