Victini Double Feature, Newest Trailer + C-Gear Passwords


Looking for the C-Gear password for Victini?  VICTINI2011

Besides showing a bunch of new footage from the movie, after the trailer itself, the program showed a side-to-side comparison of a few differences in the movies. But the ones they showed are probably the only differences between the two movies, so it’s really not necessery to go see both…but regardless being the raging fanboy that I am, I’ll go see both. Look’s worth watching? Opinions? All I can say is poor Pikachu. 🙁 And does anyone else find it weird that Reshiram and Zekrom have voices?

Also, over the past few months several C-Gear skins have become accessible through the PGL, but you need a password to get them. So, the password and the C-Gear you get are as follows: (They are all case sensitive)

peace- ozymandis

P.S. Thanks to the tip off from one of our regulars, Jenny!