Dae asks: How connected are you?

News is crawling by slower than a three-toed sloth. I guess you can’t really promote new games when you still want to sell the old ones :). Bring on the spin-offs in January, please.

Anyway, today’s about a major feature of Pokémon: connectivity. Even more than 15 years ago, Pokémon was designed to bring people together to let them trade and battle. Nowadays, with the internet having gained solid ground, staying connected is easier than ever. With the PSS in Pokémon XY, battling is as simple as pushing one button. This leads me to my question: how connected are you? How many friends have you got in your friends list. How many times do you battle and trade everyday? Do you talk a lot about your battles with your friends in online chat, or even at the playground? And who’s considered the best local battler of his friend group/family?

It’s hard to make up news, and we don’t have coverage that is coming to a close that actually gets delayed and trickled to pretend there’s still news, so if you have any ideas, hit us up in the comments. Maybe I should try to write my own Pokéology, seeing as we have no clue what Mechanos is up to. You can comment in the meantime below this article, but everyone who spams too much will be put on the ‘spamlist of shame’ for everyone to see. Happy commenting!



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