Pokémon Bank Update & Mewnium Z Now Live!

The Pokémon Bank update we’ve all been waiting for is finally available in the eShop! This update adds the much anticipated compatibility with Pokémon Sun and Moon in Pokémon Bank, and the ability to send Pokémon from Pokémon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Versions through Poké Transporter. Poké Transporter’s 1.1 patch requires 420 blocks, whereas you have to redownload Pokémon … Read more

First Pokémon Bank Update Details Revealed (GO Support Coming?)

After our article yesterday decrying the lack of news regarding Pokémon Bank’s update to support Pokémon Sun & Moon details have finally started to make their way to the public. We’re not going to take credit for this, but we’re not not taking credit either 😉 The big news is mostly in regards to how Pokémon … Read more

Gen VII Pokémon Bank – What We Know & What It All Means

Pokémon Bank, the massive online storage system and transfer means for Pokémon, is due for a major overhaul by the end of January 2017 – here’s what we’ll get in the update and what it means for Generation VII! As of right now, Pokémon Bank is only compatible with Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. And … Read more

Hidden Abilitiy Regi’s Coming via Pokémon Bank

Users of the 3DS Pokémon storage app Pokémon Bank will be able to transfer special Regirock, Regice and Registeel over to their Generation VI games (X/Y/OR/AS) starting March 4th and ending October 31st! Their hidden abilities are listed below: Regirock: Sturdy Regice: Ice Body Registeel: Light Metal Excited for any of these?! You can see … Read more

Pokémon Bank and Hacked Pokémon

pokejungle’s note: We do NOT condone hacking Pokémon, views expressed in this article are solely those of the writer. Any links to hacking sites or software will be removed in the comments. This article is for discussion about the topic only and is not meant in any way to encourage activities which are contrary to the way … Read more

Pokémon Bank Live in, North America, Europe and Australia

Pokémon Bank has finally gone live in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As of downloading, the version is at 1.1 and will allow players to use the free trial until March 14th, 2014.  The Celebi event for Bank is active as well and will run until September 30th, 2014. There is yet to be any … Read more