Pokémon Direct, Airing SOON!

After the surprise announcement yesterday, we’re here to bring you our live coverage of the Pokémon Direct broadcast. While we’re uncertain of exactly what we’ll see today, it’s almost certainly going to be a big day for fans!

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Live Stream

Mobile users click HERE to view the stream.

Live Coverage

For our coverage we will provide live updates via our twitter feed and bullet points here (newest news to oldest). A summary post will be put up shortly after with all compiled information in a more readable format.

  • Mega Evolution can only occur when the trainer and Pokemon have a strong enough bonds.
  • Kanto Starters have Mega Evolutions
  • Starter Pokemon to be given by a friend, Professor to give you a Kanto starter
  • Annual fee to cover maintenance of the Pokemon Bank system and future compatibility with title.
  • Pokemon Bank is a paid service which stores Pokemon in an online “Box”. Another app called “Pokemon Transporter” will allow Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 will allow for Generation V games to upload to it.
  • Discussing link cable in original Gameboy games before the internet
  • Mr. Ishihara is hosting today
  • Pokémon Direct is starting shortly

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