Ask PokéJungle: Generation I

Ask PokéJungle: #J2XY — Generation I

The recent reveal of the Kanto Starter Mega Evolutions could not have come at a better time, they kicked off our Generation I theme week perfectly. It seems Game Freak are really giving Generation I a throwback, Pokémon: The Origin will be a hit with fans of all ages and Professor Sycamore giving players a Kanto Starter in X & Y, continues the trend of Generation I getting a bit of well deserved love.

Leading up to October 12 each week we will publish articles featuring on a Pokémon Generation, beginning with the first and ending with then fifth. After the fifth week our extensive Pokémon X & Y coverage will begin, including unique features and articles. To kick of the Journey to X & Y we’re starting with a Generation I Ask PokéJungle

We want questions from you guys! This time we’re looking for questions that have anything to do with the very first Generation of Pokémon. If you have questions for a specific staff member make it known so that we can get them in to answer for you. So, yeah, have at it! This is your chance to ask us anything about Generation I, our favourite town or city? Ask and see!

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    1. Hmmm, I don’t really have a definitive favourite. Wartortle, Charizard and Gengar are the three I think of off the top of my head as favourites.

      1. I love Starmie so much! I hope it gets a Mega-lution but I would probably be to OP 🙁 lol 🙂

    2. My team in the first generation was: Raichu, Nidoqueen, Clefable, Vileplume, Alakazam and Cloyster. It was the first time I ever played pokemon, so it was all so new… I think that’s why I have always had some kind of bondage with that pokemon.

  1. Since you posted a very VERY old school picture of Red and Green, I have to ask- which art style over the generations did you prefer? R/G/G/S, R/S/E, D/P/PT or B/W? I personally still love the R/G character art style, and wish to this day they would go back to it- its not so kiddish looking, and the sharper edges make it look much more dark(in theme).

    1. I really like the Gen I. style for it’s rough looking style, something I don’t usually like in artwork. But then I really love the latest art style too. I don’t really prefer one over the other, I like them both for differing reasons!

    1. For me, it was Erika. Grass pokemon have always been my favourite. Moreover, for me was one of the hardest gym because she was always poisoning/paralizing/sleeping my pokemons… but I loved her.

  2. What do you think has happened in the 10 years since we visited Kanto? Would you like to see Kanto sequels?

    1. Aren’t those called Gold and Silver?
      I don’t think we really need another batch. But it could be cool.

    2. I’m not sure what I think could have happened in Kanto since RBY/GSC, but I think a sequel of sorts could be cool. Heck, I’d even take RBY remakes over RSE ones!

          1. B-B-But DPPt is more recent than RSE, heck even Kanto is more recent than RSE 😛 We need Hoenn remakes 😀

  3. Funny facts about Gen 1: Butterfree and Venomoth are swapped. Venomoth should have been Metapod evolution and Butterfree should have been Venonat evolution.

    1. Also, Sabrina gives the Swap Badge and Koga the Soul Badge. Again, these badges should be in fact sweeped.

    1. See below: “Hmmm, I don’t really have a definitive favourite. Wartortle, Charizard and Gengar are the three I think of off the top of my head as favourites.”

  4. Dae, I’m sorry this is off topic (you can delete this if if needed), but this is really bugging me. In the last article, someone said something interesting popped up on Serebii forums and he was asking to email you. What was he talking about? I’ve been thinking about it all night, and its killing me! Again, I’m sorry that this is off topic.

    1. I’ve just checked the contact form submissions, and as far as I can tell there’s nothing important. The only thing relating to Serebii Forums I could find was the (presumably fake) list of X & Y Pokémon on Pastebin.

      1. Oh, ok. I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t some really interesting rumor, real or not. Thank you! 🙂

    2. Last contact emails I’ve gotten have been about lack of 3D in the overworld and letting me know CoroCoro releases on the 14th this month 🙂

  5. Who’s your favorite starter, favorite starter megalution, and what other gen 1 pokemon do you want to see get a megalution?

    1. This is obviously not a COMPETITIVE team, but if I were playing with favorites: Parasect, Kingler, Gengar, Nidoking, Kabutops, Mr. Mime

      1. Nice Team. Parasect and Kingler don’t often get enough love these days. My team from Gen 1 is:

        Starmie, Cloyster, Kingler, Vaporeon, Gyarados and Omastar.

    2. If I were playing favorites (no way I could do competitive one)


      1. Tell me about it…when it comes to picking from 1 gen alone its really difficult to make a competitive team.

          1. I like to think of it as Seadra getting pissed off cause Dragonite was all lordy in Gen 1 when seadra secretly wanted to burst out its true potential and kick some ass with its 1 weakness. Kindgra is just like “who’s da dragon now punk”.

          2. i thought kingdra was the coolest pokemon ever when gen 2 came out…i couldnt believe they gave seadra an evolution.

    3. My team was
      I miss that team so much :*) good times good times

  6. Most memorable moments from first playing gen1? I remember not knowing how to get HM Flash and spending hours in the dark trying to get out of Rock Tunnel. 😛

    1. Try playing without knowing any English. There was so much stuff I did wrong because I couldn’t understand what I was supposed to do, it’s too much to tell it all 😛

          1. Oh that’s really cool! My grandma came over on a boat from the Netherlands! (Therefore I’m half Dutch!)

      1. I know how you feel. My first ever pokemon game was a Red version in French, and you guessed it…I don’t speak French. When the SS Anne departed I got upset and restarted my game – in all the language confusion I thought I’d done something wrong by stepping off the exact moment it left port. This happened TWICE before I realised it was supposed to leave without me.

        (I was I was kidding -_-)

      2. I know what you mean! My first language is Spanish, and plus I was very young to understand the game very well, I made it through all the yellow version succesfully. The final result is that I learnt English because of Pokémon.

      1. The sacred Viridian forest! That place was magical for me. I think I would say my most memorable moment for me was when I was desperately trying to climb over the ledge to the west of Viridian City to go to the Pokemon League to catch some mega rare Pokemon … right after I left Pallet Town. I caught a Mankey though!

        I was never able to make the Snorlax move to the west of Celadon City ether :'( but don’t worry I had my revenge in HeartGold! ^^

    2. I think I was the only kid with no problems with Rock tunnel since I talked to everybody & literally tried to ”catch em all” only problem I really had was Lt. Surge’s gym puzzle ^^;

  7. Ahhh I remember my very first copies of Red and Blue and also Firered if it counts.
    My all powerful team consisted of Charizard, Nidoking, Parasect, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, And my Powerhouse Rhydon!
    All where beloved and helped me achieve victory. My pride and joy Rhydon from Kanto stayed with me all the way to Unova as a powerful Rhyperior!
    My Rhyperior is a lifelong companion whom has won me countless battles!

        1. I just realized that Rhyperior is rather likely to get a mega evolution because they’re harkening back to Gen 1, and Rhydon was the first pokemon created for that Generation.

    1. Nope, I’ve done something for unlimited Rare Candies though, I forgot what it was. Possibly cloning…

  8. I also think this is the perfect time for me to say this. Due to red being my first game, I love gen 1 slightly more then others, but this makes me a ‘genwunner’. According to the internet ‘genwunners’ hate new pokemon and are not fans of mega evolutions of older pokemon. As you can see from my avater, thanks to Jordin, you may see that I am a fan of mega evolutions, and i also like every gen in their own unique way- even the if one is infamously known for floating ice cream! So can this be a polite message to other fans that people should be allowed to like whatever gen they like and not be forced to think what the internet and some fans do. Thank you

    1. eh, I would think that’s a case of misinformation. Liking the first gen more than the others does NOT make you a genwunner. A Genwunner is someone who accepts nothing BUT Gen 1. Everything else is not Pokemon, or it’s terrible, and shouldn’t exist. So that means you ARENT a narrow-minded ‘fan’ who believes the games should have ended at Red and Blue. I don’t know if there is a term really for that, but, definitely not a Genwunner. I’d say that your just a Pokemon Fan, with a preference for Generation 1. Not part of a very small subgroup who seem to do nothing but antagonize other fans, and pretty much wish Pokemon was dead so they could just hold the original games up as this nostalgic high standard, and how classic they were. And we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation as a result. At least, that’s my view of it.

      1. just a note but the genwunners/nostalghores tend to hate everything from gen 3 and afterwards because thats when pokemon really began to change and become dynamic. But i do agree with everything you guys say Pokémon should change always so that kids today can enjoy it as much as everyone

      2. Here’s an exert from Tvtropes:

        Fan Dumb: Dear God, Genwunners. While most of the teen/young adult Pokémon fandomnote grew up with Gen I and have a certain fondness and familiarity for it, these “fans” believe that Gen I and its region, Pokémon, characters, etc. are superior to all other generations in every way (except maybe Gen II, primarily out of appreciation for being so tied to Gen I), regardless of any effort, innovation, uniqueness and lack of glitchiness that may pop up in the later gens. Try to find a Pokémon video on YouTube without any comments that defend Gen I big time and oppose all the others. On the other hand,this video ( explains the whole phenomenon perfectly, as does this VG Cats comic.

        Unfortunately, this phenomenon has also produced a similar Fan Dumb with the opposite agenda; these fans are quick to label anyone who prefers or emphasizes Gen I and/or II as a rabid Genwunner, even if they do enjoy other generations.

        To be fair, you can be the opposite of a genwunner too, as in, only prefer a very specific generation that isn’t just gen1 and hate every other one for illogical reasons. Enjoying the first gen doesn’t deserve you negativity. The pokemon fanbase can be horrid, especially with slings of insults and negativity towards Gamefreak and each other. They aren’t alone though.

  9. Look out Trainers and Gym Leaders of Kalos, The little Rhyhorn all the way from Kanto is going to shake you to the core!

    :The EarthenWarriors

  10. As charizard didn’t get a fire dragon mega evo, do you still hold hope in a potential water dragon gyarados?

        1. Gyarados has a base stat of 540, just like Milotic and Kingdra. In fact, all three are tied for having the highest base stat totoal of all non-legandary Wat-type Pokemon. It will get a Megaultion, if any evolution.

          A regular would be OP, and it’s not a pseudo-legendary, so no base stat of 600, and it can’t go over that, that’s reserved for legendaries only..

  11. For all the people who wanted Charizard to get the Fire/Dragon… Do you really wanna see Charizard get whooped by a Jigglypuff ? ?

    1. That same logic can currently be applied to Marill vs Charizard 😛
      Besides, Fire resists Fairy 😛

    2. Personally I wanted my partner poke to get the dragon type he deserves, but at least he still won’t get hit by earthquake

    3. YES! I’d love to see anything get whooped by a Jigglypuff! I loved that Jigglypuff in the Kanto anime….

    1. Technically if your going Gen 1 then there arent any lol but i must say charizard has such an awesomely cool shiny design.

  12. I want to know what is your favorite pokemon that you would have if you are going to start a story in pokemon 1g?

    1. Most of the time, I had:

      Venusaur or Blastoise
      Dodrio or Nidoqueen

  13. My favorite Gen 1 Pokémon has always been Elcectorde and will forever more be Electrode. I admire it for its high speed.

  14. I remember my first time playing Pokemon was Pokemon Staduim at an after school program in elementary school. I’d always get Vaporeon, Lapras, and Aricuno because they were pretty to me, so I really had no idea what I was doing. Good times.

  15. I love the Gen 1 games to death, but I feel the adventure is never the same while replaying it again. I find that with other games, like Ruby and Sapphire or Gold and Silver for example, are even more fun on revisiting. Gen 1 is a great starting adventure but doesn’t have much replay value to be honest.

    Anyway, with that out of the way, how do you pokejungle staff think of the Gen 1 games compared to the others?

    1. I never really was able to make use of the glitches too much, especially as I didn’t have internet at the time, so I didn’t KNOW of them, outside of stories I heard at school. I did activate one glitch, somehow, when walking in Vermillion city, so when I walked like into the center of the town, my Pikachu spontaneously started to evolve. For some reason. And I was able to stop it, especially at the time I thought it was better to wait *thanks Anime* even though in Gen 1 he doesn’t really learn that many moves worth waiting for.

      1. could you please change your evatar! i dont like the people who copy my stuff and then make another but with different things!! you know I did my avatar with my imagination and everything and you saw my avatar

        1. OMG sorry if I offended you, I was just messing around with Picmonkey and made a Xatu clone of a meme! I can change it, but I did not copy you.

  16. Have you guys seen this? If you have.. Is it of any significance? The list of Pokemon receiving Mega evolutions?

  17. Have you guys seen this? If you have.. Is it of any significance? Pokemon receiving Mega evolutions maybe?

    1. No, that was from the Pokemon Game Show. It was designated teams for people who wanted to battle and didn’t have a Gen 5 game.

          1. It was a demo event. You could bring your own games or just play with the BW(2) they had on display.

    2. I believe it was supposed to be good teams to use for those who have never played Pokémon before. Nothing to do with Mega Evolutions.

      Edit: Haha I guess I was wrong 🙂

    1. Let me explain my self-better before
      you guys hate me for life :(. I really don’t like mega it give me that feeling
      that it will be milked to the extreme this generation and I really don’t like
      how we already have 10 mega Pokémon announced right now and we all know that
      new mega we shown off with the for the other starters so 11 more megas that we
      want so that makes 22 megas that will probably happen and don’t forget the
      rumors we have 16 more so that makes 38 mega evolutions and that’s too many
      megas. Another Reason I feel like more megas will be announced and all the x
      and y Pokémon hype will be taken away because everyone will love the megas
      more. Like when the Orrot (I think that how spell) and the llama will be announced
      they will show us 5 new megas and two new Pokémon. The llama and orrot. I’m
      just saying why dislike me for an opinion I rightfully have the right to talk
      about and have good day let me explain my self-better before you guys hate me
      for life:(. I really don’t like megas it give me that feeling that it will be
      milked to the extreme this generation and I really don’t like how we already
      have 10 mega Pokémon announced right now and we all know that new megas we
      shown off with the for the other starters so 11 more megas that we want so that
      makes 22 megas that will probably happen and don’t forget the rumors we have 16
      more so that makes 38 mega evolutions and that’s too many megas. An other Reason
      I feel like more megas will be announced and all the x and y Pokémon hype will
      be taken away because everyone will love the megas more. Like when the Orrot (I
      think that how spell) and the llama will be announced they will show us 5 new
      megas and two new Pokémon. The llama and orrot. I’m just saying why dislike me
      for an opinion I rightfully have the right to talk about and have good day

        1. Ok that explains the typing. I agree that it did take a lot of the hype on new Pokémon away, but I somewhat like Megas. I’d still prefer getting news on new Pokémon. The only reason I like the Megas is because of Mega Venusaur :p

  18. Ah Generation one, where it all began, it has a special place in my heart. How long did it take you guys to fully complete the Pokédex ?

    1. PINSIR! ugh pinsir how it took me soo long to get you! But yeah not too long actually except for pinsir… that damn pinsir evaded me at age 7.. but i got it eventually.

    2. I wasn’t able to complete a Pokedex fully til Gen IV. The cons of being in a super small town area with pretty much no one else playing Pokemon, and only Pokemon Red, and thus no one to trade with.

          1. Sable and thekingbrad, I was talking about regional, not national! I’ve never completed a national dex :p (If you’re talking about national…)

          2. yeah i know i meant regional…gen 4 was the only regional pokedex i completed and gen 5 really close but im too lazy to do so. National…yeah forget about it lol..

          3. Well, I’ve completed 5 as well. But until online trading was introduced, I just did not have the means to do so.

    1. My favorite thing was everything that happened from Silph Co to getting to Cinibar (Or was SIlph Co Gen 3…???)

  19. My first post! Anyhow, I’ve got to say that Kanto was my least favored of the regions. Yeah, there’s the nostalgia factor, but it seems rather… I dunno – bland in comparison to the massive mountain range of Sinnoh or the environmental diversity of Hoenn or even that something of Johto that I can’t quite place or put a name to. Geography is an important aspect for me so I just feel that Kanto was lacking.

    1. Of course Kanto was the first region, and everything else had build onto that to make better geography for later games. Remember, without Kanto, no Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, or Kalos.

      1. I know, I know. Kanto has its place and I appreciate it, but I just feel that its predecessors managed to succeed where it failed. In fact, I think the only memorable thing about Kanto to me are the Sevii Islands which I would absolutely LOVE to see expanded on. I have a thing for islands and archipelagos.

  20. One of the funniest fainting animations I saw in Stadium was Kadabra when he throws the spoon like, “screw it!”, then it comes back and hits its head. XD

  21. Hey so that artwork is going to be the theme for this question: Do you think character customization will have throwbacks to past generations? Like Red’s outfit or anything of the sort. Or even being able to wear badges like they do in the art?

    1. I’m sure they will have Red’s clothes as DLC, but I’m not sure if it will be free, not after Pokemon Bank. ._.

      1. Why do you think GameFreak would do something like that? The incredibly small and generous $5 A YEAR is just so they can hold up the servers for all the storage. This app is meant for you to be able to transfer your Pokemon from Gen 6 to Gen 10 with ease and keep your Pokemon in a safe place. I don’t understand the complaining for something like this, GameFreak aren’t some money-grabbing psychopaths, and we’ve known that for over 15 years

          1. as soon as i saw this i signed up and now i’m playing yellow and crystal. only reason i’m playing crystal on it is because those games can’t save anymore.

    1. If I could go back in time and get into Pokemon earlier, I would have chose Red based on my current pattern (excluding Emerald): Diamond and Pearl, HeartGold and SoulSivler, Black and White, and Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

      1. i always choose the first out of the two, but there was one exception: Soul Silver. I wanted Tyranitar and Ursaring really bad

        1. You can get Tyranitar in Heart Gold. Unless you mean you wanted them both together, in which case, yeah, you had to have SS.

          Anyways, I never really had much of a pattern too much, but it’s been basically Red, Yellow, Silver, Ruby, FireRed, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, White, Black 2, and now Y.

      2. I had LeafGreen, Red, Sapphire, Pearl, SoulSilver, Black, and Black 2 first before I got the rest of the games from their Gen (if I got the rest of their Gen). I got Gold and Silver at the same time :p

  22. Well, unlike most of you guys, I didn’t start playing Pokemon in Gen 1. However, my first game was in the Kanto region in the form of Leafgreen! 😛

    1. The only glitch I dabbled into in gen 1 was the missingno. glitch in Blue. All the other glitches were too much of a hassle for my pee-wee brain :p

    2. Missingno and cloning, I think. My friend did the Mew one on my game, but I didn’t do that myself.

          1. Dodrio in a Sky Battle…. how will it work? Will it flap it’s small tail feathers or something? Will it just float there?

  23. What if they reveal the starters evolution’s every week/two weeks? Then on the last week they show Generation 6’s Mega Evolutions? I have been thinking..maybe you can have two Mega Pokemon in your team if one faints then you can use the other! Now here is a question for Fans and Staff- Have you ever imported your Pokemon from one game to the next? I am afraid my Leaf Green and Emerald could die any minute and all the Pokemon I caught and used are gone. What if I want to play Leaf Green and I can’t because I imported my team? I cloned my team in Emerald so “no need to worry” about that. Which Pokemon game was your first? Which is your favorite? I need some opinions :3

    1. My first- LeafGreen
      My favorites- Black 2, Pearl, ALL Hoenn, LeafGreen
      By import, do you mean like migrating in Sinnoh? I’ve only imported from LeafGreen and one of the Hoenn games…

    2. Have you ever imported your Pokemon from one game to the next?

      Yes, my first Pokemon Sceptile has been with me since Ruby version. I’ve imported it to every game since. It has 41 ribbons! ^_^

      What if I want to play Leaf Green and I can’t because I imported my team?

      You can restart the game, but if you don’t want to lose all the work you put into the games like me, just train a new team on there 🙂

      Which Pokemon game was your first? Which is your favorite?

      My first Pokemon game that I owned was Ruby version. Although, I did play Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Crystal beforehand because I would constantly steal them from my sister xD
      My favorite is still Ruby version. Very special to me.

      1. I loved Sceptile! All of them always had Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Leaf Blade, and Giga Drain 🙂 Should’ve imported one of them 🙁

        1. Sceptile is the best! 😀
          My moveset for it is Leaf Blade, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Frenzy Plant. Leaf Blade is my favorite move lol, so awesome.

          What happened to yours?

          1. I always restart the games when I’ve finished them and get bored since there’s no more storyline. As of right now, in the Hoenn games, I’m basically nowhere.

          2. Ah, I see =/ I always have trouble restarting a Pokemon game because of all the work I put into them xD I’m a completionist and try to do everything in the game haha.

          3. I love sceptile too!! He’s one of the best pokemon grass!!! My spectile has x scissor, Leaf Blade, Frenzy plant and drain punch

      2. I added more questions sorry xD
        My first game Pearl was used and I didn’t know about the save file and all that so I didn’t use a new save file so I will never have my first starter :(. I don’t want to lose all my hard work…I wish there was a cloning glitch in Leaf Green XD Gen 4 was my first and it’s one of my least favorites : As you can probably tell I lean more to the Gen 3 side. I’m trying to get all Pokemon games but it’s really hard trying to get a real copy on the internet luckily Craigslist was there for me and I got LG and E for $30!! They are real :O I couldn’t pass up the offer. If you can check your Swapnotes there is mail I repeat there is mail. xp I have yet to use a Treecko though but when I get my next Gen 3 game I’m using one and naming it ‘TCMets’.

        1. I’m very sorry to hear you’ll never have your first starter :'( But, hopefully you find that Shiny Mudkip and you can treasure that forever! 🙂

          Haha, a cloning glitch would be nice. Then you could keep the Pokemon on the game, and also import their copies. We need to find the people who made Mewtwo!

          Damn, Leaf Green AND Emerald for $30? Pretty good deal right there.

          I’ll check right now 😀

          Aw, awesome that you’ll name a Pokemon after me! ^_^

          1. Still searching! Nothing after 5 boxes : What do you do with the Pokemon you hatch after you found what you were looking for?
            I did that with Emerald already so I can transfer my team while having cloned ones in the game so I can use them! 😀
            No problem 🙂

          2. I replied!

            That’s a lot of boxes =/ What I do when Shiny Hunting is fill up 2 boxes, then every Pokemon after that gets released. When I eventually find the Shiny, I release the ones in the 2 boxes. It’s just too much otherwise lol.

          3. I always imagined released pokemon skipping away happily into lush green flower-filled meadows behind the Pokemon Centre…then being immediately killed and eaten because they’re domesticated and can’t defend themselves o__O

    3. Have you ever imported your Pokemon from one game to the next?

      Why yes I have. I do it all the time.

      What if I want to play Leaf Green and I can’t because I imported my team?

      Wynaut restart your game? Probably no reason to play without restarting anyway.

      Which Pokemon game was your first? Which is your favorite?

      My first game was Blue; my favorite game is a close call between Platinum and Emerald.

    4. Have you ever imported your Pokemon from one game to the next?

      I transferred a budew after-game that i neglected in the beginning of diamond and i probably should have used. I transfered it to black after-game and evolved it to roselia. Then traded it to bw2 and evolved it to roserade and its now a part of my team i use in PWT and WIFI battles. It has modest nature..something i failed to realize lol and knows giga drain shadow ball sludgebomb and weather ball

      1. I have a Modest Roserade too! Aromatherapy, Weather Ball, Shadow Ball, and Petal Dance are essential in my weather team!

    5. lol…you started your first Pokémon game by taking over for someone who named themself “Cowtits”?
      I don’t even know how to respond that XD

      1. I was 7 and I didn’t know how to restart XD I started on a new game but it wasn’t a new save file so I couldn’t turn off my DS or I would lose everything until I started playing under “Cowtits” and I found a shiny Bronzong (my first) in Turnback cave and when I found out about a new save file I deleted the old one forgetting about Bronzong, I didn’t know I could have traded and I had no one to trade with :

    6. 1.Yes my first level 100 rayquaza
      2. I don’t the answer
      3. My first played was Red
      4. My favorite was Emerald
      5. First is squirtle and no I don’t have my blastoise :*(

      1. Don’t worry you are not alone I don’t have my first Pokemon either 🙁 and Emerald is awesome 😀

          1. I was new to Pokemon and I got a used Pearl and I didn’t know that you could delete the previous save file so I started on a new game but you couldn’t save because of the previous save file. When I found out about that I deleted the save file and restarted my game losing a shiny Bronzong my first shiny along the way 🙁

          2. Awwww I’m so sorry to hear that :*( your story is worst.
            For me, playing pokemon red, I didn’t know how to read so my brother helped me then i memorized how to save. I actually beat the game, took me FOREVER. Then I beat the game in crystal, My brother gave my crystal AND my red to his girlfriend and I couldn’t get it back because she was older and my mom said,”now you won’t have eye problems so it is for the better.” I remember crying in my room for a long time and being sad because I thought everyone was against me. But emerald came along and SAVED me. So I actually lost my first 2 starters because of my brother and I lost my sceptile ( First starter in emerald) by restarting because I didn’t think there was any use of keeping it when I can restart and try with all the starters. So my earliest starter I have is Blaziken on my third restart in Emerald.

    7. My first Pokémon was a Turtwig in Pokémon Platinum. Now, its a Torterra Lv100 in Pokémon White

    8. I wouldn’t worry too much about migrating due to your 3rd gen games ‘dying any minute’. The only thing that’ll happen over time is the berry glitch – after a few years you’ll be unable to harvest berries because the games can’t comprehend time anymore. But they shouldn’t just spontaneously ‘die’ like the 2nd gen games – GSC are notorious for it because the save file was linked to the internal battery, which is finite. RBY will eventually suffer the same fate but last longer because they don’t run on a clock like GSC.

      Eg. I own every single Pokemon game to date, bought around release date, and every single one still holds a save file apart from Gold which died 6 years ago and Silver which died 2 years ago 🙂 I imagine Crystal will go next but not a lot I can do about it since you can’t migrate pokemon from 2nd gen to 3rd, lol

      1. I was worried because I read a thread about people’s save files corrupting and I wouldn’t want to lose all my progress : Thank you!

        1. Are you kidding? If you train it right, it can be a stalling Tank to whittle down your team little by little (huehue, Chip Away). By knowing Recover and Mirror Coat, with good def and sp def, even grass type moves will have a hard time.

        1. I was playing HeartGold this morning and encountered a Corsola, and it dawned on me how I never once had one my team. I think giving it more attention would be great (just like Dunsparce)

          1. It never appears in the story, you never see it in battle facilities… I guess it fits because he’s based off a deep sea fish.

          2. I’ve actually always meant to use one, but the trade requirements usually means I can’t. But yeah, it is one of those oft forgotten Pokemon.

        1. I personally love the Clamperl line! I think their designs are great and they have decent stats. I guess they just haven’t achieved “Pikachu” status like some others 😛

        2. I’ve NEVER heard anyone talk about Huntail. I love Gorebyss though! Could never have one in Hoenn since I don’t have a link cable and only one GBA

    1. Awesome isn’t it? Me and my friend can’t stop talking about it when he’s over here. He better not start playing his X version on the ride back to my place after we pick up our games. And since this is a post about Gen1, I’ll stay on topic. I love Blasdoise and I’m so happy he gets a Mega. Sure I didn’t play red or blue or any Gen1 game but it still has a special place in my heart just for starting it all.

        1. Coro Coro comes out on the 14th. I didn’t want to say anything at first since well it was from some guy on serebii forums who I believed shared a screen cap cause I couldn’t load the link afer I emailed them. But now I saw it on its site, so I can breath at ease.

    1. It more or likely releases tommarow or two days from riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
      iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now…

    2. I’m playing my old Pokemon games today and sorting through my legendaries to see what I will be transferring to X and Y. That should occupy me in these sad few days 😛

        1. I’m in the midst of catching Kyogre in my HeartGold, then I’ll transfer Groudon and Rayquaza to finish that trio, then I think I will have every legendary to transfer 😀

      1. I’m playing Fire Red/Pearl/White so I can transfer a few pokemon over. On the first two I’m doing a nuzlocke.

    3. We’ll have some evaluations in our next smash coverage post(what we believe will be in the next Corocoro, when it’ll leak, and other information), so stay tuned 🙂

      1. Ninetails is special Fire-type, Arcanine Physical Fire-type imo. If memory serves, weren’t they version exclusives in past gen games?

        1. I never really Arcanine at first until I actually trained one. Now it’s a Level 80 Solaren with beastly stats and movesets. ;D

        2. I love Arcanine with ExtremeSpeed, Outrage, Flamethrower, and Thunder Fang and Ninetales with Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Giga Impact, and Foul Play

  24. Don’t forget this is a Ask Pokejungle. We’ll put Smash up soon where you can speculate as you wish, but we are getting offtopic again guys. Don’t disappointment me…

    1. What is the most memorable thing about generation 1 to you, Dae? Be it a certain battle, a Pokemon, maybe a favorite place, etc.

    2. There’s always gonna be one person that starts it then it becomes a forest fire of unrelated spam and shiz

  25. This may be a little off topic and I don’t know if this was mentioned yet, but did anyone else notice this from the recent Pokemon Direct?

      1. No the trainer icon next to the one that looks like the main character has a completely different face from the other icons.

        1. We’ve seen another character like that, one with purple hair. I’m thinking those are actual Trainer Classes, and they are being represented by those instead.

          1. For instance, I’m thinking that looks like a roughneck or whatever they call them, the biker gang type people.

        1. No there’s something that’s a small mohawk with no spikes or anything and you don’t put gel in it….

        1. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just thought that it would save you time if you didn’t know already.

  26. sorry it’s aout off topic but my little brother sent to me a floatzel and look at the level .-.( fot the people who’re going to say something Im not a hack or something else)

          1. Are you sure because it has a seal and it’s hard to get rid of a bad egg with a seal. I did it once but I forgot how..

          2. I fixed it!! he was hanging a ball capsul and when I eliminated the ball capsule it get back to his real form! level 40

          3. yeah but never mind im not playing that game, is my little brother who is playing pokemon platinum

  27. What other Generation 1 Pokemon would you all (Gym Leader and Fans alike) like to see a evolution or Megalution of? I want to see something done to Jynx, Lapras, Farfetch’d, Pinsir, Tauros, and maybe the Eeveelutions.

    1. It may not be so Farfetch’d for those Pokemon to get Mega Evolutions. I think Eeveelutions should be evolution only. Lapras!!

  28. Idk if this has been asked yet but what is your favorite Gen 1 pokemon? Mine is probably either snorlax or charizard : )

    1. Gen 1: Route 1
      Gen 2: VS. Lance and VS. Red
      Gen 3: All of it!! <3
      Gen 4: Route 201
      Gen 5: B2/W2 Gym leader theme
      Gen 6: Intro theme/wild battle theme!! Wild battle being my favorite.

    2. Oh ALL regions?

      Kanto: Cinibar
      Johto: Blackthorn
      Hoenn: Sootopolis and Ever Grande
      Sinnoh: Sunyshore and Snowpoint
      Unova: Opelucid, Virbank, Route 10, and the route right before Victory Road in B2W2

          1. Wow never noticed at all. It kind of reminded me of Route 119 in Hoenn, and that’s about it. Don’t know why but it did.

    3. Gen 1: NP
      Gen 2: NP
      Gen 3: Abandoned Ship, Legendary music, some othere areas, but I forgot lol (wait, I have the game…)
      Gen 4: Um… Full Moon Island/Eterna Forest/Lost Tower and New Moon Island/Old Chateau/Spring path (the latter gives me chills)
      Gen 5: Victini Battle/Muskeeteer Trio (before Keldeo became known), Black City (also chills), Elite 4 music
      Gen 6: Wild Battle and Gym Leader Battle (Official not released yet, but the duplicate is very accurate)

      1. Actually, we don’t know if the Gen 6 Music revealed at WCS Vancouver is the Gym Leader theme or the Gym Trainer theme.

        1. Right, but I love the imitation one on YouTube; sounds chill yet pressurizing at the same time, imo.

      2. Gen 1: FR Pokemon league theme, champion battle
        Gen 2: None
        Gen 3: ALL
        Gen 4: Cynthia and route 228(night)<—-trust me
        Gen 5: BW: N battle and gym leader, elite 4
        BW2: Ghetsis, hoenn champion, gym leader

  29. I am very torn on to whole Mega Evolution and traditional evolution thing. In my opinion, only fully evolved (second stage) Pokemon should get Megas, and anything under should get a regular evolution or nothing at all.

    1. I think Gamefreak did megas so that their favorite pokemon would still have a chance to be used in battle. Some people didn’t want a full fledged evolution of Mawile, so they went for middle-ground. Also, Eviolite.

        1. Even if it was given a Mega, that wouldn’t mean it would have good defense. Besides, they have the same number of weaknesses, unless levitate is taken away, and Gengar has higher defense than Alakazam.

  30. I find it hard to talk about gen 1 sometimes. Yeah, it was the beginning of Pokemon and it has sentimental value with most, if not all, Pokemon fans. However, other than that there is not much to talk about other than the pokemon, gym leaders, and glitches. There’s only so much we can talk about, given that there are really no cool features in the game like there are in the current gen.

  31. I would like to hear all the staff’s gen 1 first game story. Where did you get your game? Which did you get Red Blue or was it Yellow? What color was your Gameboy? Which starter did you pick? Would you pick them again with their new Mega Evolutions? Did you get stuck at all? I got lost in Mount Moon like three times.

    1. Pokemon Blue was the second videogame I ever got. I was really sick that day, and I stayed in my dad’s car(which is odd now that I think about it), while my dad went into a store to get a copy of Yellow. My gameboy was purple, and I picked Squirtle as my first starter, but it took me awhile before I learned how to save my data. I played the game for awhile, but I absolutely could not figure out what I had to do to satisfy the thirsty guards, so my playthrough of the actual story stopped around that time.

    2. I got Red from Toys R Us along with a red (although it was actually pink) GameBoy Color, to replace my GameBoy. I believe I picked either Squirtle or Charmander, yes I’d pick them both again for their Mega Evolutions. I remember getting stuck in Rock Tunnel, but I went through it blind without Flash.

      1. Every frickin cave in the early series were very difficult for me as a child. I guess I was a bit dumb and naive and I was always going in unprepared. I recall starting my game over many times because I would get lost in the Kanto caves

        1. Oh dear 😛

          I’ve never been completely lost, just got a little stuck but then found my way out of it!

  32. Frankly I love where Gen6 seems to be going,it’s blending the new(cant wait to kick some serious ass with Pangoro) and the old(blastoise has always been my fav gen1 so I’m very stoked about him/her becoming even more badass with that awesome head cannon) if what we seen is any indication,I don’t feel to out of line saying that x&y looks to be the start of a golden age of pokemon and I can’t be more excited

  33. Pokemon x and y is shaping up to be the best pokemon game ever with the exception of gen one so I think that it will top every chart

  34. Who actually started the ‘mew under the truck’ hilarity? Also, did anyone else fall for ‘if you stand in Mt Moon and use the itemfinder 100 times a Togepi egg will appear’?

    (in my defense I was 11 and these were my first video games EVER…I was pretty easily tricked back then)

    1. Who started ANY of those rumors? Don’t forget all the PokeGods stuff that started to float about, ways to evolve the starter beyond their final forms and other Pokemon, or other ways to get Mew, such as it was thought if you could somehow get behind Bill’s house in that random space, you would encounter Mew. Why Generation One was the source of all these kind of rumors, and the others never had anything CLOSE. One exception was the belief if you could somehow get the rocket launch count in Ruby and Sapphire over 100 or something like that, you could ride a rocket to the moon where you’d encounter Jirachi or Deoxys or something like that.

      1. I have heard about finding Jirachi in D/P/Pt after battling 100 Pokemon in Iron Island luckily in the comments people said it was fake or I would have fallen for it (I was 10 and could have actually done it)

        1. There was one I heard about where in Pearl you could find a Mew on the route underneath the Bike Path

    2. I remember hearing rumors of Shaymin being encounterable in Victory Road in DPPt, specifically on the first bridge near the entrance, so I spent around 5 hours looking around. I was a pretty stupid kid.

        1. I think that is how the rumor was started. In fact, it could have been some confusion between me and my friends way back in the day.

    3. Well, I know the mew under the truck rumor originated in Japan, so it must have crossed overseas through the Internet.

  35. You don’t know how much I would like to do an IRL PokeJungle meet-up, so all of us commenters can actually meet each other. Maybe one day…

    1. But we are living around the world… PJ in Tokio, many people in America, myself in Germany … Oo”

    2. We’ve actually sort of arranged one before, but it was last minute so got canceled. That said some of us staff have met before, and will be doing so again.

  36. My first game was Yellow. And I was extremely careful because I thought that pokemons die when they were K.O. ^^

  37. I’m 23, I started with gen 1 red version back in 1998. But unlike genwunners, I actually stayed with pokemon for 15 years and never gave up on it. I think every generation is amazing in it’s own way. But Gen 1 holds a special place in my heart, and I really can’t change that because it’s my very first pokemon game. That said, gen 1 is NOT my favorite generation, gen 3 is my favorite generation (specifically emerald version). I am extremely excited that gamefreak is trying to attract an older audience and trying it’s best to tell the world that pokemon is not for kids, it’s for everyone. I hope they continue to prosper so well that one day pokemon will be loved and known throughout the world as a universal language of communication.

    1. I didn’t know that they were trying to attract an older audience! That makes me really happy! Well put, regidudeam.

    2. Wow, very well said. I am 14 myself, and even though some people may find it odd that I play Pokemon even at my younger age, I have vowed to never let go of it as a passion. No words can pull me away from the attraction of the series, and none ever will. Pokemon should remain indefinite in everybody’s life; it’s easy to pick out the people who give in to peer pressure in this scenario. Long Live Childhood!

      1. I’m curtain that most bandwagon trend chasers dropped out of Pokemon around the end of the second generation, and the rest dropped out before the fourth generation.

        1. That’s a good way to put it; the Pokemon community has lost many people because it was losing its touch to all the “trendy” people who only do things for others. They were never true fans to begin with.

          1. Well to be fair, fourth generation was pretty repetitive, and fifth gen didn’t do much justice. Unless someone is a very hardcore fan, most people would probably drop the series due to boredom. I’ve been hearing a lot of people start to seriously consider picking back up pokemon for sixth gen, because they are doing some innovative, different stuff. I’ve even see someone pick up pokemon for the -first time- for this upcoming generation.

          2. dunno about that, i’m 16 i started with fire red played emerlad later sapphire and pearl/platnuim around 3 years ago ( probably right before heart gold was announced) i quit because i felt i was to old for it, then later last year i found myself watching some walkthoughs and choose to give the new games a chance, i bought black 2 on december 26th and fell in lvoe with it again, no one can hate pokemon they can just stop giving it a chance, i can guarantee if genwunners gave black,white black 2 and white 2 a chance they’d love it

          3. I dropped out but came back and still caught it when I could. Then again, I missed out for lots of reasons and got into it again as soon as I had the opportunity. I’m still a true fan.

      2. I’m 15 and I first found out about Pokemon when I was 3, I have watched and played Pokemon ever since and I hope never to let go of it.

      3. Amen! ^-^ I remember when I was 12, mum told me to take care of my Pokemon cards so I could sell them later. “You might not be into pokemon when you’re 15,” she said.

        I turn 25 this week. Sorry mum, those cards are staying and so is my love of Pokemon! xD

      4. I started playing it when I was 10 and I’m now 23 (only because my parents never got Red or Blue for me before) but I watched since the anime began in the UK. The only generation I never experienced properly was Gen 3 because of personal problems and no money. I love the look of X&Y and I don’t think it’s ruining anything when it comes to the old game. Every game series and TV series evolves with new plots and discoveries within that world, Mega Evolution and other stuff is just adding to it.

    3. My cousin got me into pokemon when I was young. I’m eighteen and started playing with yellow that I got for Christmas. It was okay, but I was young and got frustrated with Brock and having to catch a Nidoran. I purchased Crystal with spare change and weekly dollars I got for chores. I played that for a while. I have it still, but what happened to cause it not to save is a story for later. I remember when I was in Walmart and saw Sapphire in shiny packaging. I gathered everything and bought my favorite generation a week later!

    4. I started on Yellow version, but got the leaf green and chose Bulbasuar. The first generation had the most poison type in my opinion, favorite part was the S.S Anne.

    5. I am like you I started with red and blue and have done each main game since (inclu green import) I really am not a gen specific person I have my faves from each gen such as the starters and my all time fav hounddoom. What I wan it more kinds of Pokémon and I would love a wolf and dolphin.

        1. that is another thing that I would love for them to do come with different types and add more of existing ones such as:(in no order)

          1. yes that too
            I could so love an ice/poison wolf Pokémon that would be fun to use.
            type makes them interesting even if they have several weaknesses it could still be fun to use for someone.
            dark/psychic would be a fun combo

          2. Considering how popular wolves are in Japan (and in general) I’m really surprise they haven’t invented a wolf Pokemon. Poochyena is close, I guess, despite Mightyena being a hyena. Everything else is far too dog-like.

    6. I’m 23 too, turning 24 this month, and started just like you. I remember borrowing my big brother’s Gameboy all the time to play Red. Mom decided to get me my own Gameboy Color (it was the see through purple one) so I could play Silver. I even remember standing in line to get my preordered copy of Yellow at Best Buy.

      Even though I’m older, Pokemon has been a huge part of my childhood. My friends were never into video games so I’d always trade and such with my brother and his friends. Since I’m female, lots of stereotypical people were shocked that I’d love something so ‘boyish’ instead of dolls and stuff. Like I care. Besides, my brother and boyfriend are both huge Pokemon fans too, which makes the games even more fun!

      What’s great is my 9 year old sister is also a huge Pokemon fan. I didn’t even get her into it…some of her friends did. So Pokemon is still going strong even in newer generations. I’ve helped her with understanding a lot about the games, since she missed out on older generations. She’s severely dyslexic, so my brother and I help her through the games…watching her do dumb stuff like level her Typhlosion to 63 at the eighth gym makes me remember my own childhood.

      Pokemon is something I can share with the people I care about, and has been a staple of my childhood. There’s been other stuff, like YuGiOh and other main stream series, but nothing has held its own like Pokemon. Some people have things like Disney, Flintstones, etc as their childhoods…mine is Pokemon. Nothing immature, boyish, or childish about it. It’s what I like and if someone has a problem I’ll just make fun of whatever they like to do.

  38. For anyone who played the first generation back when it was the only generation i would like to know whether there were any indications that Pokémon would become such a huge success ?

    1. I think it was the anime, back then saturday morning cartoons were really popular and internet really wasn’t. It was discussed in school by everyone. Back then you never felt like you had to hide your love of pokemon, because even the teachers knew about it. All of that changed after 4 years when we got older.

      1. … Eh, I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe the first year, but at least where I grew up, a stigma quickly started to form, and being seen playing Pokemon, or talking about it got you branded rather harshly.

        1. Yes it wasn’t for too long, but you have to admit that there was a period, when everyone openly knew about it.

        2. Branded !? you had it tough. In my university pokemon is considered like a weird/cool thing even for the normal ppl

          1. Well, now maybe, no one really cares anymore. Just, at the time, when things had just gotten started, from 4th/5th grade through all of high school, playing Pokemon was seen as prime fodder for bullies.

      2. I used to have a terrible principal who eventually caught wind of the Pokemon craze, and on one one fateful day she made an announcement saying that all Pokemon related items were to be banned. She literally walked up to us, a large group of very little kids, and ripped the rare Pokemon cards out of our hands. At that point, many of the fans dropped out, but a small portion of us did not. I am one of the lone survivors.

          1. Yeah my incident was Elementary School, first grade. It was right around the time Gen 3 came out, so Pokemon was reaching its revolutionary peak.

        1. My principals (most anyway) loved for us kids to play and talk about stuff like Beyblades, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh because it gave personalities and social fun. That just sounds terrible.

      3. well we also went thru the few parents that thought that it was evil.
        I am glad that mine were not that way my mom bought me my first pokemon deck and red,blue and green for xmas. then it went to yellow and all the others I have one copy of each main game and several spinoffs (btw I am 28) I still love the games and always will.

    2. I don’t think they were expecting it to be as big of a success. Personally, that was my everyday life. I collected pokeball keychains, grabbed my cap and Pikachu backpack, my stuffed talking pikachu, and would run around in the field and woods, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall playing pokemon. Thats the only imaginary life I had and I made friends doing it. I miss those days… It only got better with the next gen, Hoenn was when my imaginary games stopped though because of my parents. (My dad is a real dick with some things.) But I grew up with Pokemon being my best friend basically.

    1. Yep. Same team and all with the exception of the pretty much requires Nidoran to beat Brock.

        1. You sir, had one powerful Butterfree! Lol. I tried that but you can say it didn’t work out.

          1. Ooh… True facts. I don’t know how far I leveled up my Pikachu to beat him the first time. I thing I got to 20 and restarted out of frustration.

          2. The only way you could have a problem with him on Red or Blue is if you chose Charmander! I kept restarting so I could pick one of the ones my cousin had! Oh young minds!

  39. I guess today’s Smash is semi-important, because we’ll get to see a small preview of next week’s episode and get an idea of what to expect.

  40. Who else remembers the Pokemon pop-tarts with the Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Pikachu in them? Also the pokemon cereal!?

      1. The cereal was basically lucky charms with deformed pokemon marshmallows. The poptarts were really good though. I only got Charmander though…

        Edit: Just opened those links… MEMORIES ARE COMING BACK!

    1. I do, I am beginning to think that I am one of the old farts on this site LOL
      good to be an oldie though :)!!!

      1. Lol! True story! I was hit with a wave nostalgia of how I felt the days the memories I’ve shared happened! I could cry it seems so long ago the good days happened!

      2. Ah don’t worry about it…I’m sure there are many fans around your age. I think dookieshed on youtube is

        1. Yes. I can’t remember what I got in mine though. I do remember local news stating that they were being recalled locally or something because of a suffocation issue for kids.

        1. No pun intended but Burger king stopped promoting them because kids were choking on the Pokeballs.

          1. lol yeah but I never did, wow parental supervision actually works sometimes. all jokes aside it just is amazing that bad things like that happen to things like this reminds me of the porygon eps and the jinx debacle

  41. anyone have or had any of the pokemon jelly jars? I had meowth at one time but I think I lost it. I will have to look up where I can find them now.

    1. I HAD ONE! The paint came off. I think it had Ash, Pikachu and the other starters. It was grape flavored =3

    2. Oh wow, you’ve just awoken a memory in my mind that has been asleep since my childhood. Wow. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I had a Squirtle and Poliwhirl one, and I used it for a pencil case.

  42. Do you remember the excitement you felt when getting your first Pokemon game? Pepperidge Farm remembers. I got Pokemon Emerald in my Christmas stocking when I was 6, and a couple years later I was driven to my local Target to get Pearl (which I sadly don’t have any more). Those were some good times.

    1. mine was Christmas also I got red/blue and a starter deck. I also got Green imported a month or so later. it was great!

  43. I have another funny story to share. So, back in the days of Emerald, my friend said he found out how to get a shiny Pokemon. I had no idea what he was talking about at the time; he said that if you kept looking around in the grass on a certain route, you would find a shiny Whismur. I told him to find one and show me, and he did. Out of sheer luck, he actually found a shiny Whismur like the unhelpful site said, and we have laughed at this memory forever. And I still have yet to find a shiny Pokemon in my Gen 3 games, of course!

    1. My first shiny in Emerald was a Poochyena, but remember we are traversing back into 1998, where there was only Generation 1, ok? 😉

      1. This thought just popped up into my head, and I wanted to out it in written form before I forgot about it. Sorry! 😛

        1. Leave a sticky somewhere and get back to it. There is a sweet remix of the Abandoned Ship from RSE I want to post here, but I won’t until two weeks from now.

          EDIT: Ignore any spelling mistakes I might do, I’m disoriented when I’m sick. 🙁

    2. My very first shiny in gen 3 after putting in over 300 hours of playtime was Regice….hence my name.

    3. My first legit shiny was the Red Gyarados, but the one that took me by surprise was the shiny Budew I caught in front of the Old Chateau in Diamond. I’m still trying to figure out where it went.

    4. I have a funny story like that, when Diamond & Pearl came out I found a shiny Shinx (I thought Shinx’s were suppose to be yellow, + I had nvr seen/heard of shinies) but I didn’t want to use it because I wanted Pachirisu but I caught it anyways for data, when my friend looked through my pc boxes He freaked out saying I had 2 shinies! (I imported my shiny Beedrill) I had no idea what he was talking about. When he told me about shinies I was so baffled xD

    5. I found my first legit shiny was in Emerald too. … Shiny Rayquaza. Needless to say, I was quite excited about it.

    6. I actually got two shinies one after another on white two, but I have a felling it had to do with the ov. charm

    7. The first shiny I ever seen was Golbat in Ruby verson thought the game had a glitch, later my first caught was a Slakoth in Soul silver and.

    8. My first shiny was a Cleffa in Pearl:) I also got a shiny Whismur in Sapphire and Emerald multiple times, and I eventually got many more shinies including Mawile, Riolu, and Pidove 🙂

    9. I have only caught shinies in emerald for some weird reason! I got a whismur, golbat, sabelye, spheal, and pelliper! never had another one since 😀

  44. PLEASE HELP! In PokeTransfer I imported my Swampert and I couldn’t catch it in time and now it says to connect to import but am I going to be able to catch Swampert again?! He was my first Pokemon in my Gen 3 game and I don’t want to lose him!! D: I SERIOUSLY hope that there is no stupid mini-game involved with X & Y! HELP

          1. If all six Pokémon are not captured within the time limit, the Pokémon not captured will be sent back to the Generation IV game, while those that are caught will be sent to the Black/White/Black 2/White 2 game. Just try again 🙂

    1. If you don’t catch it in time, it just gets sent back to your old game(or rather,it never gets caught). Just play the game again.

  45. To the webmasters/gymleaders: If gen 1 was your first generation, what were your first starters?

  46. Anybody remember the Spinning toys of Pokemon where to drag it across the ground and let it go to watch it spin? I had Jigglypuff.

        1. jigglypuff, mewtwo, Pikachu

          I am sure I got them all eventually but these were the first ones I got

    1. I still have one of those… Whatever came inside it, or the box, no. And, the Pokeball itself is in extremely rough shape. It has no button for instance.

    2. I just have my golden mewtwo card…love it to death though and it’s sitting right by my bed so i know where it is.

  47. for everyone:
    What was your fav town/city in gen 1?
    Mine was cinabar island, since I love fire types and because it was where you went to revive fossils in gen 1. I also liked the mansion

    1. Celadon City. Love the music, but even better “Heh heh heh! This gym is great! It’s full of women!” I love that quote from the old man xD

    2. Lavender Town. The love the haunting atmosphere, and to an extent, it reminds me of my home town, as I grew up right next to a cemetery. Like, next door to one.

    1. Strange as it sounds, I liked it. I was more freaked out by the music in rocket’s hideout underneath the game corner.

      1. I was scared to go to dark and mysterious areas at night by myself because I didn’t know what to expect! Lol.

        1. You know what, this episode sparked my idea of Pokemon Fusion for the games, which was eventually implemented in 5th Gen with Kyurem!

  48. I was just going through my box in Emerald and heard that Claydol’s cry sounds like “Oorotto” XD

      1. I don’t think so; we only saw it in Horde Battles for a couple seconds each, so it was never sent out or returned to a trainer.

  49. I actually have 1 more question (for anybody) Do you guys still watch the Pokemon anime? Do you like the new characters? I mean the Unova series not rewatching the 1st season (but that’s fine too..) I’m one of the few that hope Cilan continues to travel with Ash….

    1. I stopped watching after Hoenn. But I may tune in again just to see how they make Chespin’s personality. I freaking love Chespin.

    2. I lost interest in the anime around the middle of DP, came back for the end, and lost interest VERY quickly again in BW.

    3. I watched bits of the first season (only one tv at the time) when it came out and the Hoenn series every day after school ( I did NOT like Harley and his Cacturne outfit!). If the animated trailers for BW were the anime, I would’ve watched those. I may watch the X and Y if they change up the usual plot and Ash actually evolves his pokemon.

    4. I think Iris and Cilan are leaving. In the promo they become Dragon Champion and an S-class Connoisseur. They float up in the sky and disappear too.

      1. In any anime if the characters float towards the sky and disappear, that definitely means they’re leaving or something.

          1. Yeah. But I mean leave for a while. In other animes they usually die or something. Pokemon usually just gives a character a break in the show or something. I wish Misty would come back for a little while, or at least another travel partner. I’d like to know how Max and May are doing.

          2. Yeah. I saw somewhere online that said like ” What if Charizard returned to broaden the long term relationship between he and Ash to showcase the Mega Evolution at the end of the series?”

          3. He could easily Mega Evolve because of their bond..OR OOR Korrina could battle Ash before/after and give him A Mega Stone!

          4. Is it bad I want Dawn & Cilan back rather then Misty & Brock? Misty’s my favorite character but still I’d like some different characters to come in or come back. I know ppl want them back for Nostaliga but still differents not bad….

  50. Which Pokemon from Generation 1 would you like to see in X & Y? I would absolutely love to see Mew :3 (Off-topic~ Rayquaza would look amazing!! Mine is ready to be imported 😀 I can’t wait to see what it looks like)

      1. That’s one of the many things that defies logic in Pokemon, fish like Goldeen how do they float in the middle of the battlefield and live without air??

      1. We have already seen it in the first trailer! :p I suspect Gyarados will get a Mega Evolution, it has been popping up everywhere..

  51. What regular evolutions would you like to see for Gen 1 Pokemon? It’s unlikely we’ll se anything more than we have, but it’s worth speculating about.

    1. Lapras! I guess a Mega Evolution is fine, too. It seems to be the thing now. Although they are exclusive to Gen 6/Kalos Region (**I THINK**) I believe, so that means we can’t play with them after Gen 6 🙁 So Absol won’t have an evolution in Gen 7.

      1. Well, I guess it’s up to Gamefreak to decide whether they want to keep this as an implemented idea or move onto something new. However, the fact that the Mega Ring and Mega Stone are being referenced to Kalos only, I can see it being region-exclusive.

        1. This is interesting as with transfers you tend to lose the items one the Pokémon. I hope the do away with that in x/y.

          1. I hope the thing they do away with is the “This Pokemon knows an HM. Delete it to transfer.” or whatever it says. That will be annoying for my Pokemon.

          2. I’m dealing with this problem at this very moment in Emerald, my Xatu knows Fly so I won’t be able to transfer.

          3. I think its because of the game limitations. The Rock Climb took the place of a previous HM, and with a code that is still labeled as an HM wouldn’t work out.

          4. Because some of them are actually good. I use surf on my Empoleon because of the accuracy and the power as an example. Why not just make them TMs as well.

          5. I wish they would get rid of Mini-games, taking away items although sometimes necessary, deleting HMs. They could just be used as a normal move like really do we have to get rid of HMs to import >_>

          6. It’s hard to get some of the berries and stuff too. Having to remove them in the transfer would mess up some of my entire strategies.

          7. that is also a thing with m if they had made it poss to find them.
            ie: bering back the underground, berry planting and other such things so that we are not really losing anything as we can go an find it like we did before

          8. I agree with the mini-games they were annoying and just plain stupid. if they want to put main games in give us back the game corner but not with stupid games.

          9. I didn’t catch my Swampert today in the PokeTransfer and I had to choose more Pokemon to be able to get Swampert back >.>

          10. The Mini Games are all but assured to be gone, given we will be moving whole boxes directly to the Poke Bank.

        2. That seems like an awful lot of work for something that will not be used ever again. What making the models, all these items, official art. Especially if it turns out to really popular, that’s a lot of stuff that we will just completely lose. Plus… Based on the new transfer method, it looks like they won’t strip us of our items again, hopefully, and seeing as they have said they’d like to maintain this system for future games, the Pokebank, and… I dunno, it’s too early to say. Is worth noting only Gen IV – V we lost items, we kept them in Gen III to Gen IV. But, it’s not like Shadow Pokemon, kept to their own little spinoff side game, this is a main series game, and they are promoting it heavily. Just seems like if they did away with them after a generation it would be a giant waste of time.

  52. i have a question but its not about the first generation;it’s about the horde battle when they reveald the new pokemon oorotto and i also notice about another horde battle with some of the same kind of pokemon but with a sudowoodo in it and i was wondering do you think that oorotto will have either a pre evolution or will bonsly evolve into oorotto;and dont get upset but i bet oorotto may not be a grass type as you think since sudowoodo is aslo not a grass type it might be a rock/dark type or a rock/ghost type or rock/grass type.

    1. You may be on to something; I can see that being very true. It probably isn’t true, but it could be.

    2. The Sudowoodo family’s Japanese name starts with “uso” (fake). An they are trees of course they are looks like same kind of thing.

    3. Someone pointed out that sudowoodo being in the horde fits its nature of using camouflage to look like a tree. However Sudowoodo evolving into Orotto wouldn’t be that bad, i really want to see new evolutions and preevolutions this generation.

      1. One thing you have to consider is their names. Even in japanese, Sudowoodo’s name essentially means liar or fake, and and maybe tree. Bonsly too has a name based around lies. Orroto, I don’t think anyone has found anything about it to be related to lies. I’m not entirely sure what everyone figured, but it clearly has Rot in it’s name, which may play into it. Not to mention, they are at the same level… For whatever reason, them pairing Sudowoodo with it’s Evolution, at Level 25, in the Wild? That doesn’t seem to fly with me. In some games, Sudowoodo wouldn’t even be able to be evolved by level 25, in BW2, Bonsly doesn’t even learn mimic til level 33.

    4. Treerie took not very effective damage from an electric type attack, so very possibly could be part Grass.

    5. You could’ve asked this question on the other post about the advert with the horde battle in it, in fact, this was raised in said post

  53. I kinda wish the original games would come back on eShop… I would so buy them. Full functionality of the 3DS’ wireless trade, but keep the original story and graphics, etc…

  54. Hey Dae; if you could change one thing about Gen I, what would it be?

    (Other people can answer too. =])

  55. Thought I might as well post it here since its the most recent post… Will there be a Pokemon Smash stream here tonight?

        1. We ~might~ get a tease for next week that reveals something, like silhouettes of the characters like before the BW anime. But I doubt it.

      1. Precisely that’s what I thought. Oh well. I tried to find a stream elsewhere but, I can’t find one.

  56. News from Serebii:

    Apparently the X and Y demos will not be in the US tours until the games release. Serebii is still getting updates.

    1. I’d say Mew, Articuno, and Mewtwo. If I had to pick one…I really couldn’t. They’re all too awesome. I used to LOVE Zapdos though (sorry if I spelled that wrong).

  57. I still remember playing through red i always restarted my game for some reason and i always picked squirtle and named it something like bubble or wotrgun anyways i thought trading was awesome but i could never do it. so when i found an NPC that could trade I did not stop until I found it cought it so i could trade it. but when my gameboy was left in the rain i stopped playing and played my ps2 for a long time. I later got back in to pokemon when i saw the HG and SS commercial at my grand parents house and my love for pokemon only grew there. And to this day, soul silver is my favorite main series pokemon game.

  58. I’m 24 and remember seeing the anime first. My first pokemon game was Gold (Can’t remeber what year i got it) and soon after Silver, Red, blue and yellow followed my collection of games. The first generation has a special place in my heart, but I love all gens. Gen.5 is my favorite pokemon-vise, but not so much game-vise.
    I am so looking forward to XY and i’m sure they will the best games ever.

  59. Hi all Pokemon fans 🙂

    My journey with Pokemon started when I was 9. My first game was Pokemon Red and guess what? I really miss my childhood and Gameboy…

    But Pokemon is still with me 🙂 I’ve played red, blue, gold, ruby, black, white (ruby only a little bit – something around 10-12 hours). In my opinion, the very best generation is Black and White. This games are far more enjoyable than (even) second generation.

    Every day I get up and can’t believe that X and Y are coming. It’s already september.

    Why I love so much Pokemon series? Because they’re more than games. Every generation is like world of joy and amazing adventure.


  60. Hi all Pokemon fans 🙂

    My journey with Pokemon started when I was 9. My first game was Pokemon Red and guess what? I really miss my childhood and Gameboy…

    But Pokemon is still with me 🙂 I’ve played red, blue, gold, ruby, black, white (ruby only a little bit – something around 10-12 hours). In my opinion, the very best generation is Black and White. This games are far more enjoyable than (even) second generation.

    Every day I get up and can’t believe that X and Y are coming. It’s already september.

    Why I love so much Pokemon series? Because they’re more than games. Every generation is like world of joy and amazing adventure.


  61. I’m twelve, and I started Gen 1 when I was five. I heard about Pokemon from a friend in the neighborhood who was my age when Pokemon came out and he showed me his cards. Then he showed me his old GameBoy when he was my age and I was fascinated by Pokemon blue version. The next day I wanted to go by his house again and that was the day I got my very first Pokemon starter. He gave me his GameBoy and Pokemon blue version, and said that which ever starter I choose, that will be my favorite Pokemon forever. Ever since, I’ve loved Charizard and raised him up to level 100. I thought he was the strongest Pokemon ever. Then for my sixth birthday I asked my dad for a GameBoy advanced. He got me one along with Pokemon Emerald, and that was when I lost love for Pokemon. I loved the game and picked Mudkip, but lost Pokemon Emerald. I was sad for about a week and then got over it. I didn’t play Pokemon for two years, and then heard about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I was fascinated. I got it and played it. I finished the entire game, and played with Torterra. That was when I started looking for Emerald again. After looking for three days, I found it, and started playing it again. Ever since that, my love of Pokemon will forever remain. After the reveal of MegaCharizard, I almost peed in my pants, no joke. That is my love of Pokemon.

  62. Hi all Pokemon fans 🙂

    My journey with Pokemon started when I was 9. My first game was Pokemon Red and guess what? I really miss my childhood and Gameboy…

    But Pokemon is still with me 🙂 I’ve played red, blue, gold, ruby, black, white (ruby only a little bit – something around 10-12 hours). In my opinion, the very best generation is Black and White. This games are far more enjoyable than (even) second generation.

    Every day I get up and can’t believe that X and Y are coming. It’s already september.

    Why I love so much Pokemon series? Because they’re more than games. Every generation is like world of joy and amazing adventure.


  63. As an older Pokémon player–I was close to 18 when Red and Blue came out in the US (and remember the Nintendo Power articles about it)–the original games will always have a place in my heart. They were the first games I actually remember buying for myself.

    That said, they aren’t my favorite. Not by a long shot. My favorite is probably Silver, though I really enjoyed Ruby as well. That might change with the release of X and Y, though.

  64. I started Pokemon when it first came out, I’m 21 now. My first game was Blue Version, and my first starter was Bulbasaur. I’m a proud Genwunner, nothing will ever come close to the first generation and how it made me feel and definitely how innovative it was during that time. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug and I overdose without shame. It’s superior to the other gens because it was my first Gen. However that doesn’t mean any of the other generations weren’t good, personally I got bored at gen 4 and also the anime was just declining in relevance and also because I think it was because I was getting older and enjoyed a lot more…thoughtful experience. But regardless of that I still played all gens. I owned Blue, Yellow(PIKA!!!!), Gold, Silver, Crystal(I was girl!!!), Sapphire, Platinum(played 2 yrs late…boring!!!), White(Extremely short)…skipped the Fire/Leaf and BW2 because well I wasn’t interested.

    Each Gen brought something different and new, some were good and others not as lovely. But I remember playing them and reminding myself, “I have no friends that play Pokemon” so it was lonely time of just playing the game and beating it. I didn’t care about catching them all because a lot of them weren’t worth catching.

    But this upcoming gen, has me quite excited for Pokemon again. 3D models, new features, customization…and more that I don’t know about. It sounds like it’s going to be good and I’m excited about it. As long as Post game is good and this can last a year I’m good!

  65. B*tch please, im a 25-near yeard old mexican, ive been playing since Yellow, and I never got tired of it, not even now with BW2. Im so anxious about XY release! I spend lots of time reading Bulbapedia articles haha. Hope this gen kicks ass!

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