Pokémon Direct, Airing SOON!

After the surprise announcement yesterday, we’re here to bring you our live coverage of the Pokémon Direct broadcast. While we’re uncertain of exactly what we’ll see today, it’s almost certainly going to be a big day for fans!

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Live Stream

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Live Coverage

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  • Mega Evolution can only occur when the trainer and Pokemon have a strong enough bonds.
  • Kanto Starters have Mega Evolutions
  • Starter Pokemon to be given by a friend, Professor to give you a Kanto starter
  • Annual fee to cover maintenance of the Pokemon Bank system and future compatibility with title.
  • Pokemon Bank is a paid service which stores Pokemon in an online “Box”. Another app called “Pokemon Transporter” will allow Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 will allow for Generation V games to upload to it.
  • Discussing link cable in original Gameboy games before the internet
  • Mr. Ishihara is hosting today
  • Pokémon Direct is starting shortly

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  1. I’m staying up for this, so they better show something substantial or I’ll slap a Togepi.

  2. oh boy i Pray and hope they talk about the gen 6 Starters Evos and some more New Mega Pokemon:)

  3. Please show the starter evos!! Im gonna bet they’re gonna reveal X and Y 2ds or 3ds bundles 🙂

  4. First Direct from Nintendo that I get to see live w/ everyone else 🙂 Hopefully we get some interesting info!!

  5. Thank God in my place it’ll be 7 p.m, so no need to stay awake late at night 😀 I’d like to see the rumored X&Y bundle ’cause I’ve been reaally saving up to buy it.

    And of course, no Pokemon X & Y news without new Pokemon 🙂

  6. hope for that the battlefield will affect pokemon and that moves could affect the battle field and vice versa, like in the naime, that you can heat up the ground, cause rain for 3 turns after splahing water with a powerfull move, hide behind a rock or in the grass to protect and something like that.

  7. Hi guys! Carl here, previously known as Kyureshizek. Haha.
    Asia won’t need to stay up late! It’s just 6pm here in the Philippines. Let’s all enjoy the show later, okay? 🙂
    What ever happens.

  8. it would be cool if pokemon of the same or similar speed could colide physically or allow special move to have collisions and explode that it woul harm both pokemon and depending on distance from the explosion.

  9. Expectations for this live broadcast-
    – Explaining Team Flare in greater detail, their story, goal, etc
    – Atleast 2 more Mega evolutions- though I expect to see Mega Kangaskhan’s sugimori artwork
    – Official announcement of Oorotto with english name, sugimori art.
    – Announcing a new game – the short clip showing Blaziken and Lucario fighting in a realistic Tokyo-like setting.
    – Announcing an event for X & Y involving the shiny Dialga, Palkia and Giratina promotional event
    – atleast 1 new Pokemon revealed.
    – New gameplay trailer
    – Discussing Pokemon-Amie in greater detail and how it affects battles.

    hahaha as I wrote this it got slightly out of hand, I certainly don’t expect ALL of this, but let’s hope! Reply with your thoughts?

      1. I agree. It doesn’t seem like they would do a whole Direct towards Pokemon just for more details on things we already know(I think I said this in the last Pokemon Direct too). I think it’s something BIG that we aren’t aware of yet.

        1. The website says it will talk about NEW details, and to have to have a whole Direct dedicated to it, it must be something big. My body is Reggie. 🙂

    1. No, I’d be willing to bet quite the large chunk of money on that event not being connected to X & Y at all. The rest sounds good, though.

      1. Well, we got shiny Entei, Raikou, and Suicune in the gen 4 games, that unlocked Zoroark in the new games. (BW). In BW we got Keldeo that when sent to BW2 unlocked Keldeo Resolute. These three might unlock something in XY, but there’s really no way to tell.

        1. It would have been announced in Japan, not to mention that they would have been proclaiming “Get a Pokémon that will unlock secrets in the upcoming X & Y games!” from the beginning if that were the case. It seems pretty clear that they will not unlock anything.

  10. I giggle think of the shock my office coworkers would experience if I told them I woke up early this morning for Pokemon…hehehee

  11. I predict they will give us a new trailer showing off new meaglutions,starter evos,or mabye new mechanics.And then,at the end they’re gonna announce 2DS or 3DS X and Y bundles^^

  12. Only 15 minutes! Thank you for having a stream at 9pm at night for me nintendo and game freak! Don’t have to stay up late this time!

  13. They will probably start by going over some of the stuff revealed already such as Mege Evolutions, Pokemon Amie and the PSS at which times we may get the odd bit of new info. Then at the end they will probably announce a new mechanic or maybe a new legendary event pokemon that might be available around launch time. Either way we are guaranteed to get something new and most definitely get loads of new footage so im happy.

  14. I don’t know what we’ll be seeing today, but I am certainly one of the ones hoping we get some sort of Smash Bros. news. New (old returning?) character or stage would be a nice treat to see today.

      1. You should definitely try it! Even if you don’t normally like fighting games I think you’d enjoy it, especially with friends. And don’t worry, there will be no hitting, I’ll have Jigglypuff use Rest.

    1. Why would they do that in a Pokemon Direct though? Wouldn’t that be better for a Smash Bros. Direct?

      1. Yes, I really want one of those. I just figured if they were going to announce something like that anytime soon it would be during a Pokémon Direct.

  15. I have a feeling this is gonna be something big. *knock on wood* Why else would they need 15 mins for it?

  16. Do you think they might expand on that potential Wii U game and give us the title and unveil it?

    1. Maybe, but this is an XY direct. Unless that game was closely related, like a WiiU version. But it’s a stretch!!!

  17. NOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAG. I was seeing the transformation of Charizard to Mega Charizard, but I didn’t get to see what it looked like!

    Edit: And the angle on Serebii doesn’t help too much, charizard is kind of in midflight, blocking some details. But, pretty good image of Blastoise.




    I think one thing I can tell is, aside from his belly section extending, he looks very much slimmed down.

  18. I just realized I’ve always prefered the grass starter (except for 4th gen – Empoleon)…Looks like it will be Chespin and Bulbasaur for me

    1. We all sorta knew it would happen XD it’s nice to have confirmation though. I didn’t get to see Mega starters very well though, only Venusaur they looked like the clones from the first movie at first glance.

      1. The confirmation that we can transfer makes me so damn happy lol. My Sceptile is heading to Kalos!! ^_^

        Haha, and I’m sure there’s video of it now and we can pause to get a better look at the Megas 😀

    1. A transfer and storage system, confirmation of the fact that we will be getting TWO starters, MegaEvolutoins for Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur AND the fact that the X/Y 3DS will be available in North America….What more could you want?

          1. Yes, I get that. But how MUCH is it. The actual price point. Annual doesn’t say anything about the actual dollar amount.

        1. I’m hoping they’ll offer something like “first month free” to enable people to transfer from 5th gen

          1. They are both one in the same. Transporter uploads to bank, bank transfers to X/Y. Im hearing that there will be some sort of free trial grace period to start though.

    2. Kinda was wish they just did this in a new gameplay video but, what can you do at least we learned something cool new things that people already called.

    1. They’re not bundles, just 3DS XL systems that feature the Xerneas/Yveltal design. No game is included in the purchase.


    lol but seriously, I yelled out “YES, F*** YEAH” when they popped up on screen!

  20. I wish there had been more of course, but I love that you get to have one of the original starters! And that X and Y 3DS looks good…

    1. Going for Froakie and Charmander! Though considering that Torchic will be given through wi-fi, it might be wiser for me to go with Bulbasaur!

      1. Yeah but I’m going to use my soon to be hatched shiny Mudkip if I can import early! 😀 I’ll probably use Chespin, Blastoise,Blaziken. Still going with Charmander and Chespin. If I have to wait until the end of the game which I don’t think you have to this time around I’ll use a temporary water type and train my Mudkip until it’s evolved and ready to use :DD

        1. SHINY. CHARIZARD. I HAZ IT. However, that means I probably need to get Charmander anyways, as it’s not confirmed yet, but how likely is it that they come holding their respective stones?

        2. Pokemon Bank wont be released until December 25th (in Japan at least), so you won’t be able to import from Gen V until then.

  21. Wait how does that work… the 3DS Bundle coming out before the game is officially released… Wait, I think I know. The game is supposed to be a on the system, like on the SD card, they may have you have a code to use to get the game free.

    1. It’s like how the Wind Waker Wii U bundle is going to work. You get the game early by buying it pre-installed on the console.

    2. No, i think the NA and European releases do not include the games and are simply modeled after them.

    1. Yep they were, there are some pics up on other websites at the moment, but waiting for better ones/ an upload of the direct video!

  22. That was incredible! I want to give Masuda a hug <3 nothing will please me when it comes to news these days, but this was good enough. But it still feels like I have to wait a year for them to come out.

  23. I squeaked at the announcement of MegaCharizard. Annual fee for Pokemon Bank? Hmmm… I guess it depends on how expensive it is. If it’s anything like the apple apps for the Pokedex then, I won’t be getting it. I kind of hoped for more announcements I guess.

  24. There’s official art of the Mega Evolutions for the Kanto starters on the official Pokémon X and Y website!

      1. Mega Launcher apparently powers up Pulse moves like Water Pulse and Dark Pulse according to XY Website.

        1. yea, looks like Blastoise can learn Dark Pulse in xy. Probably Dragon Pulse as well but unlikely.

    1. Thank God! Thick fat is a real saver for Venusaur! I’m sensing it becomes more of a tank than ever!

        1. i know it’s a little off topic, but i’ve never understood why smogon can say certain things are banned? isn’t it a fan run site?

    1. Yeah, I would have though they’d change it… At least on the plus side, that means he’ll completely resist Fairy moves, as it were.

    2. Given that it’s got the Drought ability plus the likely increase in power and speed, I think the dragon typing would be too much in this case. At least stealth rocks will help prevent the overuse of this pokemon

  25. Info on the Poke Transporter:

    “When you download Pokémon Bank, you can also download the linked application Poké Transporter! When you insert a Pokémon Black Version, Pokémon White Version, Pokémon Black Version 2, or Pokémon White Version 2 Game Card into a Nintendo 3DS system, you’ll be able to use Poké Transporter to transfer Pokémon from these games into their own online Boxes. Then, you can easily transfer those Pokémon into Pokémon X and Pokémon Y usingPokémon Bank!

    Poké Transporter is a free downloadable application for the Nintendo 3DS system that will be available along with Pokémon Bank. Note that Poké Transporter cannot return Pokémon toPokémon Black Version, Pokémon White Version, Pokémon Black Version 2, or Pokémon White Version 2 after they have been stored in an online Box.

    Note: You may find yourself unable to use Pokémon Bank or Poké Transporter to deposit any Pokémon created illegally by software unauthorized by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo into your online Boxes, or to move these Pokémon between online Boxes.”

    1. So it’ll be a good way to find out which of my beloved Pokes that I got from people are “fake”

    1. Not really, they said in the stream that you need one of those fancy mega-ring thingies, that it’s one of the mysteries of the KALOS region and the fact that Origins is based on Pkmn Red and Green.

  26. Well, Pokebank having an annual fee is a let down, makes sense though.

    Anybody remember the pokebeach rumor saying Sycamore was a separate professor who gave you the kanto starters?

    Also, Mega Charizard and Mega Venusaur are kind of disappointing, I guess Mega Blastoise is okay.

  27. Kinda guessed that the Kanto starters’d be getting Mega Evos
    Blastoise looks amazing, followed by Charizard (ha-ha for the Fire/Dragon fans, too bad), then Venasaur (I do like the ability though, great addition and the flower looks sweet)
    The annual charge is a bit of a bummer, depends how much it is, cause if you don’t pay for it, then you won’t be able to transfer from the old games, would’ve been easier if it was through the PGL, even if it was only one Pokemon at a time

        1. Yeah, 5 bucks for an entire year is nothing. It’s a meal at McDonalds, if that’s it, then yeah, I don’t have a problem with it really.

      1. Ah that’s not too bad, I guess with all the people that are gonna use it, it’s gonna take in quite a bit for them

        1. they know that we want to transfer our old Pokémon bad enough they the can make money off it.

  28. How does Game Freak do it making over 600 Pokemon then, giving some Pokemon new forms and idea’s it must be hard to think about new idea’s

    1. Look forward to a free trial period after the launch of Pokémon Bank. Be sure to try out the software for yourself during this time to see everything that Pokémon Bank has to offer!

    2. this would be great
      I think that if the price is reasonable that I will be getting it
      funny that it is going to weed out the fake Pokémon since I bet their is a lot of them still floating around

      1. Yeah, I imagine that it would. I’ll probably just get it the day I get the game and be done with it until October 2014 XD

  29. I’m going to make a prediction. This “bond” that you have to have with your Pokemon to mega evolve has to do with Pokemon Amie. It was said that Amie had something to do with battling. Ding ding.

    1. But in the demo, Mewtwo mega evolves despite it not turning to the trainer at the start of the battle which would signify that it has the pokemon-amie bond with the trainer. Of course that was just a demo so the final game could be different.

  30. FAIL. I was thinking Drought was DrySkin…Wow, Charizard with Drought? Forget Dragon typing lol

          1. I have 38 days to find a shiny Mudkip! Time goes by really fast! Look how fast these months went by lol.

          2. As much as I would love to be lazy and accept your offer, I can’t : Wouldn’t it feel great to finally get one yourself after going through all that effort? Thank you for the offer but I’m going to have to decline 😐

    1. So then Venusaur’s weaknesses will only be Flying and Psychic…That’s awesome for a Grass type

  31. Also, I hate to say it but “the Mega Ring resonating with the Mega Stone” for Mega Evolution reminds me of the crest and tags to digivolve into Ultimates lol

    1. Hahahha maybe the anime will have a cool mega evolution cut scene complete with epic music!

    2. I don’t see this as a bad thing, as I would want it to be hard to mega evolve but not too hard to do it.
      though lol at your comment since it is So true

  32. This is insane!! So excited 😀 Though now that we get a Kanto starter I can’t take Fennekin as I want Charizard! I guess it depends how early in the game you get them…if it’s like half way through the game then I guess I could take Fennekin.

        1. Completely forgot about Torchic now…Gahhh Mega Blaziken or Mega Charizard! Can’t decide hahaha

          1. cool I can breed you a charmander or restart one game to get all three that way I get mine and have some to trade

          2. I know but I don’t want to have two fire types on the team 😛 and worst part is they’re two of my fav starters.

    1. They are liable to be events like Blaziken, though. As in, we get the Starter Mega Evolutions when they GIVE us the Starter Mega Evolutions.

      1. On the pokemon x and y website it has a section that says Classic Partner Pokemon so maybe there will be more starters.

        1. On that note.

          In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, it’s not Professor Sycamore who gives you your first Pokémon. Instead, when you receive a Pokémon from the professor, you’ll be able to choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle! These Pokémon were the first three Pokémon you could start your adventure with in Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version, released in North America in 1998, the very beginning of the Pokémon series! And now you’ll be able to include them in your party once again.

          So that confirms pretty much, from a story perspective, Sycamore will have nothing to do with our Kalos Starters, and likely Pokedex, For what it’s worth.

      2. do you think that we will get mega stones for the starters depending in what starter you choose?

        1. I was wondering if they would consider using battle points to buy Megastones. It seems like a good way to prove that a trainer is skilled enough to handle a Mega

    1. i’m going with chespin and squirtle, because we’ll get the torchic through distribution too!

  33. 1. they know how to make people feel old =( kids today will never understand the joyment (or headache depending how you look at it) of the link cables.2. pokemon bank 0_o dont know what say i am 50-50 on it but seeing as how i am late to white and might not get white 2 this could come in handy, shame the poke transfer only responds to gen v games, and poor spikey ear pichu every pokemon gets to go 3d except you, making you useless, no body loves you =(.3. mega evolutions its so weird i dont think anyone can deny there some digi in the idea of it but it might be cool once you get use to it i want that mega blastoise. 4. so that was blastoise(mega) in the back in that mystery title? guess that game might be real after all, here the pic case anybody wondering, to the far right in the back it looked like blastoise when i first saw it but different.

      1. Never actually got one, surprisingly enough. I did have a friend with one, but then that was my only real opportunity to trade, and not even that when he stopped playing Pokemon.

  34. Okay lets watch the video with whats her name is she wearing a bracelet? or any gym leader for that matter

    1. I’ve said yesterday that the ??? box will probably gonna be revealed in today’s Pokemon Direct!

  35. A side note, am I the only person that’s gonna use generation VI Pokemon only, no matter how awesome some mega-evolutions are…?

    1. Probably, in gen 5 it would make sense to do that since there were no non-Gen 5 Pokemon before you beat the game….but in this gen, non-Gen VI pokemon will be part of the game

      1. I prefer to have my in-game team with Pokemon only from that generation, not region
        My battle team will probably have one of each gen tho (maybe with a few Mega-Evo Pokemon)

    2. ok im not the only one, as much as I love mega Blastoise, I only take Pokémon on their corresponding regions. But if there is plenty of things to do after the elite four, then I’ll defenately use my Squirtle

    1. If I can get the money for it I will. As, I was going to sell my current 3DS to a cousin so he can get one at a cheaper price, and I will have some extra money towards a new XL.

    2. I am! I have a regular 3ds but the 3ds xl is simply amazing, I was just waiting for an awesome edition for me to buy one and here it is!

        1. yes its simply larger but I really like it because not only is it simple to transfer everything from your old 3ds to the new one, but the screen is stunning it only adds up to the great graphics and 3d effect

    3. I’m definitely gonna get this one. When I saw that it was gonna get released in Japan I was really hoping EU (and US) would be getting one as well. I already have a normal 3DS but I guess I can get the money in time to get this 3DS XL. I’m also glad that it comes out before the game comes out and not after.

  36. I was able to get all 649 Pokemon of the prior gens through the help of online trades…It’ll be interesting to see how many (if any) of those are fake when I try to transfer them. Hopefully not too many, well hopefully none

    1. At least if you restart a game on your in Pokemon X and Y you can have all your Pokemon if it works that way. Plus, you know someone’s gonna try to find a new app or something to make hacked Pokemon.

      1. Of course they will. However, I’m thinking if there is an exploit, it will be something that Pokemon can readily fix by patching it, and then the exploit wouldn’t work anymore. At least there is one good thing about Pokemon Bank*well, several, but primarily* WE CAN TRANSFER OUR POKEMON WITHOUT HAVING ACCESS TO ANOTHER DS. YAY.

          1. It really is but, what they should’ve done in the video is told the price but they might not have the price so only time will tell. Best we can do is try to find out.

          2. Well, the price in Japan IS 500 Yen, so it should be about the same for us. PLUS, there is supposed to be a free trial til January. So yay for that too. ON TOP OF THAT, this almost certainly means we won’t have a padding mini game to play to transfer Pokemon finally! Just upload to the box, and be done with it.

        1. I heartily agree! Borrowing someone else’s DS to make all your pokeransfers can get quite tiring!

    2. I hope the shiny Meinshao I got isn’t fake. It’s my main team member. I got it at level 40 (or something near it) so I assumed it was legit. 🙁

  37. Pokemon Bank is going to be 500 Yen ($ 5) a year in Japan. No US price announced. Goes on sale Dec 25th, free trial lasts until Jan 31st.

    1. going to transfer all my main pokes and get them out and the never use poke bank again!!! mwuahahahah

      1. They mentioned that the amount of Pokemon you can store in-game is limited…so good luck with that

  38. This game will be much easier with all the trading feature’s which I think is a good thing because now I might complete my Pokedex for the first time.

      1. Well, they could have retyped them for the Mega Evolutions… Also, it is worth noting that making Mega Charizard Fire/Dragon would NOT help against Stealth Rock, it would already be in the fight… But, who knows, if Fairy Types are strong enough, Charizard being fire without worrying about strong neutral hits could be a blessing.

  39. When I heard DLC my heart was racing, so Pokémon Bank was a bit of a bummer, but I love hearing I’ll get to keep my old favourites!!

  40. Has it been revealed who that old dude talking about Mega Evolutions is? If it has, I can’t believe I missed it. >.<

  41. This sucks I hope that there is a free trail now I’ll have to get a deput card just for pokemon

  42. ok this should keep things interesting until corocoro comes out late this week into next week

  43. I’m most excited about MegaVenusaur only having two weaknesses….I mean a grass type with only two weaknesses…CRAZZZZZY

      1. Well, with the increased Defense and Special Defense, that means Mega Venusaur could probably do some epic Sub Stalling, leech seeding and other things like that.

      2. Chlorophyll only works in a pinch anyway, so it will be good for those people who don’t let their Pokémon get too beat up.

      3. I think MegaVenasaur will make a good bulky grass, specializing in countering rain parties. Leech Seed and Sleep Powder =)

        1. Very true, and we do need plenty of rain counters since rain teams are extremely powerfull XD

  44. why gamefreak why, it would be better to give Typhlosion drought, but if you make it fire/electric with levitate its good for me. Its a pitty charizard looks now more dragon to me then before.

  45. In the Direct the guy said every Pokemon gets a Mega Form misspoken or truth. Because if that’s the truth this game will be Krazy.

  46. With Pokémon Bank, you can deposit and withdraw Pokémon from different copies of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. All you have to do is download Pokémon Bank on your Nintendo 3DS system, insert your Pokémon X or Pokémon Y Game Card, and open the Pokémon Bankapplication. Pokémon Bank also works with downloadable versions of Pokémon X andPokémon Y. If you’re working with multiple copies of the games, Pokémon Bank makes it easy to gather your Pokémon in one place!

    If that means what I think it means, you can totally restart your Pokemon X and Y games if you want, and not have to worry about losing all your Pokemon. Just upload them, and you can access them later.

      1. It’ll make restarting for Pokemon easier, being able to upload them, restart, and then get another starter, upload it, and then bam. All three starters.

  47. Since the kanto starters are getting evolution’s will ash finally evolve his bulbasar and squirtle all the way.

    1. What if GameFreak makes a MegaPikachu (instead of MegaRaichu) just so Ash can show MegaEvolution

  48. Wouldn’t it make sense to give all starters from gen 1 to gen 5? They gave Kanto starters one and blaziken so why not?

    1. I’m PRETTY certain all starters will have MegaEvos…I mean 4/15 (or about 1/4) have already been confirmed….I just hope we have a way to OBTAIN all the starters in-game

    2. That would be the fair thing to do since each starter has it’s fans, some fewer than others but each one is symbolic to some. I hope 6 geb starters get mega evos too.

  49. Well everyone, it appears that we have to wait only one more week until we get new Pokemon and Megalutions from Corocoro. Tick-tock…

  50. its a pitty, mega blastoise should become water/steel and charizard fire/dragon, the triangle would be perfect with mega venusaurs new thick fat

  51. hope that other monotype starters will get a second type, its a pitty , blastoise maga forme screams for water/steel… and charizard screams for fire/dragon.

    1. Well, the main boost would be that it would lose it’s water weakness, plus it’s electric weakness, and on top of that be resistant to it as well, NOT be 4x weak to Rock, and regardless of Fairy, would still have an extremely powerful element for STAB, and if Fairy is immune to Dragon, it could still easily hurt with fire, while taking neutral damage *fire and flying renders it not ver effective though* It would lose immunity to Ground, however… Theoretically you could have just slapped levitate on it, but Drought is a far more interesting option. But, it’s still Fire/Flying, so that’s the way it is.

  52. I think I am gonna monotype run through the game. Mega Charizard, Mega Blaziken, Mega Fennekin final evo, litleo final evo, Mega Houndoom (I hope so) and the last pokemon as a surprise!

        1. I really hope we atleast get a discount on the virtual copy, so I can hav both versions at a reasonabe price ha

  53. guys there was a new pokemon shown in the triler venusuar battles it its either a baby absol or a swirlix evo!

  54. That new pokemon looks like something seem in a brief shot of the x and y anime trailer (I’m trying to find it now)

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