Best Wishes episode 1&2 summary

Hey Hey Pokejunglers!  It’s NL again, and today I’m going to do the summary for the first 2 episodes. Try to hold your excitment. 😛 Without further or do, here we go! Episode 1 Summary: Ash is going to isshu on a plane from Pallet, and Oak and his mom are coming with him. Meanwhile Jessie and … Read more

Oha Suta Point 3 (UPD1)

Hey hey pokejunglers, it’s NL again and today on Oha Suta they actually got some new info!! it’s just a certain pokemon from the corocoro leak, the dex info. httpv:// Churine: Churine has a taste for soil rich in nutrients so crops that are raised where it lives grow well.[Attacks:Mega Drain, Leech Seed,Stun Spore,Growth] Monmen: … Read more

Pokemon Black/White Instruction Booklet + Rumor (UPD2)

Hey hey Pokéjunglers!, it’s NL again! Guess what? Someone on 2ch posted a picture of Pokemon White version’s instruction booklet! That means that It may leak, or the person may just play for him/herself…but it does mean we can receive news any moment, watch out if you’re avoiding spoilers! UPD: (The following is an ozy takeover) Hey … Read more

Oha Suta Point 2(UPD1)

Hey hey pokejunglers, this is NL! first article, huzzah! anyways today,they revealed footage on combination moves! There was nothing new,but it showed off some of the combination moves effect. 🙂  Video is up! Thanks to our friend for posting such high quality videos! httpv:// Oh yeah, and if you haven’t noticed yet, the experto … Read more