Free Newspaper for Pokémon: ORAS Music



To commemorate the upcoming 4starOrchestra, a quadrennial concert dedicated to video game music, Some folks in Japan received free newspapers with an interview with Game Freak staff responsible for music and sound in Pokémon.



below is a translation for the above pic:

Adachi: When I was told to arrange for ORAS, I was really nervous. A lot of people like Ruby and Sapphire.

Satou: A new game and an upgrade are totally different. In a new game you’re trying to show off the newest stuff in the best way possible. When it comes to remasters, you have to consider memories and feelings  that people have about it.

Ichinose: Well, for me, I knew either way that some people weren’t going to like what I did, so I just gave it all I had when writing.

Satou: Oh yeah, in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you (Ichinose) were going nuts and doing your own little thing with remixes. What I consider the most when rearranging is to not change the key or tempo all too much. Also, I’ve noticed that people can be disappointed when the melody is intact but some phrases in the back are removed.


Other facts about the upcoming ORAS soundtrack:

  • Minako Adachi will be taking the lead in remixing for ORAS. In XY,  she composed the Team Flare/Lysandre battle theme, among other pieces.
  • Adachi says that the bicycle theme took the longest to remix, taking about 2 to 3 weeks. She explains that the concept of the bicycle has changed over the course of 12 years, and she was debating whether to stick with the original concept or go with the more modern concept.
  • Masuda checks all the music made in the sound room. He’s seen dancing with the volume high.
  • The sound staff aimed to keep what was good about the old music, while showing off some new things.  Upgrading from GBA to 3DS, the new remixes will be vibrant and colorful.


Any expectations for ORAS music? I’m personally can’t wait for Route 119!