When did you start playing Pokémon?

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So, now, the question of today: When did you guys start playing Pokémon? What was your first game? How old where you back then? And so on…

My first game I played was Red, which a played on my cousin’s Gameboy pocket, because I was too young to own the game myself. The first game I owned myself was Yellow, which I received as a Christmas gift combined with my green Gameboy Color. It guess that was around the year 2000.

Enough of me, it’s your turn to start discussing in the comments!

  1. I was 7 or 8, and my parents just bought me a GBC with a Tom and Jerry game, but I couldn’t pass a level so the next day I went back to the shop with my dad to trade it, and before we left my mother had said to me NO, Pokemon so what did I choose Pokemon 🙂 first I didn’t get it, was looking for a point to save so the first days I started over and over untill a other boy told me how to play.. and since then I’m hooked 😀

    1. I played first when i was 9
      My parents bought me gbasp and pokemon blue when summer holiday 2005.
      I later stucked in fuchsia city and i havent know how to get out there until NOW lol xD. Then i rage-quit pokemon blue and buy a ruby version and start with torchic
      It was greeeeeeaaaat. I later have lv 100 blaziken swampert groudon kyogre and requaza.( I transfered swampert and kyogre pokemons from my sapphire)
      Then about one years later my save game corrupted WTF
      So unlucky me

  2. I was seven or eight. My cousin had Sapphire version and the lime green special edition GBA SP, and I would beg her to let me play it (which she grudgingly did some of the time). My granddad saw that I wanted a GBA, so he bought me a black one. THen, my aunt chipped in with Sapphire, and… the rest is history. xD I can’t even describe all of my experiences with that game…. So many memories. <3

  3. i remember I was about 4-6 (i can’t really remember how old i was) and I was in a car watching my brother play Yellow on GBC, I was fasinated when, on route 1, he jumped down the ledge with Pikachu following him, I was soooo hooked. Then I got my brother’s GBC while he got Gold and a GBA (I always got his old model of the hand-held Nintendo until I got my DS first =P). My dad’s friend (who is coincedently called Ash) went into a shop (dunnoe which one) and got me Silver and the original Gold & Silver walkthrough which I still have (even though it’s a lil bit tattered & torn)… and that’s when my Poke-journey!!! And I’m still learning new things every other day- my latest lesson is about EV’s!

  4. Late 1999 when Red and Blue were released in Europe – I would have been seven at the time.

  5. Well……. my first pokemon game was Pokemon Pinball R&S, lol!! XD. I was like 7 years old at the time. My first real pokemon game was Leaf Green version a year later when i was 8. I remember….. when you had to press the left or right buttons on the + pad thing to scroll through your bag like the pokeball section, tm hm, medicine and stuff. When i went to the poke mart for the first time, i bought some pokeballs. Well, my first time playing it, i didnt know that you had to scroll to go to the pokeball section so i kept buying pokeballs thinking that i never got any and the poke mart was stealing my money!! lol. So i learned when i got to Lt. surge with only my squirtle and i think it was level 30? O_o.

    My favorite game though of all time was actually diamond/pearl. Im not gonna lie, i think i had the most fun playing that game than any other game. I was like, 11, and i actually bought a ds just to play that game too. I remember that the summer before the game was released, i worked for money to buy it and a DS. I washed cars, did the dishes, cleaned the house, stuff like that. Maybe thats why i enjoyed that game the most.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, just, pokemon….. so many memories……..

  6. Since I'm 21 too, I first heard about pokémon when Nintendo began a promo in the french mag "la revue de Mickey" before the release of Red and Blue in 1998 if I'm right. So I was there to buy it (thanks mom and dad) with my brother the day when it came out. My bro' take the Blue and me Red version. My firsts pokémon were Charmander (Salamèche in french), Butterfree (Papillusion fr), Pikachu of course, and Clefairy (Mélofée fr): my favorite of the first gen. So many memories… GAME FREAK are still my favorite game developpers. 🙂

  7. When I was a kid my dad used to take me to Japan town all the time. While we were there, I discovered these little toys of really cool creatures called Pocket Monsters. Shortly afterwards I discovered there were packs of trading cards with cool art of these monsters on them. After a long time of collecting the monsters, I showed my friend and he told me that they were called Pokemon and they were from a game that was coming out in a few months. One day I was at school in my third grade class and all of my friends were playing Pokemon on gameboy and it blew my mind that I could actually play a game with the monsters I had been collecting. My friend saw I was excited and told me he would bring me a copy tomorrow and sure enough that night he stole his little brothers blue version and gave it to me. So yeah the answer is 8 years old and Blue version. I was part of the original sales demographic. Not this “Pinball Ruby Sapphire” craziness.

          1. Gonna get my say in here… People like you bug me. It’s not like there’s a superior generation or anything. We’re all Pokemon fans, just because you started in an earlier generation doesn’t mean you’re a better sort of Pokemon fan. I started with the first generation too, but third generation is still my favorite. And, let’s be honest, like any of us that were seven/eight around the time of playing the first generation really knew what we were doing.

  8. Ahh taking a trip down memory lane lol it was just under 12 years ago! :O i was 6 in 1999 when Pokemon first came over to Ireland (same time as UK) and i got Pokemon Red for Christmas and a Gameboy Colour/ Color. Fell in love immediately and have been obsessed ever since owning all of the main series games bar HG (which will soon change)

    Like others i was part of the phenomenon and remember it well when every child loved it and schools were taken over by it and it was mentioned on the news at least once a week

    Random fact: didn’t know it was japanese or that the anime was dubbed until 05 :O :L

  9. The first Pokemon game I played was Gold Version. I got it from my nanny, who also worked as a substitute teacher, and she confiscated a GameBoy and Gold Version from a misbehaving student. I guess I have to thank that stupid student for getting me started with all this!

  10. i started when i was 3 but back then i couldnt get out of pallet town couldnt read so i official start on pokemon ruby when i was 7

  11. I wish I could remember what age I was when I started playing Pokemon…I wanna guess between 5-7 years old. First game I played was Blue version. I remember having no clue to what I needed to do and where to go. XD I use to go over my friends across the street with my brother and we’d just sit on the porch and play on our Gameboy’s..those were the days. Then I got Silver while my brother got gold and played through that…then later on bugging my mom for Crystal so I could actually play as a girl. XD I’ve played every main stream Pokemon game after that.
    I did awhile ago, go on mine and my brothers Blue and Fire version since we haven’t touched it since we were kids to see the old Pokemon I still had, the game is so glitched XD One of the joy’s though of having them. and now here I am, 17 years old, and loving Pokemon more and more. (: Oh the stories and memories you can tell from back in the days of Pokemon adventuring, all the inside jokes about Joey’s top percentage Rattata.

  12. the first time i’m sure that i played pokemon was when i was 7-8 years old: until then, i hadn’t got a GBC and i was a bit frustrated because i saw a lot of smallers kids than me who owned their own GBC. When I was 8 and i was going to make my first Holy Communion (i toke it from wordreference), my parents bought me a green GBC and pokemon silver. That’s was great, i enjoyed every time i saw a new pokemon, i was so happy. xD

  13. At the end of 03/beginning of 04, i got my first handheld console, the gba sp,
    sometime after, i picked up a copy of … Ruby i believe, and from that day on 🙂 never missed a main game of the series =D

  14. WOW this brings me back….hmmmmm i must have been 5 or 6… i was a pokefan from the get go, also one of the fans of the original demographic- my first game was Blue, me and my friend had been into pokemon for a while before the games came out…. we collected the cards so he got red and i got blue- the obsession kinda started immendiately and exists still to this day XD, must say though i learn new things about the games all the time…EV’s were new to me 2 years ago and now i never start a game without taking them into account XDD

  15. Hmm… I was somewhere around five or six. Pokemon was my first ever video game. My mom used to be really into television-shopping. They had a cool deal when Pokemon first came out, you could get two gameboy colors and red and blue version and two guidebooks. She surprised my brother one day after school with them. It was awesome! Blue version was mine, and I had a blue gameboy color to go with it! I’ve been hooked ever since… Wow.. That’s the majority of my life ya’ll.

  16. I’m still pretty young now… TEN! Hey you guys drop the guns! I maybe young compared to you guys but boy I know every pokemon of by heart, I EV train my pokemon, and I caught all the legendaries on my game and my friend’s game.
    I knew pokemon since I was six, Pokemon Silver, On the airplane. My freind told me about the Pokemon and what the did. Later when I was nine, I got a DS. The first game I played on it was Soulsilver, Now Platnuim.

  17. i was about 7. My first games were red and blue, but my best memories were from ruby and sapphire 😉 great games

    1. Same here my first game was yellow and I was like in pre-k at the time so I had no idea what I was doing I couldn’t even get past veridian city those were the days…
      The first game I actually knew how to play was sapphire way back when
      I remember coming home from school on my b day to a new gameboy SP and a sapphire cartridge where I started with a torchic… Ahhh memories sadly that carriage is lost now. :’-(

      1. Speaking of which do any of you guys remember when the Elite four where the best Of the best the hardest trainers in the game to beat next to the champion?

  18. i was like 8 and i was playing the johto games 🙂 pokemon silver to be exact. my little brother had stolen it from his friend and i played it more than him because i already loved pokemon. back then i used to collect pokemon cards. and A LOT of them! i had like 4 or 5 binders full of them 🙂 after that i think i got pokemon sapphire right before i went to the doctor and i bought it with my money 🙂 i was like 10. then after 5th grade in the summer, i got a nintendo ds lite with diamond and that was my favorite game. then my friend sold me emerald for 5 bucks

  19. Well, my brother got me into Pokemon back when I was four- he gave me a Charmander card. Then one day he showed me the Charizard card. As my fifth birthday was coming up, I was already hooked onto Pokemon, so naturally for my birthday I got a Clear Purple Gameboy Color and Pokemon Red version (and a Godzilla game that was mediocre, since that was another obsession of mine). You can guess which Pokemon I started with. 😀

    Lol, I can still remember when I first learned of the Elite Four. I was genuinely amazed- I heard stories of how powerful they were from my brother and his friend. Of course, nowadays they aren’t too much trouble. 😉

  20. Oh, I forgot to mention. Even though my first game was Gold, which I played around age 8, I never actually beat the game. Back then (and for a while afterward) my strategy was “train the starter to Level 100 and have an army of HM slaves at Level 6 to back him up.” I eventually got to Elite Four Will and basically did a big rage-quit. The first game I ever actually played all the way through was Sapphire.

  21. Well, my older cousins had a GBC and Gold or Silver version in it, and one day when I was at their house I picked it up and started playing it, but they had already beaten the game so the first Pokemon I ever ran into EVER was by total luck, a Raikou. And that was when I was errr….4 or 5? >< This mixed with the fact that I grew up in Asia and Pokemon is as popular as a stripper is to a political leader, the game/anime/card game kinda became my herione. I got a GBA for my next birthday and got Red Version, I don't remember anything besides me picking Bulbasaur as my starter, it evolving into an Ivysaur and having nightmares from Lavender Town. ;__; I then for whatever reason didn't know about GSC's existence and actually didn't even really play through it until HGSS, BUT IF ASKED IF I PLAYED THE ORIGINAL GSC I WILL DENY THIS COMPLETLEY (for whatever reason...:p) So then I got Ruby and Emerald shortly after and those two were the games I consider as the funnest just because I could undersatnd it completely. >< Then I started going on the internetz and finding out about the fandom in the pre DP era (which is how I found PJN btw), after DP came out I didn't think about Pokemon for like 3 years or so then got back on it during the pre BW era. :3 Anddddddd that brings us to here. :D ahahahah

    1. Also, just wanna point out that back when DP came out in Japan, being the snot-nosed bloke that I was, I thought I was the sheeeeeeeeeet for having Diamon in Japanese when living in America because no one else had it. xD
      I used to always turn up the volume and loudly exclaim stuff like “Ohmygosh! Totally just beat the E4 in my DIAMOND VERSION!” whenever I saw other kids with their not as cool Emerald versions. ><

  22. I think I was 4 or 5 or so when I started playing Pokemon. Haha, I’d just learned to read. My brother hooked me up with an emulator of Silver. It was the best, and I remember having a level 63 Meganium that knew a bunch of HMs, an Espeon, a Togetic, a Pidgeot, a Lanturn and a Persian.I kind of lost sight of it until I was 7 because my other brother accidentally deleted it. That was when I bought Leafgreen. Been securely hooked ever since. 😀

  23. It was my tenth birthday. My parents had just given me a Game Boy Color, and Pokémon Yellow and Red versions. I started Yellow version with a Pikachu named “Shocky” (intended to name it after Ritchie’s Pikachu, Sparky, but forgot the name at that time), and caught a Pidgey named “Sandy” (because it knew Sand-Attack), and a Metapod named “Hardhead” (because it knew Harden). Very, very quickly I realized that I stunk at nicknaming stuff and restarted. Never nicknamed anything since. I picked up the concept of catching Pokémon and saving the game quick enough. Finding out that the “dead end” in Viridian Forest was in actuality the exit, however… that took time.

    1. Oh man that dead end as the exit took me ages to figure out. I remember raging and throwing down my GBA. I thought there was something wrong with my game.

  24. I was at the (ripe old) age of 18, actually, when Pokemon Blue came out. That was the first game I played, and I was hooked. I have owned, and played, every version since it came out (aside from Pearl, which I never bought). I will keep playing as long as the games keep getting released.

  25. The first game I played was Blue, back when I was 8. I got it and a Game Boy Color for my First Communion. Since then I have owned every game, except for Gold and Emerald, but some of the older ones have been lost (All 3 in Gen I and Silver)

  26. I was around 3 in 1999 when my grandma got me red but I never really understood it then I got yellow when I was 4 and didn’t get very far.I never got any Gen 2 games but in Gen 3 I got ruby and sapphire from my grandma and those were the first games I actually understood but I have since beaten red and yellow though.

  27. I was around 5, and my first game was red it was a gift from my aunt and since then I’ve just been hooked. All of my friends have played pokemon but I’m the only one left, I love having it as my own little secret 🙂

  28. i was 7 and i got pokemon red and my sister got pokemon blue. and i had NO idea what i was doing but i loved the game. and soon my sister got pokemon yellow and i was jealous but we shared it until she got out of pokemon (she was 2 years older than me) and so she gave me the game. and when i got that game, i became more knowledgeable about pokemon. and after that i got gold and then crystal. and then i got ruby and sapphire from my dad (he came to my class on my birthday lol) and then i stopped getting pokemon games during FR LG and emerald and then i got pearl. And then after that, i got platinum, then heartgold and finally black. Yeah i just gave a whole history lol but i couldnt help it lol

  29. I was 11 when I got Pokemon Red in the Summer of 1999. (Yeah… I started into the series a bit late.) My first run-through, I had to restart because I couldn’t find Nugget Bridge and I couldn’t beat Misty. My second I restarted because I couldn’t beat the Elite 4 (with my level 70-something Venusaur and virtually NOTHING ELSE >_<). How times have changed. LoL

    1. Same problem I ran into when I was 8 I think. Agatha’s brutal! Course I had a team of 40 somethings too,

  30. I started from the beginning with red and got all the games after that even now, i was in middle school when it came out and i remember walking in a mall and saw gold and silver in japanese, but it was like $60 which i somehow got and i remembered playing thru it and getting stuck because i couldnt read japanese and didnt figure out i had to get the egg from the center, it took me forever to figure it out and ever since then i kinda knew what things were lik what pokeball would be in japanese and etc, which helped me out since i also got white from japan..it made things a lot easier…being almost 26 now i think i might retire soon or maybe when i have kids try to make it part of their lives lik its been a huge part of mine

  31. My first game that got me hooked into pokemon was pokemon blue which I got given to me with a original gameboy about 6 years ago a would of been about 9 years old but I have been a fan since I was 6 collecting the cards and stuff

  32. When I was extremely young I always watched the show before I even knew there were games, then when I was probably seven, I can’t remember for sure, my parents bought me a red GBA SP along with Ruby, and bought my sister a blue one with Sapphire, and I played that game all the time.
    My first Pokemon was a Torchic which I oh-so-creatively named “Blaze”.

  33. got my gameboy colour and pokemon red bundle back in 96 when they were released. god how i loved them back then 😛 however the first game i played was blue on my mates gb ^^
    i found it cool and wish it still had the same atmosphere 😀 lol
    well i got the colour and red for xmas however on new years i got yellow myself from argos 😀

  34. I cant remember my age but i all started when i received 2 pokemon cards. A Onix and Magnemite. I still have does cards!!

    They are framed and hang on the wall.

    Then I bought a game boy with pokemon Yellow. and thats the beginning of my pokemon addiction!! im 21 now and still play pokemon every day!

  35. I was six or seven, and my first game was Pokemon ruby. It was an early present for my birthday from my aunt. I tried out all of the starters, but played through the game until the cycling road 20 times before figuring out how to save with Mudkip, the only time I don’t pick the grass starter.

  36. I started playing Ruby and Sapphire when it first came out I was about 10 years old. I chose treeco. one thing is that I need more revives and max potions but I cant earn any money because I’ve battled everyone in the Hoenn region but I need medicine to beat the elite 4

  37. My story is very different from the rest-On fathers day a few years my wife and sons bought me a Nintendo DS with a Pokemon Diamond game. My boys are big Pokemon fans and they taught me how to play and traded me some pokemon to get me started. Now we trade and battle quite a bit now that I know what Im doing. Im hooked now and since then Ive gotten Heartgold and White also. My oldest traded me a Relicanth when I started and said that was my mascot because he was the “Ancient one”-gotta love that sense of humor.

  38. When the Star Wars, Episode 1 was being released in 1999, my brother and I decided to wait in line to buy tickets and I wanted to play something on my gameboy and there was this new Pokemon Red game. So I bought it and I was hooked. I was 28 at the time..

  39. My first game was silver which I got from my cousin however I was really young and didn’t get past whitney. Then I got pearl and I loved it. Maybe that’s why sinnoh is my favorite region, cos it was my first. I picked chimchar as my first. I seem to prefer the newer fire starters than the older ones and many people disagree :/. For me, Kanto= squirtle , Johto= Chikorita or totodile, Hoen ( I don’t really adore any ) = Torchic, Sinnoh ( My favourite starter wise) = Chimchar( The others are great tooo) Unova= All of them. They’re not the best, and remind me of hOEN but they are still alright, EMboar edges it out for me though. Legendary wise it would be Reshiram>Palika>Groudon>Ho-oh> Kyogre>Zekrom>Dialga> Lugia> Girentina>Rayquaza>Mewtwo>Kyurem

  40. The first game I ever got was Blue Version. I was four years old when I started playing. At the time, I sold my deluxe dollhouse so I could get a GameBoy Color, because my mom said it was a waste of money and wouldn’t buy it for me, ha ha! It makes me feel old to think that I was around in a time that a small child’s allowance and garage sale earnings could pay for a game system, even if it was just a handheld.

    I remember I had the biggest crush on my neighbor’s older brother, and that’s probably why I originally got into the game. I didn’t really become a serious player until when I was about seven and I got Crystal for Christmas. Being able to play as a girl, and the improved graphics, really made the game a lot more interesting. I loved Sapphire when it came out, but by that point Pokemon wasn’t “cool” at my grade school any longer, most kids were playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon.

    I don’t think I found a game really interesting again until I got to high school and Pokemon was finally “cool” again. I made a lot of friends who also play, and I kinda went nuts and bought every main-series gen. IV game, heh heh.

    And now I’m going to a college with a ton of other Poke-geeks. 😀 I’d say that the hype for Pokemon now is close to what it was around RBY and GSC, which makes me really excited and nostalgic at the same time.

    tl;dr I know this was just supposed to be the first game I played (Blue) and I’m sorry for pretty much ranting my life’s Poke-story up ’til now, ha ha. It just makes me realize how much Pokemon’s been a part of my life.

  41. ahhh, memories.. (“:
    it was year 2000, like 11 years ago when i got my first pokemon game, blue version! i was the coolest kid in class cuz i was able to kick Lance’s ass(people at my school had a hard time beating him than gary) lol, well we were 2nd graders so yeah, then came crystal, and ever since im hooked, i influenced ALL my cousins into playing pokemon and im pretty proud about that (:

  42. I first played my brother’s Pokemon Blue when it was newly released, but the first game I owned was Yellow. I received it the Christmas that it was released along with a teal Game Boy Color. I must have been about.. Ohh.. -checks date-
    I was 9.

  43. I actually used to hate Pokemon but with most things that i “hate” i actually havent tried. So one day in 2005 (now that I think about it it was probably the release date for Emerald) my now best friend who is also my neighbor came over. He brought all of his Pokemon games and naturally I was able to try one. When i first started to play i really had no concept for the game and was more interested in collecting all of the colors (versions) than actually collecting the Pokemon. So immediatly I wanted the Leafgreen version cuz green is my favorite color but my other friend informed me that Emerald version just came out so I got that. I started with Mudkip and the rest was history. I still have that Emerald Version with like 700+ hours on it. I’ve been hooked on Pokemon ever since then. 😀

  44. i got blue in 1998 when i was 15. when it’s coming out for a new system, i get that too. i’ve had at least 2 versions of each generation (like i’m guessing most of us do) and i always pre-order asap and pick up my games when the store opens. lol
    i REALLY hope they don’t go to 3ds before some serious improvements are made on that system…

  45. I started with the 1st Generation of games, Pokemon Yellow to be exact. I must have been around 7-8 at the time. A while after my cousin gave me Pokemon Blue.

  46. I think my first game was yellow which I played on my fantastic gameboy color. I was so high tech >.> I actually kinda stole it from my sister when I was 4-6 and barely got past viridian forest…maybe past Brock lol. It wasn’t until diamond and pearl came out that I actually beat a pokemon game XD, I just watched that anime for all those years in between.

  47. I played my first game at 6 which was the 3rd gen emerald. i know i was kinda late but i only got addicted and actually thought about buying one when i saw my friend playing. i’m only 14 now. i liked the 4th gen the best since i actually played most of the third gen games without an idea of how to play. in fact i had such a hard time beating the 3rd gym in emerald with a lvl 42 swellow without knowing why the pokemon kept fainting me.

  48. My first game was Yellow, way back in 2005, on a GBC I found just lying there in the park. It was actually my first videogame, and made me into a Ninten-fan. I still have and play both of them to this day =D

  49. My very first Pokemon game was Red. I got it for my 13th birthday (1998) and I didn’t even have a system to play it on, lol. My birthday this year will mark half my life as a Pokemon fan. It’s been a loooooooooong journey that I don’t ever seen ending.

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