Pokemon Gray is Official? I Think Not.

It seems that the domain, pokemongray.com, has officially been registered! (And apparently it’s been since back in September of 2010, which is when Black and White were first released in Japan.) When you visit the site you are directed to a place holder page that is being managed by the Melbourne IT DBS Company.  As some of you may or may not know, they manage Nintendo websites, and inturn Pokemon ones as well. For example the official Pokemon Black and White site is managed by Melbourne. What’s most interesting is the statement on pokemongray.com:

“This Internet address is being managed by Melbourne IT DBS for one of the world’s top brands. At the present time there is no active Web Site for the address. It may be under construction, or the owner may have reserved the address for future needs.”

“One of the worlds top brands?” Sounds like Pokemon and Nintendo to me! For those of you who don’t know, Nintendo has a tendancy of registering domains to protect any of their products or to save it for a future game. Interestingly enough, there are other sites that Nintendo has registered but have never actually used. Such as pokemontopaz.com, pokemonamethyst.com, and pokemonopal.com. So does this confirm that Nintendo owns the name? Pretty much. Does it confirm that ‘Gray’ will be the newest title to feature the Unova region? Not exactly. As I said before, Nintendo have, and always will pre-register names just in case. So expect the unexpected when it comes to the game name. I remember how shocked a lot of people were when they heard ‘Pokemon Platinum’. But if the game does end up being called Pokemon Gray, then no surprise there. I mean, everyone went “Third game will be Pokemon Grey/Gray!” the moment Pokemon Black and White were announced. :p

So do you like the title of Pokemon Gray? What are some things you want/are looking forward to in Pokemon Gray? Comment down below!

peace – ozymandis

P.S. I find it weird that they spelled Gray like g-r-a-y, I think g-r-E-y looks…..better? Idda know. :l