Dae asks: Will you buy the New 3DS?

Sorry that I didn’t upload my Ice Bucket Challenge video last night. Seeing as I still had to edit it and upload it to Youtube, I didn’t have the time yesterday. But it will likely come today! In the meantime, we’ll do this Dae asks so there’s at least some sense of activity. It’s the … Read more

Dae asks: Acro Vs. Mach

I’m back! Finals finally ended, and I have three full months to recover and start to work again on some of my projects. Keep an eye out for a PJM re-reveal very soon, I haven’t dropped it and it will come back better than ever! Today’s question is more in line with the previous question … Read more

Dae asks: Aqua Or Magma

It’s Generation III appreciation week! I had some cool ideas to for this Dae asks, but apparently I already did them all. That’s what you get when the series is long-running. So therefore we will do something different today. Are you for Team AQUA or Team MAGMA? Shout your preference in the comments, and don’t … Read more

Dae asks: When will Bank launch?

Time for something different! While Pokémon Bank already came back to Japan, there’s still no word on an international release. So, this time you can place your bets on when it will actually be released. Just comment on this page with a time and date and poke me when your dates turns out to be … Read more

Dae asks: Banked

While we wait for Pokémon Bank, let’s all do something useful before we die of boredom. The more we discuss it, the less they can ignore it, right? Right? So today’s question is: what special Pokémon have you waiting on your older games to be transferred over? Are they mostly BW(2) Pokémon or does anyone … Read more

Dae asks: How connected are you?

News is crawling by slower than a three-toed sloth. I guess you can’t really promote new games when you still want to sell the old ones :). Bring on the spin-offs in January, please. Anyway, today’s about a major feature of Pokémon: connectivity. Even more than 15 years ago, Pokémon was designed to bring people … Read more