Favorite Feature in Pokémon

Dicie’s Article Hello everybody, Dicie here, with my very first article here on Pokejungle! Now, you might be wondering why I’m writing an article for Pokejungle at this time, and that is because I was chosen to be placed on trial for a potential full-time position here at Pokejungle. Basically, if I get approved, I … Read more

Diancie Distribution Details and ORAS Dual Pack

The official Pokémon Youtube channel has released a video with details on how to get Diancie. Starting today, American and Canadian players can pick up a code at their local GameStop and EB Games store respectively, starting today through November 16th.     In other news, the Omega Ruby and  Alpha Sapphire dual pack announced earlier … Read more

PJT ’14 Champion’s Team Report – The Boys Are Back In Town

PJT ’14 Champion’s Team Report – The Boys Are Back  in Town Hey everybody, my name is Maple and I’m the 2014 PokéJungle Champion.   I was so excited to be able to participate in the first PokéJungle Tournament, partly because I have had so much fun battling people at this site. I was so … Read more

PJT’14 Report- HeavyMetalFairy

Hello thots. I am the (in)famous HeavyMetalFairy – mainly known for my crazy theories and gimmicky strategies. Everyone pretty much knows my Smeargle for being a nightmare – mainly because 90% of the time my opponents allow me to set up Geomancy. But when the official first ever PJN tourney was announced, I knew Junglian’s … Read more

PJT’14 Analysis

  With all battles finished and over, I wanted to compile Pokémon used in PJT’14 and write an article about it. This isn’t the last article on PJT’14, though. We’ll have a few participants writing their own report on their teams and opponents!   Top 10 Pokémon used in PJT’14 [spoiler] #1 Aegislash Schrödinger’s sword … Read more

2Spooky4U — Confirmation and Team Submissions

Tournament Quick Links Rules & Information Sign-Ups Dates Confirmation and Team Submissions Confirmation and Team Submissions 2spooky4u is ready to roll! If you were here yesterday, you would know that brackets have been posted and round 1 match ups revealed. Here is the bracket: I’m sure you have a few questions about how to contact … Read more