Ozy is away on holiday and with PJ being very busy this week I’m the one who has to update the site. Normally I would have written a new Focus On, but I haven’t got the time to write it past weekend. So I’m doing a small update now, and I hope to have some new articles ready in a few days. If you have suggestions, please PM me.

So, now, the question of today: When did you guys start playing Pokémon? What was your first game? How old where you back then? And so on…

My first game I played was Red, which a played on my cousin’s Gameboy pocket, because I was too young to own the game myself. The first game I owned myself was Yellow, which I received as a Christmas gift combined with my green Gameboy Color. It guess that was around the year 2000.

Enough of me, it’s your turn to start discussing in the comments!

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