Dae asks: Aqua Or Magma

It’s Generation III appreciation week! I had some cool ideas to for this Dae asks, but apparently I already did them all. That’s what you get when the series is long-running. So therefore we will do something different today.

Are you for Team AQUA or Team MAGMA? Shout your preference in the comments, and don’t forget to tell us why! Being neutral is not an option, and Rayquaza is locked in my basement (I have a very large basement), so you can’t count on him.

Hopefully news will ramp up soon. I’m predicting we’ll see some spin-off talk before the end of June. And remember my ‘news very soon’ comment? Early April Fools guys! 😀 I’m sorry, you can continue your ‘ban dae pls’ petition.

Lots of love,