Dae asks: Will you buy the New 3DS?

Sorry that I didn’t upload my Ice Bucket Challenge video last night. Seeing as I still had to edit it and upload it to Youtube, I didn’t have the time yesterday. But it will likely come today!

In the meantime, we’ll do this Dae asks so there’s at least some sense of activity. It’s the calm before the storm (of actual news) I guess. But one thing that did happen was the reveal of the New 3DS (XL), a totally enhanced edition of both 3DS and 3DS XL. They will retail for nearly the same price as the old ones and are intended to replace them, seeing as they don’t have drawbacks like previous new revisions had. The most interesting them about them (for me) are the included extra shoulder buttons and analog nub, so you can play Circle Pad Pro games without that bulky accessory. Of course, it includes increased CPU and GPU power, which means it can render slightly more powerful games and will also reveal Xenoblade as an exclusive. I know some of you aren’t hapy with this, out of fear you have to buy a New 3DS to be able to play any games, a sentiment that largely comes from not having the available funds to buy a new console, which is a fair opinion. But since I do, and since I believe Xenoblade couldn’t have happened without New 3DS, I’m quite happy with the power boost. I’m sure that most games will be Dual System like they were for DSi and that they just featured improved textures and/or framerate.

I will be buying mine when it gets released in, sadly, 2015. Also because I bought my 3DS at launch which means I’ll have it in my possession for four years before I buy a new one. It’s about time something new got released! But what about you? Will you buy one? Do you want one but you’re not sure if you have the money available? And if you’ll buy one, do you want the regular or the XL? The faceplates for the regular makes it harder dear for XL-lovers, since they would miss out on the customisation option.

I’m glad to hear your opinion in the comments! I’ll post my edited challenge later today in the comments as a featured comment.

Happy commenting,