New Japanese X & Y Commercial Surfaces


Enjoy this newly released X & Y Commercial! It doesn’t feature much new except one small instance where we see a horde battle against Orot. But wait, is that a Sudowoodo? Could they be somehow related to each other? Who knows?!


What do you think is the reason for this? Are they just together because they are trees, or is there something we don’t know of yet? Maybe some sort of cross-evolution thing going on? Discuss in the comments!

    1. In the wild? Don’t think so..
      But makes me wonder if Orotto is going to be rock instead of grass..

  1. Maybe we’ll have a Tyrogue – Hitmonchan & Hitmonlee kind of thing going on… Probably there will be a common prevolution and we had the same thing with Tauros and Miltank that are also appearing together in horde battles.

  2. I think it’s probably a habitat thing and just a coincidence. They are probably in a forest area of the game.

    1. I agree. After all, Sudowoodo’s main behaviour is to mimic trees; it would make perfect sense fr it to coexist with tree-like pokemon

  3. As much as I’d like to think this means that they gave something old a normal evolution, I believe it’s probably just because the Trainer is a lumberjack.

  4. The Sudowoodo mix-in probably doesn’t mean much, Anybody remember the Tauros horde with a Miltank?

      1. um, idk what kind of pokemon you play but, the one I play rock is not affected by electric type moves

        1. Ground is immune to Electric.

          Rock takes neutral damage from Electric. It doesn’t resist Electric, nor is it immune to Electric.

          Grass resists Electric.

        2. Ummm rock takes neutral damage from electric (I learned this the hard way when I faced Red in Gold, my level 25 Sudowoodo against his Pikachu…Thunderbolt and dead)

      2. Does that confirm it as a rock type then? If electric isn’t very effective against it but it didn’t resist it either, it sounds pretty rock-like to me.

    1. Mega Evolution occurs through bonds with the trainers. Highly doubt Treerie is a Mega Evolution seeing as it’s being encountered in a Wild Pokemon Battle.

  5. Only relation is that they are both “tree”s.

    One is an immitation tree, fake tree.
    One is probably a haunteed tree.

    Sudowoodo often lives between trees and pretend to be one of them to avoid being attacked. So we see it between Orot horde.

    1. Now that there’s a tree Pokémon I guess Sudowoodo better get a new schtick, that’s just not going to cut it anymore now that people will be attacking trees regularly. Then again, I suppose it survived through the time when people were always Headbutting trees.

  6. Pokémon has gotten us so used to the only-one-type-of-caterpillar-in-this-area trend that when we see more than one similar Pokémon living in the same route/dungeon we immediately think “omg are they related?!?!”.

    I believe they are only together because they are both forest-dwelling Pokémon and the player is in a forest. That’s it. In the same way I think both Ratatta and Patrat should be able to co-exist in the same area (and Zigzagoon and Sentret), so too should Orot and Sudowoodo, Caterpie AND Wurmple AND Sewaddle, Tailow AND Pidgey AND Starly, etc. etc.

    No more of this only-three-species in an area BS – having several similar Pokémon in one area only serves to enrich the world and make it more believable. We don’t only have ONE kind of small bird here in Canada for example, or only ONE type of dog, we have many from all over. Some got here naturally, some were imported or migrated from other countries, etc., but the diversity makes nature more interesting and engaging. I can count seven different types of small birds that i see daily here, and i think the same is true for many common animals. Pokémon could benefit from including characters from ALL regions in a given area, and I think this commercial shows they finally understand that. 🙂

    1. I know it’s not realistic, but imagine that you wanted to catch, say, a Fletchling and they’re available on the first route. If it was swarming with every bird and every rodent from every generation, you’d be there forever trying to find the one you want, unless Game Freak came up with a system in which you could “attract” a certain species… And imagine surfing, you wouldn’t want ALL the water pokémon appearing, or else it would be practically impossible to find the pokémon you wanted in the first place. But I get your point, it would be much more realistic if it were like that.

    2. I would rather understand how a gang of Orots* allowed a lone Sudowoodo to join their ranks when dealing with you.. Even if they are roaming the same area, it makes more sense that they fight themselves and then you.. than to have 4 pokemon of the same species and 1 “random-area-dwelling-poke”. To me, it would make more sense to have the same species together, or just 5 random poke-friends xD Or a more male-female one, with Bulls and Cows (as we have seen and makes sense, one woman for all 4 males *shrugs* ). But yeah, I see the point.. It’s simply not logical to reach that conclusion from this.

      NOTE: Also contemplate that they haven’t noticed that Sudowoodo is not one of them, haha.

      And if you allow me, master Marceau.. it’s a waste of brain power to spin it further 😛

  7. I think a good english name for oorotto would be Horroot (Horror+root)

    Assuming its Grass/Ghost

    1. or something even more simplified like “Hauntree” (Haunt + Tree), I know it sounds similar to Haunter but Pancham also sounds similar to the Pan monkeys.

  8. Is no one noticing the awesome building at 0:16. The increase in scale and detail in X and Y is going to be amazing.

  9. Well i definitely think Oorotto is not an evolution of Sudowoodo… however if they are related (which i don’t think they are) then my best guess is that Oorotto is a branch evolution from Bonsly…perhaps evolved through exposure to a cursed stone or something similar. Or perhaps there is a pokemon that can influence evolutions by haunting them and Bonsly evolves into Oorotto rather than sudowoodo when this pokemon is in your party?

      1. Yes i like Bonsly too <3… i mean this is just a theory but with the whole DNA theme going on i think its not too far a stretch to think that some mutations or alterations in pokemon forms might be taking place. I mean there is that heavy rumour that some moves might be getting dual types and that in itself is a mutation like evolution.

  10. I find it very hard to believe that Sylveon could be the only REAL evolution to another Pokemon from a different Generation. Even numbered Generations have always given us something that relates older Pokemon to new things; Gen II gave us Pre-Evolutions with a few Evolutions, Gen IV gave us Evolutions with a few Pre-Evolutions, so Gen VI should give us Mega Evolutions with some Pre-Evolutions and Evolutions. As we’ve seen with Tyrogue, it is not impossible for them to link two separate Pokemon with a common Pre-Evolution, so I am a firm believer that a new Pre-Evolution may link Tauros and Miltank together. Furthermore I believe the same thing could happen to Sawk and Throh. Now, my hopes that Orott as a Sudowoodo Evolution have resurfaced. Yes, they could just be related by habitat, but I seriously hope Sudowoodo gets a proper Evolution. It would make catching them so much more worth it.

      1. Wynaut and Azurill I’m pretty sure were just to get hype up for Gen III, as both appeared in Gen II (I think Azurill did, not real sure. I know Wynaut did, though, in the Pikachu Short for Pokemon: Heroes).

      1. more like you should expect them around the 11-13 unless corocoro comes out early like it has the past two months

  11. I’m calling it now, Sudowoodo the first Rock/Fairy!!! Oorotto the first Grass/Ghost.

    When it happens look back on this comment and applaud me.

    1. agreed. And if somehow Oorotto is Sudowoodo’s Evo at least it shoud gain either grass or ghost typing!!

    2. Sudowoodo doesn’t even look Fairy Type, as opposed to the other Fairy Types we have so far who do.

      1. tell me… does Marril and Snubbull look fairy type to you? I rest my case. A fairy doesnt have to look pink, a fairy embodies something that deals with illusion, mimicry, supernatural powers. Sudowoodo is not a tree so what else would it be? Its def a rock fairy.

        1. Yes, they do to look like Fairy Types. I will admit that Marill was a surprise, but it makes sense for it to be Fairy so they can fix Azurill going from Normal to Water upon evolution. Azurill will probably be Normal/Fairy, so when it evolves it becomes Water/Fairy. And we have no idea if Snubbull is Fairy Type. Yes, it’s the Fairy Pokemon, but that doesn’t mean it’s Fairy Type. Not to mention that the Fairy Type doesn’t necessarily have to do with fairies from Fairy Tales. Moon Blast is a Fairy Type move that harnesses power from the moon to create a powerful blast of energy. Fairy can represent extraterrestrial powers just as much as it can supernatural powers.

  12. Sudowoodo will not be related to Oorotto. It’s evident.

    Oorotto is obviously a real tree, a haunted one, but a real tree with real grass sprouting from its body.

    Sudowoodo is a rock Pokemon that imitates a tree, it is not actually a tree, but a creature that mimics one. Which leads me to believe Sudowoodo will be dual typed Rock/Fairy this gen. The green balls on its hands are just its round little fingers/nubs, and not actually grass.

    1. We’ve only seen glimpses of Orott so far. We have no idea if it has actual grass or not, they could just be spiked green balls like Sudowoodo and Bonsly have.

  13. If a team opens up with Drought Mega Charizard, its a wrap TBH

    If Mega Meganium gets “Flower Gift” the online double team scene will be crazy.

        1. to be honest I’m happy Charizard didn’t get dragon typing, they obviously want him to resist Fairies still.

          Gens 1 through 4 people thought Charizard was overrated (cause truly he was), he sucked in the games, but had an amazing design and was awesome on the anime. Now Gen 5 he increased in popularity due to DW ability, and now he’s increasing in even more popularity. The fact that he’s a dragon that can take out both dragons and fairies is amazing and unparalleled.

          1. If it was to become Grass/Dragon, I can totally see Draco Meteor being a tutor move for it.

            Leaf Storm, Draco Meteor, Hidden Power Fairy, it will have a plethora of good attacks to use

          2. I doubt any Pokemon who gain Dragon type through Mega Evolution will be able to learn Draco Meteor since they’ll only be Dragon Type in battle.

  14. this is the Mega’s of the starters and the types I would like to see:

    Charizard – Fire/Flying – Drought
    Venasaur – Grass/Poison – Thick Fat
    Blastoise – Water – Mega Launcher

    Meganium – Grass/Fairy – Flower Gift
    Feraligatr – Water/Dragon – Sheer Force
    Typhlosion – Fire/Electric – Flame Body

    Blaziken – Fire/Fighting – Speed Boost
    Swampert – Water/Ground – Water Absorb
    Sceptile – Grass/Dragon – Mold Breaker

    Infernape – Fire/Fighting – Iron Fist
    Torterra – Grass/Ground – Rock Head
    Empoleon – Water/Steel – Moxie

    Emboar – Fire/Fighting – No Guard
    Serperior – Grass/Dragon – Contrary
    Samurott – Water/Ice – Ice Body

    They should also add “Shell Smash” to the movepools of Blastoise and Samurott.

    1. I’m in the minority most likely, but I’d prefer if they left the Johto starters mono-typed. The whole theme of Johto was purity.

      1. Same, and I think they should really exaggerate a volcano on typhlosions back to make the design a bit more interesting than the original- not to say I don’t love him

      2. Yeah But Meganium gets a big pretty pink flower around its head, and most of its moves are healing “fairy” moves. Mega forms aren’t purity that have nothing to do with region or its poke. But I do get your point.

      1. Yeah I don’t think they will overdo the type addition thing. Secptile seems to be the more logical choice cause other hoenn starter were dual typed plus he learns almost as much moved as charizard that are dragon. Not to mention dragon egg group

      2. Maybe one can be Grass/Rock (Sceptile) or Grass/Electric (Serperior) Serperior WAS supposed to be Grass/Dragon, but they scrapped the idea for having a Dragon-type so early in the game, or something like that.

          1. I’m not understanding your logic…. Lol. Do you mean when using it as an attacker? If it is I understand.

          2. my first comment was meant has sarcasm ‘yea that’s why it’s hidden ability is defiant’ cause giving mega empoleon moxie does not make snice cause it’s highest attack is it’s Sp-attack even though it’s hidden ability is defiant

          3. Lol. Okay. I’m not good with sarcasm. I usually, if not always, take it literally. Sorry.

          1. Hm… I like that ability, however unless you really foresee the opponents next move, its somewhat difficult to use. I use Empoleon a lot so I am not opposed to that.

          2. Or a fire type. I did that with my Torkoal and Arcanine and pissed a friend off! Omg! We need Mega Torkoal! Fire and Rock type!

    2. I see Typhlosion as either as Fire/Dark or Fire/Ground with a new ability or Filter and Feraligator as Water/Dark.

    3. Meganium – Grass – Regenerator
      Feraligatr – Water – Sheer Force
      Typhlosion – Fire – Shadow Tag

      Blaziken – Fire/Fighting – Speed Boost
      Swampert – Water/Ground – Sip Sapper
      Sceptile – Grass/Dragon – Adaptability

      Infernape – Fire/Fighting – Technician
      Torterra – Grass/Ground – Solid Rock
      Empoleon – Water/Steel – Analytic

      Emboar – Fire/Fighting – Rock Head
      Serperior – Grass/Dragon – Contrary
      Samurott – Water – Multiscale

    4. I rather see a Moxie Sceptile.. giving it a possible dual set.
      Flower Gift Meganium just opened my mind to awesomeness..

      1. I bet that’s that pokemon we saw in the preview of Pokémon X and Y anime, when Ash steps out of the plane.

  15. This will sound incredibly farfetched but the thought just occurred to me, what if Orot has only been “revealed” in Japanese materials thus far because it’s a Japan-exclusive Pokemon? Think about it: If the games are released globally on the same day and they’re making a huge deal about the online trading element, the only logical way to make the region-locked games have a bit of exclusivity would be to have specific Pokemon available only in the real world region the game is being played in.

    I will admit that this is extraordinarily unlikely but they seem to be squeezing the 3DS for every bit of functionality they can. The gyroscopic evolution of Inkay, the 3D effects and other elements are already known to be implemented. Would it really be that strange to utilize the region-lock as part of gameplay?

    1. I like the idea, but I really don’t see it happening. A more realistic (yet still not too likely) thing they could do is put region-specific differences on a few Pokémon, which would also be fun. A Western hemisphere Shellos, yayz!

  16. I think that’s the same case of Tauros’ horde… There is a Miltank in it. They’re not related trough evolution lines, but relate by the fact that both are “cows”!

  17. Wow they’re small, thanks to having Sudowoodo there we can tell they’re not giants like I thought they’d be.

    1. I figured that they would be mistaken as real trees with the roots being the legs, similar to the way with Sudowoodo was caught. Maybe they can be found in the wild as well as being mistaken like foongus and Amoongus.

    1. It better be! I don’t want it to become like Oorotto and not have anything about it and literally be ignored. Nope. Just tell us already.

  18. Am I one of those that still hopes that they will bring back the cries in the background of the music for certain areas like in Ruby and Sapphire?

    1. YES! That would be amazing! To bring little extra factors from every generation into this one would be grand!

      1. Its small, but I loved because it put a little bit of adventurous spirit into my young mind.

      2. Only thing that I wish could be brought back every gen is the ability to have Pokemon follow you. That made HGSS so amazing (besides the nostalgia)

  19. Hmmm a lot of talk about Sudowoodo and “Loggrot” or “spectree” or “Treevil” being related, hmmm I wonder if Treent is even a Grass ghost type or even a Grass Dark, Kus Hauntree looks pretty scary like a Wickawoods

    am i in the ballpark? kus i’m running out of shtick

    1. Loggrot, Spectree, Treevil, Hauntree, Haunteed, Horroot, Ghoulog, Booranch, Barkreep, I love all the potentional “scary” names for Oorotto.

        1. didn’t steal it, I referenced it. Stealing it would be “omg how about the name Horrot”.

          don’t get too excited off a name that a user just found funny.


      1. Im gonna go ahead and call “Cuteerie” Because it is obviously going to be ghost/fairy lol

  20. So… Who’s not gonna choose a Charmander?
    I feel as if errbody and they mamas gon’ get one.
    I usually don’t go for the popular choices in Pokémon.

    Since I’m gonna choose a Chespin… Squirtle, I choose you?

    1. either charmander or squirtle….depending on which kalos starter i pick of course. At first, i was on the fennekin bandwagon like everybody else…but i think im leaning towards froakie now

      1. I like the Squirtle evolution family mainly because of how cute Squirtle is and how awesomely cool Wartortle is. Blastoise… is alright.
        I’ve always leaned more towards Grass-type starters.
        Don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the green.

    2. I only ever choose one starter from each game cause my brothers choose the other two..and I’ve had charizard since firered and silver so I’ll stick with em

    3. I want Fennekin and Bulbasaur, but because of my specificness, the Torchic is probably going to force me to get Froakie just for balance.

    4. Fennekin and Bulbasaur. I won’t use the event Torchic since I don’t use event Pokemon.

    5. Froakie and Charmander. Yet, I assume you will get the Kanto Starters in the After-Game (most likely after you beat the champion).

      1. If we get them before the Champ, like really early in the game, then I’m gonna put my Charmander in the daycare until after the Champ, so then I can be all like “Hey Charizard! Let’s KILL EVERYTHING!”

    6. THIS IS SWEET. Lucky me, I just RNGed a shiny charmander and currently playing through HG with it so I can’t wait to transfer it to version X.

      Can someone please make the shiny artworks for Mega Stoise and MegaSaur ?

    7. As much as I’d like to pick Bulbasaur or Charmander, just a few days ago (before we learned that we get one in X and Y) I was thinking how I’ve never chosen Squirtle and it was time I showed it some love, so I’ll have to go with that. Plus it makes perfect sense to go with my Chespin and Torchic!

  21. I don’t think Oorotto is an Evolution to Sudowoodo, Oorotto is literately a real (kinda dead) tree, & Sudowoodo is a rock type trying to mimic a tree, just because there in a Horde together doesn’t mean there related in that way. We saw Milktank & Tauros in a Horde together does that mean they’ll make a baby cow Pokemon together!? (I don’t think so!) + I’ve always thought those Green balls on Sudowoodo’s hands are balls of moss, because moss grows on rocks & trees (right?)

  22. It appears that the Tower of Mastery will be a photo spot, because of the sign with the camera.

  23. I am still torn on the part that we get 2-3 starters. I want my beloved Squirtle, and I want Froakie, but I don’t want to be mainly water type. It isn’t all that bad, but I think i’ll be okay with it. As for the Alpaca, am I the only one who saw a weird looking sign on its neck area?

    1. Let me explain. At the start of the game you get your starters from Tierno and Trevor. The first time you meet Professor Sycamore, all of them are there! Then when you get the Kanto starters it is only You, Calem/Serena, and Shauna. I’m assuming it is the After-Game when you get the Kanto Starters. Maybe after you beat the Elite Four. I doubt it will be during the main story.

      1. I know this, I am saying I am torn on the fact of picking the 2 starters. I know how it is done.

      2. They did say that you will be getting two starters in the Direct, and you’ll be traveling throughout with them. and it shows that it has Prof Sycamore saying “So we finally meet.”

          1. We are getting two starters in the beginning of the game. We will most likely get to get a 3rd starter (Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova) after we beat the game.

            Technically we get 3 starters in the beginning of the game if you count Torchic.

            I will not be using my torchic. I will wait til gen 3 remakes so torchic can feel new again.

          2. Okay. Maybe we won’t get our Kanto starter in the beginning, maybe we will. We’ll see who is right when it comes out.

          3. Has nobody even noticed that the player character, Shauna and Serena are standing in the exact same positions as in the Kanto Mega Evoluton Trailer?

            Who’s not to say that Teirno and Trevor don’t come running in after the Professor says the “Take another Pokemon with you!” Speech bubble.

      3. I’m about 90% sure we’re getting the kanto starters at the beginning. I don’t see why else they would advertise it we we weren’t then say we will be able to carry them “along with us on our adventure” if we’re getting them after game

        1. plus didnt sycamore say something like “I want you to take another pokemon with you”?

          Hmm….Why would he say that?

          That assumes that we just got the first kalos starter

      4. I think Tierno and Trevor don’t give you the starters, but according to the rumors, this Professor Patrice does. I think in that case they are either related to Professor Patrice, or they just knew him and he was sent over to the characters to give the starters and pokedex. My big guess is that he is Trevor’s father lol.

  24. I don’t know why but I burst out laughing in the library when I saw this. I still think Venusaur will be one of the best competitively.

        1. I’ll admit it was a good choice, I kinda like it, i just wish it had the chance of getting Chlorophyll.

          1. There’s a strategy for everything. Mega evolutions are going to have a different strategy from the third evolution. It won’t go obselete though.

          2. It’s a good ability, I image it would have a different strategy than others, considering some are getting boosts in Defense which is nice for some Pokemon.

          3. Venusaur could use the defensive boost. With a max defense of 291 and sp. defense of 328, yeah..

          4. 🙂 This. Chlorophyll Venusar (+Spd) would probably speed up the use of the Mega Evolution, and provide it with a first atk and super defenses (provided with sun of course).

            I am mostly worried with switching IN a soon-to-evolve-mega pokemon.. so using it as the lead might be popular too.
            And maybe Imposter Ditto will be more popular now 😛 I love that guy.. Specially if it can copy a Mega Pokemon

          5. Who knows. Ignored and gone. You are the oldest player I’ve met and now the one of the coolest twentyseven year olds.

          6. XD I’m quite flattered.
            I don’t know how old you are, but offering a Shinning Dialga to a stranger.. that brought a tear to my eye 🙂

          7. Lol. I’m 18. And a fellow brony friend of mine believes I have the Element of Generosity.

          8. Yes, but in X and Y. You’d have to transfer it to the games, but if that one goes Mega, it would have Thick Fat.

      1. Lol. No… I love that it has thick fat. Its defensive states are raised, which means DEFENSE! I never met one Venusaur with Chlorophyll anyway.

        1. Drought’s great…but it’s so susceptible to rock. Mega Venusaur has two 2x weaknesses Psychic and Flying…plain and simple. Plus, it has sleep powder a move that can completely turn the battle around if timed just right. Its good under any weather. But if Tyranitar/Politoed switches in on Charizard….he has no choice but to switch…and if rocks are there…oh boy.

          1. Same…personally I love the new MegaVenusaur….Chlorophyll is so niche…you HAVE TO HAVE sun otherwise it’s useless. Thick Fat is much more versatile…and I prefer versatility over specific roles.

          2. Thats my reason for not using many fire and flying types competitively… I stick to steel, water, and a few other types.

          3. With an increase in special attack/speed, STAB, plus drought, it will be okaying rock pokemon with fire blast/overheat/blast burn.

            I can imagine it having the power (or more) of a Reshiram with Choice Specs

            besides, rock types will be almost extinct by time 6th gen online play rolls around lol. Online will be filled with dragons, fairies, and fires.

          4. True but sand stream tyranitar +SpDef negate fire boost resist and solarbeam lock, shuts that down.

          5. Solarbeam won’t be locked with the sun out. But you do have a good point with Tyranitar though. Argh. We’ll just have to eliminate him before sending out Zard.

          6. God I hope we don’t get a Mega Tyranitar with a ridiculous enhancement. (New Ability, Super Sandstorm, does 2 times the damage of a normal sandstorm to enemies and boosts both tyranitar’s defenses). I would quit Pokemon tbh lol

          7. I’m more scared at the thought of Mega Scizor with even higher Atk. And fairies rumored to be weak to steel.

          8. with 300 base HP, and drastically increased defense… I guess that would shoot it straight to uber tier….. (sounds scary and i thought of it)

  25. Here’s what I’m going to do about the three different starters:

    Get Fennekin first,
    get Torchic and Bulbasaur (granted if we get Kanto starters during story),
    and then put the latter two starters in a box so I can focus on one starter.

    Starter dilemma solved.

    1. it is going to stink for me i want fennekin,torchic and charmander. but with the kanto starters you most likely have to do some thing first like complete the pokedex

    2. My solution:

      Get starters, put them in box. Make a team of 6 without any of them, use your amazinglicious starters for precious trading. Profit.

      That’s just cruel but life is cruel anyway.

  26. It just hit me. It’s obvious that you will get the Kanto starters after the pokemon league is defeated and the main story is finished. In other words, unlock the national dex.

    1. Are you sure? I think they said pretty clearly that this the first time that you get 2 starters in a pokemon game and the professor said “take another with you also”. It wouldn’t be the first time if it was after E4, because we had this in emerald and HGSS. My guess is that after E4 you can get the Sinnoh, Unova and Hoenn starters

      1. What if its like, “You seem to have pokemon get attached to you pretty well! Take one of these as well!” Or something. It’s already been revealed that you get the first from a friend. Time will tell.

  27. Pokemon confirmed that the Pokemon X and Y over world isn’t in stereoscopic 3D!! Only battles! My first disappointment of Pokemon X & Y D:

      1. (refresh if you don’t see image) Sorry for linking to Serebii it’s the only thing I saw because I can’t find this “note”

        1. That sucks….I love the 3D effect. But I guess it’s because of the number of people planning to play on 2DS.

          1. I heard that it’s because of the frame rate issues. They probably can’t fix that since the games are almost ready to ship 🙁 I really wanted to see Lumiose City in 3D!

          2. Can’t they just put a little 3D….I mean just so that we get a sense of depth…..ughhh…..this is not good news

          3. Ugh…still I’m pretty dissappointed. They did all of this amazing stuff and now this….I knew it was too good to be true

          4. Hopefully that means they could release an update on the E-Shop fixing it or wait for Pokemon Z to fix it..

    1. That’s depressing… Didn’t they say earlier this year that the whole game would be in 3D?

      1. Yeah I think so, but I read somewhere that there were issues with the frame rate, but there is no time to fix it since they games are almost ready to ship!

        1. Oh I hope that’s not rue.. I doubt it too.. 3D for a 3D’s game is one of the FIRST things they would get ready after building all the models

          1. I checked the mobile and regular sites. It’s just says the game footage is not final and 3D is not recommended for children; the usual stuff. I don’t see it anywhere.

          2. Probably. Especially if they say that and then not even present a screenshot or a link.

          3. Lol. Until we have proof, it is labeled as a joke. They probably would’ve said it was on the direct if announce it at all.

          4. As of now, it’s forty five. But if you do get banned, I doubt you will, and this turns out to be true, you went down for a good cause.

    2. Actually this is something I am ok with.. usually I am skeptic about new details as some may know, but I like this.. Especially if the 3D cause headaches from time to time like I hear.. I dunno cause I haven’t gotten one yet. Plus the Very dynamic camera angles they use maybe would have caused some sort of sensory overload along with 3D… the camera angles add more than enough depth already themselves =]

        1. For example in Super Mario 3D land. The headaches only happen when you aren’t used to it. I’m perfectly fine with 3D since I have already played on with for a long time.

          1. I think if you try to move the 3DS to use the gyroscope, the 3D effect causes headaches. Because you misalign your head.

          2. In SM3DL I turned off the 3D for gyroscope since you aren’t supposed to use it with 3D on or it will mess with the “sweet spot”

    3. When did they confirm it? I’m a bit sad. I really would have loved to see a full 3D World! They said that in the trailers, videos, etc. I really want to see the world in 3D! Thanks for sharing this!

    4. Dangit! And after all that hype. That’s really disappointing. I was so hoping to see all those places and potential cutscences in 3D. If only they could fix that frame rate issue. Maybe for Z? I’m hoping. Really disappointing, but I’ll try not to let is affect me too much. D:

    5. So I asked someone in serebii about this and they said that ONLY the demo showed it but it was only the demo after all. Nobody knows for sure yet.There is still a chance for a 3D overworld. Keeping fingers crossed.

      1. Yes it was only in the demo but most of the cartridges are already in the packaging ready to ship to stores, they can’t really fix that now unless they make an update on the E-Shop. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, too.

        1. They might have disabled it just like the summary page. And I’m pretty sure they would make Demos at least 2-3 months before release. So there is still a chance

    6. I have no problem with that. Games already look great, and 3D for too long hurts my eyes anyways. Battles are the main part of Pokemon, and them being in 3D is awesome enough.

    7. I’m pretty sure they’ll add it on the third version (If there is one).
      I don’t mind not having 3D on that…beautiful…amazing…new…world… *sob*

  28. I keep hearing people say that they think we’re getting the kanto starters after-game. Did you guys watch the trailer? They clearly said “So you get either Chespin Fennekin or Froakie along with Bulbasaur Charmander and Squirtle to take with you on your journey”

    Not trying to be rude but I think its pretty clear what that means and I don’t see why else they would put that in the trailer

    1. Masuda certainly wouldn’t say it as a “first time” if there was a caveat like that. So I definitely agree with you.

    2. Here’s why we think that way.

      1. They also keep stressing the fact that they don’t want us to have powerful teams off the gate and having 2 starters at the beginning of the game contridicts that. That’s why they made horde battles, that’s why none of starters has and probaly never will have Dragon as a Second type.

      2. History repeats itself, there have been countless times where you get a previous starter in the aftergame.

      3. The aftergame still counts as part of the journey and going back to point 2, this isn’t the first time they revealed aftergame feauters before the game comes out.

      Hope you’ll be more open minded and see where me and others are comming from.

      1. Whats the big deal then of them showing us then if its after-game..thats my problem. Can’t we just migrate our own from bw/bw2 then assuming the transfering pokemon thing is after game? The features they show us after-game are usually ground-breaking things. I mean, in HGSS they didnt make a big deal about us getting the hoenn starters after-game did they? And also…are team wouldn’t be too powerful if we got another starter.

      2. and lets say you are right:

        Why should I be excited about getting it after-game if I can just transfer my own from BW/BW2?

        If history is repeating itself as you say, then there would be no reason to showcase that in the trailer

        1. Not evryone will be using Pokemon transfer hell most people I talked to skipped 5th gen and are picking up this game. There IS a reason, to cater towards genwanners and Gen1 fans in general, since it’s the most popular generation.

          1. I do agree that a lot of people who grew up with Gen 1 will play a pokemon after a long time. But they would be pretty upset if they can’t START with Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle from the beginning.

          2. which is why there giving them to us at the cater to genwunners…there is NO reason for genwunners or anyone else to be excited if we were getting the kanto starters after game and definetely is not worth showing in Pokemon Direct..come on now..Gamefreak is being aggressive and being innovative

      3. Gamefreak is not as CONSERVATIVE as you think.
        This entire X and Y generation proves that clearly.

      4. History no longer repeats itself. Did Black and White ever get a Grey version? Nintendo/Gamefreak have slowly been trying NEW things and not repeating cycles as often, so its never safe to presume. They’ve been hitting us hard with new shit recently.

          1. That doesn’t mean down voting the shit out of somebody just because you have a different opinion tho. IMO that’s childish

          2. We can only down vote once…calm down. People can have opinions. It’s even more childish not accepting other people’s opinions.

          3. I am calm. I never said people can’t have opinions and the ones not accepting other people’s opinions are the downvoters.

          4. if someone doesnt like or agree with something they downvote. Its that simple. Doesn’t mean they’re trying to troll

          5. Then answer this question. A about a day ago, almost every coment on a the post for that day was downvoted and and everybody called the downvoters trolls and nobody were saying what you said to me, why is that?

          6. Because there was no reason for those comments to be downvoted….they were just regular comments. In this comment people didnt agree with what this guy said thats all

          7. That’s just straight up bullshit. If people don’t agree with this guy then people didn’t agree the so called regular comments. If there were no reason for those comments to be downvoted the same applies to every comment. Damage controlling, and Double standards won’t fly. Will you be saying the same thing if people downvoted your comment?

          8. Good that’s how people NEED to be. I only started that dicussion to expose people who cry about getting disllikes butdo the exact same thing and use the it’s my opinion excuse so I don’t have shit to get over.

        1. From the Community Guidelines:
          “When using the platform we ask that readers use a single name when registering and refrain from creating more than one account. Individuals found using multiple accounts will be warned on their primary account and have all subsequent accounts banned. Readers posing as others will have the offending account banned and a warning will be issued. We do not tolerate impersonators.”

          This is your warning, mr. Dregoon/Sousuke Aizen

  29. At least we know the Megas will be in the Pokémon Origin Special.. and we know what Red’s Charizard will look like =]

    1. Nah. Mega Pokemon were introduced in the Kalos region! Also, it’s years after R/B/G! Red cannot acquire Mega Evolution for his Charizard!

      1. looked like he was about to mega evolve his Charziard in the end of the trailer when they are circling each other
        I believe its a possibility, someone else said it a while ago and I said no, but after watching the new trailers again I believe it does look similar.

      2. You do know that the anime, whether the original or this, doesn’t give a crap about what is official, right? They have Mewtwo in the movie and the preview evolving back and forth into Mega Mewtwo at will, no mega stone, or anything. If they want to do it, they will do it, and it appears they might do it. The elements fit.

  30. Will people who Download the game play it first? I mean will it likely be released at midnight? Game stores and delivery open in morning daytime, a good while after 12. I hope it is the same time around the world

      1. And that’s why I’ll be patient and buy it in stores. Plus if your 3/2DS or SD card breaks. You have to repurchase every game you have downloaded on 3DS because it’s not tied to your account.

        1. I wish Nintendo would make an account that would let you backup your purchases so you don’t lose them…. Thats why I haven’t made the switch to digital yet.

          1. Lol. I’m not either, so I preordered it so I would be gauranteed a game to pickup on my way home after the school week. The last few times I’ve preordered I got the last in the store: the last blu 3DS XL, the last Kingdom Hearts BBS PSP Bundle, and the last Kingdom Hearts 3D. Its a great feeling actually.

    1. Most Video Game stores (at least in the US) have midnight releases for really big game. I remember going to the Midnight release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  31. Hey staff, do you guys know when that McDonald’s promo start?

    Oh and I’m sure Sudoowodo was thrown in there just to troll like they always do, trying to make us think they’re in the same evo line or something like that

    1. I mean it’s the same as having miltank in a horde of tauros, I don’t see what’s the big deal.

  32. Hey guys whats up!! today I have a question for you: If im playing for example pokemon Y and I got Fennekin as my first pokemon and then I sent it to pokemon bank. then I eliminate my game and begin a new story but I choose froakie and I sent it to pokemon bank and after this I begin a new story but with chespin… can I get froakie and fennekin back from pokemon bank to my new data?:( sorry if my english sucks)

    1. I’m curious if trade evolutions happen if I withdraw a haunter from pokemon bank….I doubt it…though?

          1. Cool…there aren’t many people here to trade with. But I was using the haunter as example, I actually already have a shiny gengar…=D.

          2. I wish they get rid of them….but connectivity is the essence of pokemon from the direct. So that will never happen…-_-

    1. I want horde of Wailord and one Skitty to push the boundaries in Pokemon but I bet they will play safe as always.

      1. do you imagene a horde of ditto and they transformed into your pokemon who is in level 100 in mega form

  33. Even after all this news, I’m still restless about the next corocoro….oh man…I’m so excited.

        1. I really really hope Fairy isn’t SE against Dark. If it is, at least let Dark be SE against Fairy too. Or, they both resist each other.

    1. I know…I NEED to know about Fairy type. That way I can prepare myself for when it comes out. I do have to memorize another type’s weaknesses and strengths xD

      1. Did you know that pokebeach rumors actually correctly predicted the kanto starters….that’s amazing…
        and sycamore giving them

        1. Yeah, but it thought there would be a professor named Patrice and Sycamore would be the other professor, plus Mewtwo’s ‘two formes’…but so far most of it has been right! 😀

          1. Yeah. The mewtwo forme intrigues me. Plus the type chart with psychic actually not resisting faiiry….hmmmm.

          2. Yeah, makes me wonder why. And I wonder if it means MegaMew….
            Only way to find out is wait. But waiting is so hard when the game is barely out of our reach D:

          3. I’m getting October 12th rush delivery. So no guarantees from me either. I’m basically gonna stay away from any pokemon website from Oct. 10th because japan gets it before us,and leaks will be overloading the internet and I don’t want spoilers.

          4. The hearing about kids is, but I don’t think I would consider this a kids site necessarily. Especially considering you have to be 13 years or older to join, and most of us are older.

          5. i understand if you stereotype us nerds people think virgin so the thought of kids might seem a little off

          6. I don’t stereotype anyone. Lol. Not really off. I’m not a virgin either, so that’s that. It’s all cool.

          7. my stand point on the rumors as always been to take it with a grain of salt. if they come true i will not be surprised but i don’t expect them come true

        2. I hope this one is wrong, unlike the others:
          Even though it shows the player riding on a Gogoat in the new trailer, players can’t ride on their own Pokemon. What was shown is just an alternate way of getting around Lumiose City and it only works with Gogoat.

  34. Random and sorta off topic. It’s about the new Pokemon revealed in the footage yesterday. I’ve heard everything from llama, alpaca, to even a poodle. There’s even a mention of it having a beak by some people. I hope September CoroCoro comes clears this up. But what do you all think the new mysterious Pokemon might be based off of?

      1. Yeah. I agree. It looks like a poodle to me…. the ears just don’t have the qualities of an alpaca/llama or a hippogriff. lol.

        1. well a lot of people seem to think it is an alpaca and i can see it the only thing that makes me think not is the ears

          1. In this art, the ears’s fur is messy. In the sprite, it was seen to be straight and groomed, sorta like a standard poodle.

    1. Definately a llama/alpaca. Poodles have curly hair for one thing and do not possess hooves :p also we already have quite a lot of dig pokemon and I’d rather have something a little different

  35. I just thought about this and it might change what we think of the evil team: What if there is more than one evil team this generation? Think about it, we haven’t had multiple teams since RSE. Now correct me if I’m wrong; however, I’m only referring to the main series games as well.

    We could potentially have one team for each area of Kalos: Coastal Kalos evil team, Team Flare is Central Kalos, and Mountain Kalos team. I know this seems Farfetch’d, but after Mega Evolutions, I can belive anything can happen now, even a water gym ACTUALLY underwater.

      1. They could all want money with get-rich-quick schemes, so they are like oligopolies of the real world, competing with one another for the same idea. They might even foil one another’s plans just so their own team can succeed.

          1. Team Flare, Team Shine/Flash (like water (so Coastal Kalos), monetary coins, and flashy clothes), and Team Gem/Jewel (bedazzled clothes and found in mines, so Mountain Kalos)

            The names are just a sample, but it would be cool to have three teams to fight. Maybe you can choose to join one team, thwart the other two, and then double-cross the joined team. Hey, a girl can dream.

    1. OHHH YEAH MEGA SAMUROTT MY LITTLE BOY!!! I want to see more legendary pokemon with mega evolution

    1. I don’t think so. Oorotto resembles a real tree! It is most likely Grass/Ghost or Grass/Dark! Sudowoodo name is derived from “Fake Tree”. Also, it is pure Rock. I don’t see Oorotto being a evolution of it! Also, they don’t look alike at all.

          1. For Pancham and Inkay. There were rumors on PokeBeach for them! Rumor said: Pancham evolves at Level 30 (or 20 I don’t 100% Remember) when you have another Dark-Type on your team. Inkay evolved when you flipped your 3DS upside-down at a certain level!

    1. Ok I’m still hoping for this and believing this, don’t remember where I read it, but it said it would be released in 10 days, which was the 29th when I read it

  36. This is just Sudowoodo being Sudowoodo isn’t it
    It likes to act like a tree, so it thought it could get away hanging out in a group of trees like no one would notice

  37. Why do the Japanese get all the cool trailers? If they would release it to us, at least we would know its English name. They might as well keep Oorotto’s name Oorotto in all languages since we’re so used to calling it that.

        1. Exactly what I thought when I looked at Afarr’s post.
          (Oh, and I found my account again :P)

  38. Hopefully America will get the same advert soon, and then we’ll finally know orroto’s name.

  39. Pokemon X & Y Demo is coming to the UK! It will be at the Eurogamer Expo on September 26th to September 29th! If you live in the UK, now you have a chance to play! ;D

    1. You have to. Hy tickets to the expo, which are already sold out 🙁 Really want a chance to play it

          1. Okay! Let me check mine here in a few minutes. And yeah, one for Black and the other for Black 2.

          2. I don’t think so. What social media are you on? And did my code show up on your page? It isn’t on mine.

          3. Okay! I have both of those. Which would you prefer? Either is okay with me, but twitter would be better so my mom doesn’t see me friend someone from the other side of the world. Lol.

  40. I would say this! I really like the Kanto Mega Evolutions a lot! I still wish Charizard became Fire/Dragon and Blastoise became Water/Steel! Still, there abilities are amazing (Mega V: Thick Fat, Mega C: Drought, Mega B: Mega Launcher)! My personal Favorite is Mega Charizard! What are you guys favorite?

    1. My favorite is the same, simply because they gave him drought! (Oh, and his design is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!)

    2. Mega Charizard…it’s actually the one that’s kinda tied me to Mega Evolution (not to say I’ll use it…but now I consider it an okay idea now)

    3. I don’t like or dislike any of them. To me they’re just… Meh. I’d like these more if they were the original evolutions, but I don’t really see as drastic a change as Blaziken had. :/

      1. You do have a point. Yet, they seemed to want them to still resemble there original look! You have to give it to there abilities for being epic! ;D

        1. Ok, I guess I can see what you’re getting at. Their abilities do make them more viable, but the problem is I’m not a battler. I like pokemon for their designs. I do like how they resemble their originals though.

          1. I see your reason why! I really enjoy Pokemon battles, so I think of this as a large power boost for all of them! (Mostly Mega Blastoise and Charizard). It’s just different perspectives, so I respect your opinion with that matter!

      2. don’t you understand thats what mega- evolution is. it’s GF’s way of saying this is what they should have evolved into

        1. I never thought of it that way. It makes since now: a Flaafy not losing its wool, a Mawile getting another mouth, the baby Kangaskhan making its appearance. They are like the “true” evolutions, right? 0.0

          1. Mmm, that gave me shivers thinking of the possible creepy lore with this in mind (a la Mew diary books in Gen 1).. don’t ask.

      1. There was literally nobody at the Kanto Mega Evolutions article and I was feeling all lonely until I saw this xD

  41. I want Corocoro to leak early again this month; this final waiting period is KILLING ME. I love it when they reveal a Pokemon that will be with us for years to come! ;D

    1. If you look further down, you’ll see that I read somewhere it’ll leak on the 7th! (IDK if it’s true, but I believe it)

      1. I hope so, because that would make my weekend amazing. All this school is stressing me out, so that is the perfect time for the leakers to strike!

    2. As soon as information is leaked everyone attacks it and then BAM.. hours later discussion is dead.

        1. im thinking water electric for clauncher….i can just feel it

          Although its probably staying just water lol

      1. I usually go for the one with the legendary I like more. I will admit, I’m gonna miss having a clauncher…

    1. Both. I always get both for no reason other than I want to 😀 Plus I honestly, for once in my life, cannot decide between Xerneas and Yveltal….they’re both awesome!

    2. I chose Y because I usually go with the first of the versions, ie: diamond, Black, and I wanted to switch things up this time.

  42. Okay, I’m going to step in here and ask you guys: what new Pokemon would you like to see featured in this month’s Corocoro? (the last relevant issue until Generation 7 no less) Throw your ideas at the keyboard!

    1. Oorotto, the Llama, a wolf (ice or not), a dolphin, and other new ones! Preferable starter evos, Falbébé evos, and Litleo evos! 😀

      1. Agreed. Don’t really need to type a response, because all I really want is starter evos and soem new Pokemon.

          1. I don’t know why, but the combination of Ice and Steel just seems fitting for a dolphin. Pure Water would be great as well though.

          2. Dolphins are said to be highly intelligent and social animals. Water/Psychic is best if they can communicate telepathically in the Pokemon world!

          3. That’s exactly what I want! They’re the only mammels next to humans with their own complex language!

          4. Or at least like Noctowl ans be Water or Water/Steel type with Psychic capabilities. That would also be sweet like a Swirlix. 😛

          1. I said this months ago on Pokebeach, but I want to see it become Electric / Ice because of its lizard cold-blooded roots. It’s something that sounds really cool to me 😀

      1. We seriously need a new legendary Pokemon; we need our special download ones that we can drool over (and hopefully have more worth than the Gen 5 ones seemed to)

          1. We need a freaking dolphin, as we talked about down below. I mean seriously, just some type of dolphin.

        1. I don’t really consider a Mamoswine as an elephant. Its a giant furry pig. I think since Kalos is based off France we should get an elephant with the details of a teapot, make it water and steel with scald!

          1. Hence the mamo…. I just don’t put it in the catagory. They only did that because it fit the evolution line.

    2. I don’t expect much but here’s my expectations and wants:

      Well probably get some info on Team Flare, three new pokemon (no llama, no Oorotto), 5-6 more Mega Evolutions, and at least one new evolution for a pokemon we know already.

      What I want is 5-6 new pokemon (the llama and Oorotto included), 2-3 new Mega Evolutions, at least one new evolution for eachpokemon we know about already, Team Flare’s leader, and one new gym leader (without type revealed).

    1. Of course, great Afarr 😀 you were one of the first people I met here, and I am grateful for the community you people make 😀

  43. Before I go to bed, I want to ask one more question! What Mega Pokemon would you guys like to see? I really want to see a Electivire, Magmortar, and Mamoswine Evolution! What do you guys want?

    1. Mega Malamar, Mega Yanmega, and of course Mega Meganium (which is bound to happen or I will flip all the tables I see)

    2. Gallade and Gardevoir, Mismagius and Honchkrow, Jynx, Dewgong (Narwal please!), Quagsire, Sableye, Wailord, Vespiquen, Cherrim, Ambipom, Ferrothorn, and Mienshao. I’m willing to bet Mienshao will get one because she will most likely be used by Korrina since she has a Mienshao helmet, and she holds the secret to Mega Evolution.

  44. I have to do a history project on Democracy now D: but but but I wanna speculate and communicate and collaborate!

      1. Yeah, I’ll try as hard as I can. History is such a boring subject, though, that I constantly come back here out of sheer lack of concentration.

        1. I hate history and government. Unless its world history. If it has anything to do with this country its boring to me. Lol.

          1. Completely understandable. And when I go to museums about the American history, I like to look, not read.

    1. I live for speculating! But I have to go do Japanese homework and study for a Game Development test now 🙁 Bye ShinyXatu!

      1. See you and everyone else later! I’ll be on infinitely during the weekend, and/or after I get this freaking history collage done.

  45. I know Most people (including me) want Chespin to turn out to be Grass/Dark but what proof do we have of this? Between the emphasis of its hard shell in its Pokedex entry and its name And it learning rollout.. what makes it possibly Dark?

      1. Well, we have no proof that it will be. Its just something we want because its so different. And Shiftry just doesn’t cut it.

    1. it will be what it is and there is nothing we can do about it so might as well roll with what ever comes are way

      1. ummm ok, but that that is not what I was talking about. I was asking WHY people thought it would be dark, not HOW can we make it dark.
        I am fine either way

    2. Very reliable rumors. Plus, having them Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Fighting, creates a dual rock, paper, and scissors: more strategy since they both have one weakness and one strength against the other. Plus, many people, including myself, like the idea of a Grass/Dark stater. But it’s your opinion on whatever you want it to be.

    3. It seams he may be grass/ground or grass/rock because he can learn a rock type move. Also, he does resemble a chipmunk.

  46. Sorry for getting off-topic, but:
    I have a question for you all…

    Would you rather have Pokemon X and Y be all a simple April Fool’s joke and so that means that nothing about Generation 6 had been real, nor had X/Y, or have Ruby/Sapphire remakes instead? Explain why, with details, because I would like to know everyone’s opinion. 😀

    1. How is Pokemon X and Y simple? I’ll die if all of it is non-existent and GF just wanted to crush souls everywhere… and lose their business.

    2. I would be really really upset. I’d much rather have this than R/S/E remakes, because the remakes would not look like this. Also, my Spritzee, Helioptile, Fennekin, Fletchling, Chespin, and Litleo wouldn’t exist and that breaks mu heart. So no remakes, for now. Unless it looked like X/Y, and even then my babies D:

    3. I’d much rather have Gen VI than a R/S/E remake. This will probably get me a lot of hate but I thought that the third gen was the worst generation because after the massive innovations seen in the second generation there just wasn’t much added to the third (and they even took away day and night cycles; one of my favourite features!). It’s nice to see that they’re bringing a new game with such big and new changes instead of reviving something old.

    1. Loads! But hmmm
      Fairy/Dark (Cutesy pokemon with darker features >:D)
      Dragon/Fairy (Just for the lols….and trolls >:3)

      1. We have Jynx for Psychic/Ice, however I’d love to see another. I love the Dragon/Fairy idea!

        1. Forgot about Jynx….yeah xD
          Dragon/Fairy I dunno how that would be
          Dragon with a sparkly wand? 😀

    2. Fairy/Every Type, Dark/Electric, Electric/Poison, Fire/Poison (please be a manticore, Litleo), Rock/Dragon, Normal/Ice, Ice/Rock, Ice/Poison, Bug/Ice, Fighting/Flying, Ghost/Psychic, and Dragon/Poison, just to name a *ahem* “few”. ;D

    3. I love poison thyes and each generation one of the types seems to get a big boost (in gen V there was a serious boost in Bug types) so I’m hoping for some creative poison types, in particular Fire/Poison, Dragon/Poison, Rock/Poison and Steel/Poison. Other than that, I think Dark/Fairy and Fairy/Dragon and Dragon/Rock would be cool.

  47. i still want to know when will Oorotto’s type be reveald? and including the starter evolutions too.

  48. *Just a theory* I read something about plague doctors that might help the notion of Spritzee being a plague doctor… In the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century, Plague doctors filled their beak like masks with aromatic smells and the mask was designed to protect them from putrid air. Spritzee is the “perfume” pokemon after all.. Or it could just be Flamingo with it’s beak being nothing more than a coincidence.. What do you guys think?

    1. I want a Plague Doctor Fairy/Dark evolution for Spritzee, but GF will most likey evolve it into a Fairy/Flying Flamingo that looks like a perfume bottle or Peacock (Hey, a fish evolved into an octopus) with vibrant colors giving off a different scent each (a possible Pokedex entry).

  49. I wonder if will be able to get customization options of gear from past gym leaders, like for example Byron’s cape and outfit as a whole. I also would love to know if the customization is seen in battle. I think we’ve been given hints about the overworld models because in some clips the characters have their hats on and in others they’re off.

      1. Let me guess, the new Mega Evolutions in the promo are MegaVenusaur, MegaCharizard and MegaBlastoise?

  50. I think it’s just a coincidence that Orot and Sudowoodo are together cause Orot will almost surely be part grass part ghost or dark and sudowoodo is still a pure rock type so a type overhaul is unlikely.

  51. UPDATE: Masuda will be on Smash that airs the 15th and it will be about Mega Evolutions! For more info, go to Serebii

    EDIT: It will also be about the anime

      1. So next week’s Pokémon Smash’s summary about Junichi Masuda and a new Pokémon was all a mistranslation?

        1. Game Freak’s Morimoto will appear in this week’s episode! Don’t expect anything new in this episode! Next week is gonna be a XY special!

  52. I also noticed there is a Bridge background for battles.
    I like the variety of scenario in this game, it’s gonna be awesome.

  53. Hm… Why don’t we compare the characteristics of Oorotto and Sudowoodo. I’m starting to think it may be a split evolution of Bonsly, or even an evo of Sudo.

  54. meganium +spA+Def FlowerGift/+def+sDf EffectSpore/sereneGrace. feraligatr +atk Moxie/ Drizzle/new jaw?. Typhlosion +atk+spFlashFire. Sceptile +atkSuperLuck/Chlorophyll. Swampert+def+sDf+Atk SapSipper/Drizzle. Torterra+atk+def SandForce. Infernape???. Empoleon+def+SpSwiftSwim/Light­­ningRod. Serpeior+Sp+Def+Sdf MarvelScale/?. Emboar+atk+def???. Samurott same as Empoleon. these are just my opinions/predictions. if you can understand it.

  55. orotto might be a sudowoodo evo…. considering Woody only has a BST of 410 and until now we have only seen related pokemon clumped together such as tauros and miltank. all other instances of Horde Battles have been all the same species. which means Horde Battles might only have pokemon of the same evolution line.This being said, it could be a swarming feature.

  56. I’m glad i’m not the only one who seen Venusaur fighting that white pokemon whom at first I assumed was Absol until I paused at the right time. Though, I’m only using Grass types this time Chespin, Gogoat, Venusaur, Orotto and who ever else. Not to mention i’ve always though scary pokemon like Orotto were cute anyways

  57. I hope stealth rocks get nerfed like explosion did, turning it to regular entry hazard damage for all, ignoring type effectiveness.

    I also feel nintendo don’t want you picking Fennekin. MegaCharizard and MegaBlaziken able to be on your team from early on? I assume most people will pick Froakie (just thinking by name, it so should get puffy hair/afrobreak), Bulbasaur and torchic

  58. This does strengthen my theory that Orotto is related to Sudowoodo. I think it’s either a Sudowoodo evolution or an alternate Bonsly evolution.

  59. Am I the only one who think that Sudowoodo and Oorotto look alike? The colors and their body forms and the fact that they look like trees. Maybe, but just maybe, Oorotto is an evolved form of Sudowoodo and Sudowoodo would evolve the same way Pancham evolves into Pangoro. You know, an inocent looking Pokémon evolving into another with pretty damn scary look! But that’s just my opinion.

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