Not celebrating Indepence Day? Learn to draw Pokémon instead!

Pokémon Art Academy releases today in the Nintendo eShop and in-stores! The caveat is that it’s only released in Europe! Sorry Ammuricans, the Japanese probably thought your overly patriotic music, abundant fireworks and food was too much for them so they only gave you a vague October 2014 release date. The game gets a budget pricing at … Read more

Dae asks: Acro Vs. Mach

I’m back! Finals finally ended, and I have three full months to recover and start to work again on some of my projects. Keep an eye out for a PJM re-reveal very soon, I haven’t dropped it and it will come back better than ever! Today’s question is more in line with the previous question … Read more

Dae asks: Favorite Badge Design

It’s about time we did another Dae asks! I’ve been a bit sick the past week and tiredness and writing articles don’t mix sadly. But I’m already getting better, if only school would end soon… This time’s question was inspired by our own Ampharos2551 in the comments, where he linked us a wallpaper containing all the … Read more

Enter your softhacked Pokémon in a new PGL Friendly!

Got some Kalos Pokémon lying around that you have either hacked or bred from hacked Pokémon but you don’t know what do with them? Well, now you do! The Pokémon Global Link organises an April 2014 Friendly where you can nurture your bragging rights or learn how to repeatedly get your ass kicked by far … Read more

Smash Bros. Newsbomb: Charizard Is Back! (alongside a weird frog)

The Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct finished airing half a year ago and I didn’t cover it because, well, I… uh… I fell asleep… I’ll make up for it with this Smash Bros. Pokémon Extravaganza! New Fighters First, we have a returning veteran. But this time he’s all on his own. Gamefreak can’t get enough of … Read more

Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Nintendo Direct Coverage

Welcome to our (kinda) live Smash Bros direct! This post will contain the live stream as soon as it goes up. You’ll find an extensive write-up below right after the Direct has ended! No lazy vagueness or inaccuracies like our competitors use to do. I’ll try to do live updates, but I can’t promise anything seeing … Read more