Jungle Talk: Smash Bros

It’s less than 24 hours until the Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Nintendo Direct airs! We are just as excited as you are! We normally don’t cover other Nintendo news, but seeing as there’s a good chance something Pokémon related will get shown, we’ll make an exception this one time. So we’re asking you, which Pokémon … Read more

Dae asks: Aqua Or Magma

It’s Generation III appreciation week! I had some cool ideas to for this Dae asks, but apparently I already did them all. That’s what you get when the series is long-running. So therefore we will do something different today. Are you for Team AQUA or Team MAGMA? Shout your preference in the comments, and don’t … Read more

Google looking for Pokémon Masters

Hi peeps at JBN, I want you to have a look at this call to arms from Google! Stay tuned for important news very soon from us! Until Next Time, See Ya

JungleTalk: Not-yet-April Fools’ Edition

April Fools’ is near upon us! The day the internet gets bombarded with weird Google inventions, when it’s dangerous to go pee and when there’s a non stop flood of fake Pokémon news. And this is what we can talk about now. What’s your best (Pokémon related) April Fools’ joke? Where you ever fooled by … Read more

Pokémon Battle Trozei Reviews

Haven’t purchased Battle Trozei yet? Still pondering on whether you should? Now that Battle Trozei is out for a few days, we can take a look at what all the critics have to say on it. Reviews are still slightly scarce, but I will update this post once more hit. Be sure to read the … Read more

JungleTalk: Rumour Time!

Happy Pi day everyone! You may be wondering: “Why is there hardly any news on Pokéjungle?”. Well, the reason is clear. There is just no news we find worthwhile to post. Unlike other sites, we’re not a news site but a community blog. We strive to inject news with our opinions and experiences. There just … Read more