Meet Amaura’s and Tyrunt’s Evolutions Aurorus & Tyrantrum! [UPD1]

[UPD1] A few new pictures added

The evolution for the recently revealed Pokémon Amaura has been leaked by the website Jeux Video. Its name is Aurorus and has a new attack called Freeze-Dry which is super effective against Water-type Pokémon and may freeze opponents! Update: IGN has now released some pictures of Tyrantrum, Tyrunt’s evolution. It can learn Head Smash.

Game Details

In addition to the two new Pokémon, various game outlets got to play Pokémon X & Y and have revealed some small additions to the games.

  • New Kalos Pokémon will not be receiving Mega Evolutions, only Pokémon from generations 1 through 5
  • It’s official, Masuda has confirmed that the overworld will not be in 3D, only battles and some special scenes
  • PokéCenters will now feature an area to customize trainer appearance alongside the medical area and PokéMart
  • Pokémon now gain XP when the wild opponent is captured
  • Professor Sequioa asks you to run an errand at the start of the game: delivering a letter to your mother

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Amaura and its evolution are both probably based on Amargasaurus. The artist of the above picture has depicted it with skin sails similar to the two Pokémon, but recent theories speculate that the rows of spikes probably stood on their own without any connecting tissue.

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