Dae asks: Super Pokémon Scramble opinions

Normally, I’d have done a news article about the new Super Pokémon Scramble details. Upon reading them,  I thought they weren’t that interesting. In fact,I thought  they were boring. So I’m doing an article where I give my opinions on the game, and then you can give yours.

First, it’s true that there are new game modes and local multiplayer. But the basics of the game are still the same: you just mash your buttons, and you win in no-time. There aren’t really any advanced tactics. I really would have liked some advanced RPG mechanics, instead of a game that requires no skill at all.

The only mode that can be a bit interesting is Charge Battle, where you put masses of Pokémon against each other. Here, you have to arrange your army in certain ways, because each opposing army needs  different tactics to defeat. Still, it probably isn’t difficult at all.

But that’s my opinion. Maybe you guys liked the original one, and I’m sure some of you will pick this up once this comes to the States/Europe. I’m really curious to hear your opinions, so start discussing in the comments!

  1. time ago i tried pokemon rumble and it was funny: a different way to play pokemon with the real life battles, but you got bored of that version in no time because you didn’t have an special goal, you only had to collect pokemon and get higher ranks, that was all
    but, after seeing some trailers of this new game, i’m going to buy it, it has more things, more pokemon than before, new modes and a storyline: save the toy world by collecting the Drops of Light! this sounds interesting, xD

  2. I never got to try Pokemon Rumble ( can’t but things on the wii shop T_T)so I don’t have much of an opinion on it. But it really does peak my interest. Seems like they added a lot of play into it, and I do want to try it out. To me it reminds me of how you fight in the Pokemon Dungeon games. If I have the money when the game comes out, I would probably pick it up. :>

  3. I SERIOUSLY WANT TGIS GAME!!! But I never played Rumble, so I dont really know how cool it might be.

  4. I always liked Pokemon Rumble, so I’m pretty damn sure I’ll like this. Provided, of course, Weezing is in it.

  5. its certainly not the game i buy the 3ds for (luigis mansion2 is though) Im gonna do the thing I always do with games i dont want for the full price:

    second hand + sale = profit

    will take a while before that happens though P:

  6. I really like Rumble, it’s a good way to waste a little time doing something relatively mindless that is still fun. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact it was only Gens 1 and 4, but Super Rumble has solved this. I want this game in Europe.

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