PokéJungle Community Guidelines

We’re all here for one reason, and that is our love of Pokémon. Here at PokéJungle we believe community is key. We enjoy engaging in discussion with our readers, much like they do themselves. However as the site grows in size so does the community, as such we feel it is important that our readers understand how we believe readers should treat one another and how we treat our readers.

Most of the reader-to-reader interaction on PokéJungle happens in the comment area of content. Because of this we have decided to publish a set of community guidelines for our users to follow to make sure they get the most out of this website and the unique content we offer. We ask that you read these guidelines and abide by them. These guidelines are subject to change without prior warning.

Users and Disqus Accounts

PokéJungle.net uses the Disqus platform for comments on articles and pages. Anyone is able to post in the comment area of the site, either as a guest account or a registered member account. Registration is not required but suggested and fully recommended.

When using the platform we ask that readers use a single name when registering and refrain from creating more than one account. Individuals found using multiple accounts will be warned on their primary account and have all subsequent accounts banned. Readers posing as others will have the offending account banned and a warning will be issued. We do not tolerate impersonators.

Community Conduct

While we encourage conversation and user engagement, we discourage spam and disrespectful behavior. Comments posted in reply to articles or content listed on pages should remain on the topic of said content. We will accept slight deviation, but to engage in full discussion unrelated to the content we ask users to either use our forums, or the site chat. When posting do so because you wish to engage in conversation. Comments that serve little purpose (such as those going for the first comment on content: “First!”) will be deleted and a warning issued.

Users should conduct themselves with respect, both to themselves and others. Any form of personal attack on another user will not be tolerated and will be dealt with suitably. Racism, sexism or anything of the like will result in a permanent, instant ban. Posting racist, sexist or any other inappropriate content intended as a joke will be punished. Use of cuss words is accepted, but overuse and anything deemed unnecessary will be acted upon.

Comments posted should not be tiring to read, users should not overuse capital, bold, italic, underlined or alternate coloured text. Use them only to stress the important parts of your comments.

When posting externally hosted content, such as images, videos and even other sites it should remain suitable for a universal audience. Our readers span a broad age-range as such content should be restricted appropriately. Nudity is not permitted and will result in an instantaneous ban for the individual.

Staff Commitments and Community Moderation

Staff and Community Moderators have the Gym Leader tag next to their name, they are able to access tools for community moderation and identifying users. The decisions made by staff and moderators are done so to keep the site a safe, friendly and tidy place for all of our readers. We are not responsible for the content you publish.

Community moderation is done so by staff and moderators only. Readers should not attempt to deal with problem individuals themselves, instead effort should be made to notify a member of staff or the community moderating team. We are here to have fun and help you, don’t be afraid to talk to us! Decisions made by staff or the moderating team are final, and not open for public discussion. Users can contact us regarding bans using the contact forum.


We hope you’ve taken the time to read through the above guidelines, and thank you for taking the time to do so. The above will be made available in an easily accessible location shortly for future reference. For now we’d like to hear any questions you have regarding the site (and these guidelines), opinions or suggestions about how we can improve and anything else you feel we should know about you and PokéJungle.net!

Look out for the start of something new tomorrow!