New Pokémon X & Y Direct to Air Sept. 4th

Breaking news! A new Pokémon XY Nintendo Direct is set to air tomorrow at 4am Pacific / 7am Eastern / 12pm UK time/  1pm Mainland Europe. An English version has been confirmed for both the UK and the US. Stay tuned for our live coverage tomorrow!

Happy that we will finally get some news? What could it be? It’s still quite a few days before Corocoro hits and maybe they’ll want to prevent early leaks by revealing it all themselves? Here’s me hoping for an official Orot reveal, along with some new Mega Pokémon and maybe a totally new mechanic!


  1. MY BODY IS READY. Here’s to hoping that they’ll reveal some more new Pokemon, and maybe even some storyline.

  2. Let me have a small cry first… ok YES!! I love surprise directs, please let orotto be in this and maybe a few new pokemon :3

  3. whoah, big news! really, that cheered me up since i failed today my driving test, T-T, but now i’m happy! I WANT MORE NEWS! what will they reveal?

      1. One of the things I miss is driving. No need to in Tokyo and no way I’d drop the ridiculous amount of money it is to take driving lessons here. Sadly my American license won’t cut it :p

      1. What issue?
        You mean figuring out how to prevent all those hacked pokes from jumping generations?

        1. At E3 they said they were still working on making transfer from Gen 5 games possible. They added that it is difficult because the DS and 3DS can’t connect.

          1. Mmm.. isn’t there the possibility of a 3DS sending download games like the DS did (when you had one cartridge)? I don’t know if there are any actual games that do that now..
            Anyway, thanks for the note.

          2. They’ll probably make a free downloadable app that you can transfer your B/W/B2/W2 Pokémon in, then when you switch cartridge to X/Y you’ll be able to transfer them in from there.
            After all, the dreamradar was a 3DS app that allowed you to transfer pokémon IN to B2/W2, it shouldn’t be too hard to make it so that it can take pokémon OUT then store them. Well, theoretically anyway.

          3. I believe pkmn black and white 2 is able to transfer all 649 pkmn to Pkmn xy. It´s a dream for everyone , and i think gamefreak and nintendo he works very well in the area of retrocompatibility. if the app is free download , is perfect for us and other people who plays pkmn black , white ,black 2 and white 2 around the world. More than 649 pkmn we must catch is never too easy work ,even they have a wifi conection ,mistery gift , trade . People he lives in japan has more lucky than us in every term of pkmn tcg and videogames, because is the country where pkmn was born 16 years ago. I Love saga pkmn , i wait pkmn xy in my store at the 2013 -09.12 Its very great new know more about pkmn x y , waiting pkmn smash and corocoro magazine this mounth. I am ready to knew all the news pkmn , items ,traits of the pkmn kalos region.

  4. Similar to how the first showed how pokemon has been released in different parts of the world at different times then told us x and y would be released simultaneously worldwide, I believe this will show how methods of evolution have changed over the years and then clarify mega evolutions

    1. I don’t think a type chart can be “spoken” well on a live Nintendo Direct because there are a lot of permutations to think about.

      1. They could just pull up a picture.

        OR they could get a poster of it and Iwata could have one of those pointing sticks and he would be like a real life pokemon professor xD I want this so badly

      1. Since Corocoro is something Japan only and this thing is international, maybe this can be the international reveal of it.

  5. Well this really came out of nowhere, that desert pool suddenly seems to have re-filled itself. Honestly, I really hope we get another trailer, and a decent length one at that. Maybe 3-4 minutes long. Something tells me we’ll see Mega Kangaskhan tomorrow.

  6. I’m hoping for the revealing of the new evolution mechanisms for inkay, pancham n sylveon. Also more info on locations on the map. And maybe the starters 1st evolutions.

  7. Hui, I’m so excited 🙂
    Maybe they want to reveal things before they are revealed by “unofficial means”, or they want to be sure that the whole world knows it, not just Japan.
    Three things coming to my mind, what they want to talk about:
    – What would be revealed by McDonals Merch in three days.
    – What would be revealed by CoroCoro.
    – What would be revealed by Smash (Morimoto is there and so on) on Sunday.
    I don’t know why so many expect so ground breaking things like starter evolutions or something Oo Don’t get your hopes up to high, that’s really unlikely!
    I expect a mega evo or two (speculations about Mega Raichu are plausible), but not much. This way, I’m not disappointed. Expect nothing, hope for everything! 😉

    1. Hahaha, that sounds like the right attitude for everything. More likely, additional bundles.. hopefully more version exclusive information and new stuff (mechanics?).

      1. I think people are just getting excited because the last one had a quite big reveal, so people are getting their hopes up.

  8. In the official site of pokemon there is a ??? between PGL and News sections. Maybe it has something to do with what ‘s gonna be revealed in tommorow’s Pokemon Direct!

    1. That part is “Strategy”, as revealed by me in the source code months ago. Probably tips for newcomers when the game is out.

  9. Pretty sure we’re not going to get Starter Evolutions. I honestly hope they don’t reveal them at all, even in Corocoro. I want to evolve my starter and see what it is for the first time when I play through.

    I’m expecting at least one new Pokemon, and whatever it is could confirm whether that full Pokedex rumor is real or fake.

      1. Hmm, you never know? 😉 Lol, I won’t surprised if it’s fake, but it would sure be nice to be real! 🙂

        1. I certainly don’t want it to be real….another nine tailed fox and that being fennekin evo ugh.

      2. I’m one of those people that believe everything to be fake until proven real but let us not forget about a rather extremely fake looking dex leak involving a trash bag and ice cream cone pokemon that turned out to be 100% real. You never know…

      1. I know.. People are going ” No! Don’t Spoil me.. I am going to be SOOO upset! Meeeehhhh…”
        How selfish! Stay Off Pokémon Site Til AFTER you play.. these people are upsetting me Dang.. You are going to get new info for a FACT so just stay away.. ok?

        1. Don’t understand how I’m being mean or upsetting. All I did was explain what I think will happen and what I want to happen. That’s my personal opinion that we all have a right to have. Go ahead and think they will reveal the starters evolutions, that’s your opinion and I don’t mind that you have it. They may reveal them, and they may not. I just simply hope they don’t, just like you simply hope they do. We all have the right to share our opinions, so don’t get butthurt just because one person thinks differently.

          1. I was not commenting on what you thought was going to happen. I was commenting on you saying you do not want it to happen… I was saying it is selfish to want Everyone else who wants the info to not get it because you rather wait the next few weeks when an easier and simpler solution would be for you and people like you to simply not ask what happened to avoid this risk.
            You likely did not think of it this way and just stated you opinion.. without thinking it through
            But I helped you see other peoples side
            Not that Anyone’s opinion here is going to change tomorrows events, but it is So Odd that anyone who comes to an “informing” site.. doesn’t want to be informed lol.. I am I am not hurt anyway.. A strangers words are completely insignificant to me
            If you don’t like the obvious simple solution I provided you, then don’t take it, I don’t care, but know its annoying seeing people wanting to stay in the dark on such a site lol so odd
            As if finding things out for yourself make you more of an explorer. Also Most of what I said was not directed to you, I said all the people who say those things. The ones who are so strong about it and constantly..

        2. I think telling people to stay of the internet so you can have your information is the more selfish thing here…
          We’ve all waited about 200 days for this…what another 5 weeks??

  10. Fucccckkk I’ll be in class at that timeeee I don’t want to see the second stage evolutions of the starters though it’d be cool if that was a surprise

  11. Sorry for the downtime guys. Seems like there were some back-end scripts that caused extremely high loads when we have lots of visitors. We disabled them and everything should be fine for now.

    We will likely be upgrading servers soon in time for XY launch.

  12. I really hope they tell us that we can transfer our Pokémon from generation five games. I recently completed my Pokédex (641) on Pokémon White 2 in preperation for X and Y.

    1. I do want to see ALL of the pokes in 3D haha.. but no way am I catching them all, Maybe I will just battle you ; ]
      I will try “completing the regional dex though by seeing them all

    1. Server got a load 35 times higher than capacity so it was shut down immediately. Issue should be resolved now I guess.

  13. 12pm UK? Means a lie in till like 11, breakfast and TV ready for it!
    (Since I don’t go back to sixth form until Friday….which is stupid)
    Wonder what it could be, importing? Orrot (or whatever it’s called)? Maybe staffers evos (even though that’d be surprising)
    Or maybe to so with mega-evos and the theory behind it?

  14. Yay, I will stay up all night and just fall asleep as late as I want cause I know when I wake up there will be no waiting sense I am on eastern time all I have t do is log on to here to see what they said.. they always treat eastern time people the best haha, unintentionally of course though

  15. Yay! Left class sick and that made me diisappointed, but now I’m excited and feeling better!

  16. Well im hoping u can import Pokemon anytime during ur journey i hate waiting to import my level 5 mudkip i wanna be able to train my Pokemon together

    1. omg, i want to import my level 5 mudkip (with mud bomb) too, also my level 5 deino (with head smash). I went through a lot to breed for those moves and I want to put them into use.

  17. I don’t know about you guys, but If its anything like the first nintendo direct back in January that took us completely by surprise, I really hope they completely surprise us and not show us something we expect (like starter evos or more mega evos) because that’s not really a surprise. I’m hoping they reveal a new mechanic that is as game changing as mega evolutions.

    1. I don’t get why everyone thinks the starter evolutions are likely to be revealed Oo I know that many people wish to know them, but it is very unlikely for them to be revealed! So, for me it would be a pleasant surprise if they’d reveal them by tomorrow. Sadly, experience shows that they probably won’t reveal them until next month, if at all.

      1. It’s because in every generation before X and Y, starter evos were released on corocoro the month before the release of the game, that’s why people expect it…history repeats. But I really want a surprise…not evos or mega evos or new pokemon….something different, novel, mind bending, shocking…I may not like it at first, but my heart is ready….bring on the defibrillator

        1. That’s new to me Oo Afaik they only revealed them in fifth gen three days before the actual release. Every other gen, they didn’t show them.

          1. In DPPt they showed the final evos waay before the release of the game. It was on the Japanese website. I was there, I know. I’m not sure if it was a month before but I remember the japanese website having them before the release of the game next to the pixie trios.

          2. I was there too, just got a pretty bad memory. I’ll just look it up, but I’m sure they weren’t shown Oo

          3. They just showed Torterra, Infernape, and Empoleon. They never showcased the 1st evolutions (grotle etc.)

          4. Do you have any links to archived news items revealing them? As far as I can remember, and see from checking Serebii’s archives, the Gen 4 Starter evos weren’t revealed until the game hit the market. Hell, the Starters themselves weren’t revealed til August.

          5. I recall that it wasn’t on corocoro but only on the official japanese pokemon website, but unfortunately you can’t see that anymore…

          6. I searched news archives, but what you say just isn’t true. They only revealed the first evolution of the fifth gen starters. I guess that was only because they were leaked beforehand. But for fourth gen, only the first stages (Piplup and so on) were shown. Sorry, you’re wrong =( And “you can’t see anymore” can’t be true, because the news article on Pokémon fan sites aren’t deleated 😉

  18. Just reveal new Pokemon to us and info about the games, no mega evolutions for me. I want starter evo’s and at least 5+ brand new Pokemon

  19. NOOOOO, 12pm.
    School is starting tomorrow and it looks like I’m gonna miss the direct.
    Just one more year and I’m out of there.
    Maybe I’ll watch it afterwards, but by then my friend will have found out all the new stuff and told me.

    Life is cruel.

  20. The second ever ‘Pokémon Direct’ eh? Sounds promising. The first one unleashed the news of 6th gen a year before most predicted it, hopefully this ‘sequel’ will follow suit in awesomeness!

  21. I don’t think Nintendo will spoil anything important on a direct.. so, the Japanese DS bundle?

  22. I’m pretty sure whatever they reveal tomorrow will more or less be in the Corocoro scans and/or Morrimoto presentation on Smash. That being said, I espect to see the revamped Type chart and a 2 to 4 new Pokemon.

  23. My hopes are high for some fairly big news. I have a feeling that we will see X & Y Special Edition XLs announced for territories outside of Japan, which is good news for me!

        1. I never said Moving wouldn’t want one. I just said I didn’t. I also said why would I care? Just expressing an opinion.

          1. Just because you don’t need them doesn’t mean they can’t announce them in the Direct 😉

          2. Is this, or is this not, an open forum/comment section where an expression of opinion is not only allowed but encouraged? I didn’t say it wasn’t allowed to be announced, only said that I didn’t care whether it was announced or not.

      1. Also, it’s I couldn’t care less. If you could care less that means you could care a lot or almost nothing at all or everything in between. 🙂

        1. Wow. Is this a dictionary reading and grammar class? I didn’t ask to be criticised. If it makes you happy, I couldN’T care less. Someone caught a whiff of the power powder.

          1. I’m on your side, amber. I view spelling nazis as cyber bullies and I think Daedardus just violated his own guidelines. >.<

        2. This English lesson is off topic and irrelevant to the discussion thus instant ban for you :P. Should have read the community guidelines LOL no need to be so patronizing with your replies people ARE allowed opinions you know 😉

          1. I enjoyed that as an American citizen and enjoy British people patronizing my English and slang.

      2. Because not everyone has an XL, meaning people other than you will buy it. Nintendo’s marketing decisions do not revolve around you.

    1. I didn’t even think of that, I’m still really hoping to see that gold 3DS XL bundle stateside.

    2. When I read your post, I thought it said “FAIRY big news”. XD And I was hoping for them to reveal the fairy type chart.

  24. Wow another Pokemon Direct! I’m not sure what they might say about X and Y but I’m almost positive they’ll talk about that Pokemon Wii U game.

  25. It could be a final core game mechanic that is exclusive to Pokémon X & Y, there is one final tab on the official website that is currently still labelled “???”

          1. I’m hoping for something new, it just seems like something they could use to pull a fast one on us, either that or officially reveal Orotto

  26. It had better be something rather large and not just an Orotto reveal… because, the IPC would go raging poop! I’d love to see some evolutions and maybe some new basics. Really excited for this! 17 hrs to go!

  27. I don’t know if it’d warrant a Pokémon Direct, but I’d love for Nintendo to announce either some Pokémon-themed 2DS systems, or 2DS+XY bundles. Red and blue may make sense as “base” colors, but they’re pretty boring…

    1. The 2DS was revealed without a nintendo direct, so I highly doubt they would reveal promotional systems. I think it will be very game centric.

  28. Character customization. It’s such an overlooked feature since the reveal of mega-evolutions.

      1. That would certainly be unexpected, which seems to be the theme this generation… I like it!

    1. I hope to see Pokemon X and Y take advantage of street pass and bring back secret bases. I also would like to see an optional league champion challenger mode via street pass/ spot pass.

  29. on’t know the exact specifics, but from what I’ve heard from a source, this Direct will be divided into segments much like the Wonderful 101 Direct was…

    * Segment on the Kalos Region, including new Methods of Travel and Fairy Type.
    * Segment on Mega Evolutions and Super Training.
    * Segment on Pokemon-Amie and something called “Poke-On-Stage”
    * Segment on PSS and Wi-Fi Features.
    * New Trailer

    Finally, they’re going to show a new CG trailer for an untitled Wii-U game, presumably the one seen at the Pokemon Game Show.

    My source adds that Mega Kangaskhan will be officially shown (as in getting Sugimori Art), as will Mega Scizor, Mega Raichu, and Mega Sableye. They are also revealing “Orotto” finally, a new monkey-like Pokemon, and Swirlix and Spritzee’s evolutions, but there will be a few New Pokemon which will quickly appear in the trailer as well but won’t be focused on beyond simply appearing in game-play.

    1. That is pretty specific…
      I do think it will be like the Wonderful 101 Direct.
      Mega Scizor scares me……

        1. Lol. Either way. We have three elemental monkeys and their evolutions and the Aipom and Ambipom. That’s eight monkeys. How about a mix between a monkey and and something else? It’d still be mokey-like, but not completely.

          1. You forget Chimchar and his evolution line.

            We have plenty of monkeys. I don’t really want another monkey, but I guess if they can make it look interesting then I’m all for it.

            I would like a Gorilla.

          2. Gah! Too many I can’t count! Isn’t Slaking a gorilla? I was to put that in my comment but I wasn’t sure if was or not.

  30. I’m pretty excited and hopeful. I’m grateful with any new news. Of course I’m hoping for the starter evolutions, because then I can finally decide what starter I will choose.

    I expect at least 5 pokemon to be revealed. Maybe some other legendary’s?

  31. I really wan’t to see my probably chespin evolutions… or the third legendary of the rumoured pokemon “z” or maybe a demo on the e shop will be revealed… i mean we have 9 days and one month to the release! and we have few information! I want moree!

      1. I went to a mall where the demo was supposed to be, but didn’t end up getting to play it since the people running the event apparently ‘didn’t get the code’, in their words. Oh well, guess that’ll make the game that much more exciting when I finally get to play it!

    1. I want to see all of the starter evolutions. Third Legendary would be good! Yet, they will not talk about a Sequel, Remake or Redo of X & Y, its too early. The demos are in select areas of the US!

      1. I already know that the demos are in the US but im not american that’s why i want a demo on the eshop and maybe if we see that third legendary probably will know about the next sequel (:

    2. I hope they don’t show any of the starter evolution’s, I wan’t to be surprised for once. Am I the only who wants this D;

      1. I think your the only one! They reveled the starter evos for Black and White around this time! (B/W came out in December for Japan). So, I could expect to see the starters in the Direct! I really want to see them so I could start making decisions on what starter I want to choose! Currently I’m with Froakie!

        1. I am going with fennken and chespin so if you do Froakie will you breed it and we can trade?

          1. yeah it is not fun to have to walk around so much but when it comes to starters I want a lvl 1 so I can train it myself

        2. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one though 😛 but yea I’m going with Froakie too 🙂

          1. I don’t think your the only one! For example let’s say you choose Fennekin. You play through the game to the point it evolves. You don’t want a Fire/Psychic type because you already have one (a Psychic Type)! Then you have to trade or restart the game!

        3. No, they didn’t. BW came out on the 18th September in Japan. They revealed only the first evolution of the starters, just a few days before the actual release. Probably they did that because someone leaked them before. I don’t think something like this will happen again.

          1. Well thanks for correcting me on the date! Your right! They showed the second evolution first! Then the third! I will edit my message Thanks! 😀

        4. I thought the Snivy and Oshawott evolutions were leaked form concept art of the Pokemon movie best wishes. Although I could be wrong.

          1. That’s right. This way they were leaked. Many people suggest that’s why GF revealed the first evolution before the release at all. And that’s why I believe this won’t happen again, sadly ._.

        1. same here… im so bum,med that i wont see it live, but ill still be shocked when i see it after school!!!

          1. Or I could just get a ride into school instead of catching the bus, and watch at least 15 minutes of it. I caught the last one after all.

        2. I live on the east coast too but idk about your school but my school is allowed to have our phones out before the bell and school starts at 7:30 am so i think ill be able to see it before school starts

          1. Yeah, that would really stink, then you’d have to start all over from the last Pokémon Center you used and make your way back through the Gym’s maze!

      1. I get up when this Direct starts! I get to brush my teeth to the sound of wonderful Pokemon news.

  32. I love the sudden last minute directs (Especially Pokemon ones) they always brighten my day 😀 Hope we get lots of info some we know to expect ( IE: The tree Pokemon which everyone is spelling differently) and hopefully lots of interesting surprises too! They better get right into it this time and not fill 3/4 of the time with not so exciting things like last time.

    1. The reason why Oorotto is spelled differently…

      When you translate the Japanese characters to English ones, it is “Oorotto”, however, the “oo” sound in japanese is more like “oh”. Also, they have no way of ending a word with the consonant “t”, at least when it is written it has to end in a vowel, so the “to” at the end is likely dropped when you say it (I say likely because I’ve never heard it pronounced).

      So that was probably really confusing, but to summarize…

      It is spelled Oorotto, but probably pronounced Orot, hence the confusing variations.

      1. Now the question is, is the “o” in the middle pronounced like in Romaji, or like in wood rot.

          1. Rot could be rotto too. There’s a dedicated Japanese word so they normally don’t use katakana for it anyways.

  33. If I see anything about Secret Bases or anything related, I’m not even going to watch the whole thing, instead, I’m gonna go somewhere where I can get enough money for a 3DS XL so I get to play this game from the Gods

        1. I did like the customizibility don’t get me wrong, but it was only limited to underground….=(. I missed the trees or being outside.

          1. I only liked the mining in the underground and that would be fine to bring back. With that said I want the tree house SB back for sure. that was my fav

          2. Also you had to get rid of those stupid boulders, I didn’t like that. It was worse than the holes in floors because ALL Bases had them.

      1. I concur, it would be better if they leaned more towards the R/S/E bases. Although, I wouldn’t mind a new system of secret bases, I just prefer R/S/E.

          1. I hope I’m not the only one who got upset by the one kid that searches for people’s secret bases, because when I heard he found mine (Me being a child) I changed locations, but he’d always find my base.

          2. That was supposed to be a helpful function, to let you know where your base was, just in case you might have forgotten.

          3. I always put my base on Northern Route 115, because it would take some surfing to get there, and it was a nice location in my opinion.

      2. Oh god I hated the Underground, and the fact that we couldn’t battle anymore just ruined it for me. I want to be able to walk up to a tree, use Secret Power, and build a home again.

  34. I think it might be a Pokemon Direct that will announce the rumored Pokemon X and Y Bundles, and there might be some new info. I would love to see Oorotto get an English reveal or maybe even another Mega Evolution. I’d love to see Lapras or Golurk get some love too. Game Freak already gave some of the best news, regarding Kangaskhan. It has remained one of my favorite Pokemon, and I’m glad to see it getting some love.

  35. Aren’t Nintendo Direct’s usualy around 20-35 minutes long? If I remember the X&Y Debut one was around 34 minutes.

    Hopefully we’ll get something decent tomorrow.

    EDIT: In saying that, It will probably feature the Limited Edition X&Y 3DS XL.

  36. Just asking. Will the Nintendo Direct be recorded? I will be in class at 7:00 AM! So, I don’t know if I will get a chance to watch it!

      1. Good to know, after my classes, I’ll flip open the good ol 3DS and watch the news. But Dae mind I ask if the site will post the news via twitter tomorrow like a live feed of details, if so I’ll just check on there via phone.

    1. I thank politoed for clearing this drought created by ninetails. (I still love ninetails though)

  37. My friend really hopes the the XL bundles will be released in America, so I’m crossing my fingers.

    1. They mostly will. I wouldn’t lie! Yet, I think a 3DS XL Bundle comes first! 2DS comes out on X & Y release date, so it is possible!

  38. How lame would it be if Raichu got a Mega Evo and Ash still keeps his Pikachu unevoled… Oh lol then his Reg Pikachu beats it… -__-
    I want Pikachu to Never evolve but something about him not being able to make it Mega seems wrong to me

    1. Yes. It’s about time Pikachu evolved! I know everyone loves Pikachu (Including me), yet Ash needs to get stronger! I expect Raichu to get a Mega Evolution. Ash should acquire it and help Raichu (his Pikachu) get stronger! I don’t want to see him evolve either. Yet, I think it’s about time Pikachu gets a boost.

      1. The Pokemon anime community that wouldn’t expect it would be thrown into shock! Lol!

      2. Lol watch it turn out to be the SMALLEST.. LIGHTEST.. CUTEST.. Raichu Ever.. If It happens.. Yet I doubt it..
        It would make it more Likely Ash Will Not be in the next Anime

    2. I can definitely see Raichu getting a mego evo… but really if any non fully evolved pokemon is going to be able to go mega then it will be pikachu. But i can see this as another overcoming storyline for pikachu in the anime where he has to oversome raichu’s ability to mega evolve. In fact not to go too far off topic but this has got me thinking- how are they going to incorporate Mega Evolution’s into the anime since bar the odd evolution stone and everstone use there really hasn’t been any item use in the anime so far?

      1. I Know! If any gets it its Def Pikachu.. Also I am upset Items aren’t used in animes… Scraggy did it once but I did not like it was visible.. it was like a bandana on his head. I rather have the item disappear into the Pokemons body… Because how believable is it for a Pokémon to hold on to certain item and in battle, IT’s not. That’s why they refrain from showing it in the anime much. Dawns Piplup used a stone to never evolve but They made a plot twist I think by making Piplup somehow gain more will power so he didn’t need it I think.. some BS
        It just needs to be held then disappear I think
        Also I think the stones will be in their wrist bands… So if Ash uses it, it could mean a cool new accessory he Always keeps on =]

        1. Pokemon: origins might use hold items but hold items were not useable in the first generation. Squritle was wearing dark sunglasses.

    3. Megaevolution is not permanent, but temporarary, so I can see this happening. Ash never evolved pikachu because it was permanent before.

      1. No I am saying it seems your Pokémon need to be Fully evolved first to mega evolve.. which makes perfect sense.. yet if he never becomes Raichu he can’t do it.. Without some CRAZY plot twist which will be actually more like a hOle.. =/

  39. I love that it is tomorrow and we don’t have to wait like 10 days for the actual Direct! 😀 It is almost right before school for me so now I have something awesome to wake up to 😀

    1. Imagine, we would have had to wait till Sept. 12….I’m so glad they announced this tommorrow.

      1. Yeah, the wait was torturing for me and I am usually really patient except for when it comes to X & Y.

  40. I hope they show some new pokemon/mega and a 2nd eeveeloution. I am happy because i can watch it when i come home from school at 1pm in germany ;D

  41. Im soooo excited but the only issue is that this airs at 12pm tomorrow for me in Britain so how am i supposed to get to sleep tonight? Oh hell i have a day off tomorrow so im thinking pokemon movie marathon! 😀

  42. The Cool Thing About Being Gen 6.. Is NOW people can Finally have a team using what they think to be the BEST Pokémon of Each Gen as Their Team! =]

    1. Deoxys (Normal Forme)
      Deoxys (Attack Forme)
      Deoxys (Defense Forme)
      Deoxys (Speed Forme)

  43. I believe the Nintendo direct will consist of the following:

    – talk about Fairy type and its chart alignments (weaknesses, strengths etc)
    – English names and reveal of the starters full evo line
    – official Oorotto reveal
    – some more Mega Evolutions (official reveal of Mega Kangaskahn)

    1. I believe you will be disappointed =( Even if I’d like to see that, really, I don’t think that it’s likely.

    1. I can see it now… Pokemon SapphireSea and Pokemon RubyFlame! Generation 1 and 2 got remakes, Wynaut Hoenn?

      1. Yes!!!!!! Hoenn is my favorite generation (Too bad they won’t make a remake of emerald)

        1. If they remake Ruby and Sapphire they would more than likely have the features of Emerald as well.

      2. Because gamefreak enjoys seeing us be miserable. Just kidding, but maybe they are waiting for us to get comfortable with the x and y graphics first, because of the huge step it will take from ruby and sapphire graphics.Maybe They didn’t want to make the ruby and sapphire remakes after black and white 2 came out because ruby and sapphire were so good, they deserved better graphics than the black and white graphics.

        P.S. I see what you did there 🙂

      3. What I loved about gen 3 was how they focused more on the environment and scenery. It was a huge step from GSC, in graphics. But if they have remakes of RSE without trumpets….I will be severely disappointed.

    2. They wouldn’t announce new main series games (new or remakes) before the release of already announced main series games.

    3. As much as I’d love that, I don’t think they’re going to want to take the focus off XY right now. And…I’m pretty sure this direct is confirmed to be XY related? So no, no remake announcements likely 🙁

    1. I think Georgia is EST, so 7am? I live in Michigan and I’m gonna wake up at 6:45 to catch it, and I think both states are in the same time zone.

  44. I hope for something as Groudon-breaking, Heart Swap-stopping news that no one would have seen coming… just like Mega Evolutions.

  45. I WANT MORE MEGA-EVOLUUUUTIONS!!!! hopefully they will want to build hype buy releasing them all at once. It’s been killing me to know which ones will be getting the mega-treatment.

  46. Maybe they might reveal the return of Dream World, and maybe that’s where the rumored “Dream Battles” will take place.

  47. If anymore pokemon get a Megalution that’s revealed tomorrow, i would love a Mega Jynx! My Nikki would be usable again! (I named her Nikki after Nicki Minaj, but Nicki isn’t worthy enough to have her name spelled right, and Jynx in so much cooler, thus Nikki was born and named that to avoid any confusion!)

    Edit: Or Hoenn DLC announcements!

    1. Mega Jynx is my perfect candidate to get a Mega Evo. She needs some love! And Nikki ? hahaha

      I’m so excited to see what’s revealed

        1. Poor Jynx. She sorta got left behind after Magmar and Electabuzz got evos.

          I wonder though if any Megalutions will be shown tommorow ?

      1. If it is real everything is confirmed. But I don’t know this is real or not, but technically this is perfect without any mistakes.

          1. Why, because Litleo’s final is Fire/Fighting, because Fennekin’s final has 9 tails, because Noivern is a standalone, because Sylveon is the only cross gen evolution? In my opinion, this is okay.

    1. I think this was already proven false. Though I would ADORE an ice wolf and a few others!

        1. No, it still could be real. You can think this is fake because a lot of fanboys don’t like, but it could be real, there are no any problems with the List.

          1. No problems at all. They all sound great. Like I said, I heard it was fake, but I’m not 100% for sure. Although the Chespin Final Form is suspicious because Samurott was a Samuri.

        2. A lot of them have already been listed before. I think. I’m not 100% but I remember seeing it as false.

  48. If I were living in a dream they would announce that all the starters get a mega evolution and they would announce a second new eveelution to make sylveons counterpart (which it would be a dragon type) but I know that won’t happen sadly. Im just hoping its something amazing, like cool new mega pokemon or the starter’s evolutions!

  49. I would go crazy if they added the option of walking Pokemon, so that’s why we didn’t see Pokemon following the trainer.

    1. YES!!!!!! This Unbelievable thought has been in my mind and Heart for a WHILE Now! I say unbelievable because I doubt it =/

  50. Please Arceus, let it be confirmation that migration is possible, plus some eye-bleedingly awesome game footage. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

    What the heck is big enough news to warrant another pokemon-specific direct rather than leaving it to CoroCoro or Smash? The last one announced the 6th generation! Oh, my poke-fangirl heart is thumping madly tonight…

    1. “What the heck is big enough news to warrant another pokemon-specific direct rather than leaving it to CoroCoro or Smash?”


    2. I like what Kriffix posted earlier in regards to migration:

      “They’ll probably make a free downloadable app that you can transfer your B/W/B2/W2 Pokémon in, then when you switch cartridge to X/Y you’ll be able to transfer them in from there.
      After all, the dreamradar was a 3DS app that allowed you to transfer pokémon IN to B2/W2, it shouldn’t be too hard to make it so that it can take pokémon OUT then store them. Well, theoretically anyway.”

      1. I hope Kriffix is right – it’s my biggest hope for XY too and I won’t feel 100% happy about the games till I know all my old faithful pokes can join me in Kalos! 🙂

        1. I’ve had a strong belief in this for a while.. Also Remember that both the BW games and the 3DS are capable of Infrared connections…

  51. I hope we get RSE style dive back, only 10000 times bigger than BW/BW2. I wanna find pokemon in seaweed again, search for lost ruins, and maybe make a secret base.

      1. Hm… I Malamar reminds me of the Kraken. I find it odd that its first form is found in grass around water. A mythical creature with a 4X weakness to bugs. Lol.

  52. I imagine they will probably announce the Tretta localization, the Pokkén Fighters game, a few new Pokémon (including Ogrotto, Mega Kangaskhan, perhaps the first Mythical Pokémon), and generally remind us that Pokémon Rumble U is now available on the Nintendo eShop with the figures available at retail stores. Plus we might just get something a little less predictable, I’m thinking whatever they plan to fill in that last mystery slot on the X/Y site with or starter evolutions, even.

      1. True. I still expect all of the other stuff, though, myself. Especially the reminder about Rumble U.

      2. Actually, I just noticed that it’s being referred to as a “Pokémon Direct,” not necessarily JUST about X and Y. That’s not to say it won’t be mostly about those two games, but there’s a chance other things will be featured, too.

          1. You mean the Japanese site? The only official English mention of it I can find is on Twitter, where they refer to it as a “Pokémon Direct” (without “X & Y” in front).

  53. Why does Gamefreak have to do this in the middle of the week? And to make it worse at the time I leave for school. I will be the last to know any news. 🙁

    1. Why do they have to release the games in the middle of the school year is a better question.

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty bummed that the games are coming out while I’m just starting college, I’m just going to hope that I’ll have a bit of free time around then…

        1. You and me alike. I was disappointed when I learned the games would be released right in the middle of my first freshman semester. But unless I can get a job, I will have plenty of free time because of my classes.

        2. yeah and im in my last and hardest year of high school (im in IB program)

          But yeah its gonna be tough

      2. HA. I just started my grown up job in August, no more school for me….FREEDOM. FREEDOM I TELL YA!!! 😛

    2. I know I’ll be in the start of my first class and probably won’t know until lunch or after school D: WHY?!?!

  54. my BIGGEST hope is to see the evo’s of the starters, but i would also love to see more mega evos’s or new pokemon. 🙂 *fingers crossed

  55. I’m just pumped as hell to see what they reveal, honestly at this point after all the awesome things GF has shown us I don’t really what it is along as it as least not some form of recap video

  56. Oh my gosh… what if Colress is the Champion?! They might announce the return of old characters, so it could be possible. I don’t think so, but it would be very surprising.

    1. Better yet, what it the Juniper brothers idea is real, and the champion is all three for a triple battle?

  57. It’s confirmed we’ll get something new. I don’t know if anyone said this, but the website says it will feature new info about XY. I don’t think they would consider an Oorotto reveal to be “new” because Japan already has it. :/

    1. Man, that’s good to hear. I feel like I might be one of the only people who couldn’t care less about Oorotto, it’s design just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t mind if they introduce it, or it existing at all, but I would be super disappointed if it were all that they’d focus on.

      1. yeah we can wait until the game for us the frikin starter evolutions or some mega evolutions!

    1. I do hope so, but I wouldn’t mind playing without knowing the starters evo (so it’ll be more of a surprise) and fun, but I also want to see them to make a clear choice… What a dilema lol.

      1. UNLESS:
        Chespin final evo: Fire/Fighting
        Fennekin final evo: Fire/Fighting
        Froakie final evo: Fire/Fighting

  58. Am I the only one hoping that they will have a difficulty setting to select from at the beginning of the game? I’m tired of sitting down and breezing through. Give more experience for the higher level of difficulty and regular for easy or something too. I beat SS in less than a day.

    1. You are not alone! That was ridiculous that you had to beat the game before you could choose a difficulty level, and it was only made worse by the fact that each Version only got one of the difficulty levels.

      1. Especially whenever you remember everything from the original. Which I had Crystal version that I was proud of because I bought it with my own money. The were out of S and G

    2. YES….omg thank you for mentioning this. I want a difficulty beyond hard, even BW2 hard mode was too easy from the very beginning. Lunatic+ mode for pokemon X and Y. And it better be available from the beginning. All trainers have perfect IVs, max EVs, ridiculous attacks, and over leveled….xD. I want the 1st gym to feel like the elite four champion battle.

    3. Id definitely like a difficulty change. Nothing close to something like Shin Megami Tensei but something at least to where the wild Pokemon and trainers KNOW whats effective against you and will try to smack you around with it. Its irritating when you know something your facing has Ice Beam, and you have a Grass type out and they use Water Gun or something… ridiculous.

      Actually, I think trainers should have AI based on types, instead of just GL and E4 having slightly more intelligent AI. An example would be- Veteran trainers would have Pokemon with nice coverage and would switch out and use types to their advantage… where as the Juniors or Youngsters might not know as much and switch into a SE attack or use the incorrect move type. Just my opinion.

        1. Im just now trying out the series with the 3DS release, and its very hard for me to even adjust to normal difficulty honestly. Im not used to RPGs that punish you for missing attacks lol. Also, its kinda nerve wracking to play, since you can pretty much die if you face ANYTHING thats within 10 levels of your character. I dont think Pokemon needs THAT per se… Im going to try to finish SMT just to say I can do it, but I want my Pokemon to stay a slightly more casual and fun experience- without the constant anxiety.. lol.

  59. I know it’s unlikely BUT it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to announce that the demo will be going onto the e-shop, right? *Being overly optimistic ’cause I’m excited* 😀

    1. Im hoping its the demo as well, but its probably pertaining to the special 3DS XLs that were leaked from a retail manifest awhile back, and possibly the strange screen shot that was shown after the Pokemon Convention’s history video.

  60. EPPPPP! SO last minute, yet so enjoyable! 😀 I physically made a sound when I saw this (hereby scaring my family) xD It sucks though that it starts at 7 for me and I have class like 5 minutes after. Dangit! I’m definitely gonna find out, though, even if I get in trouble! This is worth it! 😀 I honestly don’t care what they reveal, so long as it is something good that I can fangirl about to my best friend :3

  61. For GameFreak to be doing another pokemon direct means either big X and Y game news or an X and Y related event. Potentially, we could get the starter evos or perhaps an announcement that a global demo will be available from the e-shop. Either way, I’m seriously anticipating tomorrow!

      1. It will probably be that, maybe along with new evolution methods, and, as always with Pokémon Directs, a minimum of one new Pokémon :p

        1. And then at the end of the nintendo direct, we hear:

          “Hello, My name is Masahiro Sakurai, and this is Mewtwo.”

  62. I know this is off topic but what do you guys think about the leaked Pokedex list on pastebin? Real or fake? I honestly hope it’s fake. I just want opinions from the other readers on here because I’m really nervous about it. lol. Apparently, a bunch of people from GameFAQ’s made wish lists…

    1. I’d say they’re fake, but I love them so much! I want them to be real! The zombie would definitely have a spot on my team. ^-^

  63. I hope they reveal the official artwork of Oorotto and Mega Kangaskhan. That baby Mega Kangaskhan is just too cute! What do you guys want to be revealed?

          1. I know we have Rotom, but Oorotto I think is more “official” since Rotom’s Grass/Ghost combo is a form.

    1. Starter. Evos. Don’t get me started on that.
      More Pokemon (cause that’s always good :D)
      Oorotto (Seriously. Troll Freak. Stahp)
      And that’s I have in mind. But I’m cool with anything.

  64. I don’t have to leave for school until about an hour and a half past the Direct video. 😀

    I just have to wake up and get ready really early, so I can watch Direct, then walk out the door. 🙂

    1. I can just wake up early and watch it, since my class doesn’t start until 11am. 😀 Where DO we watch it anyways?

  65. Show us STARTER EVOS and OOROTTO pretty PLEASE with everything delicious and Pokémon related on top 🙂

    1. Oh my god! I swear the Pokemon Company just wants us to speculate. I want to see the official artwork, typing, and ability of Oorotto, NOW!

      1. TrollFreak strikes again :3
        But seriously.
        For real.
        You released that trailer in the movie at July.
        Why is there nothing on it?! D:
        And like I said before, starter evos. ‘Nuff said.

        1. They showed a watered down version of it a few days ago on the’s official Youtube channel internationally, right? They cut out Oorotto in that. 🙁

          1. Say what?! They are totally trying to erase it like-
            ‘Ooopps you guys totally can’t see that yet’
            ……..Murderous rage. Of the Brooklyn variety. (Even though I am not from Brooklyn, it’s from something xD)

  66. What if they don’t reveal a single starter evolution on the direct or corocoro or pokemon sunday?

    1. TrollFreak will personally recieve something from little ol’ me. >:) And it will not be pretty.

    2. Then they must really want us to slowly die from agonizing torture to be surprised by the evolutions once we evolve them.

    3. I hope they reveal them so everyone can stop thinking they are gonna reveal them every single time there’s an announcement.

  67. Well, I guess after 4 months of having the best possible time to hear announcements, I finally get what’s coming to me. Don’t know whether or not I’ll be waking up at 4am tomorrow.

  68. Why, oh why, does this Pokemon Direct have to be on my first day of school? I think Arceus hates me or something. Lol.

    1. My QuaDialga Timeshifter Union from the land of Gamestop have nothing against you. And…that made no sense.

  69. Quick, somebody encourage me to get myself out of bed at 4am tomorrow morning, because I sure don’t want to.

    1. The news won’t be going anywhere. You can sleep in. xD But then again, I think I might be staying up till midnight. xD

      1. It’s not like it would be here on this very site at 6:30 when I always get up or anything 😛

    2. “Hello, I’m Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. I have a new character from the Pokemon series that I would like to reveal. Please take a look…..”

  70. I WILL wake up early just to see it Live, and feel the emotion just like it was when Gen 6 was first Revealed!

    1. I still remember that morning: January 8th, the day awesomeness was revealed in front of the whole world. <3

      1. My jaw literally dropped on that day. It was all I could think about for the rest of the week 😀

          1. I think about Pokemon all the freaking time, it’s just that I focus on other things sometimes 😀

        1. Fennekin, Froakie, Chespin, Xerneas, and Yveltal still look just as amazing as they did on that day. 😀

          1. And I am the kind of person who keeps his mouth shut most of the time, but I was saying things like “Wow” “Amazing” and “Can’t Wait” under my breath when there was nobody around. It was an exciting time for sure.

  71. starters evos revealed are else your gettin bombed gamefreak. I cant TAKE it anymore. gen6 has the most INTERESTING starters since gen 3 and I want to know their evos NOW.

  72. Hey, guys! Are you ready for something big! NINTENDO 1DS! It is a new system, Nintendo will be making! I has 1 screen and could play games with your TV, Phone, and Android Devices. It will be $99.99! Just Kidding! It is a joke from Nintendo themselves you can check it out yourself! Link:

          1. I’m not sure if it’s actually their website; somebody could have just edited the contents of the 2DS webpage and kept all other links. But I’m not entirely sure…

    1. All jokes aside, If this was real, It would be 1000 time better than an 3DSXL combined with a Wii U if it was 1080p HD.

      1. Except not 3D, which is the 3DS’s biggest charm apart from its great library of games. I feel alone knowing I might be the only one who plays with 3D on all the time. 🙁

        1. I agree, I can’t play any 3DS games without 3D…it looks weird/bad. Edit: changed “3DS XL” to “2DS”

    2. If there’s anyone that needs to look at this, it’s Nintendo. I mean they are literally him them a free idea for the next generation of handheld gaming.

        1. I hate mobile gaming because of the touchscreen controls. I want real buttons. Which is why this is a good idea.

    3. The laugh of this is that if it were real i would actually buy it! A way to play my 3ds games on my tv or iphone em yes please lol
      BTW who else wants a new wii u game to be linkable with the 3ds to allow you to play XY on your tv screen like Stadium used to let you do with gen 1 and 2?

    4. If this was real, it better be in HD.
      EDIT: Which make me think, if you connect your Android to the top of this, how would you get the HD? Unless it’s like the 2DS…

  73. Serebii Update: “The first details about the upcoming X & Y Test
    Competition has been announced. They have revealed that the competition is to
    run around December or January as they prepare the system to prevent cheaters
    from being able to engage in the competitions. The entry requirements for this
    tournament were for you to have participated and ranked in the recent 2013
    Global Showdown which included a test of these features and banned around 1,500
    participants due to using cheated Pokémon. We’ll bring more as it comes”

    Details @


      1. If they fix this issue for Wi-fi and GTS, I WANT cross compatibility, because gamefreak is finally addressing my only complaint against cross compatibility.

  74. Anybody know where I can watch the live stream tomorrow?!?! Sorry if the question was already asked…

  75. My mind has been jumping between two thoughts all night:
    1. Gotta get my homework done tonight!
    2. Gotta wake up and get ready in time to catch the Direct live tomorrow morning!!

    I really want to see some new Pokemon; if not, I at least want to know Orot’s typing.

      1. Lol! Not me! It’ll be available on most sites when I wake up, so I’m not even waking back up for it!

    1. I have a big paper to do, so I am powering through that tonight, watchin’ some Nintendo direct, and hopefully going to sleep content right afterward.

    2. wait can i watch as it is being uploaded in another time region or just mine? EDIT: sorry sorry that was a dumb question on my part

  76. I shall see you all around an hour after the Direct (5:00 am PT), so keep up the conversations until I get back here!

    1. Actually, I think you might be an hour off! Right now it’s exactly 1.5 hours until the Nintendo Direct broadcast.

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