Roar of Time: Generation II

Yesterday we broke a long-standing record on the site: we finally beat the highest number of views we’ve had in a single day on the site, and we hope to beat the latest record come X & Y. Admittedly we slacked a little yesterday and didn’t bring the promised continuation of The Journey to X & Y with the start of Generation II. As such we’re a little unprepared for today, the planned article isn’t finished and we don’t have any back-ups. What do we do?! We try something new…

As each new Pokémon Generation comes around there’s always a list of new features and ideas fans want to see incorporated into the games. Whether or not anything of that list can be crossed off is of course down to the dedicated team developing the games. What if you could us Dialga’s Roar of Time to turn back time and make one change? Any change you wanted. What would that change be?

You could pick something obvious to change about Generation II, but we want you to think up something big and potentially game changing, but keep it realistic. Don’t forget to think about how the change would effect the future of the series, of course time is all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey but in some way it would alter the games as we now know them.

What are you waiting for? Get those brains ticking and turn back the clock! We should also apologise for not publishing an article as we promised yesterday, but we’re kicking off the week now even if it is with this quickly thought up article. Hopefully it’ll get our readers thinking regardless!

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