Pokemon Black/White Instruction Booklet + Rumor (UPD2)

Hey hey Pokéjunglers!, it’s NL again! Guess what? Someone on 2ch posted a picture of Pokemon White version’s instruction booklet! That means that It may leak, or the person may just play for him/herself…but it does mean we can receive news any moment, watch out if you’re avoiding spoilers!

UPD: (The following is an ozy takeover) Hey guys! Serebii has kindly just informed me that the picture itself was taken on August 19th and posted on the Imepita website on the 6th of September. So, unfortunetly, this doesn’t indicate that we’ll be getting a leaking of the booklet today. (But if the person has had it for that long…why not leak it? Dx ) Allthough, this doesn’t mean that we won’t get a leak of new info tonight, and not to mention the game comes out in 3 days! So don’t touch that dial and stay tuned! (It just makes me cry looking at this booklet i want it so bad. ;__; )

UPD2: An interesting rumor just popped up on the Siberia thread on 2ch. Now the only reason I’m posting this so close to the release date is because almost every rumor from that thread has become true so again, take the following with a grain of salt, it’s fake until proven legit and this one has a 99% chance of being fake.

  • After you beat the Isshu leauge, you gain acess to a region called the Hii region, to get there, you have to take a plane. (Remember the airport?) The Hii region is apparently filled with all of the past gen Pokemon and there are several people to battle there as well. (Basically it’s like the Sevii islands in FireRed and LeafGreen)

More to come as news breaks!

P.S. (ozy talking) People keep asking me “Why haven’t you updated with the latest Pokexperto Tweet yet?” Well I did. I guess we didn’t really build on this subject enough. 😛 We make one Pokexperto Tweet post a day and keep updating that post. So, if you notice, I udated new silhouettes over 2 hours ago. So ya, what i’m trying to say is, we don’t make posts just for one Tweet and we don’t like putting so many topics in one post. So check the day’s Pokexperto Tweet post regularly for updates! (Sorry if this sounds mean, but i just keep gettinig asked about this. :B)