Pokémon XY Anime Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon XY anime season has been uploaded by the TV Tokyo YouTube channel. While it doesn’t contain a huge amount of information there are a few details that fans of the anime will be pleased to hear about, including a previously unknown relationship between Ash and a new character, and a redesign of a fan favourite character.

In other news, Pokémon: The Origin has been scheduled for Blu-ray and DVD release on 4 December 2013, it’s likely this is just for Japan, but we will bring further details on an international release if they become available!

Check out the trailer above! Who’s planning to start watching the XY anime once it starts airing? I think I am!

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          1. I also think that Bonnie looking for a girlfriend for Clemont is pretty unnecessary and I can tell that the animation studio is gonna all these Brock type episodes but with Clemont being the one who is doing the rejected or even the same old Brock episode stuff

          2. Since Bonnie is going to be trying to hook her brother up, I can see a lot of sibling bickering going on. I loved it when May and Max would fight, so I’m looking forward to this aspect.

    1. That’d be nice but from the looks of things, the highest evolution of a pokemon gets the mega evolution, so I don’t think pikachu will :c

  1. Well, it seems like Ash is choosing Froakie. Also, Ash knew Serena when he was a kid. ;D

    This is a Theory. Don’t take it as real information: As, you know your character moves into Vaniville Town. So, it might mean that your character came from Kanto. That’s might be the reason why, Serena knew Ash!

    1. And, if your character is from Kanto, it makes sense for the Professor to give you Kanto starters as a reminder of your old home.

  2. Im guessing that ash gets froakie first, and then later on he gets chespin. im guessing that serena will get fennekin.
    gotta say, ash looks much more epic this time around. Maybe this season will be the one that he gets some lol

      1. Clemont is a gym leader, he doesn’t need any new pokemon. plus he is electric type gym leader so Chespin is safe 🙂

  3. It looks awesome. I might watch this series :3 I stopped watching Best Wishes cos I was getting bored of it, but with a lot of characters in the main group should be fun 😀

    And the animation is brilliant!

    1. I stopped watching BW because Iris and Cilan got on my nerves. Iris’ constantly putting down Ash was just wrong and Cilan was okay until he started going off on his food metaphors.

      1. Yeah, I don’t really think the two were fleshed out very well. I don’t even remember why the two were with Ash lol

        So far the guys in X and Y look cool, I’m glad they brought back the Brother Sister element to the group with Bonnie and Clemont, it’ll make it like Advanced a little. And Serena knowing Ash is great 😀

        1. I seriously loved the Max/May dynamic. I get that Max was sort of useless in the grand scheme of things, but I enjoyed him being there. Maybe it’s just because I’m an older sibling and can sympathize with May.

          1. Yeah, I liked it too. And I enjoyed the episodes that were focused on Max, the ones with Ralts etc. And with Bonnie and Clemont they’ll no doubt be episodes focused on just them 😀

            Looking forward to it!

  4. Ah this looks cool! The anime looks pretty nice and I hope it stays like that for the whole season. I hope that Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena all have their own unique backstory and reasons as to why they want to go on an adventure with Ash. While I liked Dento and Iris. I felt that none of them were really given a good personality for the show. and just to be there for as cheerleaders for Ash.
    I definitely want to see these new characters do a lot of stuff for the season!

    So Serena and Ash had a past together? Now that’s super interesting!

  5. Damn they are really stepping up their game.
    This is going to be the best series of Pokémon yet!
    I have a lot of hopes for it!
    Too bad this isn’t being released worldwide.

  6. Damn they are really stepping up their game.
    This is going to be the best series of Pokémon yet!
    I have a lot of hopes for it!
    Too bad this isn’t being released worldwide.

  7. I wonder why he says that his “adventure starts” when on the “Eiffel tower” gym.. First city for those that come from other areas?

  8. the quality of the animation looks like a 1000x better than Best Wishes and it looks like it might even have plot. The fact the female has an outright crush on Ash proves they’re changing the formula and it may prove that he’s older now 😀

  9. I think I’ll actually watch this series, but perhaps in dub because the TCPi dub is so bad :L 4kids dub was actually good back in the day and i think the japanese voice acting will be vastly superior to what flat voice cast they have for the dub

  10. made very minor colour edits, but don’t you think serena looks better with a palette closer to in-game serena? (edit left, official right)

    1. I feel like they reserve red for the main character, such as Red in the manga and games and Ash in the anime. If she wore red, I’d see her as more of a competition to Ash. The pink, however, makes her feel more like a companion with her own goal instead of another gym battler. Dawn had pink as one of her dominant colors, as did Iris. May had red though, but then again, she began with a similar goal to Ash’s and only changed path midway. It’s very slight, but a pretty noticeable difference between the two Serenas.

  11. So I guess its obvious that Ash gets Froakie, and the Eiffel Tower building is confirmed as a gym.

    1. i think it should have maze floors, and there could be 2 gym leaders, with one being the eighth gym, and the other being clemont….

    1. Was really hoping more focus on Team Flare. Though I love the Rockets, maybe they should just join the new teams with each generation. xD

    2. There’s still hope! They might have a few episodes dedicated to themselves, flashbacks, and bring back their old Pokémon. I’m so frustrated that they still couldn’t bring back their old pals in Unova despite the fact that when Season 2 started, LITERALLY every episode had an old gen Pokémon! Why? Because Giovanni told them not too?!

      1. I have always hoped that at some point team rocket would turn good and join ash and actually achieve something, like have them go after the evil teams to try and right their wrongs. I’m bored of always knowing they will fail at being evil 😛

  12. If you look at the poster, you can see just how massive Lumiose City is.

    It’s like 5X the size of Castelia City.

  13. If you watch the trailer again, you’ll notice that the helicopters are actually chasing the Garchomp.

  14. Yay!!! Ash is looking really cool this season!!! I’m glad to see that the real Ash escaped from his kidnappers and got rid of that fake one that was acting like an idiot in BW. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this even more now!! lol

      1. I bet he had to battle that BW impostor. “I had a good reputation till you ruined it in BW!’ – Real Ash “Now pay! Pikachu Thunderbolt!”

  15. Do you guys think Ash will evolve Froakie? He could be so strong he doesn’t need too or be his first cause he seems so strong… Hmm

    1. Squirtle, Totodile, Oshawott, Dawn’s Piplup. Water Starters, or Pokemon in general, tend not to fare well in the anime. Even Ash’s Corphish and Buizel didn’t evolve.

      I’d prefer for Froakie to stay as a Froakie and then have Ash get Chespin and have it evolve all the way.

  16. So excited for this season, I wonder what Serena’s past connection is with Ash. Also I believe Serebii might have confirmed Clemont as the Lumiose City gym leader in his report of the trailer saying that Clemont would not battle Ash at the Lumiose gym because he has no badges.

  17. I have a theory !
    Serebii’s description on serina says “Serena is a Pokémon Trainer who is just starting her journey. However, she has a history with Ash, having been childhood friends in years gone by.” Could she possibly be Blue? The girl from Gen 1? they both have the same physicall attributes and have a similar hat and even same anime pose!!!!

      1. She’s from the Pokemon Adventures manga. Gen 1 had 4 main characters: Red – who Ash was supposed to represent, Green – who Gary represents, there was Blue – who was the female main character and Yellow another female main character.

        Personally, Serena looks closer to Yellow from the manga especially since Red saved Yellow from a Dratini in the manga when they first meet.

          1. I’m making the silly assumption that Ash has actually aged a bit since then and that would mean that Yellow would be older as an older Yellow would look similar to Serena.

          2. on bulbapedia, it saids blue is who gary is based on and green is who the gen 1. female character is based off of

      2. ‘Blue’ is the equivalent of ‘Green’ to international people. Think of the female player from FireRed LeafGreen.

    1. I had the same thought. Similar hats, similar clothing styles (base outfit), and similar hair (just a different color). I knew Serena reminded me of someone. Leaf/Green/Blue is my favorite Female MC and now that I’m looking at Serena in that light, she’s advancing towards the top too.

    2. i can see serena getting fenekin, since she was shown with it, and ash already has froakie and basically has chespin since their personalities are so similar

  18. Possibly if this is where Serena is supposed to start her journey then maybe she was 9 and Ash was 10 meaning now Ash is 11 and she is 10… Possibly

    1. Probably she was the girl from the first intro of the pokemon series, “were pikachu goes under a girl’s skirt”, she probably dyed her hair blonde?!?!

        1. Go to YouTube and watch season 1 opening intro and you will see a girl with a green skirt, and that girl was never mention in the anime or games

          1. Yeah but I’m not sure if they would make her diy her hair so young.. THOUGH diying your hair Is an option in game

      1. What’s with Ash and Kanto girls? Misty and him had some very close moments (both canon and not [like the Christmas CD]). He never really got so close to May and Iris, and while he did bond with Dawn a lot, they were more like best friends than a couple.

  19. I think the collars come from Team Flare trying to either control the Pokémon or force them to Mega Evolve

  20. They are actually going to do some character development? I really like Serena too, so maybe she’ll help me like Ash more…truthfully I kind of like the characters. I might start the Kalos region watching it in Japanese subbed if I can find it.

    Seems Ash chooses Froakie but chances are he gets all of the starters one way or another. Or Serena picks one…hopefully Fennekin.

    Ash falls a lot.

    1. i agree, ash will probs get froakie and chespin. while serena picks fennekin. kinda like D/P where he had 2 starters

  21. Things I’ve taken away from this:
    Serena and Clemont both look much better in the trailer than the official artwork.
    Ash’ll probably get Froakie, but it wasn’t injured in the battle with Garchomp (which takes place at night) because Ash was running during the day with him.
    Serena is probably just starting her journey, but I have no idea why Ash and Clemont would go to Sycamore’s lab unless Ash was asked by Oak to visit and Clemont just tagged along.
    Serena looks like she’ll get Fennekin, but Chespin is always a possibility.
    New Officer Jenny looks more like the old ones, good.
    And that sunset lighting turning into night was just beautiful. I hope the anime keeps it up with the nice designs.

  22. So Ash knew Serena during his childhood. Could she be one of the two mysterious trainers who picked one of the three Kanto starters before Ash got to in the Original Series (the other being Leaf)?

      1. I have high expectations for this new series and hope that Ash will act like he has had experience on his journeys and give her some pointers.

    1. Apparently the player character moves to Vaniville Town in the games so it is possible that Serena used to live in Kanto when her and Ash were children, they became friends, and then she moved away to Kalos to which they lost touch with each other. It makes me wonder though if Ash will remember her or not.

  23. It wouldn’t make sense if Ash knew Serena before and she is starting just now without either he or she being at least 11… it is not like they can pretend all of Ash’s journeys have happened in less than the month they give out Pokémon starters cause they only do it once a year

    1. I think you might be missreading it, she knew Ash when they were really little so about when they were 5. She probably moved to Kalos from Kanto and is just now starting her adventure around the region.

        1. Just because shes just starting out doesn’t necessarily mean shes just turning 10 now. At 10 years old a kid is able to start out their journey, that doesn’t mean every kid has to immediately start their journey at that age.

          1. …………. Im saying IF she is just turning 10.. I said this in my original post that He Or She should be at least 11.. seeing as starters are only given out around 1 time per year and it appears to be hand out time……… Though it is a different time each region it seems, seeing as Ash is still 10 but Unova had given out its Starters when he visited

          2. Oh sorry, after reading it again I began to get what you meant ^^; it would make sense if she became 11 or whatever because there is a rumor that the anime writers made ash a bit older.

          3. That’s ok.. a few things in the anime simply Don’t line up properly and Time definitely being one of them.. so what I am saying could be Completely wrong haha

          4. Not only that but it is also possible that she is a little younger than Ash, only just now turning 10.

  24. Serena had a connection with Ash before the new anime even began, thus revealing more information on Ash’s past? TV Tokyo…you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

  25. Ash looks. . . AMAZING! The animation is exhilarating and I hope to watch the anime when it airs.


  27. Maybe, because Giovanni is gonna appear, we’ll finally get our badass battle between teams in the Anime like we were gonna get with Plasma ?
    If so I can’t wait to see the Flare Scientists fight because they’re so fabulous! And I’d love it if they have their own intro like the Rocket Trio XD

  28. I bet it’s going to be like Naruto with that 2 year time-skip and Sakura thinking how much Naruto has grown in just two years and then -facepalm_ the only that changed was his height and age until the Kakashi battle. I bet it’s like upon discovering that Ash is in Kalos she goes on to find him. That sounds so cute. Childhood friendship. Awww

  29. Alright then, I may actually watch this one. I haven’t watched the anime in a long time (i think I stopped watching a few months after Diamond and Pearl came out). It looks really good so it’ll be nice to watch something other than just the movies.

  30. I’m liking the new design for the older characters as well as the new characters.
    I like this new Officer Jenny a lot better than the Unova one, I don’t know why but I always like it girls with longer hair more than ones with shorter hair. Been that way since I was a kid.

  31. OH MY GOD

  32. I just want to say that new characters is always good since it we get fresh new ideas instead of old ones like misty arguing with ash and brock flirting so i wanna see how this characters come out in the anime 😀

  33. This poor article has only received around 150 comments and has been left in the dust by its sister article about the game. It’s to be expected 😛

    I wonder who will cook for the group. It’s always been left up to Brock (Team Mom) and Cilan (a chef), and I can’t remember what they did in the Orange Islands (I think they ignored food for the most part). I don’t count on Ash cooking, Clemont doesn’t strike me as a chef (but he does invent, so maybe he invents recipes), Bonnie’s quite young, and I feel like lots of girls will complain about gender stereotypes if Serena cooks (despite guys bearing the burden for 15+ years). I have a feeling that Bonnie will be a cooking prodigy, both to give her purpose and to avoid the gender stereotypes (seeing that a little girl chef is much more interesting and unique than just making the oldest female cook).

    1. With how the new anime is presenting Ash, being older and more awesome, I think it be pretty cool if he cooked for once. But this is just wishful thinking.

      1. I could definitely see him trying to cook for at least one episode before they figure out that Bonnnie’s a good chef (or someone else can cook). It’ll probably end up like his other attempts (utterly failed).

        Ash probably won’t be the main cook because so many episodes have focused around what happens with Ash while Brock/Cilan is cooking. Usually he’s training or looking for something. It’d be weird for episodes to halt while Ash boiled some vegetables or for them to always focus on Serena and Clemont while Ash sauteed onions.

  34. Does anyone know what is the best website to watch Pokémon episodes subbed? I know a few, but it takes a month for it to have a subbed episode. I want one that will have it at least a day after it airs please.

  35. So in a recent scan about the X/Y Anime it confirms:
    -Jessie’s Wobbufett returns
    -Clemont also has a Bunnelby,and will battle Ash.
    -Ash receives the Pokedex from the female professor.
    -Mega Blaziken saves Ash from falling off the tower at night.

  36. I surely hope Ash isn’t gonna be a brand new acting moron this time. I just wish they do a better job did any of his pokemon really evolve? Whatever he was doing in diamond and pearl he should have stuck with it. Iris don’t need to ever come back. I truly wish they actually try to do a better job at the pokemon league. I never seen Unova league cause I stopped watching after venipede stampede, but from what I read in blogs, comments and forums it was a natural disaster and was rushed. All I really know is Axew wasted a episode and Ash lost to a retard who brung 5 pokemon to a 6 on 6. One of my friends said Mr.Goodshow didn’t show and on top of that Moltres didn’t bless the league with it’s flame all I can say is BAD OMEN.

  37. I hated the fact the b/w ruined the anime for me…. it was way to happy like all the time and rarely any dark episode( Remeber when ash got taken over) I just feel like that B/W also took the charm away from Team rocket ( No wobbefeut or mime jr) but i think it good to say x/y will go back to its roots and let me say something else james usally had a good amount of pokemon caught but only caught 2 in his journey through Unova but were caught so far apart and we never saw him battle. Same goes for jessie. And losing there trademark pokemon that made them intersiting took all it away so i think this a good idea to bring back the old pokemon we grew to love

  38. I’ve been watching the anime almost constantly since Pokemon Advanced aired here in England so yes, I will be watching XY avidly. I love Bonnie and Serena already. Not sure about Clemont yet. Btw, just some info my sister showed me today… Serena has a Fletchling.

  39. For those of you were wondering about the cooking, I thought of a theory: Clemont might cook with his gadgets. Yes after all we’ve got an inventor, so I can see him cooking with his robotic arms. I think Clemont is going through his “girl” stage where he wanted girls. So I’m saying Bonnie might have seen a girl on Clemont’s computer screen or something. He might be a little fatherly (I think he takes care of Bonnie because there’s no parental figures at home). So he has to take care of her I guess.

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