Dae asks: Favorite Trainer Class

Another day, another Dae asks. Most of you will know the deal: I ask, you answer. The only difference is that this question is 20% cooler than all the others. Here it comes! What’s your favorite trainer class? In other words, if you lived in the Pokémon World, what trainer would you be? An Ace … Read more

Dae asks: Favorite Town/City [UPD]

Welcome to a new Dae asks! The news has been really slow past days, so that makes a perfect time to ask questions. Today’s question is a one about the looks and feels of the games. Which town or city in the games is the coolest, the prettiest, the awesomest or just has the best … Read more

Dae asks: Most favorite Pokémon name

It’s been a long while since I did a proper post, mostly because Paul has been doing lightning fast updates, so kudos to him! Anyway, my question for today is a bit unusual, because many people need to think deeply to answer it. Here it comes: What is your coolest, prettiest, weirdest or just most … Read more

Dae asks: Super Pokémon Scramble opinions

Normally, I’d have done a news article about the new Super Pokémon Scramble details. Upon reading them,  I thought they weren’t that interesting. In fact,I thought  they were boring. So I’m doing an article where I give my opinions on the game, and then you can give yours. First, it’s true that there are new … Read more

Dae asks: Most favorite generation

Yesterday’s article has seen some great succes, and because I don’t expect any news in the coming two weeks, I’m trying to feed you guys some subjects for discussion. I can’t promise this new mini-series will stick, but if enough people comment, I can arrange something with the rest of the team. So, here comes … Read more