The Journey to X & Y Truly Begins Here!

Join us for the J2XY!

We’re now almost a month away from Pokémon X & Pokémon Y releasing internationally, and it’s time for us to have some fun. Over the next five or so weeks we’re going to be running a series of articles following the Journey to X & Y. There’s no need to worry, the usual Journey to X & Y episodes will still run, but we’ve decided to expand the title to an entire series of articles. After all, the journey truly begins now, right?

It’s no coincidence that five is not only the number of weeks remaining until the game release, but also the number of Generations of Pokémon games we have had up until X & Y. That’s exactly what our weekly themes will be!

Leading up to October 12 each week we will publish daily articles featuring on a generation of Pokémon, beginning with the first and ending with then fifth. After the fifth week our extensive Pokémon X & Y coverage will begin, including unique features and articles. This set of weekly generation themed articles will begin later this week.

What can you expect to see? That’s simple: a variety of content over various posts. We’ll have some discussion based articles, like Dae Asks and JungleTalk, some new opinion-based articles, competitive-centric features and even a collection of generation theme fan art from all over the net. Our usual weekly coverage of news will also resume, expect to see Corocoro, Smash and tomorrows Pokémon Direct coverage. It’s just our original content features and that will take on these weekly generation themes.

That’s not all though! It wouldn’t be PokéJungle if we didn’t ask you, the reader, what you’d like to see from us in the upcoming weeks. Is there something you’d like us to explore in a specific week? Or even a question you’d like us to pose to the community? Let us know and we’ll do our best to fulfil your wishes!

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39 Days Remaining Until

 Pokémon Smash! — September 1, FINISHED

  1. So this is the something new huh? Sounds like a great idea
    Personally, I would love to see articles on fanmade artwork from each gen or maybe info about the staff’s favourite Pokemon from each gen and why

  2. This will surely make the wait better 🙂 How would some staff opinions on X & Y, favorite Pokemon, etc. sound?

    1. I’m certain we will have a couple of opinions pieces on XY, the favourite Pokémon idea could be great. 🙂

  3. What does PokeJungle think about the “Leaked Kalos Dex” that’s been going around?

    I’ve seen it passed around and it looks interesting like Melkor’s pre-BW leak. It originated on /vp/ though I believe, with the post explaining more about where it originated. Here’s the original thread:

    I think it’s fake, but I’d like to see PokeJungle break it down like they do with most rumors. It didn’t leave much breathing room, and we may see it confirmed/deconfirmed tommorow.

    1. As of yet, we’ve got no reason to believe any of the information in it is valid, so we’ve not posted anything on it. It’s very easy for someone to compile a list of believable Pokémon.

      That said, if we have any reason to believe it’s true we will provide a full breakdown ASAP 🙂

  4. this sounds very interesting, im kinda excited when i see a new article on Pokejungle(maybe i’m a bit weird)

  5. I personally feel that the direct tomorrow will showcase “transfer your shiny dialga/palkia/giratina event from B2W2 over to X and Y and you’ll unlock the elusive *inserts new pokemon name here*


      1. No. Here’s a list from Serebii.

        GAME in the UK, EB Games in Canada and Australia, JB HiFi in New Zealand, Micromania, Toys “R” Us, Cultura, Fnac, La Grande Récré, Picwic, and JouéClub in France, GameStop and Toys “R” Us in Italy, Germany, Switzerland & Austria, Blade Center, Fnac, Canal Ocio, El Corta Inglés, GAME, GameStop, Gamestore, Hipercor, Media Markt, Toys “R” Us, and Worten in Spain, Fnac in Portugal, TOYS”R”US and GameStop in Sweden, GameMania in Belgium and Media Markt and Saturn in the Netherlands.

        1. Oh…but why don’t they just release it on wi-fi if it turns out to be that important for X and Y.

  6. Id like to see an article for each gen about what team each member of staff would make using Pokemon from each gen. Then we could all discuss our teams in the comments. Then in the week of XY release we can comment about how our team’s are shaping up as we play the games.

  7. Just a question to the staff, if something like a leaked pokedex or art of the starter evos shows up, will that be hidden in spoilers? I know that was done with the B/W release, so I’m curious if that will be the case again. If not, I’ll have to go into hiding when something like that happens. 😛

      1. I’m glad! I’m someone who only wants to know information that is intended for us to know. I wanna enjoy my X and Y experience!

        1. Me too, I feel if it got leaked I wouldn’t enjoy it as much xD It’s been like 10 years since the last game where I knew noting about. I want to evolve my Pokemon without knowing what their evolution’s are.

    1. Yes. If it’s not hidden in spoiler tags the post title will clearly state that it contains spoilers. 😛

  8. I think they may introduce how to transfer Pokemon from BW/B2W2. That or another new mechanic on how to evolve Pokemon. I think we’ll see Pancham’s and Inkay’s evolution methods.

  9. Could the Pokejungle team post a rumor debunker article? I want to separate fact from fiction and speculation.

      1. Your right, but for some reason I enjoy seeing what rumors pop up, and how spot on or far off they are.

    1. I too would like an article like this, even if it’s just “this and this are trustworthy and everything else has no credit” or something.

  10. I know that this is a bit off topic (sort of) but.. Do you think they might introduce a playable character for Smash Bros. from Pokemon?

  11. This doesnt apply to pre-launch, but I would like to see a main article going up the day before release(when Nintendo World Store shoppers can get the game IIRC, and Japan will have it almost 24 hours before anyone in the US can get it except at that one store in NYC), that will be updated with each new Pokemon found and its location. Readers can post pictures and sources in the comments, and together we can hopefully put together a rough Pokedex within the first 2 days of release! (since AFAIK there isnt a way to strip the data out of the game card)

    1. What did you mean by ” exept one store in nyc”? If there is a place to get the games early in ny ill need to drive up there that weekend!

      1. Sorry I should have been clearer on that- I heard either Nintendo World or it could be a Pokemon Center either one, in New York gets them the day before or at midnight, dont remember which one. Im sure you could google it and find out more, but its just for people that pre ordered it im sure!

        1. Ohh okay. I thought you meant like a significant amount of time earlier. My local gamestop does the midnight release but i always end getting the new games 3-7 days before release anyways here in MD

          1. Nah, just a day. Is gamestop doing midnight release for these as well? I thought they couldnt do that with Nintendo titles for some reason? What store can you get the game that far in advance??? 0_o

          2. Idk i never heard that before but i know my local gamestop is for x and y. Its a little import store here in MD i use to date the owners daughter i only got b/w a few days early but d/p i ended up getting the Japanese. Version 5 days before it released in japan. Lol

  12. Could you guys do an article on favorite everythings? Ex: Fav Pokémon, Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, Rival, Champion, Evil Team, ect.

  13. OMG!!!! I LOVE THIS IDEAAAA!!! I WANT TO CRY :’D IT’LL BE REALLY AWESOME PJ!! I want to remember all the pokemon games 😀 thanks a lot for the gift

  14. Man im soo excited 😀 Tomorrow well Im going stay at school but when I arrive to my house I’ll get a big surprise

  15. I have a question and sorry it’s out of topic but I live in Dominican Republic and the time right now here is 7:16 pm! I want to know when the news about pokemon x and y start tomorrow?

  16. Ya’ll should totally cover the beta Pokemon and in game mysteries and glitches!!! Would love it!!!

          1. you can read all that type of stuff on Bulbapedia. They’re very informative articles. But it’s not something I think Pokéjungle should cover

          2. Thats Bulbapedia. I like Pokejungle and its writers and think that they can write about anything and make it understandable and fun!

  17. I’m fine and cool with anything that will keep me from destroying everything for having to wait so long, yet so short of a time as October 12th. But, if I think about it, I would like something like a region breakdown or something about the stories of the games. That can be kinda cool. But whatever’s fine 😀

  18. I live in nevada I want to know what time would news tommarow to guess if I would be In school.

      1. waht bout central time. wait let me guess. 6AM. I will be gettin ready for school unfortuantly 🙁 but lucky me neoseeker is uploading the video

        1. I love your avatar! It’s really creative and it really symbolizes your love for *Cough* people with Chespin eating an apple as their avatar *Cough* [=

    1. this. hmm… mons…….my team would be:
      GEN 1:Snorlax or Dragonite..mabye dragonite
      GEN 2:Hmm…..Tyranitar?
      GEN3:Metagross no excuse or latios
      GEN 4:Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Rhyperior? Naw…..
      GEN 5: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Uh…….ummmm…….I dunno 🙁 I didnt really like the gen 5 pokemon. so all in all EPIC FAIL At making team. as for gen 6 not enough info yet

    2. Gen 1: Dragonite
      Gen 2: Scizor
      Gen 3: Blaziken
      Gen 4: Mamoswine
      Gen 5: Thundurus
      Gen 6: Mega Mawile

    3. I don’t know about best, but I do know about favorites!
      G1: Venusaur

      G2: Kingdra

      G3: Metagross

      G4: Togekiss

      G5: Galvantula

      G6: Sylveon

    1. I got 4 of those beauties on my 4 Black and White series games. And I love them all equally 😀

      1. You know you still have 5 days to go and get one right? 🙂 Besides you might need them for something in X & Y so you might be missing out if you don’t get them.

        1. ehhh ….ummm……K….There is another reason and that is I dont have a black and white/black and white 2 game. I once and the 1st but lost it. I never got part 2 cuz I didnt really like unova to begin with :(.

          1. Oh I understand. I am sure the 2cnd ones wer good. Its just the region that I dislike. hoehn and even sinnoh(platinum) were better(with johto being my fave region). anyway I am sure Ima not pose to be starting these chains of replies so I will stop here

          2. …..STOP ENTICING ME Lol. Okay okay you got me. I wanna play black(or white) 2……Oh wow. Look at me increasing the chain. I must be talkative today…

  19. I would like a comparison of the past 6 generations and how much information we had at this point. It might be difficult to find reliable info for the first/second generations but surely the most recent ones can provide us some insight.

  20. my body is ready for 2 things. starter evos and some hint of the story
    I mean come on. They dont have to show the last evo of the starters. They can just show the first evo and I will be happy

  21. My hopes for Nintendo Direct:
    – NEW GYM LEADER(S)!!!
    – NEW POKEMON!!!
    – NEW MEGAS!!!
    – But most importantly…
    US ESHOP DEMOS! WHO’S WITH ME! But really, starter evos better happen. Or Oorotto as well, since that thing hasn’t been mentioned in months! Possibly an…
    EARLY GAME LEAK??????? 😀
    Despite the fact that the Early Game Leak won’t happen, or the ESHOP demo for the US, a guy can dream. I will try to be on the forums more often and catch up with X/Y news since just 39 short days until the release! :D:D:D:D

      1. I don’t see why they wouldn’t…the only reason I could see why not is because they want it to be “exclusive” or something..

        1. ahem. they are “trollfreak”. of course they wouldnt let us people who couldnt make it to pax ect have an eshop demo

    1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Sure. AWW HECK YEAH! 😀 Gives me something to satisfy me and not destroy everything in my house. I would replay that demo over and over and over again. I would never get tired of it.
      …..Does that mean I have a problem? D:
      OH WELL.

      1. ummm not to bust your bubble but wouldnt you then run outta demo plays. 🙁 if the demos were like psvita demos than OH YEAA

        1. D: NOOOOO I can’t run out of demo plays…..I would go insane! D: Unlimited demo plays for everyone 😀

          1. ….NOOOOO. I would go insane too. itd be like not having caffine for a day(not that I drink coffee). the more I think about it the mroe I will get crazy and blow my hoiuse up. NOOO. PLease gf copy vita and make the first unlimited demo
            (nooo. I have gone so crazy that I have made several typos. nooo. typos are embarrisssing)

          1. yeeep. But u wanna know whatd suck more? Not getting a demo AT ALL. So all in all I dont care how many times we can play the demo as along as we get it lol

    1. If we don’t get them tomorrow, we’ll probably get them in this month’s corocoro, because the corocoro that comes out before the next gen game has them in it..(or atleast when the one before gen 5 came out did..)

  22. With the couple days I will have to play X and Y, I will stay up all night. Then my grades will start dropping. Thanks GameFreak! 🙂 < 🙁

        1. yeeeep. actually the only d I had was in math. But that was for other reasons he heh
          (yoiu can thank lady luck for me passing lol)

          1. I personally have no problems with math; I got A’s through Algebra and am now in Geometry Honors. God damn I need to stop bragging about that!

          2. heh heh. I am good in math too. the reason I near failed was cuz I was…was……LAZY. And kept losing all my bellringers. and kept failing the tests for some reason……

          3. Dude got all A’s in Algebra and Geometry. English and History TERRIBLE! But I some how manage to get into 11th.

          4. ^this. i somehow Got to 12th. I dunno how. I did nothing in chemistry so i was sure I was gonna fail that. N english lol. was the main reason I failed 11th the first time. 🙁

          5. Wow I can’t believe that I’m in high school now and I’m so close to finishing school! Well, probably 2020 will be my college grad year, but that’s only seven years!

          6. psh college. I am so scared secretly of going to college. mainly cuz of all them essays I expect to be written 🙁

          7. ahshhahahahahahaha. *rofl* I wouldnt last a DAY in colllege. (but I wouldt mind the lonly tiems in college. can do whatever I want and “look” at whatever I want)

          8. I can write a book on pokemon. I have even memorized EVERY stat of pokemon. k not really. i have just memorized which pokemon’s stats is the best

          9. HOW. I can barely write 100. you their sir? sorry bad with genders on net. you their must be the next mark twain

          10. Once my teacher told us to write at least 1000 words on our paper, and I has already written about 1750, so I then started to wrap it up xD

          11. :(. Than I am gonna spam email you till u write me this essay I need turned in tommorow just kidding
            sides I dunnot even know your adress and dont want to know it

          12. i had to write a 4000 word essay this summer for IB. In high school. Yeah but enough of that and back to pokemon

          13. oh no. its happening. all this lame boring stuff has made a school pokemon in the shape of a teacher form

          14. hey guys college isnt all that bad ill be playing pokemon during my breaks as long as i have my work done which it usually is

          15. but I CANT Lol. aint cuz of pokemon. its cuz of my lame brain. Why right now I am post to be writing an essay for my 12th grade englis class. I just lack the skills to write.

          16. Well like I said, it’s not your fault if you can’t comprehend every topic; most people are built that way. So cheer up and be the very best like no one ever was! 😀

          17. sigh. now my self esteem has dropped even more. oh well. I have been like this since elemntry. Its always been that I cant write a singe thing hardly but othrs in my classes can with ease

          18. Don’t worry I’m way worse than you. I’m like a regigigas, I got that slow start ability. Essays won’t get started until the last minute.

          19. heh heh. 🙁 I seem to be able to write with a “trigger” but even that doesnt help. heh. ah oh well. why da front door or we even talkin bout essays on a pokemon place anyway lol? OOO. What if their was an essay pokemon

          20. But we must find harmony between the things we love and the things we must fulfill. That’s probably a quote from N.

          21. screw the things thy must fufill. Love overcomes oru(or*) fufills…..Okay that was dumb and random

        2. I’m going to respond to my own comment here and suggest that we stop the comment chain below me. We just saw the guidelines yesterday and we must respect the rules by limiting useless comments. Just sayin’.

    1. i probably wont get X and Y until december because i have to worry about college apps and other school work

  23. who all is gettin x and or y and or both on the first day?
    I know I am. If I dont Ima get my old slave whip out on my parents(jk)

      1. yes. power to x.
        (and for those all who has this thought in their mind it is not gay to get x if your a guy. had trolls on pokemon showdown saying that)

    1. I love the forest background in the intro in X. It’s so different, and I like it. I’m getting X. But I’ll probably get Y later.

  24. Something I want to see is actually in the green header bar: links to the forums, Twitter, Facebook(), and the new Community Guidelines should all be available from the front page, I think.

    1. You know, I have no idea why that still hasn’t happened. Just realised since the new theme there’s not even a link to the forums any more.

  25. you know what would be just as good as starters……FOSSIL MONS. We need the fossil mons showned. (and the trio)

      1. litleo evo: fire fighting
        sbr tooth: fire fighting
        raptor pkmn: fire fighting
        heliptile evo: fire fighting
        clauncher evo: fire fighting

        1. i mean come on..whats a generation without a Fire/Fighting pokemon i right or am i right?

  26. You know how we are all saying that we want to see the new Trio or the new this and that? We really don’t know how many old ideas will carry on through this generation, so at this point anything goes. Your wildest dreams could come true in the new world of Pokemon 😀

    1. Well, there is the potential for new trends, definitely, or even breaking trends. We may not have a Lucario/Zoroark counterpart this generation for instance, there has been absolutely no promotion of anything that could be, maybe because Zoroark wasn’t quite as resounding in popularity as Lucario was *though, I do like Zoroark, but the counterpart factor to Lucario could have been seen a bit forced* but I’d think we will DEFINITELY have a Legendary Trio. Had one since Gen I, it is as core to the series as starters are I’d think.

      I do think, though, we should try and dissect Pokemon dialogue more. I saw a Pokememes that remarked that someone in Pokemon BW2 actually brought up wanting to ride Pokemon instead of bikes. And they SO often say something in earlier games that come true later. So we should compile a list of interesting ‘possible things in the future’ that haven’t happened yet.

      1. Very well said. The fun thing about this open speculation for X and Y is that any ideas we have could carry on in the future, with any luck.

  27. So are people going to post pictures of some unique things they discover in X and Y here on pokejungle at/after October 12th? Someone is definitely gonna find a shiny starter. They should post a picture here.

    1. Well, we’ve seen Shiny Starters, people got them during the Demos. I don’t remember where the pictures are, though they could probably easily be searched for, but Fennekin was Purple primarily, and Froakie green. There wasn’t much of a change on Chespin it appeared, kind of a blueish tint to his shell I think. *unless confirmed fake, which evidentially they were, so I’m just talking completely ignorantly*

          1. Well that’s good, if that’s all that had been done to Chespin, I was going to be extremely disappointed.

          2. I think Sylveon shiny is real because it was twittered live directly from the demo so they never had time to photoshop

        1. And I was about to edit that in. I hadn’t been around a few days, so if they were confirmed fake, then I hadn’t heard.

        1. Alright, thanks. Also, they have a Skiddo shiny on there, which looks mostly like they are using the colors of the shiny Gogoat we saw much earlier as a basis for it. How much you want to bet that Skiddo will completely do something entirely different for no reason, despite that being a logical shiny. Wouldn’t be the first time. Unless of course that shiny IS confirmed. They also have that skrelp, where did that one come from.

        2. Wait, so Fennekin is fake? I’ve never seen Chespin’s or Froakie’s so I’m a bit confused, nor have I seen Flabebe’s.

        3. The Chespin picture was taken by one of our fellow readers here, and they claimed they weren’t fake. I trusted his word, too, so I hope he didn’t actually deceive us!

  28. I think it would be interesting post a few new polls every week to go along with each generation’s coverage. They could be as basic as, “Do you think this generation was an improvement over the last?” or they could be something more deeply related to that generation in particular, like, “Which game or games from this generation were an improvement?” or, “Which game or games did you like best from this generation?” It’s an easy and fun way to get the community to interact with the site without having to leave comments.

  29. I’d like to see a article about the Safari Zone and its variations throughout the years. That, or the Game Corner throughout the years.

  30. This sounds like quite the ambitious project, I’m surprised you would try something like this. That being said, it sounds like it should be fun! Good luck, hopefully it turns out to be five weeks of exceptional articles.

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