Journey Back to Hoenn – Roar of Time: Generation III

It seems like only yesterday I started the Journey to X & Y article series, when in actuality it’s fast approaching six months since I did! Admittedly the inferno of hype for X & Y has flickered down into a smouldering cinder, but that’s expected, the games are out. Many of our readers enjoyed the articles we ran last year, and we’ve decided to continue the generation weeks we failed to complete before the release of the games. They’ll be a little different however—just a title change really, but still a heap of fun!

In Roar of Time we asked our readers what they would add to older games, if they gained the ability to travel back in time and make any change or additions they wanted. This time round it’s the same deal! If you could take control of Dialga and morph time back to the early development stages of Ruby and Sapphire (or any of the other Third Generation games!), what would you change? What would you take away? What would you add?

We don’t want you to be too outrageous here, keep things realistic. You could also pick something completely obvious, but what’s the fun in that? As we said in the first article don’t forget to consider how your change or addition would have an effect on the future of Pokémon games.

Get those brains working and tell us your ideas, we’ll be featuring our favourites in the next Roar of Time (who can guess what that will focus on?)

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