Switch Reveal Opinion Extravaganza

It’s Dae here! I promised to write up a bit on my opinion on the Switch reveal, but it turned out to be longer than I expected. Therefore I’ll take this opportunity to publish my first article in a couple of years. Enjoy! Let’s get the conference out of the way first; it was a … Read more

Pokémon ORAS Review Round-up

The embargo for ORAS review has lifted and reviews are now out in the wild. I’ve rounded up some of them here. Are you excited for ORAS launching this Friday (or next week) and are you curious if they live up to the hype. Spoilers: Nope, they are the worst Pokémon games ever. Gamespot – Give … Read more

Corocoro October 2014 Leaking – UPD

  UPD: Full (and new) scans have surfaced! An advertisement for the November issue(next month) of Corocoro, from Shonen Sunday, has surfaced, along with the actual October issue of Corocoro! First image leaked(the one in black and white) reveals that a serial code will unlock a trial version of Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire … Read more

Dae asks: Will you buy the New 3DS?

Sorry that I didn’t upload my Ice Bucket Challenge video last night. Seeing as I still had to edit it and upload it to Youtube, I didn’t have the time yesterday. But it will likely come today! In the meantime, we’ll do this Dae asks so there’s at least some sense of activity. It’s the … Read more

Gamescom 2014 Palooza

A bit later than expected, but here’s my report of my trip to this year’s gamescom, which takes place in Cologne, Germany. It the second time I went, and if you haven’t read my 2013 report yet, you can do so here. This time we went on a Friday, which we hoped would be a … Read more

Dae asks – Best Corocoro Leak EVER

Because moving is too busy with life too lazy to do anything (rumour has it that he got a job at Pokébeach), the article with the Group Stage of PJT will be delayed a bit. But, we still have…me! Not that you want me anyway, I know what you want. Sadly, I can’t give you Corocoro, but it … Read more