Pokemon Gray is Official? I Think Not.

It seems that the domain, pokemongray.com, has officially been registered! (And apparently it’s been since back in September of 2010, which is when Black and White were first released in Japan.) When you visit the site you are directed to a place holder page that is being managed by the Melbourne IT DBS Company.  As some of you may or may not know, they manage Nintendo websites, and inturn Pokemon ones as well. For example the official Pokemon Black and White site is managed by Melbourne. What’s most interesting is the statement on pokemongray.com:

“This Internet address is being managed by Melbourne IT DBS for one of the world’s top brands. At the present time there is no active Web Site for the address. It may be under construction, or the owner may have reserved the address for future needs.”

“One of the worlds top brands?” Sounds like Pokemon and Nintendo to me! For those of you who don’t know, Nintendo has a tendancy of registering domains to protect any of their products or to save it for a future game. Interestingly enough, there are other sites that Nintendo has registered but have never actually used. Such as pokemontopaz.com, pokemonamethyst.com, and pokemonopal.com. So does this confirm that Nintendo owns the name? Pretty much. Does it confirm that ‘Gray’ will be the newest title to feature the Unova region? Not exactly. As I said before, Nintendo have, and always will pre-register names just in case. So expect the unexpected when it comes to the game name. I remember how shocked a lot of people were when they heard ‘Pokemon Platinum’. But if the game does end up being called Pokemon Gray, then no surprise there. I mean, everyone went “Third game will be Pokemon Grey/Gray!” the moment Pokemon Black and White were announced. :p

So do you like the title of Pokemon Gray? What are some things you want/are looking forward to in Pokemon Gray? Comment down below!

peace – ozymandis

P.S. I find it weird that they spelled Gray like g-r-a-y, I think g-r-E-y looks…..better? Idda know. :l


  1. Well, this is certainly interesting. It’s no big shocker, though. We all expected a third title for the fifth generation, and a mixture of black and white is grey. Since Kyurem is both grey and sky blue, they could go with either, but grey is more fitting.

  2. So basically this means nothing more than a little less than random speculation. The first paragraph caught my attention, but the second one whipped the smile from my face

  3. As for things I want in the 3rd version:
    Pokethlon and Contests in Nimbasa City.
    More to do post game.

  4. at first i thought the game had been revealed lol. but the things i would like for this game to have is a longer story and pokemon following you. if i get those two things i will be very happy

  5. NO They should NEVER change Eelektross’ animation. It’s amazing.
    Whenever I face one I always refrain from killing immeaditly it just so I can see it dance atleast twice.

    1. but it kills its epicness 🙁 i think animation in pokedex3D is better, because it’s a lamprey/eel not a street dancer.

  6. I hope for a 3DS game. I hope for new forms, but it probablly won’t happen. I loved when the Pokemon follow you like in Yellow, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver. Rebattles with Gym Leaders. Oh and a Pokemon Frontier, one like Emerald. Is that too much to ask?

  7. http://pokemoncrimson.com/

    Gray, Brown, Crimson, … I’ve heard they registered a whole bunch of those names a while ago. I don’t think it necessarily means anything, other that they’re staying prepared.

    Although it is interesting to note that the Topaz, Amethyst, and Opal sites redirect to Nintendo.com.

  8. So anyway, speculation.
    I HOPE that if they don’t make it a 3DS exclusive (which i would like to see) , they at least make bump up the resolution and put 3D in if you play it on a 3ds. Since everything is sprite-based, that’d be a ton of work, actually. The weather will take advantage of the 3D a lot.
    Pokemon following you. I thought that was already a given for B/W -.- and this time, please make the sprites following you proportional.
    Battle Frontier, access to that tower, the other legendaries etc.
    Extra plot
    Some new environment content. Like the weird-ass world where you caught giratina in PLatinum. That was awesome.
    Obvious new form for Kyurem that was hinted at several times.
    new battle sprites/ animations depending on wether it’s a 3DS exclusive or not. After all, 3D animations with antialiasing only for the Pokedex 3D app? I think not.
    yea the usual checklist.
    oh oh oh AND. BETTER SEASON CHANGES. so that, you know, if makes an actual DIFFERENCE wether it’s summer or winter.

  9. First thing I saw was the title and the boxart.

    I was slightly disappointed to read that it was anything other than an announcement that Grey Version had been officially announced.

  10. The main thing I want to see in a potential Pokémon Gray is NOT DISGUSTING BACKSPRITES! I can’t stand that they’re all pixellated in Black/White it feels like the sophistication of the graphics has gone backwards.

  11. No ozy, they’ve registered tonnes of names before including Pokémon Brown, Amethyst, WhiteGold, Tourmaline etc.

    This is NOT official

  12. Pfft. I thought this post was announcing a new game. 😛

    I dunno. “Gray” seems so… gray. My hope since the first announcement of BW has been for Opal to be the next game. Opals come in white and black varieties (Google it! They’re pretty!) which I think would be a neat connection to the first two games. And “Opal” sounds so much more classy than “Gray.” And they’re pretty~ :3

    1. Um, it’s not official yet and not everyone thought that. If they choose Grey/Gray because it’s black and white mixed, why wasn’t Emerald called Amethyst instead? Ruby is red and Sapphire is blue and those two make Purlple (Amethyst). So it might not be grey. I’d like it they went with a sky themed in name instead, because of the things having to do with sky and clouds in the games.

  13. Good news for sure. I’d be awfully surprised if they did use Gray though. I get the feeling that GameFreak loves to surprise people with their game titles, so I think we’ll see something other than Gray, yet similar in some way.

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  15. I agree with the above for the “what I want in a game”, but does it occur to anyone that they might do what they did with Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue, have one version on each handheld, but have it Grey for one and Gray for the other. Just a thought…

  16. I heard someone once mention in japan there is a connection between crimson and b/w?
    It probably will be gray though because the games theme is the “there is no real black amd white” in people

  17. in the new generation pokemon they need to make a whole new style…. make it first person….. walk into real life looking gras and randomly come upon wild pokemon. make the elite four a little more challenging and make it so that its not so easy to make it to the end of the game. if nintendo listened and supplied the needs of the consumers they would have more sales if they took in advice. make it more age appropriate for all ages and appeal to a wider audience than just 5-13

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