Victini Double Feature, Newest Trailer + C-Gear Passwords


Looking for the C-Gear password for Victini?  VICTINI2011

Besides showing a bunch of new footage from the movie, after the trailer itself, the program showed a side-to-side comparison of a few differences in the movies. But the ones they showed are probably the only differences between the two movies, so it’s really not necessery to go see both…but regardless being the raging fanboy that I am, I’ll go see both. Look’s worth watching? Opinions? All I can say is poor Pikachu. 🙁 And does anyone else find it weird that Reshiram and Zekrom have voices?

Also, over the past few months several C-Gear skins have become accessible through the PGL, but you need a password to get them. So, the password and the C-Gear you get are as follows: (They are all case sensitive)

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P.S. Thanks to the tip off from one of our regulars, Jenny!

    1. Well, Mewtwo wasn’t just a legendary Pokemon he was kinda the evil bad guy so it was necessery to give him a voice. But Reshiram/Zekrom are Legendaries that have an evil guy on the side controlling them, (I think…) But regardless it seem like thewy should go “RAWWWWRRRR!!”
      But now that I think about it, it seems like quite a bit of Pokemon can talk to humans. I mean even Slowking could do it. :p

      As for Ash on the brink of death, I only remember that happening, like, one other time? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t watch the movies with the same fanboi-ism that I play the games with. ><

  1. Ah I want to say the Lucario one. Ash might have…I don’t really remember, I’ve seen all the movies when they debuted on Cartoon Network, except for the first 2 where I saw them in theaters (I miss those days) and those were really the only times I watched them.

    But I really cannot wait for this, and it seems to look like they dimmed down the 3d a bit..atleast from the trailer. I dunno about you guys but when they add the 3d scenes in the Pokemon movie it kind of takes away the “magic” of it. :9 But I feel like it’s going in the direction the first movie went.

  2. Makes me wonder how this is gonna be handled in the us where we just see the movies on cartoon network. They will most likely just choose one and ignore the other.

    1. And remove the “death”, there will be some sort of revival if he does die in the US though.

  3. The only times ash actually “died” were the manaphy movie and maybe this one. The reason why I don’t count the mewtwo one is because I think he was just petrified. But in the manaphy movie he actually lost air and drowned and manaphy brought him back to life. This situation with the new movie seems like victini will use it’s life to warm back up the place they are in. But ash dying from natural causes is actually more effecting to me. Even if he does come back.

  4. Lugia had a voice :<
    i didn't find that weird.

    i actually liked them having some kind of voice.
    i'm sure they'll do some roaring during the movie, but an actual voice sounds.. nice?
    i guess.
    my opinion of course

  5. Fail! LOL Bulbapedia stated almost a month ago that Reshiram and Zekrom could speak through telepathy so that is an old subject and it isnt wierd in the least.. B-pedia is all confirmed news so they got it before everyone; still a cool concept tho. In my opinion, Arceus has had the best voice so far, with Lucario close behind. I hated “Entei’s” voice, and the same voice actor for him is that sneaky Team Rocket guy in the Black and White series; they shouldnt have done that.. But yeah.

    1. Almost everyone has known Reshiram & Zekrom speak for months. Bulba didn’t get it before everyone at all, they very rarely get anything before anyone

    2. ahahah I knew that Reahiram and Zekrom could speak telepathically, but I just still find it weird that they have voices. :p

  6. pj are you going to see the movie ?
    if you go, please ‘spoil us’
    what moves each pokemon uses (zekrom and reshiram in each movie)

  7. I went and saw the first movie in theaters back when I was a kid (I feel old now) it was awesome back then and still is. After that the movies slowly started turning into really long episodes of the show. =(

  8. ok,i watched this and noticed a necklace around ash’s the scene where victini was blocked by a barrier,when ask looked back,i saw it,and i dont know what it is? it looks like a cross is on it. i figured i would point it out

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