Dae asks: Most favorite Pokémon name

It’s been a long while since I did a proper post, mostly because Paul has been doing lightning fast updates, so kudos to him! Anyway, my question for today is a bit unusual, because many people need to think deeply to answer it. Here it comes:

What is your coolest, prettiest, weirdest or just most favorite name of all Pokémon in existence? Don’t go shouting names just because you think the Pokémon in question is cool, because that’s not what I ask. What I do ask, is why you chose it. Was it for its nice ring, for the utter strangeness, or for the association with the Pokémon?

It’s a tough question, but when you know the answer, you can tell us about in the comments!

  1. Zweilous. Definitely my favorite new name, I think I’ve named three not-Hydreigon-related Pokemon that.
    For the actual reason, the name itself has letter combinations that aren’t typically English, like “ZW”, so the sound is both appealing to say, and the way it looks aesthetically is quite cool as well. It isn’t too hard to pronounce from one look at the spelling (Arceus, we’re lookin at you). Yeah, it’s german for two, but it’s not the aspect of that that makes this name appealing, but rather the foreign “sound” as it rolls of the tongue.

  2. It’s a toss up between Infernape and Tirtouga for me

    The name Infernape holds a place in my heart as i specualted correctly before the release of Gen IV. I love the word Inferno as it sounds powerful and then to combine that with my favourite animal Genus? Ape was amazing

    Tirtouga because of how simpe but yet subtle it is. Taking the spanish name for turtle Tortouga which the island is named after and to alter it slightly to make it sound similar to it’s Englis counterpart turtle (while also using a different vowel)

  3. Treecko. While simple, the name looks interesing and, while you can easily see it’s basis, it still sounds like one word.

  4. I would say Palkia. not boy. not girl. one of the most powerful pokemon. he has strong written all over him. he’s been my all time buddy

  5. It’s toss up between Gardevoir and Zoroark for me. Gardevoir you wouldn’t expect to be a psychic type by the name alone and its really unique. Whereas Zoroark is so unique sounding and looking that it makes you want to have it on your team and it lets you know it is a BA Pokemon without even having to look at it at all!

  6. My favorite pokemon is haxorus cuz it’s a beast on wifi battles and cuz it look like a dinosaur that can kick some butt

  7. for me,its palpitoad. the name says it all. its a awesome toad,which i like,and its also your pal,and pals are good. i also like the name stunfisk.it stuns your butt,and fisk sounds so cool when its said.


  8. I say Kyogre. Its name isnt easy to relate to it, as opposed to Groudon. It’s also a great pokemon. Its also the one name I have the most trouble saying (I said it like Kyo-ger).

  9. Either Infernape coz it sounds sooo powerful, Emboar coz it sounds funny or Kyogre as it is the ‘sea monster!’

  10. Ursaring, Masquerain, Exploud, Absol, Vespiquen, Magmortar, Heatmor, Volcarona

    And I choose Absol; Absent Sun

    1. I think absol comes from absolute, basically because it can predict events that were absolutely going to happen. thats my guess.

  11. Clamperl is the greatest Pokémon name of all time. It is the most successful triple pun in all of Pokémon. It seamlessly combines three words that all apply to the Pokémon itself (Clam, Clamp, and Pearl) in a way that flows and isn’t awkward to say like Zebstrika or Sawsbuck.

  12. “galvantula” just oozes a feeling of utility and coolness. “durant” works nicely too. durable ant. i love how it also ties in nicely with heatmor in concept, but that’s really not name-related. and durant durant would be a great band name. hmm…

    1. Sure, if you want to get sued to death over copyrig,hts.

      Honestly, I’ve always like the name Lanturn. Maybe because it sounds like something completely different.

  13. Milotic is the first that came to mind. In sophomore year of high school, I took the Marine Biology elective. On the first hand out she gave us, a web map of this unit’s lessons, vocabulary, ect, was the words Lentic Unit – Still Water, and Lotic Unit – Flowing Water. As I read ‘Lotic’, my mind immediately jumped to ‘Milotic’, one of my favorite Pokemon. that made my day so much better, seeing as it was the first day of second semester.
    Names I also like:
    Torterra – sounds powerful, especially if you roar the word.
    Dialga – simply rolls of the back of your tongue, which I love the feel of.
    Sceptile – sounds very sly and dangerous.
    Hydreigon – I love the feel of saying ‘drei’ followed by the hard ‘g’.
    There are plenty more, but I have to go.

  14. I love the name Trubbish. Perfect combination of trash/trouble/rubish. lol
    I also like the Nidoran line. I wish they did more pokemon like that.

  15. Blaziken i mean Blaze and Chiken 😀
    and Steelix say it slooooowwwww and tell me it dont give u a boner

  16. Wooper & Quagsire! 😀 Its just the unusual but adorkable names!
    Chikorita because it looks complicated but it rolls nicely. Plus its cry is epic! ^3^

    I have tons more but i dont have much time to type. xP

  17. I think the coolest names came out in 5th gen
    Jellicent – Really fun to say and has a nice ring to it
    Cubchoo – It just screams awesome
    Zoroark – Had no idea how to pronounce it until the anime and it sounds so awesome

  18. One which jumps to mind for me would be Rapidash because of the obvious combination of Rapid and Dash, the words also merge nicely and roll off the tongue when said together.

    I don’t really have a single favourite name of a pokémon, out of all 649 existing, but I do have quite a few favourites.

  19. Best names:
    Sazandra (Hydreigon Japanese name)

    Worst names:

  20. I would like – Sawsbuck;Starbucks…..gimme a couple of coffeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  21. The name that comes to my mind is Xatu.

    Xatu is a rather simple-sounding name for a final evolution, but it holds a degree of mystery and uniqueness that complements the Pokemon well in appearance and abilities. It’s the only English name that starts with the letter X and the origin behind is very obscure and hard to pinpoint without looking it up online.

  22. I’ve always loved Typhlosion’s name. The first part of it comes from soemthing you’d not expect a Fire-type’s name to come from (that being “typhoon”), and the name just seems to roll off the tongue. It almost sounds… elegant, in a way. <3

    I also like Quagsire's, Xatu's, Ursaring's, literally ALL of the Treecko line's, Blaziken's, Shedinja's, Cacturne's, Altaria's, Chimecho's, Gorebyss's, Kyogre's, Escavalier's, Chandelure's, and the entire Deino line's names. xP

  23. Farfetch’d. Sure, it doesn’t sound that great, but it’s a wonderful nod to the origins of the Pokemon.

    Also: Chandelure and Herdier

    1. It reminds me of turtles hatching on the beach in Costa Rica 🙂 And it flows nicely off the tongue.

  24. My favorite is not even an English name. It’s the French name for Ambipom (which is a so-so name), it’s Capidextre. From capuchin monkey, and dexterous.

  25. It IS a hard question…
    I’d have to say I like Kyogre a lot, and I’m also of fan of the names Eelektross (just sounds cool, I blame the ‘k’), Gothita (suits the line well), and a whole load of others that I simply can’t think of right now. 😀

    I think my absolute least favorite name is Crustle. It reminds me of a crusty bristle, not a crustacean castle, and it’s just… gross when it’s the former.

  26. I guess if I had to travel a region for a vast amount of time and have have to always say the pokes name when releasing them, then my team would have to consist of Gardevoir, Vespiquen, Misdreavus, Galvantula, Masquerain, and Teddiursa. I can’t get tired of saying their names and I don’t think anyone else can come up with better suited names than what they already have.
    And, the award for most ridiculous name goes to….Roggenrola (lol) I get that it’s a play on word on Rock n Roller but it’s just best suited for Geodude. Don’t forget the fact that it’s just a terrible name period.

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