SHOCKING NEWS: Smash Special on 15/09

Pokémon Smash has revealed that Junichi Masuda will appear on the show on the 15th of this month. The episode will be a special one named XY Institute Special, and will showcase some more Mega Evolutions. We will be covering the episode live. Most stuff will probably already be revealed in Corocoro, which is due to leak in a few days, most likely the beginning of next week.

Update: Wes pointed out that Masuda-san will also be on stage to talk about the XY Anime. Which is actually less shocking and more interesting news. Remember, the anime will  begin airing October 17th, the week after the games get released.

I think this truly deserves the Shocking News title, nobody would have thought Smash was doing a special! Keep checking back for more possible news and opinions on Pokémon XY. In the meantime, discuss what they could possible reveal in the comments! (but don’t spam ok, or else i’ll be sad 🙁 )