Dae asks: Acro Vs. Mach

acro-or-mach-bikeI’m back! Finals finally ended, and I have three full months to recover and start to work again on some of my projects. Keep an eye out for a PJM re-reveal very soon, I haven’t dropped it and it will come back better than ever!

Today’s question is more in line with the previous question of Aqua vs. Magma and seeing as Hoenn actually got confurmed, it has all the more reason to exist. So, Acro bike or Mach bike. What was your favourite bike in RSE? And which mechanic did you like the most, cycling up slopes or jumping on rails? Did you prefer speed or would you rather perform acrobatics? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also vote in the poll to the right –>

Know that I will be patrolling the comments more, so watch your steps. I’m trying to find a good and fast way of contacting me should a problem pops up, to mitigate all the outbursts happening. I also have a new idea for an article series, which will most likely be my next article :).

Enjoy the commenting side of life!