Kanto Starters Mega Evolutions, Pokémon Bank Revealed & A NEW Pokémon!

Pokémon Direct Summary


The recently finished Pokémon Direct gave some great new information about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, as well as shedding some light on a new service being launched alongside the two games called Pokémon Bank.

New Pokémon?

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 14.45.09

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that a new Pokémon makes a very brief appearance in the Direct broadcast. There’s no further information on the Pokémon. But we’ll bring updates when they arrive!

Pokémon Bank


This service will allow players to store their Pokémon online in a central place and will work across different copies of Pokémon X & Y. There will be an annual fee, but Pokémon Bank will be able to hold up to 3,000 Pokémon and is accessible anywhere you have a 3DS compatible internet connection.

Sorting and moving Pokémon has been made easy with search tools which allow players to look for Pokémon of a certain type or sort them by different criteria.

Mega Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise

Mega Venusaur

“When Venusaur becomes Mega Venusaur, the flower on the Pokémon’s back blooms even more fantastically than before. Its legs and frame become more sturdy to support the weight of the huge flower.”

Mega Venusaur’s type remains the same, but its ability becomes Thick Fat which reduces damage from TWO of its weaknesses: Fire-type & Ice-type attacks. The Mega Evolution also grants it increased Defense and Special Defense.

Mega Charizard

 “When Charizard becomes Mega Charizard, its pointed horns and long tail give the Pokémon a look of sleek sharpness. Mega Charizard is in a league of its own when it comes to flying prowess, able to reach incredible heights.”

Mega Charizard also retains its original Fire/Flying typing (sorry to those of you who wanted Fire/Dragon!), but does get an exciting new ability: Drought!  Perfect for Sunny Day teams! The official site has confirmed that it has improved Special Attack.

Mega Blastoise

“The two rocket launchers on Blastoise’s shoulders turn into a single huge cannon when it Mega Evolves into Mega Blastoise. This cannon boasts a blast range so great that it can strike targets more than six miles away!”

Mega Blastoise, like the rest, retains its Water typing, but gains a new ability introduced in Generation VI: Mega Launcher. This ability raises the power of “pulse” type moves, such as Water Pulse and Dark Pulse.

Pokémon X & Y Special Edition 3DS XLs


For North American and European Pokémon fans, the two exclusive X & Y-themed 3DS XL models have been announced for sale outside of Japan. They come in a blue or red edition to correlate with the games.

  1. They all look kinda disproportional to me, I don’t know, especially Venusaur.

    But I’ve always dreamt of Grass pokemon with Thick Fat, finally there is one.

  2. Exciting news! MegaCharizard looks amazing. Blastoise is ok, and Venusaur would have been also amazing if the pink flower on its head didn’t look so plain…but I’ll live 😉

      1. You know, of the 3.. Venusaur is the one that looks better to me, and I never really liked him xD

  3. Two things are off in new screenshots:

    1.Vivillion’s colourless mini sprite
    2.Magnezone’s gender

    1. 1. Gender difference/region differences/spinda-like differences
      2. Magnezone, are you a boy? Or a girl?

    2. Vivillon’s wings have the same affect as a kaleidoscope and apparently change colour when seen from different angles!
      It’s not “off” as you said because it came from the real nintendo website and they may be giving genders to all genderless pokemon (maybe to let them be bred?) but obviously not legendaries 😉

      1. Calm down and think about God within us then read my post again and think about what I meant by “off”. You’ll reach the light then.

  4. My body has wonderguard ability because I’m on the floor and I can’t get up unless I have my weakness (X and Y) in my hands.

    Charizard with Drought and Venasaur with Thick Fat is just the greatest news since Fairy type lol.

    If johto starters get mega forms than I hope Mega Meganium becomes Grass/Fairy

    1. I wonder about Meganium. They don’t seem to be adding types left and right. Although he is too “grass-basic”, so a little change would be nice.
      Charizard-Drought makes me think Feraligator should have Drizzle and Swift Swim!! xD

      NOTE: I thought your avatar said “fart” “poop”.. I feel super childish now..

  5. Charizard will be a force since he has drought. if a team opens with a mega charizard then its already over. that fire blast will be strong than Reshiram’s goddamit! definitely getting chespin and charmander 😀 i just hope they release a good water type since im choosing charmander…

    oh and i guess blastoise is literally a tank now 😛 lol

  6. Hey guys, its Mono. If you think about it, the starters we wont recieve, we can also get them by using the PSS in X and Y. So all of us can get each Kanto starter 😀

    1. I for one don’t want Charizard to get beaten by a Jigglypuff…Not that i hate Fairy types (It’s cool to me)…

      1. I think Charizard would be able to take a hit from Jigglypuff considering Fairy type attacks are “Not very Effective” against Fire types, plus Jigglypuff’s Base Attack and Special Attack stats aren’t very high.

      2. The reason I think fairy types can beat Dragon types are because In some Fairy Tales, Dragons are the antagonists (Bad guy/Villain) and are beaten by the protagonist (Good guy/Hero), a Knight. So, in fairy tales, dragons are defeated. Rearrange that and you get Fairy Defeat Dragon. Just what I think.

    2. Water/Steel is a bad defensive typing. It’s weak to Ground and Fighting.
      Fire/Dragon would have made Charizard weak to Ground and Dragon.

    3. I know!!! You have giant metal cannons sticking out of your back Blastoise, you have no business not being steel… But Charizard is really just a flying lizard to me. I mean he looks like a dragon but there’s nothing magical or mythical so wanting him to be a Dragon is like wanting Sudowoodo to be a grass type, IMHO.

  7. I have some mixed feelings right now; with all this attention Mega Evolution has been getting, I truly worry that new Pokemon ideas will be scrapped in favor of them. However, I really do like the Mega Evolution concept; I was just hoping for something fresh today.

  8. I don’t get the point with Mega Blatoise ability, Mega Luncher. It doesn’t seem fair to me. But we will see though.

        1. It’s a small fee for a yearly service of extra, optional storage AND what amounts to poke-insurance (having your uploaded pokemon still there if you game is damaged / stolen / lost).

          Oh, and this is also a new version of software that has ALWAYS been sold (Ranch, Box). Considering that this version doesn’t require having a console and basically eliminates any doubts of future compatibility, I think it’s more than fair for them to charge a fee in order to run the servers they will have to buy and maintain to run this.

          Oh, AND they’re providing free trials when the games come out to make sure everyone can transfer for free. Let’s not forget that detail.

          If you don’t like the fee, don’t use the software. You’re missing out on absolutely nothing more than extra space. It’s that simple.

          1. Yeah, but Ranch, Stadium ..and PkmnBox(?) had always been paid once, and YOU had them in a save.. locally. Them being on the internet.. I don’t know. Like game servers being taken down over time. Thankfully Pokemon is way too big to end just like that..

            I see it as we at least get an option. The important thing is that there is a free trial to move all at once to X&Y and not lose anything.
            I wonder how they will allow transfer of old-pkmn after January.

          2. Even if the servers were to be taken down and the service ended they would give us fair warnig first as with the dreamworld…

          3. That would be the nice thing to do 🙂
            But yeah, something that transfer ALL those pokes faster than before is welcomed. So I guess all is fine.

        2. But that’s idiotic, and he explained it, it’s a service that requires maintenance and people to manage it, I don’t like it very much but it’s completely rational. And I will be happy to pay as it supports pokemon. And you don’t have to aquire it if you don’t wanna.

          1. What’s’ idiotic…. You said you didn’t like it either, which is no different than what I said so what you said is idiotic… I couldn’t read the maintenance part due to server issues… but calm down if you are going to reply to me
            I understand to a degree now, but I can’t say it is a must, they have So much money already

          2. I said I didn’t like it because I was expecting a fee in the range of 10€ and appenrently it’s much less so I’m perfectly ok.

          3. True. Additionally, if a company having lots of money meant they had to start giving their services away for free… then how would they pay their employees? I’m pretty sure people aren’t going to volunteer for free, and eventually that money will run out if they don’t charge for services, so it makes perfect sense. And I agree – I was expecting it to be a bigger price but $5 a year is very, very affordable and reasonable.

          4. Oh and also when I said it was idiotic you misunderstood me, I wasn’t talking about your opinion but rather the fact that you said your mind wouldn’t change, because it was almost like saying: Don’t even bother replying. And also because that’s saying that you have already decided without all of the facts.

        1. That means you’d be paying about $0.42 a month (save for any kind of inflation), so I think the $5 a year thing is a kind of “sweet spot” for pricing. When I first heard it, I was a little put off, but honestly the only people who would need it are those who have massive collections and want to import their creatures from previous generations – not the majority and while we never had to pay for it before, the idea of having the creatures I raise next month available for years and years to come in future Pokemon games is definitely worth the $5/year price. In my opinion anyway. 😛

          1. I’m going to get it either way because I prefer to have them all safely in the cloud, I have friend that lost a ton of pokemon because of his dog that decided to eat is platinum cartridge

          2. Oh, well that’s no fun! I lost all my Pokemon once, but it was the same time as everyone else – from Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire. Very sad – I had sooooo many memories with my Red/Blue/Gold/Silver Pokemon! Even just seeing their nicknames would bring back memories in the same way a journal would for me. It’s a great feeling. Luckily, I’ve been able to transfer all my Pokemon since, so I have plenty of Pokemon in my Black/White/2 from Gen 3 onwards. Still have my Sceptile from Sapphire over 7 years ago! Really cool. 🙂 I especially like the little flavour text the game adds for transferred Pokemon – very neat.

        1. And yet you answer anyway… Your side is an opinion – you are allowed to have it – but so is everyone else. 😛

          It’s an additional, optional, online service that requires you “renting” space on their servers. $5 a year is more than reasonable and if you don’t want to pay it you don’t have to, so… You’re being childish and irrational. Sorry.

          1. That was not an answer.. and you did not read around to see what else I said.. which was childish and irrational of you, don’t say anything to me if you can’t look around a lil first =]

          2. I did look around. You’ve been whining in reply to everyone’s comment and saying things like “no need for me to answer you” and “waste of typing” to people who responded politely. Your type is bad for the community, so please do not be a jerk.

          3. You are scum, you look at words but do not know their meaning, how old are you? You call me a jerk when all the jerkiness is coming from you and the people who ganged up on me for voicing my opinion and getting mad at me when my thoughts did not change. Yes it was a waste of typing when I said my opinion would not waver. No there was no need for me to answer when I already did before showing it was not about the amount of money. You need grow up and learn to see the answer does not always lie within the masses opinion but sometimes you need full context to understand something. Yu make the Pokémon community look bad when you rush to conclusion like So many do here. I said what I did as politely as I could and I couldn’t care less your view of me after. If that last part sounds rude, then ok, you got rude with me first
            GoodDay! =]

          4. I’m really sorry you have had the inconvenience to be insulted by this guy. I unfortunately had the same problem yesterday, where as I posted on one article that I didn’t want the evolutions to Kalos’ starters revealed until after release. Someone else replied to it, and then he replied to that reply disagreeing with my opinion, and was, as I quote, “butthurt” that my opinion was different than his. Although, it appears that he has taken this conversation a lot farther with you than me. I sincerely do feel you, though, and even though I do not know much about the work you do, I applaud you for being as honest as possible on the internet. 🙂

          5. Thank you. I was really just trying to defend another commentor but it went too far. Now I remember why I typically avoid the “community” aspect of Pokemon. 🙁

          6. You’re welcome. 🙂 I read the whole conversation, and it’s no one fault but his, really. Yes, you replied to defend the other commentor, but insults weren’t thrown until he stepped in. You’re at no blame, here. 🙂

          7. Yeah, but this place has a great community! Keep being a part of it! Some people just don’t know how to appreciate…

          8. Look over this entire comment page and count the number of times YOU whined about the price in reply to someone else’s comment, AND you made a new post about how much you hate it and tell anyone who disagrees with you that they are wrong. Plus you go around saying rude things to others
            who take the time to reply (like “mind not changed, waste of typing”) which is very immature. I mean look at your downvotes – clearly I’m not the only person who is annoyed by your attitude. Our community does not need negative people like you, so please keep your self in check. Thank you.

          9. Ok now I am going to tell you STFU.. and I stated my view 1 Time! then when people commented telling me I should change my mind I said No.. they brought it up repeatedly .. not me.. Get out of my face and leave it alone. You are not smart enough to win. Up vote me or down vote, I don’t care. I can see through your mess easily, your nowhere near as smart as you want others to believe

          10. It’s okay if you think am not smart. I and everyone who knows me in real life and those who play my online game that I programmed and my boss who consistently thanks me for all the work i do and my co-workers who love how much i help them out and everyone else who isn’t YOU knows the truth, but you can think whatever you want. And yes, I did downvote you again. STFU is another example of the negative attitude the Pokemon community does not need – go play Halo is you wanna be a dick.

          11. Wow haha, great reply… I don’t know any of those people, for all I know they could be made up, all I know if the way you presented yourself to Me! like an ass…

          12. Well I’m using my real name so look it up if you don’t believe me. I’m a 26 year old web developer with my own art website and my own online Mega Man RPG. Both are real, both were programmed by me, and both are provable by simply searching my name in Google. My LinkedIn also publicly states where I’m currently employed and I have plenty of endorsements from others on the quality of my work. I am presenting myself as honestly as a possible and I a, not lying about anything.

            You hide behind a username, so I obviously can not research your history (though, why would I need to?) but I imagine you are much younger than me else you would be a lot more civilized.

            Also, you posted a PUBLIC comment on a very popular, PUBLIC Pokémon website. Did you not expect people to reply? Because that’s kind of how the system works. To post a comment (that you know is unpopular) and then getting upset when people reply to you? That’s just silly. You post your opinion and other people post their replies – not sure why that is a problem. Are you the only one allowed to have an opinion, or perhaps you think that your opinion is more “right” then ours so we are not allowed to reply? Please enlighten me.

            Also, please do not resort to name-calling. I said you were BEING childish and/or immature. I never said you were scum, called you faggot, or threw out any personal attacks – I only commented on the behaviour you were presenting.

          13. I’m really sorry to say it but really both me and Adrian have been far too polite for someone with a beahvior as yours. Say what you please as I won’t bother replying any more, and I think Adrian as been far to kind as to apologise after all your tantrum. Once again sorry for any bother and try to die quickly, I have been far to benevolent twoards you…

          14. The feeling is mutual. I much rather handle low life people as yourself face to face. The internet is no place for this. Gives weaklings like you two, Way too much confidence.. try stepping offline for a little while. Learn you are Only on a Pokémon site, and in REAL life.. you are not always right, therefore people Will Not always agree with you. it is as plain as that. But you have learned people will always be backed up on things that the majority stand for. In this case being a True game Freak.. lol.. People who will immediately Love all that is Pokémon and talk down to people who don’t. I am fine. I put you Both in your place the best I could online.. once again offline would be Much Better. Bye =] you will get no more replies from me because I already laid Everything down as it is and that’s final, you can go for the last word if you want.. means nothing 😉

          15. You know what, I am sorry. I got upset after I read your “waste of typing” comment to someone else and signed in to downvote you. This has clearly gone too far and I’m sorry for starting what is essentially a flame-war. Everyone should be allowed to have an opinion, and I don’t just mean you – I mean EVERYONE. You were clearly rude and shouldn’t have been, but I was clearly going too far by replying as much as I did. I’m sure if this is the way you talk to people you would have more problems then just Pokemon commenters, but that’s none of my business. Apologies to all!

          16. I’m truly sorry but with a the comments you’re writing I at least can’t see how he’s the one being childish, irrational, etc. You really seem to be going a little overboard, and I can say that at least I wasn’t trying to changed your mind when I commented regarding what you said I was simply trying to voice the opinion of others and make understand my and others view, I’m sorry if my comment among others upset you, but you’re really going mental now.

          17. Don’t comment on my post ever again, you are just like Adrian and seem to not be able to piece things together well. Plus.. if you just want to help someone see another side of view.. Don’t Start by insulting the persons view As You Did Before ! Especially when you had the SAME VIEW but for different reasons.. lol how crazy. And Don’t become upset when someone puts you in your place for doing it. I am simply typing, no emotion behind it, just saying what needs to be said to some of you crazy die hard fans who will accept Anything Nintendo or GF throws your way then outcast Anyone who disagrees and then try making them feel bad for viewing things a different way, Which Is All You and Others Have Managed To Do! But once again I am Great with putting people Back in their place where they belong.

          18. You know I really tried to be polite and can’t see what I have done to get such a reaction, I’d be thankfull if you’d be able to point out exactly what did I say to make you react that away, but for as much at it might be insulting to say, you’re definetly going ranpant, sorry.

    1. Pays $40 for the game, what’s another $5? I have no problem with this, I’m just happy I can bring my Sceptile to Y version and play on Pokemon Amie 🙂

  9. I thought we’d be getting Kanto starters a bit later in the game, now I have a real dillema, cause I wanted to pick Chespin, but the Bulbasaur family are my favourite Pokemon!

          1. so why would u tell u to take a other pokemon with u if ur really not going back to ur home town

          2. Once again failing to see the point… We are talking about Time. WHEN does he give you the Pokémon. This has yet to be revealed. Of course he gives you the first Poke but that does Nothing for the issue of TIME…

      1. U being given Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmander
        On a later note…the trademarks Pokemon listed hinted to these 3 fully evolved pokemons to have mega evolutions

  10. i am really 50-50 on the poke transfer thing, although cool you can finally see which pokemon was legit or not it kinda ruins ones that are. Example the 10 year anniversary pikachu that knows fly,say you have it sitting there in you leaf gren, you want to trade it over to pearl you have to remove fly(no hm moves) kinda ruining its specialness, but you do it thinking you can have it relearned no sweat,turns out you cant without using a cheating device which ruins its legitimacy a little bit. now lets take it another step you want to trade it to white/white2 you got to do the same thing again, thats twice it had to learn fly again through some cheating device even though it originally knew it. Now here comes X and Y, is it gonna stop that pikachu from transfering because it doesnt know it was originally an event pikachu( the pikachu is not in a cherish ball as that wasnt introduce to later generation), thats kinda unfair considering it is real just the only way to keep it’s specialness was through the use of another device, what do you think do you guys have that special pikachu? sorry if i went a little too deep in this thinking i just had a thought and i needed to say it cause i dont think gamefreak thought this one through lol.

    1. That also reminds me that I have 2 copies of the games and I get the event Pokes in both but I only pick one set. The other I leave with the guy on the Pkmn Center so I can reset someday until I get something I want.. I’ll have to pick them before the trial ends or I won’t pass them over 🙁 Stupid paid services. At least.. it is not that expensive.

      Oh well.. I sure hope they allow for event pokes to be passed from old old games somehow.

    2. the only solution i can think of is remove fly and trade it all the way up to x and y and then use a device(not sure if there is an action replay for the 3ds) to teach it fly again, but like you said it loses its legitmacy and it not being in a special pokeball makes it seem even more fishy when people see it then it gets banned from tournaments even though it is real. Good point your right,i am not sure how gamefreak gonna deal with that one lol

  11. I really love how simple and easy these Mega Evos are! They’re a lot less complicated and intricate than a lot of the other Mega Evos. Good job in keeping the classics plain, Gamefreak. That’s a great way to keep people happy.

    I like Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise the best as far as design is concerned. In-battle, Charizard is clearly ridiculously OP, although he kinda needed to be in a way. With his awful typing in the Metagame, having Drought is his saving grace. Venusaur also gets a very handy ability in Thick Fat. Blastoise I am a little disappointed at, maybe it will include Hydro Pump and other traditional Blastoise moves?

    1. Question is.. Will international countries that have never received support from Nintendo be part of this?

      1. It’s online, you just need an internet connection, I might be misunderstanding the question but literally a internet connection is all you need…

        1. Well, for example. With the release of Wii U and Network Services.. if you create your account linked to your console location (in my case, Costa Rica), then you get a message saying something like “eShop is not available in your country”.

          So, if they make this accesible with a Nintendo Account (club Nintendo, which I can’t have either), then we get no access.

        2. Let’s hope they don’t restrict it.. they have a record for wanting money.. but not from ALL countries 🙂

  12. If you see the Pokemon direct, not the resumed video, or rather I haven’t seen the resumed video so I don’t know, but in the direct there’s a seen where Xavier is talking to a old men on the beach, and it ight be just me or is his hair different?!

      1. I think the hat is the same red one but if you compare it with other images of him from the side I’m pretty sure you’ll see some difference, I might be wrong.

        1. I noticed that too! Hair definitely seemed shorter – maybe we’ll be able to get haircuts? I sure hope so – do not like long hair on my boy characters… 😐

          1. Glad you noticed I only now clicked the links and saw how small they’re, so ill put them this way.

          2. Much better image quality, thank you. I think it’s basically confirmed we can get haircuts now. Yay! 😀

          3. Yeah because before people were arguing that it was stupid to say we were gonna have different aircuts because the only ‘proof’ was that a npc rival had a different airstyle from the character when being playd, but now here’s the proof, muhahahah.

          1. Yeah but there should be bigger ones, I only noticed when someone else pointed it out, and I replyed with bigger ones, they should be around some where

  13. I must admit, I’m a little disappointed. I did appreciate the transferring from Gen. V and the Mega Evolutions, but the fact that they will be having service fees for the Pokémon Bank and the lack of change in Blastoise and especially Charizard’s typings really brought it down for me. Also no gold XL anouncement and lack of much general game news. However, the good news is that Mega Venusaur and Mega Charizard have great new abilities, I like the three new Mega designs, and that we can now transfer Pokémon to different games much more quickly than trading one at a time! On top of that I notice that the special 3DS XLs don’t come with the games, so perhaps closer to the holidays the gold one will see release after all, with that one coming with one of the games. If that doesn’t happen, I’m glad we got the red one, at least, I like it too.

      1. I know it isn’t too unreasonable, and I understand why it would really help them maintain it, but anytime I see more fees and such added onto games it disappoints me a little.

    1. Even turns out that Sycamore DOES give us the Kanto starters. Which is the part we were thinking was mixed up.

    2. Too bad u didn’t believe it right from the start…
      I did and now ima happy as a Skiddo (cause it looks so happy and cute)!
      It’s the only rumor that i believed in right from the start for some odd reason…

      1. Fairy could easily have changed a little since WPM’s leaker played the game- he played a beta version after all. It’s likely that Fairy was changed after that.

        Professor Patrice may still turn out to be real, you never know. Possibly like Sycamore’s aide, who happens to also be a professor?

        It may also be that Patrice is no longer a professor, or that he’s since been removed, like Fairy and Psychic’s relationship.

        The one I’m unsure about is Mewtwo’s two forms. Unless if he got a little confused and the second Mewtwo form is actually a Mew Mega evolution.

  14. So what starters will you gonna have?
    I think I’m going with all the fire type starters: Charmander, Torchic and Fennekin. Maybe I’m gonna pick Squirtle only to break the monotony, but I really like Charizard! I don’t know what to do! I have one month to decide!!!

  15. My question is: when are we getting the Kanto starters? I really hope it’s in the beginning of the journey, not after we beat the Elite 4 or something…

          1. yes i do. he said in the trailer that it would be better if u had more than one. what point in the game do you have only 1 pokemon besides route 1? and the mansion just north of your hometown is where he resides in the trialers. Therefor it is safe to assume that that is where you get the kanto staters 🙂

          2. I guess we get them in Lumiose City at worst, but I agree with your opinion about Sycamore Mansion.

  16. Not gonna lie, I was expecting a bit more. STILL, this is really awesome. It’ll definitely tide me over until Corocoro.

  17. Humm, I LOVE the design of Mega Charizard, Mega Blastoise is ok, and Mega Venausaur… I struggled to see the difference. However I think the biggest drawback is the fact they all maintain their types…big let down. It was the perfect opportunity to make Charizard a beast :/
    Still, it’s hinting at all starters receiving mega’s which is cool!

        1. Hm. Well, it DOES resemble that random white thing. And it was the front page. It also looks like an Absol with a bad hair day.

          1. note, I do not think it’s related to Absol, it looks to be about the same size, so that looks too big for a prevolution, it looks like it has hooves, plus the longer back legs.

      1. It appears at 15:16 for literally a couple of frames and you’ll have to keep pausing to catch it. – Pokebeach

      1. If it was fairy/dark and Swirlix’s evo… Then Swirlix’s counterpart, Spritzee, might be a fairy/dark Plague doctor! Soooo cool xD (Hey, a guy can wish hahaha)

        1. Spritzee is indeed based on a Plague doctor. It will definitely evolve into a taller, more humanoid Plague doctor. It’ll most likely remain Fairy as its sole type.

          Swirlix is based off Cotton Candy, In Australia they call cotton candy “Fairy Floss” which is how swirlix got its inspiration and typing. There is a type of fairy floss sold in australia that if you chew it, it turns into bubble gum. My thoughts is that Swirlix will evolve into a round/hard/bubble gum Fairy Pokemon.

      2. I don’t think it would be a swirling evo given how swirlix is completely pink and this pokemon has no traces of pink on it. Swirlix is also more puffy and cloud-like where’s this pokemon is just furry. It looks like a stand-alone to me

    1. You know it may be too big but it has some similarities with absol…colouring for one- you never know it could be a pre-evo?

      1. I hope for this, absol… looks too close to it though it could be another of those Pokes that look related but are not

        1. I think this is a new Alpacca-Pokémon. No similarities to Absol seen. The amount of detail is the same as on Absol so it can’t be a pre-evo, also the fur is completely different, more fuzzy.

      2. 🙁 I’d be sad if we start getting pre-evos again.. They don’t much except for the collect and cute factors.

        1. I would rather it wasn’t and i’m beginning to think it isn’t an absol pre-evolution but i’m pretty sure we will get some… every gen since 2 has had at least 1 or 2 (5th gen being the exception but that was the exception to a lot of things) and since we know were getting evolutions of older pokemon it stands to reason that we may see 1 or 2 pre-evo’s…personally i’m hoping for a shared pre-evo for both tauros and miltank.

          1. I could definitely see that one happening! That and I’ve always wanted Kangashkan’s kid.. but that’s unlikely.

      1. It looks way too tall for an Absol prevo, plus the colouring is a bit off. Also, given it looks like a llama, I don’t think it has much in common with Absol at all. I honestly just think this could be a new, stand-alone pokemon.

        1. I’m not sure if it has been posted here, but Masuda tweeted a photo of himself with a llama. Given his usual reputation it wouldn’t surprise me if this is a llama Pokémon.

          1. I desperately want this llama to be rideable. Also, give it an ability that doubles the power of Spit Up :p

          2. Oh yes thinking of it I saw it but didn’t think much of it then… checky bugger teasing us… they’re trying to out smart us.

      1. Jordin if its not too much trouble could you make me an icon with mega charizard and says DUBB at the bottom?

        1. Sure, here you go 🙂 I was told by a moderator to go to PMs instead of posting (preferably) though so that’s why I haven’t really made any new ones for people.

          1. From a picture. This is “my style” different people have different styles in making icons, banners, etc. I just experimented with many different styles and this one was my favorite. If you probably have seen my earlier avatars they were different because I was still experimenting. (:

          2. Awesome. But, I mean, is there a tool on photoshop or whatever to do that grid? I wanted to do something similar for my tumblr background 🙂

          3. Sorry for the inconveniance but could you PLEASE make one with Mega-Charizard with “Fairy Tail” on the bottom? I really like your style and I think your work is awesome. I would really appreciate it if you did thank you so MUCH! ;D

          4. I don’t mind.
            The rules are only there if things get out of hand. We’re not going to police every comment 🙂

      2. Hi Jordin, I see you’ve been making some amazing sites and I was hoping you could make me one too but Idk how to contact you… cause i know all the community guideline things now. Please reply!

        1. I guess you could just post your request here. Just can’t really over spam this since this article isn’t about avatars so…what would you like?

          1. Guys, this isn’t the place. Seriously. We literally JUST had the community guidelines posted.

    2. Can it be a female version of gogoat?. As in skiddo female evolves in this? Looks like a goat or something with long hair..

      Oh btw.. I hate mega blastoise, love mega charizard en mehh mega venusaur.

    3. All I’ve been able to think since I’ve seen it.

      Also, it kinda looks a little derpy. I like that. :3

        1. O: That thing could definitely be a Griffon!!
          Here’s hoping it will become a badass flying poke

    4. Very simple design. Great color and above all very good design. None of the features are over-done which I think is GREAT considering the fact that most people are wanting more of the epic-ness ever since the designs for Blaziken, Lucario came out.

    5. I’m pretty sure that’s a griffin, the mythological bird-lion-thing.
      Oh, and to the mods, this isn’t an alternate account. Disqus deleted my old account for some reason.

        1. If Gamefreak were to ever make a Hippogriff/Griffin Pokemon, it will definitely be a legendary and not some basic thing.

      1. Nah dude, when GF make a Griffin Pokemon You’ll know it’s a Griffin Pokemon, plus it’s got hooves and no wings.

    1. I didn’t even notice it although I watched the stream. XD
      Saw it on Serebii a few moments ago, it looks really cool! :O

  18. It’s really there for like half a second, something only spotted with a some effort, checky nintendo making us work for news…

    1. What do those ears mean? Why it has puffy hair? Where the hell its actual face? Will those questions find an answer?

  19. i like the llama pokemon but i really hope X and Y story is not all about megas and to be honest megas are kinda taking my hype away since it taking away from the wonderful pokemon we can meet

  20. Took me like 100 pauses to get it but finally managed to pause at the right moment. Yeah it looks pretty cool- around the 15.15 minute mark and literally a flash for less than a second- unless you pause at the exact moment you just do not see it lol Sneaky Nintendo!

      1. Yes they lazily SET UP a battle between Venusaur and new pokemon to put in the footage because they are so lazy they didn’t think anyone would see it -.-

  21. There’s a screen shot on the Pokemon X and Y official site of Pokemon Bank, and for some reason says Magnezone has a gender…

  22. Apologies for those who are having issues when trying to access he site. It’s not just you it’s for all of us. We can’t even get to edit the post!

    It should be running normally again soon 🙂

  23. I think I will pick Froakie and Bulbasaur for my playthrough of Pokemon X, so I can inflict status moves as well as attack physically! Plus, I’ve never used Bulbasaur before in my life, and this generation is meant for new things.

    1. cool im picking Fenniken and Balbasaur so when my rival picks froakie i have grass type already

  24. So this means dual type moves likely confirmed…. So much changing. wow. That would, in a way give us more than 4 moves per Pokémon in a sense that is, cool if it is true

    1. I think it will work in a similar way Psyshock works.

      For example: an attack being Grass-type, getting STAB from Grass-type Pokémon, but dealing and applying weaknesses and resistances of Poison-type damage instead of Grass… get it?

      1. I believe he means because this confirmed yet another aspect of the PokeBeach leak, which stated there would be dual-type attacks. However, seeing as he also claimed Mewtwo had two of (what we now know to be) Mega Evolutions, he’s not entirely in the clear just yet. Unless Mewtwo’s supposed ‘second form’ is MegaMew, as some speculate.

        1. It also said that Professor Sycamore’s first name would be Patrice and that Mewtwo would have two forms, both of which are untrue. That particular batch of rumors can’t be completely trusted.

  25. I think that Pokémon Bank will need a fee for avoiding people from creating multiple accounts. Imagine people creating Bank accounts with no sense. This guarantees the good performance and health of the Bank servers. It is just my opinion, because I don’t think Nintendo would learn a lot of money from 500yen/yr fees

  26. Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I guess you pick two, and the remaining 4 starters go to your rivals/friends?

  27. Paying $5 a year for a service that allows you to hold up to 3000 different Pokemon, with an easy search system that ALSO allows mutli-generational transfer… I don’t see why some people are so butthurt over this, I think it’s awesome!

    I <3 Mega Blastoise

      1. that’s right! not only it lets you to save your pokemon so, if you lose your game, you don’t lose all your pokemon, but with this system you can finally restart your game everytime you want without losing your pokemon as you can save them online!

        but people complain because it was free before… without giving specific details, there are other companies now that are charging for things that were free before and anyone is complaining about it…

    1. I would say the hurt probably mostly comes from people just not liking that they buy a $200 handheld and a $40 game for it and then have to pay $5 a year on top of that for a fairly simple companion app. Put simply, people just don’t like to pay more money than they have to. Also, the fact that they don’t like that they have to pay for it may have something to do with how we’re spoiled with all of the free cloud services offered anymore by companies like Google and Apple.

    2. Don’t forget it’s free for a month, so if you want to transfer everything in the first month, it’s not problem!

  28. This guy looks like a poodle. If you try to zoom to it’s face you can see the balck dot which is the nose. This is a poodle for sure if you ask me.

  29. I love these megaevolutions!! At first I didn’t really like megacharizard, but then I saw the official artwork and my mind changed real quick. I can’t decide if I like megacharizard or megablastoise better. I think I would go with megablastoise because it looks like a tank and I love it’s little wrist launcher cannons! And quick question, say you pay the $5 and transfer your pokemon over to the bank. What happens to your pokemon when the year is up and you don’t renew your bank account? I’m going to guess they are just suspended and you can’t access them until you pay another $5. I don’t think gamefreak would delete people’s pokemon if their membership thing expired.

  30. Wait a minute, a Red and a Blue Pokemon Special Edition 3DS XL? Look more like Ruby and Sapphire. HOENN CONFIRMED!

  31. Well, seems like I will have Chespin, Squirtle and Torchic on my team =D But I feel kinda guilty not using a full-Gen6 team… There’s still time to think about that though.

  32. $5 is extremly cheap than last gens method of having to buy another all new 3ds or ds, but i guess at that point everyone and their mother already had both systems lol, either way 5 dollars for a year is cheap. Just skip out on one thing you buy everyday that you really don’t need (ie: starbucks, candy, etc.) for like a day or two… BAM $5 right there.

  33. Even though Bulbasaur line are my favorite kanto starter…..DAT MEGABLASTOISE…LOOKS AMAZING!!!!

    1. I dunno, we devour new information rapidly and it’s quickly extremely old, at least for some of us. Btw, is corocoro back to it’s usual release date at about the 12-15th or something this month, or is it another early one. Because if it’s early, we COULD have something during the weekend.

        1. Sure hope so. I’m content with this information for right now, but Fairy Type Chart is coming with this Corocoro, so right now that’s the news I’m waiting for.

    2. It’ll hold my impatientness until……
      Nah, I kid. I’m satisfied until CoroCoro.

      1. I keep seeing everyone go Chespin and Charizard for Y. Why is that? IM DOING THAT TOO! *though, I’m ONLY getting Y, and I wanted to start with Chespin, and… Well, Charizard is my standing favorite Starter, and my original starter, with Chespin having the potential to displace it, so it’s only natural.

        1. Chespin is my favorite. And I love Charmander. Though I’m only choosing Charmander because I don’t know if we’re getting a Megastone just based on the starter we choose. And so just to be safe, I’m choosing Charmander. This is because I have a Shiny Charizard that I will transfer to become Mega Shiny Charizard 🙂

    1. Hmmm
      Fennekin and Squirtle for Y (might be X though, still thinking)
      Chespin and Charmander for X (same for this as above () )

  34. Oh wait.. does this mean Easy access to All starters? You can just start over and chose a new one each time then send them to the cloud =]

      1. Never to that just for starters, trade.. saves So Much money. Unless it is because you want your name next to your Pokémon

      1. i know, but i wanted to share with you this video to completely confirm the character customization!

    1. :'( Almost no one noticed the images I posted about this five hours ago…
      *sad face*
      Just kidding I don’t mind, what matters is that the information is being transmited threw the masses.

  35. Has no one pointed out how Mega Evolutions will affect the anime? Ash just got his Charizard back not to long ago, sounds like a perfect opportunity

  36. I think this means that Pokemon-Amie could be connected to Mega Evolution. Your bond with the Pokemon increases the Mega evolving ability so you don’t need a Mega stone! You could have plenty of time to increase your bond with battle, Pokemon-Amie, after traveling with you for a long time, etc. That’s why they used the Mega ring and not the Mega stone. That hidden Pokemon could be a Poodle it has the characteristics but it looks more Pokemon-like. It would make sense since the region is based on France and Poodles came from France and Germany. (+ I would love the idea because I have one in real life and I can act like it’s my real life dog xD)



  37. oh my god… I cant believe I missed all this while at school!!! I hope the 3ds bundles are still available for preorder and don’t sell out like japan… that would be a nightmare

  38. OK, am I the only one that thinks the new Pokemon kinda looks like it might be an evolutionary relative of Absol.

  39. Sweet. The Xavier and Yvonne has got a 50% Bad-Ass increase! Also, the New Pokemon we saw, might be the Pokemon we saw in the X & Y Anime Trailer! That little White thing near the Airplane! What do you think?

  40. I hope our character in-game won’t have to use that ugly hat all game long. I’m tired of the hats!!

    1. Well given that our gender counterpart doesn’t have a hat it would be silly for us not to have the choice of taking it of and also, at least the glasses can be taken off, there are images of it I think at least.

  41. Pokemon finally stopped hacked and cheated Pokemon! Pokemon with fake abilities (a ability that the Pokemon cannot get natural), Hacked Moves, etc. cannot be sent with PokeTransfer! Now Nintendo + Pokemon finally put a stop to cheating! ;D

      1. I do wonder what steps they will take to ensure hacking can’t take place within Gen VI itself. Obviously hacked Pokemon would be stuck on the cartridge, unable to go into the Bank, but I wonder if there will be measures to actually prevent them from even being created. Regardless, that is good, you have to have your high IV and perfectly trained Pokemon by actually doing it, not plugging in numbers.

    1. You may find yourself unable to use Pokémon Bank or Poké Transporter to deposit any Pokémon created illegally by software unauthorized by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo into your online Boxes.

      Do you think that created part just means like Pokegen or something? I wonder if Action Replay Pokemon will be blocked as well. I’ve only ever used it to get the Manaphy egg because I don’t play Pokemon Ranger. And that’ll suck in completing my Pokedex in X and Y because I’ve used that one Manaphy for Pokedex data everywhere xD

      1. Since it hatched from an egg I don’t think it is affected but there is a very slim chance of it being interpreted as illegal.

        BTW, Guess what day it is?

        1. Well hopefully it gets through 😀 All I use it for is Dex data. If it doesn’t, I’ll just be asking on GTS or on forums lol.

          1. The funny thing is that she was saying dirty things without even noticing XD Like don’t have too much fun. We have this field trip and she was save your peanuts but she said for someone else me and my friends died laughing haha.

    2. The only Pokemon I’m really worried about is the shiny mew someone traded me over the GTS. There’s almost no way that thing isn’t hacked, unfortunately… it’s information seems like it could be legal, but the odds of my having received a legitimate shiny mew over GTS are highly unlikely. All I really wanted to do with it was pet it in Pokemon-Amie, too… ah well, I guess I’ll try to import it anyway when the time comes and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. At least I do have a regular Mew that I got from an event, so I’ll be able to import that one.

      1. I’m really worried about this I hope it’s like: if you try to send a pokemon and it isn’t legit, you just can’t send it, no other reprocursions because I have some pokemons whos legitemecy I doubt that were traded to me by an aquaintence at a party, and also one or othe gts doubtfull trade and it scares me that there are any reprocursions.

      1. Maybe just something in the data identifies them as being generated by an outside source instead of in game. We will just have to see what they allow in and what they don’t allow in.

        1. Don’t take my word for it but in my understanding any pokemon that isn’t legit should also get noticed if you try to use it in online battles, I’m not sure but maybe you can try that

  42. So what happens when a mega pokemon switches out? Does it revert back to its normal form?

          1. We currently don’t know for sure, so I was saying it would be op IF it turns out that they do go back to their normal selves upon switching out

    1. Well, in order to Mega Evolve we have first to attack, so if you’re planning to throw in Charizard to the battle to activate Drought, you have to attack too and after that you may be allowed to switch back.

  43. Now that we have had some time to look at them, I’m going to kind of analyze some design details of these Mega Starters, just for fun.

    Well, first thing is that these guys don’t drastically alter as much as some of the Megas, at least in terms of color. I actually was kind of expecting more colors to be added… I guess subconsciously, I was kind of expecting them to take some details from the Clone Starters on them, with the darker stripes and blotches.

    Venusaur seems to take a more natural progression, with things getting bigger, like the flower now almost like a miniature jungle on his back. The flower on his forehead is a tad random, it fits in the terms he’s always had something cover his forehead, but why that leaf evidentially got trimmed and that grew, I don’t know. I’m also expecting bringing it down to be a challenge, it’ll it will just be able to take so many hits.

    Charizard… Did not do what I expected. I was among those somewhat anticipating the Fire/Dragon Mega evo. They didn’t, so that changed entirely the image I was expecting. What’s funny is it really did the exact OPPOSITE of what I was thinking. As I was thinking it was going to be a Dragon type, I was expecting his wings to diminish in importance, and probably gain more powerful looking arms… like Zekrom or Black Kyurem. Instead, they GAVE the wings more emphasis, being larger, and in general more impressive wings, further emphasizing it’s Flying type, and actually made the arms more simple and smaller…… Like Reshiram or White Kyurem. In fact, Mega Charizard’s wing arms look a LOT like White Kyurem’s arms. So, I think that means Charizard’s Mega Stone is the Light Stone, and he is in fact eating Reshiram for his giant power boost XD. The fact it has Drought though… This actually gives a level of strategic planning to him. Because, as he doesn’t activate drought when he comes into battle, but when you transform him, you can effectively use an infinite Sunny Day AND attack at the same time, while canceling out whatever weather was going on. Plus, instant Solarbeams.

    As for Mega Blastoise, I find it kind of funny they did what is probably the most common thing to do with a fake Blastoise evolution. Have one single giant cannon on it’s back. The Wrist Cannons, I wasn’t anticipating, and I actually thought it would be on all fours due to a giant cannon. It is appropriately hunched over though. In general, I do think that Blastoise probably got the best look out of the three, all the elements seem to mesh really well. It’s also gotten me thinking what we can expect out of the other Mega Starters… and what abilities they might get. Obviously they will not all be using their Dream World abilities, so there is a lot of potential in terms of gameplay, not just design. I think that at the least, Typhlosion will probably become more fiery, maybe even part of it’s design modifying that it’s flames are more akin to lava. It IS the Volcano Pokemon. Also, I have in the back of my mind of a majorly cruel joke…. Swampert….. With Sap Sipper. I CAN JUST SEE IT.

    1. Dude, imagine using a solar power charizard (and assuming mega-pokemon change back to normal upon switching out), lead w/it, change to mega, drought effect, switch. No need for ninetales…(that is assuming your charizard survives and you have a rapid spinner)…
      And dat Sap Sipper Swampert (dat alliteration too)

  44. OMG. My theory was right! Trevor and Tierno do not get the starters! They have already obtained there own before You, Calem/Serena, and Shauna! They highly have different Kalos Pokemon! Also, if you noticed you couldn’t battle them in the demo. Also, if you guys remember there was a rumor on PokeBeach that said Prof. Sycamore will give you the Kanto Starters. Now that is true! I will believe X & Y Rumors a bit more now! As you know Inkay, Malamar, and Pangoro were rumors too! ;D

          1. I doubt it! In the image below, You, Calem/Serena, and Shauna are the only trainer there! You guys will get the Kanto Starters! Not Trevor and Tierno.

    1. I totally agree with this! This made the most sense to me when I thought about this earlier (like before we knew).

    2. i had a feeling something like this would happen, it’s basic math: 5 people and 3 starters, then 2 people don’t have an starter

      1. I think I have a solution to that.
        Considering they’re with you when you go to Professor Sycamore, maybe he gives the other 2 one of the kanto starters.
        What do you guys think?

        1. it could be an option, but as the character says in the picture, the two boys already have a pokemon.

        2. I personally think the fat boy owns a Vanillite. (introduce us to its new Ice/Fairy typing). I mean the starting town is called Vaniville Town, and he has a Vanillite on his shirt.

    3. Now we’ll have to see if the “friendly rival” (Shauna) will give you her fully evolved starter at the end of X and Y…

      1. I hope not. This doesnt make any sense. Why would you give away your pokemon / friend? Well maybe there is an important reason in the story but knowing pokemon’s stories there can’t really be anything too dramatic to justify that.

        1. First of all hello to everyone, its nice to be part of this

          it does sound rather stupid but just hopefully this becomes the case. Although this wont be such a big problem since you can get all three starters by placing them in the pokebank.

    4. that’s awesome that you found this, but i don’t know if they will have different pokemon could be like B2/W2 where your rival already had there pokemon

    5. I have a question (sorry to hijack your comment Afarr lol) does anyone know if we cantrade from X to Y without using the Pokemon Bank system? I know it would seem like a no brainer but this is something of concern to me since I usually purchase both titles and trade to get all three Starters on each game.

      1. I’m worried about that too. The apps are going to be released two months after the games release! That is a long time and then I can’t use my soon to be hatched shiny Mudkip for my playthrough of the game D:

        1. I know right! The Pokemon Direct said that you can deposit Pokemon into Pokemon Bank from Pokemon X, Y. And the picture shows you can transfer these Pokemon to either game. But is this the only way we have to transfer between X and Y? I’m hoping Not and that I’m just jumping ahead but it’s kind of a big deal.

          1. There should be also for the people who don’t have money to buy a $20 E-shop card when there needs to be bills paid, etc. Right now this seems to be the only flaw I’m finding in X & Y 🙁 It is a very big issue!

          2. For the people who don’t have money, there is a 30 Day free trial of using Pokemon Bank/Transporter.

            There is NO OTHER way of transporting your pokemon to X and Y from 5th gen games. The app will be the only method. It will be a measly 5 bucks-a-year to continue to own the app.

            You guys have to think. Not only can you store up to 3000 pokemon in this “cloud” service, but it also prevents hacked Pokemon from EVER entering 6th gen, and also gives you the ability to pick a starter, store it in bank, start the game over, pick a new starter, access bank, and claim all the starters that way.

          3. Forgot to mention, the game will be able to trade from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be able to trade with other X and Y’s, but you will not be able to trade with 5th gen games until December.

          4. I’m not against it I have $40 in my E-Shop account ready to use Pokemon Bank for 8 years. I love the idea, I’m talking for all the people who can’t get the game until a later time or they can’t get E-Shop credits, etc.

          5. I’m just concerned if you can trade between X and Y without the Pokemon Bank (don’t want to wait until Jan), I’m on board with paying the 5 bucks for a year to have access to trading between X, Y and the 5th gen games.

          6. I doubt that there is any way around it either. and for those that can’t afford the 20 dollar cards there’s always X-Mas and Birthday money lol (I’m thinking those currently unemployed, unable to work or not old enough to have a job).

          7. Exactly! The funny thing is that fake “leakers” were talking about an app for for the E-Shop that imports Pokemon. If fake “leakers” can make it up I think Game Freak could have thought of that, too. If they would have actually thought about it since the announcement and before the announcement of the game Pokemon Bank and Transporter maybe would have been released earlier..But who knows maybe they did?

          8. What if the “leakers” inspired Game Freak to make the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transfer apps when they were still trying to find a ways to deal with transfers from the 5th to the 6th gen games. Probably not, and they had that idea way before though.

          9. No surely can trade normaly they’re just trying to say that if you several copies of the game you don’t need a pokebank for each but to trade you can surely trade, but with this you need only one nintendo to move pokemon between your games

          10. It’s the most likely scenario, I’m just being a bit paranoid. The reason I was freaking out is the I’m getting both games and plan on trading between them to get all Kalos and Kanto starters, so I didn’t want to wait until Jan to do that.

  45. soo I need money to transfer all my pokemon of other games to x and y? 🙁 they dont give you a year free?

    1. You get a month free, after that it’s a $5 yearly fee. Nothing. Already paying $40 for the game, what’s another $5?

      1. ikr, I have 4 games that I can use to upload into it and I have been breeding past starters too. I can’t wait till the 12th

    2. At first, they give you a free trail! Then you have to pay! I don’t blame them saving a lot of older Pokemon is a lot! So, they need money to keep PokeBank running! $5 for the whole year! It’s not a lot!

      1. yes okok!! I undestand thanks guys 😀 but I live in dominican republic here we dont have gameshop or something else i dont know how could we put the 5 dolars in the game

  46. I think Poke Bank will be free one day if every pays for it who has the game and plus they might be using this for years to come.

  47. I have a question: You cant battle Trevor/Tierno… thats true?D: Because fuck why our rivals are girls -.- ( girls you’re cool but we need a man as rival)

      1. They might have Kalos-only pokemon as starters that we have not seen yet, so it’s a surprise!

        1. Maybe. Yet, it seems like you get the Kanto-Starters a bit later in the game! If you noticed only you, Serena, and Calem/Shauna were the only ones who came with you!

          1. i dont think so

            Skip to about 0:16…it sounds like their implying that we will get them at the beginning

            Oh and the pokebeach rumors were right about Sycamore giving us the kanto starters

    1. No. In the Demo you cannot battle them. Read my comment below because I explain it! You can’t battle them in the demo because they have there own Pokemon! You can battle them in X & Y!

  48. Maybe they kept Mega Charizard Fire/Flying and not Fire/Dragon so it can participate in the awesome sky battles?

    Or just because they’re the classics, leave them as is.

    1. I don’t think so. I would have loved Charizard to be Fire/Dragon. Also, Flygon was in a Sky Battle and it is Ground/Dragon.

          1. It’d be pretty weird those Pokemon Afarr mentioned participating in Sky Battles, I could definitely see them not being able to participate too.

          2. I can see certain moves. like Gravity and Knock Down, to be banned too. It would be a bit unfair for an Electric type to parti-

            wait, Zapdos and Emolga. They are part Electric.

  49. oh gosh YES I really love Mega Charizards design. And Mega Venasaur’s new ability is fantastic, its’ my favorite gen 1 starter I can’t wait to use it ahhhhh
    I also really love the bank idea, only 5 dollars a year, that’s really good and affordable for a lot of people. I’m glad they are not milking it, it could be 5 dollars a month like most things are now a days.

  50. Going back to this Pokemon, I really hope this is Alpaca-like, because who doesn’t like llamas? (DeviantART has plenty of them) What type do you think it is? It could be Normal/Ice with good defenses.

      1. I hope it’s dark. I only use fire, electric, dragon, and dark types (avatar challenge fire nation), and my school has a llama named Wizard. I would totally name it Wizard, which would work too cuz it would be like a Dark Wizard

  51. I like this. A lot. Clears things about the connectivity and I’m glad they resolved it. Actually, it’s a lot more than I expected. And I knew the Trevor or Tierno had to give you the starters, but I’m glad that Sycamore gives you the Kanto ones. Maybe I’ll use them, who knows? I might just want to try out the new Pokemon first. But I do like the Mega designs, particularly Mega Charizard. It looks like a awesome dragon (If only…..if only…IsowantedDragontypeforCharizard). And that new Pokemon? I want it, it’s so fluffy xDI really hope it gets addressed soon (and not be like Oorotto…..forreal don’t ignore your mistake, GF!). All in all, I’m beyond MEGA excited for X and Y to come out! 38 days away!

        1. Or really slow if you pay too much attention. Get your mind off of this (if you can), and before you know it, the games are out by tomorrow. 😉

          1. Easier said than done for me. I would be like ‘…………………………………….Time to check for more news five minutes later! :D’
            I’m that pathetic

    1. How hard it tries, it won’t have cool hairdo as this infamous emo llama
      That’s how you make it simple yet effective, sorry.

    1. I don’t think we know yet, but its sounds like they’re implying that we get them as soon as we arrive to the Professor.

    2. First you get the Kalos starters from Tierno (I think) Then when you meet Sycamore at Lumiose city he will give you the Kanto starters.

      1. So… this would really be like the Monkeys. Only we decide which one we want, and that, oh, THEY ARE STARTERS AND NOT MONKEY REPLACEMENTS!

          1. Since we are getting a Torchic and I need a water type and one of my favorite Pokemon is Mudkip I’m Masuda methoding a shiny one to use in my playthrough.

          2. Heh. I have my Shiny Charizard, and I’m not really sure if there are any other Shiny Starters I’d really like to get in preparation…

    3. I believe it goes like this! Prof. Sycamore sends you everything you need to start! (3 Pokemon (Trevor and Tierno already have there own), 5 Pokedexes, and 25 Pokeballs! Then when you beat the game you return to Prof. Sycamore and he gives you your Kanto Starter! Yet, this in not 100% Confirmed, yet Tierno and Trevor already having there own Pokemon is!

      1. Actually im pretty sure we’re gonna get the kanto starters at the beginning of our adventure…

      1. I think so….it would make attract a lot more useful. Plus the french language has masculine or feminine words, but no neuter….maybe that’s why….???

    1. whered you see that at?
      EDIT:Ohhh. its on that pic down their. da heck? I thought magenzone was genderless

      1. It is either an error, or it’s a new fact. If it took 17 years for Pokémon Professors to discover the fairy type, then maybe it took them the same amount of time to discover that a bunch of sentient magnets can indeed learn attract now.

          1. Eh, another word for nonsense, kinda picked it up from a friend, heh. But regardless, the important point is, that makes no sense.

          2. Electrical Engineering reference….
            But yeah…this makes no sense…and both are from the official websites….WHAT!?

  52. The churning in my stomach cannot stop! Mega-Charizard looks too epic for words to describe. That sleek, jet-like body, the mad horns sticking out from it’s head. Game Freak you made me proud to be a Nintendo/Game Freak fan today. Not that I had any doubts. cough*cough ;D

  53. The starters seem to retain most if not all of their Original Form designs with an exception for Charizard. It seems very simple yet epic just something that haters need because too drastic of a change can “RUIN” their Childhood.”May the odds EVER be in our FAVOR.”

    1. Lol If genwunners still aren’t satisfied yet they need to just go die or go play some bakugan or something

          1. WIth thick fat, it takes effectively neutral damage from fire and ice attacks. And it’s POISON. Fighting resist and FAIRY KILLER

          2. It’s not so much the design. It’s the ability and no secondary typing(that’s not as big of a deal.) right now the boosted stats haven’t been revealed. That will be the seller for me.

          3. Oh I know what you mean. Yeah we don’t know much about Mega Launcher ability, but it has to be useful, other wise they wouldn’t give to blastoise.

          4. Mega Launcher is GARBAGE. It only increase the power of pulse moves. shouldve gave blastoise an ability that powers up beam and cannon moves 🙁

          5. Again we don’t know the details just yet. Maybe all of blastoise’s stats are boosted evenly, so there is nothing prominent to write. Plus I never expected Sky Uppercut to be boosted by iron fist. I thought that it literally had to have the word “punch” in it to be boosted. Maybe Mega Launcher boosts Hydro Pump, I mean it makes sense.

          6. Perhaps there’s a new, more powerful pulse move. But right now it seems pointless if it can only use it with water pulse.

      1. and combine that wityh more def. and sp.def and you have one hell of a tank. plus it resists poison….only flying scares him. 🙂 K I am picking bulba as my starter than

  54. the new pokemon looks like a mix of deino with the hair in face, absol’s colors, and a goat

      1. its on here somewhere…its like a llama looking thing thats black and white. If you dont see it you can check serebii real quick

  55. The one thing that really pisses me off about all of this is the fact that the special GOLD X and Y 3DS XL won’t be available in America. SMH

      1. Aren’t they going to be released in December? Does this mean I can’t import Pokemon until December?? D:

        1. Nope, not until December. They still have to develop it, and I guess this makes sure people who buy the game right away can’t immediately transfer over super strong Pokemon to breeze through the game.

          1. Or you can use one of the other two, and I can trade you a Chespin egg when we get the opportunity to breed.

          2. I wanted to use the Kanto starters though. It looks like I’m going to use Mudkip on the other version I get after.

          3. They have to make them for all the other starters now or fans would form a huge rebellion. Just imagine a Mega Sceptile 😉 Tsunekazu Ishihara said that he cant wait to see what ALL the Pokemon look like in their Mega forms…Something along those lines..

          4. My first Pokemon is going to unleash its potential!! ^_^

            I hope Mega Sceptile gets a boost in Attack. It sort of got nerfed after the Physical/Special split of Generation 4 where it was attacks classified as such, and not types. Sceptile can learn so many awesome physical moves like Leaf Blade, Rock Slide, and Earthquake!

          5. I can just imagine the Mega evolutions yet to be revealed in CoroCoro! (Swampert please hurry up and reveal yourself)

          6. I would love if Sceptile and Swampert were two of the Mega Evolutions revealed in a few days! 😀

          7. Mega Sceptile, Mega Torterra, Mega Serperior, Mega Meganium, Mega Swampert, and Mega Empoleon are going to look SOOOOOOOOOOO EPIC

          8. x9000! Have you ever thought that the Pokemon in the screenshots from the boxes could be getting Mega Evolutions? If so Gyarados, and the others in the Pokemon Bank screenshots will be Mega evolved!

          9. Nope, didn’t think that hahaha. I just thought it was a lot of random Pokemon, and it was a lot of legendaries lol.

          10. Also a lot of the Pokemon in the trailers have been getting them so you never know 😀 Gyarados has been featured in trailers, screenshots..It’s also a very likely candidate.

          11. Oh GEICO…you know I saw a green lizard around my house the other day I went to take a picture but it ran off : I see we are getting off topic, wouldn’t like to get the Mods mad! BTW, “I ate a dirty cheeseburger the other day” 😉

          12. they probs won’t do Sap Sipper :/

            it would be cool and all.. but personally i want something like pure power or Huge power. Since Swampert has high attack stats already it would a pretty good abillity for it

  56. I’m so excited for X and Y because I know the remaining days will fly over. I remember saying, Eight Weeks to go! And now It is so close!

    I also really like the new Pokemon that was shown, briefly lol. I see it being on my team :3

    1. waht really. WOOOO. So I wonder who is gonna be the 3rd er 4th(counting yvetal) exclusive for y

          1. How can you say that?
            It’s like saying Helioptile is exclusive to Pokemon X because its in the same box also.

    2. If Sableye is exclusive to Pokemon Y, I will chuck a Cascoon into Lake Verity. Where it will be caught by a majestic shiny MAGIKARP.

  57. I wonder if you have the Kalos starters before you start your adventure. Maybe the game asks you at the same time you pick your gender…

    1. I don’t think you do. Doesn’t Tierno give it to you? And the trailers show you choosing it… Plus Shauna asks to see the starters…

  58. Screw the kalos starter evos.This is good enough news for me. And I cant wait to go on a journey with fennekin AND bulba(sorry. too lazy to add saur)

  59. is Mega Charizard supposed to resemble something like a mutant pterodactyl…?

    Just realized it has wings on its hands

    1. is it? lol. I believe so…. Ehhh. blastoise is weirder though. it has MINI cannons on its hands. Itd be better if it just had that single cannon on its back.

  60. Now I have to worry about which kalos starter to pick I want blastiose but charivari looks so awesome also I want venesaur but I will most likely be choosing chespin what do you guys think I should choose. Also with the new pokemon bank I will somehow have to convince my mom to let me get a deput card 🙁

        1. That’s a really good idea p.s are there any pokemon events in china because my moms there and I could get here to go

        1. What do you mean? O.o Skiddo is confused by your reply :p (I know what a 2DS is, don’t explain that part to me)

          1. I can’t believe they successfully made Mega Evolutions for Gen 1 starters that even genwunners have to sit down and like.

          2. If all of this crying keeps up the world will be flooded within the next couple of months. We have to try to stop crying or gamefreak will get blamed for our own destruction.

          3. Idea. Next generation six game is based in Hoenn 12 years later. Since the past events Teams Magma and Aqua have become good guys and are now on the same team. Furthermore there is a new team that wants to catch Rayquaza and in doing so he is not there to stop Groudon and Kyogre who are fighting again.

      1. My response cannot change regardless. I mean my expectations were already crossed over on January because it’s the first 3D pokemon game. You have no idea what everything else is making me feel right now…..

  61. The one thing I’m worried about with the pokebank, is that they are going to give us limited storage inside x and y to try and make us buy the bank.

    1. I really hope they don’t do that. But I don’t think GF would do that type of stuff.

        1. I’m sorry to disappoint you both but in the Nintendo Direct…They clearly said that the ability to store Pokemon in-game would be limited. So it does seem they’re going to do that to encourage Pokemon Bank usage

          1. I’m sure 20 boxes (or 25 I don’t remember) like the previous games is more than enough for me….I don’t fill pokedexes. I battle.

        1. I just completed my pokemon black pokedex (HURRAY) but I had like 20 boxes and assuming they will have 100+ I need like 24 D:

        1. They have different animations, Mega Blaziken had a different one so did they change it?? I liked the Mega Blaziken Blast Burn better.

          1. Hmm, we don’t see the end of Blaziken’s attack, but they both start out with that circle of fire!

          2. The difference I see is the fire circling around Blaziken but Charizard’s doesn’t show it circling him. It could be they skipped frames but..IDK.

          3. My calender is ready XD I should probably get to finishing my homework! Nice taking to you, bye 🙂

        2. I’m REALLY disappointed with Frenzy Plant ESPECIALLY after how AMAZINGLY AWESOME Power Whip’s animation is

      1. Well there has to be repercussion to a very powerful move. Imagine if Hyper Beam had 150 power and 30 PP..*shivers*

        1. I want them to do RBY mechanics, where if you KO, there is no recharge. I know that psybeam and hyper beam have RBY sounds….maybe this is possible…?

  62. Hopefully we can transfer a hole box at a time rather than only six. I have over 16 boxes of Pokémon that I need to transfer from my White 2.

      1. I think that also at that part it showed it asking if you wanted to send that box to the storage too. I just hope that is the same for transferring from the generation five games.

    1. I would want to have the ability to manipulate the box of my BWB2W2 games while I transfer so that I don’t have to close the software, boot the game, and do it for “convenience”.

      1. Oh yeah. In the past while transferring it would always tell me i cannot transfer because of hm moves. It would be nice for it to be ok to have hm moves and to be able to move pokemon out of one of the boxes that players wish to transfer.

  63. I’m willing to bet money that this new pokemon is the one from the anime trailer. 🙂

    I love these new evolutions, but I’m kind of disappointed that Charizard didn’t get Dragon. Oh, well. At least he gets a boost in other ways.

    1. And we won’t find out from GF what it is, just like they did with Oorotto 🙁 (UNLESS COROCORO)

      1. We can only hope that Corocoro will reveal Starter Evolutions, Oorotto and this llama-thing to fill in missing gaps!

    2. Even if charizard was fire/dragon with levitate, you would still have to switch out to charizard and then mega evolve so you can’t really get rid of that pesky 4x weakness to rock.

      1. Well it seems that Megas will get boosts in 2 stats, so perhaps Charizards other stat will hopefully be speed- so you can LEAD IN-> MEGA-> Drought-> PWN.

        1. It is already confirmed indeed that all mega evolutions get two stat boosts. For Charizard it will be twoo boosts in Special Attack. For Venusaur it is 1 in Defense and Special Defence. Just Like Lucario. It will be Two in Attack. So yeah, these Mega-Evolutions will really be PWNAGE! Use thief or knock off and they’re back to normal 😉

          1. I wonder about that. I guess the only way to see is to try it for ourselves in a month-ish. Im not sure if the Knock off strategy will work- seems like the mechanic is much too fleshed out just to be counteracted by something as simple as a move. Im thinking once the evolution happens, it stays, regardless of what its holding- since the item allows it to Mega Evolve, instead of it being instantaneous.

    3. What we really need is a freaking ability to clear entry hazards… unless they nerf Stealth Rock. Maybe make the mon frail to provide balance to it (since hazard removing through ability is a bit OP).

        1. Actually Bulbasaur sounds different too, where Squirtle sounds more like ugraded version of the older one.

    1. Who do you think that guy is? Champion? Champion’s Dad? Champion’s GRANDPA? Leader of the Bad Guys? Someone with the International Police? Korrina’s Dad?

  64. Great news and all, but I’m not looking forward to trading my Pokemon from my Japanese versions of Black/Black 2 to my English versions of White/White 2.

    Blasted region lock… :/

  65. I guess by “later” they mean when you either beat the champion and/or complete the regional dex.

  66. Akamaru pokemon confirmed

  67. Six things that ran through my mind :
    1. Thank Arceus we can transfer Pokemon!!!
    2. What? I have to pay?? well at least the free trial will be helpful…
    3. Yes! Kanto Starters get mega-evolutions… because trainers and pokemon have mathching jewellery???
    4. Oh dear, Charizard has drought … I can hear the weather wars
    5. Better question why the psyduck is Blastoise not part steel????????
    6. apparently there was a llama

    1. Yes, a llama there was and a llama Gamefreak shall hide until they decide to reveal it in full 😀

  68. ok i hope that there is a system in x/y like in past generations where u can transfer pokemon over im not paying a $5 fee for my level 5 mudkip

    1. It’s only $5 for a WHOLE year. If it was $6 a year, that’s 50 cents a month, so it’s actually less than that.

    2. Your not paying? $5 FOR A YEAR! Pokemon is just being generous! It takes money to save and store all of the data. Without paying they will not have the funds to keep it! Also, you get a month free trial. Then you have to pay the fee. It’s not much.

    3. Well, hate to burst your bubble, but this IS the System. It will have a month free trial when it first comes out, so you can at least do all your transferring then.

    4. $5 for 20 years is much better than a 2nd 3DS for $189, which is not going to last 20 years, as a nintendo 4DS will come out by then.

  69. Does anyone know at what point in the video the new llama was shown? I don’t want to research the whole thing because I’m a Snorlax. >.>

        1. Or was he? It may have been an accident, but it’s a blink and you miss it affair, and even finding in the video is kind of tricky. They’ve had other new Pokemon showing up in other official stuff for sometime, such as Skiddo, so it may have just been a nice treat to the perceptive viewer.

    1. You’re going to have to have very good freeze-frame reflexes if you want to see it in the video itself.

  70. Hey everyone on pokejungle I’m new to writing on here but I have been reading your articles for a while and I just wanted to mention that this new white pokemon that has been shown is confirmation that the recent “leaked kalos dex” is fake I checked all the descriptions that were on the “leaked dex” and none of them seemed to fit.

    1. I couldn’t find a compatible description either… I’m really am glad, not ready for the full list to leak till at least October 1st (at the earliest), and a lot of the list seemed to redundant…

    2. I had a brief check over that like when I first saw Follama (Folicle because hair lol and Llama). Glad someone went through the list properly! I only really looked at the Normal, Ice and Psychic types. Because that’s the types I think it might be.

      Still, I am a little sad. The backwards-in-time Fairy dragon Psuedo legend sounded really cool, and there were some other cool and interesting Fairies as well.

  71. All of these megas are really good, but think about Venusaur. It has boosted defenses and because of thick fat it is only weak to phychic and flying type moves. If Venusaur is fighting a Fire type or something with a fire type move, no worries. Mega evolve to take that hit well and use earthquake.

      1. I don’t need to be faster because I’m not going to take too much damage. Oh no, unless his pokemon decided to become mega aswell. Now i wonder how much this will change battles with all of this uncertainty.

        Edit: For some reason I assume that your pokemon becomes mega at the beginning of the turn.

          1. Yeah, but does it happen going by how fast my pokemon is or does it happen before anyone gets to attack?

          2. Well, we don’t know that for certain, but I’d imagine it’ll probably be based on your speed, as you transform when it’s your turn. It could activate before that though. Doesn’t help our only test of it is a Pokemon that outsped the competition tremendously, so that didn’t really tell us. *Mewtwo vs the Demo Pokemon*

          3. Yeah, but I think if I remember correctly by that point he was already evolved, because I don’t think Sycamore started with Crobat. *goes to check*

        1. Poison -> Poison, NVE
          Poison -> Grass SE
          Grass/Poison neutralizes the weakness for Poison-type.

  72. I have a question: How can I transfer my pokemon from pokemon blanck and white 2 to x and Y!! I mean, black and white 2 is compatible with the pokemon banc app!! we needd a video aout it how does it works

    1. Their is the Pokemon Transfer app that works in conjunction with the Pokemon Bank app. You’ll use the Transfer to send your BW2 Pokemon to the Bank, which can then be accessed by X and Y.

        1. … eh? No, you just use the tool to select Pokemon, from the official website, entire boxes even, and just upload that to the Bank. They are transferred to the Bank, and then you can access those Pokemon in the Bank Boxes in X and Y.

        2. Right, but you will be sending them to yourself instead. B&W and B2&W2 can only deposit PKMN into the bank, X&Y can deposit and withdraw PKMN.

  73. Sooo Pokemon, PokeJungle, GameFreak and Nintendo!! Thanks for everything, you made my day :’) thanks a lot for the news and now I begin to believe that Samurott can get a Mega-Evolution 😀 thanks Arceus

      1. I favourite Blastoise, think that Venusaur is the best, and aknowledge the potential of Charizard’s drought.

          1. Thanks for linking us I’m sure we would have never found our way back to the site we are currently on XD just kidding of course

        1. I’m with you…even as a Venusaur fan, in my opinion:

          1. Mega Blastoise
          2. Mega Venusaur
          3. Mega Charizard

      1. yeah that kind of bothered me. but then again, I was already grumpy watching pokemon direct at 4 in the morning.

    1. So far mine is: Fennekin, Venusaur, Flabébé, Helioptile, ???, and ???

      EDIT: Where do the Starly and Samurott come from? The Bank?

    2. Am I the only one who doesn’t play with “teams”, I just catch all Pokemon and play with them all

  74. I think the new Pokemon we saw is an evolution of Swirlix. Pokemon have undergone rapid changes in appearance before. Look at Magikarp and Gyarados. If I didn’t know any better, I would of thought they were unrelated. I personally love the new Pokemon. It looks so cute!

    1. That’s a possiblity, but Gyarados kept the whiskers that Magikarp had. I don’t think Swirlix would go through that drastic of a change, unless it maybe needed a Dusk Stone to evolve.

      1. Swirlix still has the white, fluffy appearance if it were to evolve into this. I think it’s entirely not out of the question. I’ve seen so many rapid changes in evolution for some Pokemon. Some are more similar to their pre-evolutions though, such as Weavile.

          1. It’s white and pink. And this shot of the new Pokemon is low resolution, taken from a video still of the Direct. So it may actually be showing some pink that we can’t really see!

          2. Also, it still has the same tail like Swirlix, just bigger. If you look closely. You are right and that Pokemon keep one important feature when they evolve. I think for Swirlix it’s the tail and fluff to it’s appearance. I can not wait to see the official Ken Sugimori artwork of this Pokemon! <3

          3. I made a theory earlier that Swirlix will evolve into a poodle and that may not be so Farfetch’d at the moment 😀

  75. I love Mega Blastoise, but I’m not quite sure about its ability. Mega Launcher “raises the power of pulse type moves, such as Water Pulse and Dark Pulse (Dragon Pulse as well)”. This sounds great but the only “pulse” move Blastoise can learn is Water Pulse. Yeah sure the power boost would be really helpful…but maybe we will see new “Pulse” moves? Technically there could be one for every type sense it’s an extraction of energy. A Mega Blastoise with Water Pulse and Ice Pulse would be pretty cool.

    1. Immediately after I read ‘Mega Launcher’ I thought “Hydro Pump’s going to get powered up!” Then I was told it only affects pulse moves :p

    2. There could be a major overhaul of movesets for PKMN, due partially to Mega Evolution. Ampharos can now learn Dragon Pulse now for instance, in X&Y.

      Mega Blastoise sounds like it will really shine in triple battles.

  76. Oh my god! I really want Swirlix to evolve into this! I really do! A poodle would really be perfect! It’s fluffy, just like cotton candy! Please make it happen Game Freak! Not only is it food, it’s an animal too! Awesomeness! And I love poodles. I have a miniature poodle as a pet. <3

      1. If they are unrelated, I might have to send a tweet to Junichi Masuda! xD They have the same tail, color, and fluff. I really want this to be the case! I want Spritzee to evolve into a Flamingo. It’s official website entry says it’s scent changes based on it’s diet. Flamingos change color based on their diet. It could be a combo of a flamingo and the plague doctor. Best of both worlds. Lol.

      2. I just think Spritzee is too cute to be based off of the plague doctor. Such a grim topic for a kid’s game. But then again, we have Chandelure that burn souls. o.O

    1. I’d expect a poodle to be more curly or with its generically recognizable hair cut. Looks more like an alpaca to me…

      1. All I would like to say is that if they could at least make a Fairy/Flying type evolution for Spritzee, I would thank Masuda for that. Spritzee does look like a bird, right?

  77. Pros:
    The Megas.
    The new apps.
    Mega design changes are an improvement from MegaKhangaskan,
    Same typings for the Megas.
    Pokemon Bank is a paid service.
    Overall Conclusion:
    I was expecting a bit more, no OFFICIAL new Pokemon, but her, here’s hoping CoroCoro won’t be as disappointing, not that this was disappointing at all, but the information was minor, we could’ve waited a little longer to learn this information. I think there rumors going around about MegaBlastoise’s cannon getting larger, so that isn’t a surprise. The arm cannons are a nice touch. MegaVenusaur has sprouted a tree and a meaner look (like all of them), so this is probably my least favorite as far as design, but playability-wise, I think all three will be great. MegaCharizard has larger wings and “hand-wings,” along with a more red-orange color, an improved tail and a more dragon look to it, but still it remains as Fire/Flying. I wish these would’ve been Grass/Poison, Water/Steel and Fire/Dragon, but whatever. With CoroCoro in a week, I’m not completely disappointed in this Pokemon Direct, but I am saddened for some of it. With 5 1/2 weeks until the game releases, I don’t think they’ve released enough Pokemon (or a potential PokeDex leak from Hiro or Pokexperto), but CoroCoro and possible other reveals on random days might make up for that. I’m loving the games so far, so I hope they will live up to all of our expectations…!
    (This is my opinion, so please do not judge me, since that isn’t what Pokejungle is meant to be for, but positive comments are appreciated, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it at all. I’d rather end off the night with a smile on my face from nice comments rather than have my self-esteem lowered because of trolls. :D)

    1. I honestly won’t have a problem with paying. It probably won’t be much at all. Besides, they have to tend to the servers to keep them going for years and years. It’s all understandable. Except Mega Blastoise’s ability.

      1. It is $5.00, and nor do I, but if they keep making mini-apps like this with microtransactions here and there, people will start to get frustrated. Take Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time as an example. The microtransactions altogether are $20.00, and the game is free. I feel like we pay $40.00 for Pokemon X and Y and that’s that. But I completely understand your opinion and I am not judging or critiquing you in any way. 😀

    2. Nice to see you again, Dedennyden. I am personally going for Mega Venusaur because 1. I have never owned a Bulbasaur in my Pokecareer and I want to get one now, and 2. I will be picking Froakie in Pokemon X which will be my main game and picking Squirtle will make me have two water types on my team and probably no status inflictors SO…yeah.

      1. Well, nice to see you as well! School has been a pain and our professor is completely killing us with a ton of homework and extremely high expectations, but it’s all about the learning. I haven’t owned a Bulbasaur at all either, I don’t think, so it will be interesting to see what the outcome of that is. 38 more days until I get my precious DEDENNE! 😀

        1. I’ll allow you to be the first person in the world to own a Dedenne, because you’re Dicie 😀

    3. I can totally understand. To me, it’s enough to tie us over until CoroCoro. Sure, I so wanted Charizard to become Dragon (I mean c’mon…..those wings scream dragon) but I kinda understand why: to give them minor changes to appease most people. My least favorite one is Venusaur…..it might just be that flower on its forehead >.< The Pokemon Bank I expect will be cheap and I understand why it's a paid service, for maintenance and to keep it going for future games. I so wanted them to address that new Pokemon, but I'm hoping for CoroCoro for Oorotto and that alpaca pokemon. I agree as well wit the Pokemon, I kidna want just a bit more, not all but most so I can plan my team for the games. It's like 37 days away and I'm still in a pickle. I love what they have revealed (yes even Mega….they're growing on me, just like Fairy type) and I know this will be an awesome game! 😀 I just would like more Pokemon, so that's why that alpaca Pokemon has got my attention the most, really, in my mind.

  78. Hm… That recent “leaked Kalos Dex List” doesn’t seem to have anything similar to the llama alpaca poodle thing revealed, so I am now 99.9% sure it’s fake.

    1. I hope It’s fake Litleo final stage fire/fighting. Seriously must they have that type combination every generation.

  79. I am going to spend most of my free time this weekend going through every Pokemon game I have (Emerald, Firered, Platinum, Heartgold, Black, White, Black 2, White 2) and organizing all of my Pokemon that I want to get transferred to X, while also acquiring new Pokemon along the way. It will be an enormous uptaking in these last few weeks, but to catch them is my real test, and to train them is my cause.

    1. I have all of the gen 1-5 Pokemon and have them all trained to at least lvl 50…I think I’m going to start breeding them all, so I can train them in X/Y from the beginning again

      1. Impressive, to say the least. The only reason why I don’t have them all is because it is so tedious to transfer, breed, catch, transfer, breed…

      2. Oh no not at all. Everyone has their own definition of “Pokemon Master”, me I love all Pokemon equally so my personal goal is to catch them and train them all. Some people’s definition of a Pokemon Champion is to train the strongest team and competitive battle…Competitive battling doesn’t interest me at all, so to each his own 😀

  80. Oh my gosh, an old memory just occurred to me. I have been trying to think about which Kanto starter had much of an emotional pull for me, and I couldn’t really think of which one, because I was introduced to Pokemania two generations too late. Well I just remembered an old Pokemon card I had (or still have) called Dark Venusaur and it had the “Best” insignia on it, and I thought it was the most incredible card ever. It may not be my rarest item, but it has an emotional pull (just like my holo Electivire that I pulled out of my very first Diamond and Pearl pack). Mega Venusaur for me in Pokemon X!

    1. I started with Yellow version, then I got leaf green and chose Bulbasaur so I’m going with The same. Also For the Kalos starter I’ll choose Froakie, that case if the rumor able the weaker rival giving you their starter is true I’ll have 3 different types.

    2. Started with Red & Blue. Still have the original holo Charizard card (was my very 1st holo too) :D. Can’t wait to use him in XY.

  81. I’m really excited about Pokémon Bank!! I’ve been deciding which ‘mons I wanted to transfer ever since XY were announced, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to. I just hope there’ll be a way to have it automatically charge my card like Netflix/Crunchyroll/etc. There is no way I’d remember to pay before any deadlines ahaha…

  82. Do you know how some people were asking when they revealed your NPC friends in the game, “How are they all gonna get the starters? There are only 3 Starters and there are 5 of us.”
    Well, considering they’re with you when you go to Professor Sycamore, maybe he gives the other 2 one of the kanto starters.
    What do you guys think?

    1. Well you have a point! It could mean that Shana and the other gender character will get the Kalos starters, while Tierno and Trevor will have the Kanto starters, because they already have one 😉

  83. mega launcher will only give boost to puls moves or also to beam and cannon moves?will mega launcher only boost power of the moves or also give high priority to those move, to make themhit first in battle?

  84. Has Nintendo revealed the name of that mystery Pokemon that was battling Venusaur? I keep thinking it’s a relative of Absol.

  85. Omg, guys, have you seen the news?
    There is apparantly this new thing called ‘Mega evolution’, where Pokémon temporarily evolve into stronger forms of themselves. Pokémon like Absol and Ampharos will get Mega evolutions.

    I seriously hope they reveal a Mega Slowpoke.

  86. By the way, the demo for the UK has been announced, from the 26th-29th of September, it requires tickets which have sold out unfortunately

  87. found out that the over-world will not be able to be seen in 3d however trainers with roller blades will teach you tricks after being defeated!!!

  88. Aggghhh just away to pre-order the limited edition 3DS Xl but i can’t decide which one to get- they’re both so beautiful! Blue or Red?

          1. Awww too bad- im sure it will go live in the US at some point soon if not today- its still only noon here in the uk so were a bit ahead of you so it might go live in a few hours.

    1. Looks completely fake to me but if sudowoodo was to be related to oorotto then i would hope oorotto would evolve from bonsly in a split evolution- maybe through bonsly being tampered with or something but its highly unlikely.

      1. I don’t think they’re related and it’s not fake, I mean sure they’re both trees but… Horsea and Skrelp are based off of seahorses and they’re not

        1. I see your point. Though Skrelp is based on a specific seahorse (weedy seadragon)…but then again they have a robin evolving into a falcon. :/ Typically, though, evolution shows more signs of comparative similarities besides ‘they are both trees’. Sudowoodo is a fossilized tree while Orot looks like a treant or haunted trees you see in scary cartoons…not very related.

          1. Plus, they have shown that Miltank and Tauros have been in Horde Battles together, and, despite fanon, they are officially not linked to each other, but you could still think of them as counterparts, due to the male female only, same BST. So, maybe just Orotto will be a counterpart to Sudowoodo, in that, while it can be encountered in the wild, maybe there will be some disguised as trees, and can be encountered that way. Like, maybe we could have for a change of pace, you try to cut a tree, and instead of being cut in half, it gets angry and attacks. It’s not impossible, you can fight foongus and amoongus both in the wild, and find them disguised as Pokeballs, though admittedly there was precedent for that, and their have been a few sudowoodo encounters, they do use water… *shrugs* Either way, I kind of doubt they are related, just because Orotto does look like it’s a grass type, it’s foliage looks real, as opposed to the green stone circles of Sudowoodo. We should see soon though. If not from official reveal, from the games themselves finally coming out, we just have a little over a month.

    2. That’s awesome, whether it’s real or not. 😉

      I don’t want Oorotto to be related to Sudowoodo. They’re based off of different things and they don’t similar enough to me. But a Ghost/Rock Oorotto would be cool. Have we had that combo yet?

      1. Nope c: What would also be cool about it is that it wouldn’t be weak to fighting (rock is 2x weak to fighting)

    3. If you look closely you can hear and see that it does normal damage to Sudowoodo and not very effective damage on Oorotto! They just placed them together, just like Tauros and Miltank, to define the species. I guess Oorotto will be revealed in the next Corocoro next week 😉 Second time they showed him.

      1. Hmmm I heard that as well, an electric attack is NVE against grass…could be part grass part ghost?

  89. Is there any word on whether those new 3DSXLs are going to be limited ed like the Pikachu one was?

    1. It will be ‘limited’ yes, in the way it won’t be sold forever, but I’m sure there will be enough stock for months to come.

  90. Is pokemon bank a feature accessible from the game itself, an app like Dream Radar, or a website like Dream World?

      1. I think there may be some ability to access it from within the game as well, at the least I got the implication we can access it by connecting to the internet and getting Pokemon out like if it was a box. Could be wrong though.

        1. Well, the app pulls the data out of the online box and puts it on the card in the card slot or on the SD card if you have a digital copy.

          1. Now if I download the app, it’s on my SD card on my 3DS right? So that if my 3DS ever broke, I would still have everything on that SD card and just put it in a new 3DS?

          2. No, not at all.
            Everything you buy on your 3DS gets encrypted with a specific code tied to your 3DS. If you lose your 3DS or if it breaks you’ll lose everything. Even access to your Pokémon Bank seeing as it likely is 3DS tied. That’s the Nintendo way of digital.

  91. Heres to wishful thinking that corocoro will surprise us with an early release still pullin for the 7th-12th

  92. Mmm, in light of all of this.. I might just include my Imposter Ditto more often. Copying a Mega poke would be nice if it is possible (and having mine).

  93. I skimmed through the Nintendo Direct and found no evidence of the screenshot of this new Pokémon. Was this shown in the middle of the trailer?

  94. Can anyone at least Twitter Masuda if they will have the Dream World? That is a mechanic that I grew accustomed to.

  95. Will you still be able to transfer Pokémon that you befriend online into your game? As far as I am concerned, there will be Pokémon that will not be obtainable through normal gameplay.

  96. Hi today I have come to tell you guys some info about x and y. The z legend is called zyxaral and the starters evolve into water fighting grass dark and fire fairy. There are also trainer equips lik the keystone and roller skates

  97. Here’s what I’m confused about; is it for sure known that Sycamore will give us the original starters at the beginning of the game? Did it say when he would give them to us? It wouldn’t make much sense to give us another set of starters when we just got one. It would really take away from that whole bonding with the new starter. And the whole point at the beginning is to catch your first pokemon using your starter. It would make much more sense if he gave them to us after we beat the elite four or something. Can someone please clarify?

    1. Here is what I believe is going to happen- Sycamore appears in the intro and says that your friends have the starters. You get the Kalos starters later when you meet Sycamore in Lumiose city he will give you the Kanto starters.

    2. Well, it appears that this is a continuation of where you get your starter, and then right before you fight the first gym, or maybe after, whichever, you get the other starter, like in Black and White, where you receive one of the Elemental Monkeys right at the beginning. Only difference being that you can choose which Kanto Starter you want, instead of having the appropriate Monkey based on your original starter, given to you. That’s what I took away from it, at least.

      1. O okay that makes more sense now. But that also kinda stinks because I only want to use new pokemon but now I’m being tempted by these kanto starters!

        1. Understandable. It kinda screws up my wanting to do nothing but a Dark Type run, provided that Chespin evolves to a Dark Type. As having Charmander from the beginning is tempting…

    3. BTW, as you can see in this image https://securecdn.disqus.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/608/2989/original.jpg he says that it would be fantastic if you took another Pokemon with you. Suggesting that he will give you the Kanto starters when you meet him. He is in his lab which is located in Lumiose city also suggesting you meet him there. https://securecdn.disqus.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/608/2612/original.jpg in this image you see Shauna asking Tierno about the starters suggesting he gives you the starters.

      1. Thank you! That cleared things right up. But now I have to make another choice as to which second starter I want. They’re all so tempting!

        1. What I do is imagine my team. No duplicated types. If I have Pikachu I will not have another Electric type. Since your rival will have a Pokemon strong against your rival I would choose one that’s strong against her starter. That image also could imply that Shauna and Serena are getting Kanto starters too..Anyway I choose the Pokemon I like of all different types. I’m getting Chespin and Charmander, I was planning on using Talonflame but Charizard has the same typing and is better so I would choose Charmander. There I have 1/3 of my team set. 🙂 Yes Charmander would be the same type as my rival’s Pokemon but I have to choose Charmander.

          1. I never repeat types either. I try to stick to dual types if I can. I don’t like single types as much. But I’m trying to stay away from the Kanto starters! I want a purely Kalos team. At least for my first run through of the game.

          2. I would use, Talonflame if you don’t choose Fennekin, Sylveon or Swirlix, Helioptile, Pancham if you don’t choose Chespin, Clauncher or Skrelp, etc.

          3. Yeah I’m probably going with Fennekin and I will most likely have Skrelp too unless there is some cooler water type. Possibly Pancham too, but that depends on if fennekin is psychic or not. If it’s not, I’m almost certain that I’m going with Malamar, so I will cover dark there instead. I might go with Helioptile as my electric, but that depends on if it evolves/is any good. I also want a fairy type so I’m hoping Spritzee evolves into fairy/flying so I can cover those there too. So it’s pretty much all up in the air at this point haha

      1. Idk..that would just be so weird! I’d rather have them after a gym or 2 like some people have been saying. Course it’s not my decision. Plus I won’t even be using the Kanto starters first time through anyways so it’s not too big of an issue for me.

    4. It would kinda be like playing Pokemon light platinum. Although you get each starter at different points in the game.

    1. I’m pondering over that as well. I was considering maybe using an all Gen-VI team. In addition, it would be a bad move for me to use two grass-types throughout the game and I like both grass starters.

      1. I’m pickin up Froakie, Squirtle, Skrelp (and Sudowoodo becuase he’s my favorite pokemon) on my team 🙂 I love my water types!

  98. To me Mega evolutions are the hyper awesome super evolutions that I dreamed that my starter could do as a child, obviously because I was so much more powerful than every character I met and naturally it is normal for my Pokemon to have a special over powered form that no one else could have!

    This was the dream of every child that played Gen 1 back in the day, I think Game Freak are awesome for making fans dreams a reality.

    It has taken some time, but GF are starting to create the things fans have always dreamed of. Perhaps because it seems a logical extension or evolution, or maybe fans that have a deep bond with the franchise are able to just understand the kind of world that the developers are trying to bring to life!

    1. If they made a Mega Kingdra, my inner child would be so happy because I drew a 4th stage evolution many years ago. Please Gamefreak, make it happen!

  99. Shoot, I was going to start off the game with Chespin, but Bulbasaur is so tempting now that Venusaur’s mega-evolution is a defensive wall. Gah, this is so difficult!

    One quick question: do the Kanto starters have their normal abilities or DW abilities?

  100. I hope there will be a megaditto. This ditto will than transform into the mega evolution of the opponent pokemon.

  101. Wouldn’t Mega Launcher also power up the moves Dragon Pulse and Heal Pulse? Presumably if Blastoise could learn those moves.

  102. Hello I finally decided to join pokejungle.
    Anyways at the risk of sounding stupid can’t you get all of the starters if you upload them to the cloud restart and do this twice more?

  103. I think they should not yet release the 2nd gen megavolutions. so that we’ll have something to look forward to in the 7th gen

  104. I think they should not yet release the 2nd gen megavolutions. so that we’ll have something to look forward to in the 7th gen

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