Dae asks: Favorite Town/City [UPD]

Welcome to a new Dae asks! The news has been really slow past days, so that makes a perfect time to ask questions.

Today’s question is a one about the looks and feels of the games. Which town or city in the games is the coolest, the prettiest, the awesomest or just has the best atmosphere. And don’t only look at the most recent games, try to imagine how it will look like on the 3DS.

Ready? Set. Go commenting!

Ozy’s note: Wouldn’t exactly call this an update, but I found some stuff on the internet that you guys might enjoy: Rustboro City, Slateport City, Lilycove City, Petalburg City

  1. oldale town

    (I’m sorry)

  2. I think that the best city/town that would look good on the 3DS would either be Lavender town (as they could add a mist on the ground which would make it look scary but pretty)
    Ecruteak as it could have the leaves blowing past and the towers + sunset (& if you’re lucky, Ho-oh)

  3. Ecruteak has to e my favorite, especially in HeartGold/SoulSilver.

    I can imagine Saffron, Goldenrod, Rustboro, and Lilycove to have a similar and robust atmosphere in 3D graphics that Castelia has in BW.

  4. Not a big fan of the huge urban cities tbh

    My favourite is Mossdeep city because it just looks cool as it’s on water and you have to surf to some parts of it

  5. My personal favorite city would probably be Lilycove for the music, but something tells me Sunnyshore would look really cool in 3D, along with Fortree and on an unrelated note, the route with the ashes falling on it whose number I forget.
    Heck, any weather would look fantastic in 3D.

  6. Id have to go with each from a region. xP

    Kanto- Celadon (The tall buildings & the Game Corner in real casino style!), Lavender (An Eerie atmosphere), Saffron (Tall buildings & Silph Co.), & Fuschia (A zoo! ^-^)

    Johto- Violet (Sprout Tower), Goldenrod (Nuff Said. ^-^), Ecruteak (Pretty but eerie)

    Hoenn- Rustboro (The Stone Corp.), Slateport (The Shops & Boat theme), Lavaridge (The Springs & Lava!), Fortree (Nuff said ^-^), Lilycove (Supercenter!!!), Mossdeep (Space Center!), Sootopolis (The hilly effect & all the houses would look nice)

    Sinnoh- Jubilife (The TV tower & the bustling stuff), Hearthome (Just a big city), Snowpoint (Its beautifullll!), Sunyshore (Nuff said ^-^)

    Those are all my cities Id like to see but my favorite city over is…FORTREE!!!

  7. I’d have say fortree in hoenn it was awesome then and I’d love to see what they could do with it on the 3DS.

  8. I have to say that Fortree City would be the coolest town to see with 3DS graphics. But the town with the best atmosphere is Undella Town when it isn’t summer. It’s so quiet and peaceful!

  9. Not exactly being a hipster here, but Fortree City is and forever will be (probably) my favorite city. The fact that it’s not just like every other city or town where it’s “here’s some land, and oh look here’s the Pokemon Center, a few random houses etc. etc.” but the city itself is in the trees and you have to walk on bridges to get everywhere is simply amazing. Not to mention how HOT, and I mean SMOKIN’HOT (Yes. Fortree now made it acceptable to describe a city as SMOKIN’ HOT), it would look in 3D. I’m getting all giddy just thinking about it. I remember that in the RSE days, when I beat the game, no matter where I was, when I needed to heal my Pokemon, I’d always fly to Fortree.
    Like most people said, I generally find the cities and towns in Hoenn to be the most unique and memorable.

    And on a different subject; OMG. Secrect Bases in 3D ASDFJKL;

  10. i’d have to go with village bridge, white forest, black city, fortree city, castelia city, jubilife city, lavender town, ecruteak city, sootopolis city, mossdeep city, and…. the original emerald-style battle frontier!
    i don’t care if they’re on 3ds, but i sure hope not. for pokemon, it’d just be a gimmick and add no real value to the game, as we can tell from all the hype about super rumble blast (there isn’t any). also it’ll drive up the price and some people just won’t be able to afford or even WANT a 3ds.
    one more thing…

    1. Well, when I said 3DS, I didn’t necessarily mean stereoscopic 3D, just improved graphics power. But, I bet the next games will be on the 3DS. It would be a stupid move for Nintendo if they didn’t. If there are people who don’t want a 3DS, they get a reason to do.

      1. NOOOO not you too! They started this generation the DS, it’d be INSANE for them to switch it to the 3DS! It’d be like releasing Emerald on the DS… it wouldn’t make sense..

        1. No, it would not. I think they will continue with 3DS. Because every generation have a new console.

          Gen 1-Game Boy
          Gen 2-Started with Game Boy, contunued with Game Boy Color
          Gen 3-Game Boy Advanced
          Gen 4-Nintendo DS
          Gen 5-Started with Nintendo DS,probably contunued with Nintendo 3DS

        2. Just because you don’t have a 3DS or don’t want doesn’t means iit isn’t allowed to get good games. In fact, releasing a main Pokémon on the 3DS will boosts sales ENORMOUS.

  11. Kanto – Lavender Town (for the music)
    Johto – Ecruteak City
    Hoenn – Lilycove City (Fortree is a close second)
    Sinnoh – Snowpoint City
    Unova – Nimbasa City

    Overall….tough. I guess I would say Ecruteak City.

  12. This is actually a toughie for me…I haven’t really thought about it..but Village Bridge has to be my top favorite, I just love how they incorporate all the music musical elements giving the little town such life, with a rustic feeling. But also thinking from the aspect of the new enhancements, Fortree would be a 2nd. The idea of Fortree city when I first wandered in there was amazing, and seeing it now with the enhancements would be a breathtaking feat.

    1. I second this if they were to remake the R/S/E games I’d love to see Fortree with the same camera angles of castelia city
      imagining the character going across the suspended wooden bridges high up In in the verdant trees would indeed be breathtaking

  13. it will be great to see all of hoenn in the new unova style! i still hope they keep the original battle frontier. i haven’t really enjoyed the new ones. am i alone on this? i’ve never heard anybody else say they enjoyed the pyramid, dome, pike, arena, or palace. maybe a 3v3 one could be introduced…?

  14. I’m basically just in love with Hoenn as a whole, because it seems so tropical and amazing and beautiful. If I had to pick one city, I would have to go with Lillycove. I’ve always kind of imagined it would be a lot like Seattle or one of the beach cities in Oregon, like Tilamook, if it were a real city. I would just love to live there. Plus – it has contests, and, let’s be honest, if I lived in the Pokemon World I would be a coordinator. lol

  15. I like the melancholic feel (and music of) Vermillion City in Kanto, though none of the cities there are very memorable (even though I love Kanto)
    Ecruteak city in Johto with it’s fantastic mystic feel (and music).
    Fortree and Sootopolis City for adventurous tropical feel (Fortree) and awesome ass epic cutscene in emerald (Sootopolis)
    Sinnoh, idk, i don’t remember the names, but I liked the city with the snow (i dig seasonal stuff anyway, but black/ white let me down with the seasons. I expected the changes to be more marking.)
    Unova, Castelia is definitely the most impressing, but I also like the city where everybody is outside at day and inside at night, though it doesn’t play a role in the plot (YETTT!).

  16. Is it me or does daedardus come off as rude( probally a better choice of a word would be snippy) which really is offsetting for a poster?
    ANYWAYS, I would love to see Pallet Town in 5th gen 3D, just to see how far we have come.

    1. Probably just as rude as you now are. That means, I have no intention to hurt someone’s feeling, but I’m not the person that’s afraid of saying things that need to be said.
      And about the post you are refering, if you have some knowledge of doing business, you know it’s true. Some things can look rude on first thought, but that was never my intention. That guy may be a cool person to hang out with, I don’t know for sure, so I have no hard feelings towards him.

      1. Here we go with the snippy attitude, I do not mean to hurt your feelings but you are my least favorite poster on this website. I guess I just prefer people with less stern attitudes like Paul and ozy.

        1. Oh internet, y u so bad bringing over feelings.
          And you did hurt my feelings.
          I think you don’t know ozy and Paul well enough. Never look on their facebook wall, you will be shocked. xD

          1. That you’re a nice guy here and in pm, but I once went to your wall amd it seemed you were bossy :p
            Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because most of it is sarcasm, but it is an example that people somethimes act differently for other purposes. :p

  17. For Johto, I pick Ecruteak City for its historical feel and tranquil atmosphere. It’s probably the chillest city in Johto, apart from the hometown.

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