PokéJungle Community Guidelines

We’re all here for one reason, and that is our love of Pokémon. Here at PokéJungle we believe community is key. We enjoy engaging in discussion with our readers, much like they do themselves. However as the site grows in size so does the community, as such we feel it is important that our readers understand how we believe readers should treat one another and how we treat our readers.

Most of the reader-to-reader interaction on PokéJungle happens in the comment area of content. Because of this we have decided to publish a set of community guidelines for our users to follow to make sure they get the most out of this website and the unique content we offer. We ask that you read these guidelines and abide by them. These guidelines are subject to change without prior warning.

Users and Disqus Accounts

PokéJungle.net uses the Disqus platform for comments on articles and pages. Anyone is able to post in the comment area of the site, either as a guest account or a registered member account. Registration is not required but suggested and fully recommended.

When using the platform we ask that readers use a single name when registering and refrain from creating more than one account. Individuals found using multiple accounts will be warned on their primary account and have all subsequent accounts banned. Readers posing as others will have the offending account banned and a warning will be issued. We do not tolerate impersonators.

Community Conduct

While we encourage conversation and user engagement, we discourage spam and disrespectful behavior. Comments posted in reply to articles or content listed on pages should remain on the topic of said content. We will accept slight deviation, but to engage in full discussion unrelated to the content we ask users to either use our forums, or the site chat. When posting do so because you wish to engage in conversation. Comments that serve little purpose (such as those going for the first comment on content: “First!”) will be deleted and a warning issued.

Users should conduct themselves with respect, both to themselves and others. Any form of personal attack on another user will not be tolerated and will be dealt with suitably. Racism, sexism or anything of the like will result in a permanent, instant ban. Posting racist, sexist or any other inappropriate content intended as a joke will be punished. Use of cuss words is accepted, but overuse and anything deemed unnecessary will be acted upon.

Comments posted should not be tiring to read, users should not overuse capital, bold, italic, underlined or alternate coloured text. Use them only to stress the important parts of your comments.

When posting externally hosted content, such as images, videos and even other sites it should remain suitable for a universal audience. Our readers span a broad age-range as such content should be restricted appropriately. Nudity is not permitted and will result in an instantaneous ban for the individual.

Staff Commitments and Community Moderation

Staff and Community Moderators have the Gym Leader tag next to their name, they are able to access tools for community moderation and identifying users. The decisions made by staff and moderators are done so to keep the site a safe, friendly and tidy place for all of our readers. We are not responsible for the content you publish.

Community moderation is done so by staff and moderators only. Readers should not attempt to deal with problem individuals themselves, instead effort should be made to notify a member of staff or the community moderating team. We are here to have fun and help you, don’t be afraid to talk to us! Decisions made by staff or the moderating team are final, and not open for public discussion. Users can contact us regarding bans using the contact forum.


We hope you’ve taken the time to read through the above guidelines, and thank you for taking the time to do so. The above will be made available in an easily accessible location shortly for future reference. For now we’d like to hear any questions you have regarding the site (and these guidelines), opinions or suggestions about how we can improve and anything else you feel we should know about you and PokéJungle.net!

Look out for the start of something new tomorrow!

    1. I wouldn’t quite say wrecked! We just want people to have something to follow. As of late we’ve had a few problems with users going a little overboard when commenting. 🙂

  1. I’d like to apologize for contributing towards comments getting really off topic yesterday when I was helping teach how to use the green text =/ I will stay more on-topic with the related content in the future 🙂

  2. I miss the links to the previous and next articles that used to be located under the author of the current article.

    1. I’ll see what I can do about it 🙂 Working hard on the new game site launch and also our Pokédex platform so it might take awhile

  3. I doubt sexism will be punished… You men are all about words, but when it comes to actual work, pfft.

  4. Thank you! Just one question: If the article has to do with Smash or anything X and Y related, can we post anything related to X and Y?

    1. I think when it comes to Smash posts, they’re mini, weekly Jungle Asks. As long as you’re talking about XY or the show, you should be fine. Like we stated, you can deviate a little, that happens in conversations. We just don’t want you to stray away completely, dragging the conversation; starting with something about Pancham, ending up with how you ate a disgusting cheeseburger the other day.

        1. Trolls will be punished. The best thing to do when something like that occurs is to just ignore them. If they don’t receive a reaction they will likely stop. 🙂

      1. I agree with you. Oh, and deviating a little from the topic, I ate a disgusting cheeseburger yesterday. 🙂

  5. Even though I wasn’t here to see it, I understand it must of been a pain to handle all that. I’ll upheld these guidelines to the best of my ability 😀

  6. It was saddening to read this. We should all have enough common sense to be polite and considerate to each other. This site is here for us, and if we don’t respect that, we could have it taken away. It’s bad enough to have people be disrespectful in the comments, but the fact that it got so out of hand that there had to be an article to warn us? That’s just terrible. I’m glad there are now some guidelines set in stone; hopefully this will improve the community here.

    Question: If someone deviates from a topic, can we reply to it without getting in trouble? There are some really thoughtful comments on here that I love responding to, and I understand that this sort of thing should go in the forums, but there are some things you just have to talk about when they are brought up. It allows our opinions to be heard.

    Question 2: If a (somewhat) believable rumor pops up like the recent Dex leak, can we post that in the comments without consequences?

    1. I think if you find rumors we’d encourage you to first email US using the contact form (as many have done in the past few days) and then make a thread in the FORUM to discuss (mountmoon.net).

      I’d love it if they could be in the comments but whenever they’re posted things end up getting crazy with everyone commenting on them and they dominate anything that was relevant to the original post.

      Not trying to be a jerk about this stuff, sorry. Just trying to bring structure xP

      1. I completely understand. I’ve never used the contact form (Where can I find it?), but if I see a believable rumor, I’ll be sure to contact you. 😉

  7. I’m really disappointed in us. C’mon guys, we need to grow up. They shouldn’t have to make these guidelines, we should be mature enough to know what to put.

  8. Really appreciate all the hard work you guys do to monitor the site, makes it that much better.

  9. I’m sorry if I caused some spam or overused the green in my time commenting here! I’ll make sure to follow these guidelines since this site is so awesome! 😀

    P.S. @Staff does this mean I can’t make/post avatars for people anymore?

    1. You should make a thread at the forums. That kind of stuff is perfect for Smeargle’s Paintbrush. 🙂

      1. The only problem is that because of school I would have to put on hold some requests. That’s why I was trying to stick to here for now. I guess I’m just going to have to do if I want to make them. =)

  10. Okay, I know I don’t post much here as of yet, but I do enjoy coming to this site to catch up on the latest Pokémon news, as it is very helpful and user-friendly. Plus, there’s always a great discussion in the comments section!! As such, I will also join the growing group of posters who agree to abide by the rules of the community. That way, we can enjoy this site just a little bit more!

  11. I made an account but never commented. It’s great to know that this is a friendly and safe community so I don’t need to worry. 🙂

  12. I understand that some of us may get too excited and stray off topic, but we really need these guidelines posted to reminds of such. Shameful, yet necessary.

  13. Glad some written structure is finally established. This site has really blown up when compared to when I joined a few years ago, and some of the newer members don’t understand how important the site is not only to the staff but for commentators like me. I don’t think the staff expected this kind of growth to the site (because I didn’t) so I’m glad the site is making steps in order to match that growth. Keep being awesome PJ and staff.

  14. I really respect all of the staff on this site for keeping it so organized and engaging. I apologize if I have ever misbehaved in terms of your guidelines, but trust me, the last thing I want to do is cause unnecessary trouble. So thanks PokeJungle, moving, Daedardus, NLque, and everyone else!

  15. Something you should know about PokéJungle.net and me? We are inseparable! Anymore this is the only Pokémon-centric site I check daily, and that’s because it’s just that good.

  16. FUCK YOUR GUIDELINES! Lol Daedardus you’re a bitch lmao. Wtf happen? You told me you’d block me for good,but look, I’m STILL HERE! This TOOTLES! I’m friends with the phantom downvoter. WE TAKING OVER THE WEBSITE!
    P.S. you’re a terrible moderator. Do your job and keep your promises. You said you’d stop me, THEN DO IT lol.

  17. I love pokejungle.com but I do find recently that there are a lot of unnecessary posts like “cool” or “great” or pointless things, and while I have no moral problem against them it just becomes cumbersome to scroll through them to find the opinionated posts. What’s worse is that the bland short comments get so many up-votes they tend to take up the top of the section. Just my opinion though

    1. I also have my criticisms of the Pokejungle.com comments section. That’s why I much prefer talking here at Pokejungle.net 😉

  18. I appreciate everything that’s put into this site and it kind of makes me mad that others don’t…

  19. Im sorry if I have ever posted something unnecessary and I give you my word that I will do my best to help keep people within the guidelines as stay within them myself 😀

    1. As we said in the the “Staff Commitments and Community Moderations” section, we don’t want people taking matters into their own hands. It usually leads to a bigger fuss; let us put out the fire.

  20. Gosh you guys have been introducing a lot of new stuff lately. The new layout, the new thing tomorrow…

  21. All that I can say! is that I loved pokemon before… but I love it even more because of your amazing work! THANKS! proud of be a jungler!

  22. As a long time member here, I feel like these rules are common sense because when I first joined, don’t think I did too much of this
    Not blaming everyone new, but since the announcement of X&Y and since the a surge of new people joined, I’ve found the comments section to be quite….hectic
    Just try keep it to the bare minimum is all
    Pokejungle, you rock tho!

    (Start of something new…a High School Musical X Pokemon crossover?)

  23. Could anything be done about the butthole who keeps coming along on each article and downvoting EVERYONE? I know it’s harmless but it’s a joke that was never amusing in the first place and has gotten tiresome. Some kind of troll-blocker software should be in place xD

    Also I’m glad we’re now being asked to stay on topic. A couple of people decided to set up a trade in the comments section a few weeks ago and Holy Long Comment Thread Batman! It took me forever to scroll past it; it’ really not the place or time to do that.

    1. We can’t do anything about it now, but it’s best to ignore it whenever it happens.

      Also, everyone should keep in mind that the downvote button is intended for off-topic, spammy or insulting comments and not because you disagree with the post in question.

  24. What happened, I’ve been gone a week and this xD But yea its nice to have some guidelines now, ps love the new layout!!

    1. ZI? 😮

      We’re just putting up some guidelines so that people don’t have to scroll through trade arrangements, restaurant reviews, etc to get to comments that are about the actual post.

  25. It’s great to see how the site has grown since I first made my account. One of the only Pokemon sites I joined because of how kind and inviting the people here are. Keep up the great work everyone!

  26. One quick question; Is my profile picture considered inappropriate for this community? I thought it would be better to ask rather than finding out later on.

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