Dae asks: Most favorite generation

Yesterday’s article has seen some great succes, and because I don’t expect any news in the coming two weeks, I’m trying to feed you guys some subjects for discussion. I can’t promise this new mini-series will stick, but if enough people comment, I can arrange something with the rest of the team.

So, here comes my question: What is your most favorite generation of all time? Yesterday you said which generation was your first, so maybe it’s that one? Or another, be it for their Pokémon designs, new gameplay features, music, competitive metagame,…

Discussion starts…….. now!!!

  1. Easy, first and second and if I really need to choose I will choose the second gen. Just because by then I really understood what pokemon was all about 🙂

    BTW: I started with Blue 😀

  2. whooa, that’s a very hard question, xD! i don’t know what to say, i really like all the generations, but…. if i have to choose one as my favourite… it would be the third generation, i was so fascinated with the pokemon designs: blaziken, sceptile, myghtiena, exploud, manectric, sharpedo, torkoal… they are so cool!
    and the legendary trio: groudon, kyogre and rayquaza, the three nature kings (i just created this nickname), they are very cool and sometime i imagine the draws of their bodies as tatoos!

  3. hmm hard to say.

    Gen 1 and 2 are the base of pokemon IMO.
    Gen 3 was amazing. it was new and different. but cool
    Gen 4 was IMO new and a upgrade for the older gens
    Gen 5 Is the same as gen 3 new, great, and stands alone.

    so its hard to choose.. but ill think i will go for gen 3. a lot of my favorite pokemon were introduced in this generation. like Swampert, Aggron, Metagross, Armaldo and Dusclops ( and dusknoir a upgrate from the 4th gen ). also the idea of a dessert and kind of jungle was great.

    so i pick the 3e gen 🙂

  4. It’s a tie between the first and second generations. Black and White would come in a very close second (although I guess at this point it’s technically third), and then 3rd and 4th gens come in WAAAAY behind as my least favorites. Sorry, but they were terrible compared to the others.

  5. Third generation. I thought it was the most original generation. I love almost every Pokemon in that generation, and I never got bored playing those games. Oh, how I wish I had a way to play them again.

  6. Out of all the generations I’ve played (ie: all of them), my favorite so far is 5th gen, with 1st gen a VERY close second. Black and White have a lot going for them… To name a few:

    1. Stoutland line… IMO best dog line yet
    2. Hydreigon
    3. My favorite legendary, Reshiram
    4. True Competitive Online

    It’s also IMO probably the hardest of all the games… not that Pokemon is difficult at all.

  7. As Far as overall Pokemon species designs go:
    1st > 5th > 3rd > 2nd >>>>>>>> 4th
    I think the games themselves improve every generation in a lot of ways.
    Gen 5 is best as far as competitive play goes
    HGSS I think is the best in-game experience because of the massive amount of stuff you can do.
    I think HGSS wins on aesthetics too. The visual and sound design in that game is fantastic and having your little pokemon buddy following you is effing awesome.

  8. I think people are confusing “generation” with “region.” I agree that HGSS were two amazing releases, but I don’t think those count as Generation 2, they’re Generation 4. I actually reflected for a second on the answer to this and I realized that my personal favorites would go as such: 4, 2, 1, 3, 5. I never played the 1st generation games (or the remakes) so I have to assume they’re the “standard” and get the middle position. I loved Gen 4 and I obsessed over Diamond, Platinum, and HG more than any other Pokemon games. Then I consider the revolutionary overhaul that was done in Gen 2 that still didn’t make Gen 1 feel totally obsolete. Gen 3 was a step back IMO because it lost connectivity to the prior Generation and also had some bizarre Pokemon designs that I don’t particularly like. But Gen 5 is probably my least favorite, and though I could go on about why, I’ve said enough already, but in a word, “storyline.”

  9. My first game was Yellow, but 3rd gen is my favorite. 3rd gen had my favorite starters, favorite region, and I generally like all of it’s Pokemon. 4th gen was the most disappointing in the series for me.

  10. Oh goodness this is a toughie…2nd generation is my favorite. I really put a lot of my time into the games when they first came out, and HgSs brought back all my memories from when I was a kid playing it. But since Black and White have come out I’ve become really fond of the generation, it added a lot of story and was something fresh and brought a lot to it..it actually made me get emotional, beautiful music and N’s story..It’s become a tie with 2nd Gen. 3rd generation is my least favorite…It just didn’t hook me into it like the others, and I can’t really explain why, it’s pretty weird. And 4th gen was good for me as well. I liked most of the Pokemon made and it got me back into really playing Pokemon again and actually had me planning out my teams and taking things a bit more serious.

    1. Pfft and I completely forgot to add first generation. First generation is what started it all, so of course that’s gonna be the majorities favorite. I’d have to say though that 1st gen would be 3rd for me…It’s one of those games that you can leisurely play, with no real big story to get in your way, just take out team rocket and become champion.

      So for me it would be:
      2)4th Gen
      3)3rd Gen

  11. 2nd and 4th gen were my favorites because u got 2 games in one with the second gen

  12. It’s a tie between the 3rd and 5th gens, I feel they both were very original and different from past gens. 🙂
    That being said I like the Pokemon from 4th gen the best. 😡

  13. While I loved them all, I have to base my answer on total game time, making the winner Generation IV. However, Gen V is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I hold it as near and dear to my heart as IV. My close second is Generation III. In my humble opinion, the games just keep getting better 🙂

  14. I must say, the first gen is my favorite, with the fifth coming in second by a rather large margin

    #1 = 1st Gen
    #2 = 5th Gen
    #3 = 2nd Gen
    #4 = 3rd Gen
    #5 = 4th Gen (Fourth generation sucked IMO)

  15. Gen 3 was the best IMO! It had the best and most interesting pokemon designs (slightly better than 5th gen IMO) as well as (HANDS DOWN) the best region of all the games! And I enjoyed the storyline of Gen 3 more than the other 4 generations.

    If I had to rank them I would say…
    Gen 3 (is the best)
    Gen 5 (a close second)
    Gen 1 (close as well)
    Gen 2
    and then Gen 4 which I really didn’t like at all!!! If it wasn’t for Lucario and Garchomp then I wouldn’t have even bought the game! Sorry Gen 4 lovers, it just wasn’t good IMO.

  16. Easy, for me, I think that the 4th Generation is the best. I love th idea of having sooo many legendary Pokemon and having soo many New Pokemon that are evolutions/pre-evolutions of older Pokemon. Some of my favourite Pokemon are in that gen:Lucario, Gallade, Magmortar, Electivire.
    My least favourite (although that’s not the topic) woudl have to be the 3rd Generation. I have no idea why but it maybe that, for me, it is yje oldest Generation because you have Fire Red/Leaf Green and HG/SS, both remakes, when Ruby + Sappire remakes come out, then maybe I’ll appreciate it more…

  17. Third gen! Although first and second were the first ones I played, third just seemed so amazing to me! Maybe it was because everything was fresh and new for me; new system, new region and pokes, full color, etc etc. xD Hoenn really was and still is amazing to me, but I don’t think I’ll ever know just *what* made it so amazing. I’m hoping for remakes!!

  18. i’ll say :
    Gen1=Gen2=Gen3=Gen4=Gen5 , all of the five generations are amazing and give an extraordinary adventure with the 649 pretty pokemons XD , i love all the generations and all the 649 pokemons XD

  19. i definitely could not pick a single favorite. they all brought something new and exciting to the series. the first was a fun rpg-like experience and ended up getting me into those kinds of games. 2nd added a whole new side of the familiar territory while bringing more plot to kanto. 3rd was a nice revamp. it brought real color and depth to the pokemon (with abilities) and the world as a whole. the 4th gen brought a bunch of long-awaited mechanics and some awesome evolutions to old standards (except lickitung instead of dunsparce. 5th gen.. well… it’s once again revamped the series and brought even more long-awaited features.

  20. the only gen i really didn’t like was 4th gen. And gen 5’s legendaries. DISGUSTING.

  21. This is a little difficult because each generation had something special about it.

    However I would have to go with the 3rd Generation, the pokemon overall are my favourite designs in the pokemon series. Plus the game seemed so fresh and new after the second generation of pokemon games. I remember my aunt sent Pokemon Sapphire to me from the states so I could play it early. 🙂

    I’d rank the generations (mostly based on pokemon designs/excitement level)

    1. Third Gen
    2. Fifth Gen
    3. Second Gen
    4. First Gen
    5. Fourth Gen

  22. My god this is a hard one when ya spend so much time on all of them it’s hard to choose

    I suppose i’ll do a list from absoloute favourite to pure awsome lol (they’re all great)

    1. Gen I – my original
    2. Gen IV – resparked my interest in Pokemon 🙂 my first taste of getting spoilers online so i felt more connected. also watched the anime Raw for first time
    3. Gen V – similar to IV and might surpass it
    4. Gen II – was still a kid who stayed up all night playing them
    5. Gen III – Least favourite but still love it. I stopped being seriously into Pokemon around the second year of this Gen and almost stopped being a fan 🙁 bad memories ha

  23. From worst to best imo

    5th – 3rd Generation
    4th – 4th Generation
    3rd – 5th Generation
    2nd – 1st Generation
    and 1st – 2nd Generation! WOOOOO

    btw Paul your site still sucks, at least you’ll get more hits now that wpm is closing down pokebeach finally xD

  24. Third gen., for sure. Even if they were the games I played the least when they were realeased, they were the games I’d go back to play years after they left the spotlight. Even now I’ll pull out Sapphire to play again, that story, region and the ‘mons from gen. III will always be my favorites.

    That’s probably why I’m so opposed to having the main series move to 3DS, ha ha. I wanna play Sapphire on my XL!

  25. Oh wow this is a toughie, i suppose i have differnenbt preferences depending on what aspecs of the game i think about… soooo in a kinda cheating way ill do just that XD: so here goes

    In terms of Region: My fav is Hoenn so the third generation, i love the creativeness of the region- forests, jungles,desserts,UNDERWATER e.g.. with 4th in second followed by 2nd then 5th and in last place 1st mainly because the region at that point was kind of bland and in my opinion lacked in complexity and creativeness..

    In terms of Storyline which in my opinion is one of the MOST important aspects id say the 4th gen wins both in the DPPt era and HGSS era simply because well they really had a storyline that ran throughout the entire games intertwining with almost everything you do in the games, in second place would be 3rd gen because the storyline there was awesome too and kind of the most believeable simply because if the take out the legendaries you are4 left with a theme relating to our world at the moment, 2nd gen following in third with 5th in 4th place and again 1st in last place..

    New Pokemon: well 1st takes the cake, so original and to this day holds most of my favourites such as dratini line, arcanine, poliwag line etc, 2nd gen in second with the 3rd gen in third place, 5th is fourth with the wackiness that was the 4th gen in last place XD

    Addition of features: 4th gen undeniably- added global link, perfected the day/night system among many others, in second is 2nd gen which revolutionaised the games but were very flawwed in terms of the battery issue, 3rd gen brought loads including perfecting the berry idea and one of my favourite things UNDERWATER :), 5th gen close behind in fourth adding the seasons which i love with 1st gen coming last for obvious reasons.

    I could go on witrh this forever but ill just finish up with a final placing however although gen 1, 2 and 5 are easy to place im gonna split gen 4 and 3 into their 2 game sets beacuse i like some better than others and place some much lower..so here goes on order of personal prefernence of which games i would play first if i had to choose:

    7th: Gen 3: FRLG ONLY
    6th: Gen 1: RBY
    5th: Gen 5: BW
    4th: Gen 2: GSC
    3rd: Gen 4: DPPt ONLY
    2nd: Gen 3: RSE ONLY

    AND Finally:

    1st: Gen 4: HGSS ONLY

    LOL sorry for the long post..very hard question XD

  26. I can’t say which is my favorite, but I can tell you which one I liked the least. 😐 4th gen. I hated how snowy Sinnoh was, and none of the starters were a good as any of the others. :/ I loved a lot of the pokemon introduced though. (Weavile<3)

  27. First gen always holds a special place in my heart, but as far as the GAMES go the second gen was my favorite. (If only because I could get my favorite Pokemon after the second gym instead of the usual 5th or 6th gym. Vulpix FTW!)

  28. My first game was Crystal, and I’ve never played older than that. But my favorite generation was easily the 3rd. 4th was cool, but DP ruined it for me with their terribly shabby Pokedex. I love Fire-types, and they only had the fire starters new and available before the postgame. And besides that, only Ponyta and Rapidash. 5th Gen was amazing, and I find nothing wrong with the storyline besides the truth/ideals argument. But I like my mix of old Pokemon with the new, because it makes the new ones seem more like Pokemon to me; I’m still getting used to the idea of Sawk and Throh being actual Pokemon instead of people, whereas Medicham and the Ralts line were simple to accept.

    3rd gen first. By then I knew what I was doing with the games and i kicked ass.

  29. graphics wise : generation 5
    music wise : generation 4
    features wise : generation 4
    fun game wise : generation 3

    but stilll my favorite generation is generation 3 🙂

  30. For me all the generations have been great but I didn’t really like Hoenn. For me desighn it would be :
    SINNOH ( I LOVE YOU. I like the complicated weird designs!) ,
    Unova( They are so cool but strange. Legendaries were best in this gen! Apart from kyurem… Compared to reshiram and zekrom!) ,
    Kanto( Its great but too popular and what is so good about mewtwo! Although I generally like heavy desighns Kanto made the simple desighns work especially with ninetales and arcanine),
    Johto( Its just I love the pokemons style its so… you know and I like the legendaries)
    Hoenn( I just don’t love the style of the gen. You can tell the difference in styles of gens. Hoenns were not as appealing :/ Blaziken was cool till infernape and emboar came out_I LOVE EMBOAR! Sceptile………. Swampert is good battle wise but… But deoxys and jirachi were great!
    Story line wise: Sinnohh+ Unova, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn
    Anime wise: Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova, Johto, Kanto

  31. 5th gen and 3rd gen are way ahead of the rest IMO, but I think the 5th gen is just barely above the 3rd as my favorite. The region is incredible, and all the Pokemon look great.

  32. I gotta say 4th just because it was my “real” generation, and I love the pokemon designs, but they’re all so great ;_;

  33. 3rd gen for sure! It was just so different and cool. I loved that it was challenging and all the amazing new Pokemon that were introduced in it. Gardevoir, Masquerain, Mawile, Manectric, etc. LOVE IT.

  34. The third generation was probably my favriote because of the caracters pokemon and music ahh those hoenn tunes i miss them hope we get a remake well heres the oder

    3rd-***** 5 stars
    5th-**** 4 stars
    2nd-**** 4 stars
    1rst-**** 4 stars
    4th- negative 1000 stars

    *these do not include remakes they only include first paired versions*

  35. I’ll have to say the Alpha and Omega. 5th and 1st gens. 4th is next followed by 3rd and lastly the 2nd. The Johto line had the least amount of Pokemon(good ones anyway) and it was so easy thay had bring back Kanto as a Post Game adventure.

  36. Also, you might wanna update the website about the international release of the Minccino C-Gear… but noe word on the Password yet…

  37. I love sinnoh so much cos it was so big and the legendaries were important. I like it when legendaries control something and that was there in 4th Gen not like in second were it was legendaries of some towers. I can’t see what is wrong with a massive ankylosaurus a majestic penguin( I MEAN ITS A PENGUIN!) and a flexible monkey with golden body armour!

  38. Fifth gen is my favorite so far. Love the pokemon, love the shinies, and it was a nice refresher to not see a single old pokemon on the first playthrough. They did a good job, put in a lot of little details like the amount of daylight changing in the seasons, and the symbolism and slight alterations to the story weren’t half bad. ^^

  39. Urgh! So hard to choose! After much thought, I compiled this list.

    1st : Unova. I loved seeing all the new pokemon, especially in the caves. No more Zubats or Geodudes! I liked most of the new legendarys, except for Kyurem. Yuck!

    2nd : Sinnoh. I love the concept of having evo’s/pre-evo’s from the other generations. Plus, my team was compiled of all gen four poke’s, and it’s the best team I think I’ve ever had.

    3rd : Johto. For Silver, my first game, I never understood the whole concept and strategy of battling. I liked this game only for the pokemon themselves. But when HG and SS came out, I fell in love with Johto for real. I also loved how you could go to Kanto in the end.

    4th : Kanto. I never played a Gen 1 game, except for LF/FR, so I didn’t have much experience with it. But when I played Fire red, I wasn’t really interested in it. I’m sure I would like it better if I played it now, but I have yet to give it another chance.

    5th and last : Hoenn. Hoenn had some great Pokemon for sure (Sceptile, Metagross, Aggron, etc.), but IMO, it was heavily weighed down by it’s uglier pokemon (Claydol, Bannette, Dusclops, etc.). I still love the GCN RPG’s, but not because of the pokemon in it.

    Sorry for my extensive post

  40. My Favorite Pokemon Generation is…

    Sinnoh because it has built upon each previous generation so that it feels like a climax of all the generations. I love that there is an enormous availability of pokemon considering all four generations of pokemon are usable throughout the entire game. Pokemon character designs and story development in Sinnoh are by far the most intricate and well-thought-out of all the generations. Everything in Sinnoh is bigger. Team Galactic is bigger. The legendaries are bigger. Generation four is the biggest and best of the pokemon games.

  41. I have to agree with many of those comments previous to mine in that Sinnoh has been the best generation so far. It has the perfect combination of a good storyline, and awesome pokemon. Though, the storyline is exceptional and rivaling that of Unova’s, what stood out to me the most was Sinnohs pokemon character designs. It’s abilty to have much more design that the previous generation but are also simple enough to keep a classic pokemon feel. That is exactly what I didn’t enjoy about Black and White. Some of them seem too complex or just just don’t mantian that natural pokemon look to them. If I were to see some of them without knowing of Black and White in advance I probably wouldn’t be able to recodnize them as pokemon immediately.

  42. gen 3 by far. i played emerald version for over 400 hrs and never had a moment of boredom. i have adhd, so its hard to not be bored, so gen 3 is by far the best. if the pokemon company doesn’t make a gen 3 ds game in the future i am gonna burn everyones house down.

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